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Chapter 1747 – Entering the Tower

The three of them, along with Bu Jingtian, continued to walk around the outskirts of Inferno Tower for Demons.

The eerie roar was getting louder and louder.

“What, what is this noise …”

Bu Jingtian tremblingly followed behind the three of them. This young master who was usually arrogant was now no different from a frightened little rabbit.


Wu Qingye couldn’t help but twitch his mouth.

This guy was too overbearing, Qin Chao couldn’t help but exclaim.

“Who? Who said I was a coward?!”

Bu Jingtian immediately shouted, “I, I am just a little worried, but this is the Inferno Tower for Demons, who knows where such a terrifying sound is coming from. You guys want to die, I don’t want to go there!”

“Then you can leave. Who stopped you?”

Qin Chao turned around and glanced at him, “We didn’t force you to stay. If you feel that it’s safe to leave, we’ll send you off.”

He stretched out his hand and said.

“I, I just said… I’m just asking you to be more vigilant … “

How could Bu Jingtian be willing to leave? It seemed like the outside world was even more dangerous, there were even more mid-ranked demons surrounding him, waiting for him to die.

He weighed the pros and cons for a bit and naturally decided to obediently follow behind Qin Chao and the others.

This was the most appropriate method.

There was no other way than to be humiliated for a few sentences.

However, when he became an official disciple, he would definitely bring shame upon himself.

Hmph, these fellows are just waiting for me to trample them to death.


Just as they were about to approach the main gate, they suddenly heard a loud roar.

This loud roar directly lifted up the sand in front of him.

The black storm that filled the sky swept across the surroundings, and for a moment, the sand and dust filled the air around Inferno Tower for Demons.

The four of them were shocked.

“Quickly use your Essence to protect yourself!”

Wu Qingye immediately shouted.

Even without her instruction, these people were not slow. Each of them supported themselves with their Essence, protecting their bodies as they stood in the sandstorm.

The sandstorm was extremely fierce. It immediately turned into a huge sandstorm at the main gate. In the blink of an eye, it turned into a black tornado and swept out.

Fortunately, these four people were still standing at a certain distance from the main entrance. Otherwise, they would have definitely been caught up in this tornado.

Bu Jingtian hid himself the furthest, hugging onto the Inferno Tower for Demons’s stone wall, not letting go no matter what.

He probably just let go and flew away.

Qin Chao and Wu Qingye were quick to react as well, they each grabbed a corner of the stone wall and stabilized their bodies.

It was too dangerous.

Just as Qin Chao was about to rejoice, he suddenly heard an alarmed cry.

The lily suddenly let out a scream as both of its feet left the ground and its body was sucked up into the air by the tornado.

“Be careful!”

Wu Qingye stood at the very front and quickly extended his hand out, pulling Baihe’s hand.

“Save, save me …”

Liliana’s face paled as she held Wu Qingye’s hand tightly. Her entire body was like a kite, as she was sucked into the air, her skirt violently flapping.

“Hold on tight!”

Wu Qingye said, as he slightly increased the power in his hands.

Fortunately, she was not a true apprentice, but the Sect Leader of the Heavenly Hidding Sect.

Otherwise, Lily would definitely be finished this time.

Fortunately, Lily’s body was still quite a distance away from the tornado. Otherwise, if she were to be hit by the tornado, her body would have been minced.

The tornado came and left as quickly as it came.

Very quickly, the tornado followed a certain direction and traveled into the distance.

The storm that was stirred up gradually subsided, and Baihe’s body fell down as well. However, she threw herself into Wu Qingye’s embrace, crying non-stop as her tears flowed.

Wu Qingye was very embarra.s.sed, but he still consoled the trembling Lily.

Bu Jingtian, who was watching from behind, clenched his teeth, and clenched his fists so hard that they creaked loudly.

This treatment should have originally belonged to him.

But now the lily was in someone else’s arms.

How could this not make him angry with jealousy?

However, Qin Chao was only shaking her head in her heart. Lily’s worries were completely hanging on Wu Qingye’s shoulders now, and she wanted to see how she would settle this matter in the future.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. The storm is over.”

Wu Qingye righted Lily’s body, then said, “We don’t have time to waste here, we should go to the main entrance to take a look and see exactly what happened here.”

“You, you, are you crazy?”

Bu Jingtian asked in panic, “Didn’t you see that deadly storm just now … He actually wanted to go and see what had happened … “Another storm, and we will all die.”

“Sometimes, the more dangerous a place is, the safer it is.”

Wu Qingye curled his lips, and glanced at Bu Jingtian, “If you’re cowardly, you can choose not to come.”

“Of course I won’t go. I’m not a coward, I’m just stupid.”

Bu Jingtian shouted, “Baihe will not go, we will wait here for the Geomancy Sect’s rescue.”

“Who said I wouldn’t go?!”

“Following Qin San is the safest, only he can protect me. I, Baihe, have already saved you several times, so you can consider me as being the benevolent one. Whatever path you choose to take later on, it’s up to you.”

