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Chapter 90: Cooperation discussion

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

The purrs from the Lagonda’s engine swiftly attracted the attention of every waiting young man and woman.

When Ye Qing got out and called back, very quickly a young looking man in a purple suit waved at him. Attached to him was a beautiful girl in a professional white blouse.



Seeing the female secretary, Ye Qing was also wondering if he should get one as well.

“Hi there, the trip must have been hard.” Ye Qing hurriedly walked over and shook his hand.

Yan Zhaoge said it wasn’t hard, but his eyes were stealthily eyeing the Lagonda behind Ye Qing.

Yan Zhaoge’s personal ride was a Benz S series. Luckily Yan Zhaoge lived too far from Zhongyun and didn’t drive over.

Escorting them into the car, and getting onto the road back to the office, the two only talked about some superficial things, but who would’ve thought that Yan Zhaoge, a faraway guest, would be so knowledgeable about Zhongyun’s cultural heritage.

When they arrived at the new external relations office, Xu Xiaohu had already finished setting everything up for the meeting, and even went out of his way to buy a set of purple clay tea tools.

Five new mechanical engineered chairs were placed in the reception area. As soon as Yan Zhaoge saw them, he excitingly sat down in one of them.

After getting seated, he pulled out a pair of really small VR goggles from his business bag.

“This is our company’s new flagship product. Unlike many VR goggle systems that require a smartphone to work, it itself has a display system built in.

“Of course 2K resolution displays are only available to Samsung devices, which our company can’t make.”

Yan Zhaoge handed over the goggles to Ye Qing, and said awkwardly: “And just as you see it, within this product, we mainly work with the software side of things as most of the hardware is all outsourced to different companies.”

“High precision production has always been our weakness, which also includes all kinds of supporting equipment for the VR goggles.”

Yan Zhaoge also pulled out a small laptop, and showed Ye Qing a segment of a video.

The video was probably from some foreign tech convention. Within the sweeping camera, Ye Qing found many world renown goliaths within the convention halls.

The camera stopped at a booth that was filled with people. Within the booth were several futuristic circular treadmills. A foreign national held onto some motion sensor gun, wore a set of VR gla.s.ses, and was standing there on the treadmill.

From his movements, it was quite clear he was playing some kind of shooting game. It was just that no matter which way he walked, the treadmill below was immediately able to match him, letting him walk on what felt like unlimited solid ground but was actually limited.

“This is the all directional treadmill, currently a very popular set of VR equipment.” Seeing the video finish, Yan Zhaoge explained: “This all directional treadmill can be said to be ahead of its time already, but its faults are also quite clear, only able to be used for exercise and to play some VR shooters.”

“But the chair your company made is completely different. Not only is it tiers above and beyond the all directional treadmill, its VR compatibility is only a convenience.”

“Even if it came as a convenience, it can still support an unlimited number of VR and normal computer games.”

“As long as it’s a sitting game like race cars, boating, flying, and aerial combat games, all are possibilities.”

“Furthermore if many VR experience video streams were to include your company’s mechanical engineered chairs, then the experience would simply be unimaginable.”

Hearing all of this, Ye Qing was somewhat already lost in the sea of praises. What Yan Zhaoge said was all true. What’s more was that Ye Qing wasn’t fluent in any programming language at all, so all those games that Yan Zhaoge mentioned, there was no way for Ye Qing to develop any of them.

“Hence we want to cooperate with your company. Software development is our strength, so we would like to do all the software development for the mechanical engineered chairs.”

Yan Zhaoge looked at Ye Qing with antic.i.p.ation: “We can help your company’s mechanical engineered chairs develop a set of unique gaming experiences and VR usages to further expand your chair’s client base.”

“Your company doesn’t need to spend any money or make any changes to the chair. In this kind of win win situation, as soon as we’re able to develop a few new games for the VR goggles and chairs, then we can easily increase our product sale by several folds.”

The mechanical engineered chair, in just a few days showed off its incomparable strength, even idiots could tell how popular they actually are.

Having heard Yan Zhaoge’s complete pitch, Ye Qing sunk into deep thought.

It definitely sounded like a win win cooperation. Ye Qing, without giving up anything, was able to reach more clients with his product. Illusion Corporation, on the other hand, was able to use their strengths to develop a new set of software to increase the sales of their VR goggles and equipment.

Cooperation can happen, if they are really sincere about it.

Of course, a cooperation discussion wasn’t as simple as this.

For example, as by Yan Zhaoge’s suggestion, they could engave a small logo on top of the chairs, to display their company’s contribution to the software used within the chairs.

This kind of practice was just those chip makers sticking a small sticker on laptops to indicate what CPU was actually inside.

Ye Qing, with no real reason to reject, agreed to engrave their company’s logo only if they were to set up a program exchange site for the chairs.

After all, these mechanical engineered chairs, apart from the VR side, still had many other selling points. However, all these selling points all needed a set of movement instructions to activate, hence building a site, and letting the clients share their programs, naturally was a convenience for everyone.

Them being able to develop complete games, naturally meant they could make some web sites.

With only this request, Yan Zhaoge happily agreed.

After discussing the details of several other points, and getting set on the initial details, Yan Zhaoge insisted for Ye Qing to come up with a draft contract, for both parties to sign.

Ye Qing scratching his head, thinking for a really long time, could only call Huaxing Heavy Industry’s Li Huaxing for a lawyer recommendation.

Li Huaxing had his own legal department, which had several professional lawyers on full time payroll. Receiving Ye Qing’s call, Li Huaxing refreshingly lent out his legal department’s overseer.

Half an hour later, a senior partner of Zhongyun Yinghan Law Firm and a chief counselor of Huaxing Heavy Industry’s legal department, happily joined in Ye Qing and Yan Zhaoge’s conversation.

The beautiful female secretary that Yan Zhaoge brought with him, although she was also a qualified lawyer, she just wasn’t as qualified as a law firm partner.

Having discussed the terms of the cooperation for over an hour, and finally signing the contract, Ye Qing naturally invited them out for lunch.

“No need no need, we’ve still got a bunch of other thing to sort out back home.” Yan Zhaoge’s smile was very rigid. Probably because the law firm partner left him in a completely defensive position during the whole discussion.

Using tea to replace liquor to cheer for a happy collaboration, Yan Zhaoge praised the law firm partner, and said he would definitely bring a much more qualified lawyer the next time he came.


While driving Yan Zhaoge to the airport, Ye Qing got a call from DouDou.

“Did you see the message I left you last night?” Ye Qing placed the phone on his shoulder, and drove with his head sideways.

The Lagonda had built in bluetooth functionality, it was just that Ye Qing hadn’t gotten used to all the functionalities of these super luxury cars, hence his old habits from driving the minivan surfaced.

“En…… Saw it in the morning.” DouDou didn’t know how to put it, but Big brother Ye being able to buy those 2 big pieces of equipment, equals ma.s.sively helping out that public general manager from the main branch.

“Yeah ~ Coincidentally I’m really in need of those 2 pieces of equipment. I was searching for them everywhere, but who would’ve thought our Zhongyun would actually have them.” Ye Qing commented with his head slanted: “Did you tell uncle about this yet?”

“Not yet Big brother Ye, I just don’t know how to tell him……”

“Just tell him that you have a friend who’s in need of those 2 pieces of equipment. What’s so difficult about that?”

“Then…… Big brother Ye, I’ll tell him now?” DouDou quietly asked.

“Go go, if possible, I want to see them in the afternoon.”


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