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Chapter 422 – Smoking

Qin Chao looked at Toru Saijo’s lofty appearance, and in his heart, middle Ninja could not help but sneer. Yet another arrogant person. He had cultivated till now, and had met with countless of such men.

Qin Chao was not surprised, but he could naturally stay calm.

As for the rest of the disciples in Renwu Guild Hall, they all looked extremely angry. That Fang Xiaohu almost stepped on the plastered leg and ran up to fight it out with Toru Saijo.

Fortunately, Zhao Qingshan was someone who was able to sit, so he stopped a few disciples who were eager to try.

“Everyone sit tight. This match belongs to Jingjing. All of you, just quietly wait and see. “

“Yes, Master…” After a few students heard Zhao Qingshan’s words, they all became obedient, but their eyes were still filled with unwillingness.

“Little girl.” Toru Saijo looked at Zhao Jingjing, who was standing opposite him, and said, “For a delicate and tender skin like yours, it’s better that you admit defeat. Otherwise, I, Toru Saijo am not a person who would care for the fairer s.e.x. If I were to lose an arm or a leg, I wouldn’t be under Sir Iguchi’s orders. “

“Since we’ve entered the arena, let’s each settle down and have our peace!” Zhao Jingjing was also not the least bit polite to this arrogant Toru Saijo, “As for that fellow Iguchi Aooka, he is also not related to me in the slightest. It’s fine if we win this arena battle, but if we lose, our Renwu Guild Hall will definitely rise again sooner or later! At that time, your Iguchi Family will be waiting for another challenge! “

“Hmph, what you just said makes sense.” Toru Saijo smiled faintly, “Because you will definitely lose today. Our Iguchi Family also welcomes your challenge. However, the results were all the same. “Little miss, I advise you to marry our Young Master Iguchi. Young Master Iguchi is very young and he is also very loyal to you, so why did you keep on refusing?”

“You want me to marry that beast?” Zhao Jingjing laughed coldly, “Stop dreaming! I would rather die here than marry that beast! “

When these words came out, it caused a clamor among the disciples of s.h.i.+n Budo. A large group of j.a.panese s expressed their dissatisfaction towards Zhao Jingjing crazily.

And Iguchi Aooka’s face was already hard to see, he thought.

Hmph, you naughty girl, let’s see how long you can be stubborn for! The day the Renwu Guild Hall medallion falls is the day you marry me, Iguchi Aooka!

“Since that’s the case, then I won’t be polite.” Seeing that his advice was ineffective, Toru Saijo could not be bothered to say anymore, “Make your move!”

Toru Saijo’s words were obviously intended for Zhao Jingjing to attack first. In the eyes of outsiders, this might be a sign of politeness. However, Zhao Jingjing understood that the other party was actually looking down on his martial arts.

This was because this sort of arena compet.i.tion was related to the future of both sides. Who would be humble enough to give in?

Since the other party was looking down on him, then let him have an easy time!

Zhao Jingjing roared, she stomped her feet and rushed towards Toru Saijo.

She unleashed all sixteen paths of Liu Clan Fist, up, down, left, and right, sealing all of Toru Saijo’s escape routes.

The Liu Clan Fist was originally a crude technique, but when Zhao Jingjing used it, it was actually very beautiful. Especially as she swung her leg downwards, the perfect curve of her hip made Qin Chao stare blankly.

Looking at Iguchi Aooka, he was in an even worse state. Water was flowing out from the corner of his mouth.

“Bang, bang, bang!” However, Toru Saijo did not place such a sharp attack in his eyes, he only brandished his two fists and countered each attack with his own, dissolving each and every one of Zhao Jingjing’s attack.

But Zhao Jingjing was not discouraged at all, his attack speed was like a torrential storm, every move was aimed at Toru Saijo’s fatal point.

“Senior sister is indeed senior sister, she’s too powerful!”

“That’s right, that attack was really powerful!”

“Ai, it seems that I won’t be able to catch up to Senior Sister!”

The seniors’ eyes were all s.h.i.+ning as they spoke to each other.

Only Zhao Qingshan frowned deeply.

“Master, what’s wrong?” Qin Chao noticed that the perverted old man was in a strange state and immediately asked.

“Crystal’s attack is already chaotic …” “Sigh, things are not looking good …” Zhao Qingshan sighed, and said softly.

Senior Sister is going to lose?

Qin Chao immediately turned back to look at the two of them.

He didn’t understand much about the martial arts compet.i.tion between these mortals. He only felt that Senior Sister’s attacks were quite fierce, and might even be able to disrupt Toru Saijo’s footsteps and catch him off guard!

Just as he was thinking, Toru Saijo’s legs paused, his tight defense, immediately revealed an opening.

“Dragon King Separating Heaven Palm!”

Zhao Jingjing’s eyes and hands were sharp, naturally he had noticed this flaw. He immediately threw out a palm strike with all his strength, striking Toru Saijo’s chest.

“Bam!” A m.u.f.fled sound rang out, and all the fellow disciples were pleasantly surprised.

“I’ve hit it!”

“Senior sister’s Dragon King Separating Heaven Palm is extremely powerful, Toru Saijo will definitely lose this time!”

“Awesome, we won the first round!”

Everyone was happy, only Zhao Qingshan shook his head.

“Sigh, Crystal is too rash …” “Looks like I need to train more.”

