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Su Ji’s true element entered Qin Chao’s body through certain sequences of arteries. Soon, Qin Chao feels his consciousness starts to become ethereal, and then his whole person seems to pull into another world.

In this world, there is only a vast expanse of whiteness. When Qin Chao arrives here, he discovered that his body become part of that expanse of nothingness, he could not even found his hands and feet.

“Calm your heart and slowly visualize something…” Su Ji’s delightful voice resounds throughout Qin Chao’s spirit world easily, “this is your mini universe, tries to think of something…whatever you can think of, it will appear in front of you.”

“Visualize something?” Qin Chao wants to scratch his head, only to discovers that he doesn’t have hands and feet. How about my hands and feet? Qin Chao thought for a moment, this time, he found his hands and feet slowly materialize and appears in this universe.

“Ha, this is so fun!” Qin Chao’s interest was piqued, and then he suddenly thought of an issue. Luo De’s soul remnants should still reside inside his body. What is the true appearance of this big devil G.o.d?

Qin Chao was curious, a vast expanse of dark clouds then start to acc.u.mulate within this mini universe. These dark clouds cover the entire sky, not a single ray of light able to penetrate it.

“Could it be that Luo De’s remnant soul is above those dark clouds?” Qin Chao curiously flies upward, this time, a gleam of light abruptly emerge from those clouds, followed by a thick black lighting, and directly strike at Qin Chao’s body.

“Ah!” Qin Chao feels his whole body as if being p.r.i.c.ked by thousands of small needles. His whole awareness was then pushed out from the mini-universe and back to the real world.

“Qin Chao? What happened?” Seeing Qin Chao bleeds through his seven orifices, Su Ji got a scare. She quickly withdrew her true element and inspected Qin Chao for injuries.

“It’s okay…” The terrible pain quickly faded from Qin Chao’s body. He tiredly waved his hand and said, “I was forced to come out after I was. .h.i.t by a black lighting.”

“Black Lightning? What exactly did you want to see in that place?” Su Ji quickly asked.

“I just wanted to see the true appearance of the devil G.o.d Luo De that is residing in my body. As a result, I was pushed out of that mini universe.”

“You idiot!” Su Ji take a single shot at Qin Chao’s head, angrily said, “You’re just a tempered qi stage’s devil spirit! Without knowing how high the sky and how deep is the mountain, unexpectedly you tried to enter the territory of that big devil G.o.d Luo De! That bolt of lightning could easily smash your spirit, making your whole soul completely dissipate!”

“So scary?” Thinking back about that experience makes Qin Chao’s spine feels somewhat cold, “mn, did I succeed to enter the ‘divine concentration’ stage?”

“Succeed your a.s.s!” Su Ji rolled her eyes, “that’s just the first step. You should’ve thought of something simple first, such as table stool or something.”

“If I only think of these small stuff, then how could I achieve something great in the future!” Qin Chao raises his head, saying with a surge of confidence, “So what if he’s devil G.o.d! The thing that I, Qin Chao, wants to see the most is exactly the appearance of that Luo De! It doesn’t matter if this time I failed to enter the ‘divine concentration’ stage, at worst I’ll just try it again several times!”

Then, Qin Chao stood up and wiped the bloodstain on his face.

Su Ji sighed and said, “go and wash them, your face looked so dirty with all those bloodstain.”

“As you wish, Master Nun!”

“Quickly die!” Su Ji charmingly shouts in anger at Qin Chao, who is running to the bathroom while laughing. Soon, she was silent, quietly listening to the sound of water coming from the bathroom.

This guy with natural born devil body truly has a G.o.dlike talent in practicing cultivation. Moreover, with his determined mind, he may not take the path of slaughters. But Su Ji always feels that it is wrong for her, as a Buddhist disciple, to teach a devil sect cultivator.

“No matter!” Su Ji whispered to herself, “the Buddha has said, ‘if I don’t enter h.e.l.l, who would enter h.e.l.l!’ Guiding a devil sect disciple to do good is also an obligation for us as a Buddhist disciple! That’s right! Exactly like that!”

Su Ji gave herself a high-sounding justification to get close to Qin Chao

After taking a quick shower, Qin Chao pokes his head out and asked.

“Beauty, why don’t you clean yourself up, I’ll take you back afterward.”

“Go back?” Su Ji lowers her eyebrows, “Where to? From now on, I live here!”