With that, she pulled Wu Qingye’s arm, and it seemed like she had stuck herself onto him.

Sigh, this girl is hopeless.

“But, d.a.m.n it…”

Bu Jingtian gnashed his teeth in hatred, “Don’t even think about abandoning me. I, I will protect you too, Lily.”

“Don’t bother, if you want to follow, then just obediently follow. Don’t give us any trouble.”

Lily pursed her lips.

‘Since when did this girl start to be a little sinister … ‘

Mn, the nearest is red, the nearest is black, they must have been led astray by Wu Qingye.

“Then let’s go together, stop wasting words.”

Qin Chao did not want to waste his time here, “The six hour time limit is almost up, if we do not go back soon, we will lose our qualifications to partic.i.p.ate in the second round.”

“Yeah, you have to hurry or else it’ll be too late.”

Lily said somewhat worriedly.

After all, pa.s.sing the examination was the most important thing.

Bu Jingtian’s expression turned gloomy.

If he did not want to lure the White Ape over, he would not have fallen into this predicament.

Otherwise, he would have already completed all the missions and would have the qualification to pa.s.s the second round of exams.

It was all because of Second Brother Qin, Qin San. If it wasn’t for them, how could he have been so unlucky?

d.a.m.n it.

He had to find a way to leave as soon as possible. He would return and hand in the task he had previously completed, then complete it as quickly as possible.

Otherwise, he would have missed out on the Geomancy Sect.

At that time, it would be too late for true regret.

The four of them had a hard time agreeing, so Qin Chao led them towards the direction of Inferno Tower for Demons’s main entrance.

Sigh, who asked him to be the elder brother, it’s Qin Er …

d.a.m.n, thinking of this name, he couldn’t help but feel his b.a.l.l.s hurt.

Qin Chao and the rest immediately used their Essence to protect their bodies, to prevent the Demonic Qi from eroding their bodies.

But even so, their faces were gloomy.

Qin Chao and Wu Qingye were fine, but Lily and Bu Jingtian were a bit serious.

There was a hint of gloominess in his eyes.

It seems like he was affected by the demon qi.

When the four of them arrived at the main entrance, they were suddenly overjoyed.

Because at the entrance of the main gate, there sat a middle-aged man wearing a Geomancy Sect Daoist robe.

His body emitted a purple glow, dispelling the demon aura in the surroundings.

“Who are you?!”

Although the person did not open his eyes, he had already sensed the arrival of the four of them.

The moment this person opened his mouth, his voice was slightly hoa.r.s.e, but it could not conceal the mixed sense of righteousness within.

“This senior from Geomancy Sect …”

Wu Qingye hurriedly cupped his hands together and stepped forward, “The few of us are prospective apprentices, but we made some mistakes on the mission and were almost surrounded by the intermediate level Little Demons. The four of us have worked hard to get out of this encirclement, and would like to seek senior’s protection.”


The middle aged Geomancy Sect disciple slowly opened his eyes, revealing a pair of eyes that were like cold stars, he looked at Wu Qingye.

In that moment, Wu Qingye felt his entire body turning cold, as if he was in an ice cellar.

My G.o.d, this person’s cultivation isn’t low.

At least above the Earthly Immortal Stage.

This Geomancy Sect disciple who was guarding the Inferno Tower for Demons actually had such a high level of skill.

It seems that the Inferno Tower for Demons is indeed not an ordinary being.

Qin Chao had also instantly sensed his cultivation, what a powerful fellow.

As expected of the Geomancy Sect, there were hidden dragons and crouching tigers.

It seemed that he and Wu Qingye had to be even more careful, in case they were careless and were discovered, and his cultivation would be discovered. That would not be good.

It was best to avoid this kind of thing.

“Recently, there has been a slight loosening in the seal formation outside the Inferno Tower for Demons. The demonic energy in the tower has been leaking out a lot.

It’s just that due to the recent loosening of the Inferno Tower for Demons’s seal, the difficulty for me to guard the Devil-sealed PaG.o.da has increased by a lot. All of the Immortal Energy in my body, is being used on the tower, if I do not have any external help, I would like to help you guys, but I do not have the strength to do so.

F * ck.

This fellow had G.o.dly intentions.

Don’t you want to help?

Qin Chao could not help but frown.

“Senior, please help us. Otherwise, we won’t be able to complete the mission.”

Lily hurriedly requested.

“Everyone, don’t be so anxious. I do have a method to save you …”

The middle-aged disciple suddenly said.

“However, this method will require your help. Are you willing to help?”

“Senior, please speak.”

Lily asked without hesitation.

“Good, you can all see that behind me is the most dangerous tower of Geomancy Sect, Inferno Tower for Demons.”

The middle-aged disciple nodded, and then slowly said, “Your life force is also in this tower …”

F * ck, what was the meaning of this fellow? He wanted me to enter the tower?

Qin Chao’s frown deepened.

“Senior … “You want us to enter the tower …”

Wu Qingye was extremely intelligent and raised the question inside Qin Chao’s heart.

“But also …”


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