Sure enough, Zhao Jingjing’s somewhat surprised expression instantly changed as well. Her beautiful big eyes were filled with surprise as she looked at Toru Saijo.

“Hehe …” Even though he had received Zhao Jingjing’s palm strike directly, Toru Saijo’s body merely trembled, and was not harmed in the slightest, “If that’s all you have, then you will lose!”

After he finished speaking, his body trembled and actually shot Zhao Jingjing’s body flying.

As he said that, Toru Saijo took a big step forward, and at the same time, used his upper body to throw a punch straight towards Zhao Jingjing’s beautiful face.

This upper body punch was the simplest attack. But when different people used it, the effects were completely different. This time, Toru Saijo’s punch brought about a gust of wind, causing his fist to be shrouded with hidden strength.

When it came to cultivation, there was a nine Layered Heavens difference.

In terms of martial arts, there were three realms, Bright Force, Dark Force and Transformation Force.

Ordinary martial artists would have extraordinary strength. Their attacks would be as powerful as tigers and tigers. As for the experts, they had trained to the level of hidden strength. For example, when Bruce Lee made a move, his fist could make a “pa pa” sound in the air. This was the effect of the hidden force.

The hidden force was more terrifying than the bright force, because the hidden force hit the same point with all of its strength, causing the impact to be even stronger.

The level of strength above that level was the realm every cultivator yearned for even in their dreams. After reaching the Strength Conversion stage, the dark energy would converge on any part of the body. In other words, every part of the body could hurt people.

A warrior like this, who was completely wrapped up in Qi, was also very sensitive to attacks from the outside world.

Even when a kung fu pract.i.tioner sleeps, you sneak over and punch him. Before the fist reached him, he would wake up and fight back.

This was a true expert.

Those who were able to reach such a level were basically Zongs.h.i.+ realm experts.

Toru Saijo was a talented genius. Even at the age of forty, he was only close to the peak of the hidden strength.

Zhao Jingjing was only an expert at the initial stage of the Dark Force. However, since she was young, she might be able to surpa.s.s Toru Saijo in terms of her future achievements.

But that was in the future.

Right now, with the sounds of ‘pa pa pa’, it was obvious that Toru Saijo’s fist was covered with inner strength.

“Open!” Zhao Jingjing knew that in terms of strength, she was not a match for Toru Saijo. As a result, when the fist was right in front of her, she immediately released a palm that landed on Toru Saijo’s wrist, attempting to dissipate the power of the fist.

This slap was very ingenious in both timing and angle!

In the end, the strongest part of Liu Clan Fist was still his palm technique.

But Toru Saijo only laughed, as the saying goes, one man is enough to defeat ten men! s.h.i.+n Budo had always been a straightforward fist art. Although Zhao Jingjing’s palm techniques were profound, in front of his own fist, they were not even worth looking at.

As expected, Zhao Jingjing slapped Toru Saijo’s wrist, but before she could rejoice, he suddenly felt a vibrating force from his hand, which instantly repelled her white palm.

Dark Jing! This was close to the peak of the Strength Conversion stage!

Zhao Jingjing was stunned, she did not expect that Toru Saijo’s realm, would actually reach such a level!

He was just a step away from entering the Grandmaster’s Realm of Strength Conversion!

Although he was shocked, his years of cultivating his martial arts consciousness still caused Zhao Jingjing to subconsciously fall down to the ground like an iron bridge.

But at the same time, without any danger, her small nose brushed past Toru Saijo’s fist and dodged the attack.

“Hey!” Toru Saijo did not differ, he still took a step forward to catch up, and at the same time clenched his other fist, and punched towards Zhao Jingjing who was beneath him.

It looked like he would not be willing to give in until he had beaten Zhao Jingjing to the point where he had no way to fight back.

Looking at the fist that was rus.h.i.+ng towards his face, Zhao Jingjing suddenly felt that his strength was insufficient.

Toru Saijo was too strong!

He was more than just a single level higher! He was almost at the level of his father!

Am, am I, Zhao Jingjing, going to lose here?

Could it be that the Renwu Guild Hall, this brand, was really not preserved?

Father, Martial Ancestor… I, I, Zhao Jingjing have let you down … …

When that fist was about to land on his face, a field of sparkling and translucent tears suddenly rolled down from the corners of Zhao Jingjing’s eyes.

The veins on Zhao Qingshan’s head throbbed. Just as he was about to ignore the rules and stand up to attack … A faster figure had already moved.


A strong palm suddenly blocked Toru Saijo’s punch.

An especially crisp sound came from the palms of the two people.

When the surrounding disciples saw this, they all sucked in a breath of cold air.

How powerful was Toru Saijo’s punch!

Toru Saijo had done experiments before, there were a total of ten bricks. With a single punch, Toru Saijo was able to smash all of the bricks into pieces.

How could an ordinary palm strike block such a punch?

And it was so easy?

Zhao Jingjing was also stunned. He stared blankly at the palm that had stopped right in front of his nose and was unable to recover for a long time.

He, he actually received this punch?

Toru Saijo was also shocked.

He felt as if his fist had been struck by seawater. The violent fist instantly quieted down, and all of its strength was dissipated in an instant.


Qin Chao held Toru Saijo’s fist in one hand and took out a cigarette from his bosom with the other. He placed it over his mouth and used a lighter to light it.

“Give me one?”


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