‘Hmph hmph, as a Buddhist disciple, it is my duty to watch over you, lest you become a murderer.’ This is what Su Ji said to herself, but perhaps in her deepest heart, she is afraid that Li Na will exploit her unique advantage to get closer to Qin Chao.

“What?” Qin Chao was frightened until his legs started to tremble and he almost sat on the ground. “Don’t just spout random jokes ok! I’m a young and vigorous lad, a mistake will bound to happen if both of us, man and woman stay in one place.”

“Hmph hmph, if you dare to make a mistake, I’ll use the big six bright incantations to knock you out.” Su Ji threatens while she shook the prayer beads on her wrist, “how about it, do you want to try it now?”

“Forget it…” Qin Chao shakes his head like a rattle-drum, “if the news of us, a single man and woman staying in one place, were to spread out, it will surely lead to negative talks that are unpleasant to hear.”

“You….” Su Ji holds back her retorts, “If I don’t care about it, why would you care!”

“But there’s only one bed in my apartment!”

“That belongs to me now!”

“That’s not okay! It will be too crowded for two people to sleep there.”

“That’s my bed! You sleep on the couch!”

“The couch is too cold…”

“I hope it freezes a h.o.r.n.y devil like you!”

“I’m a devil spirit, thank you very much.”

The two people quarrel, in the end, Su Ji decisively make her own little nest inside Qin Chao’s apartment.

Soon, Qin Chao came up with two severe issues.

“Little Nun!”

“What do you want?” Su Ji is sitting on the couch, leisurely watching TV while drinking c.o.ke.

“I won’t charge you rent, but you have to pay half of your meal! You eat too much. I can’t afford to feed you!”

“No matter, I am still your creditor. This meals problem, you must solve it yourself.”

“Excuse me!….then prepare to eat Italian instant noodles and Scotland’s shredded potato with me tomorrow!”

“Go ahead! Remember to put some chili!”

“There’s more, at bedtime, sleepwalking is not allowed!”

“Idiot, have you ever seen a sleepwalker that can control its own body? You just need to hide your scissors and other sharp objects. That should reduce the risk of danger to your life.”

After that, Su Ji spreads out her palm and stretches it forward, “well, bring it!”

“Sorry, I don’t intend to give out my virgin body casually.”

“An!” A white form**flew out, directly flies toward Qin Chao, then hits the wall behind him.

“He he, sorry, this Buddhist talisman is a little out of control. You’re not hurt aren’t you? Renjia just wants to ask for the apartment key.”

“I’ll give…I’ll give…” Qin Chao was totally defeated, the kind of courage that he displayed when he was dealing with the ghost and Fang Hua is all gone. He is like the typical pitiful image of stay at home dad.

He obediently hands over the key, sits on a small stool next to Su Ji and anxiously waiting while pitifully looking at Su Ji. This little girl’s side is quite nice. She has the standard S-curve.

“What’s the use of you in watching me, why don’t you sleep?”

“You occupied my bed.” Qin Chao pointed to the couch under Su Ji.

“I see. Then you move this TV into my room.” Su Ji said while waving her hand.

With tears streaming down his face, Qin Chao carries the TV into the bedroom.

“It’s obviously my bedroom….” Qin Chao muttered while he moved the TV.

“Honey, what did you say?” Su Ji puts up a smiling expression on her face, kindly looking at Qin Chao while stroking the prayer beads on her wrist.

“Ehem, I said, I’m going to help you tidy up the bedroom.”

“Mn, really clever, off you go.” Su Ji pats Qin Chao’s shoulder, acting similar to when a leader meets with a subordinate. Qin Chao’s heart burst into tears then sighed.

The devil woman Rosy is enough for me to handle, adding up a little Buddhist nun, is this good or bad?…..those two are not that much different.

Later on, his days will fill with misery.

Qin Chao is lying on the sofa. He thought that his present live is already exceed his imagination.

First, he entered the magical world of immortal cultivation. Then he encountered a female ghost, ghost messenger, devil, and snake demon or something…and now he meets an outer court Buddhist disciple, keke….right, she is also a beautiful woman.

Moreover, since his ex-girlfriend moved out from here, this house has been very quiet, making Qin Chao sometimes feel very lonely. However, now he had one unthinkable beauty. This beautiful woman is not just a common woman from an ordinary family, but a young lady from a famous family.

Himself is just a small security guard.

But he seems to have another ident.i.ty, that is, a devil sect’s cultivator!

“Do you want to ‘overthrow’ that attractive little nun?” In this cold night, a hot body rolled into the arms of Qin Chao.

“Rosy…will you knock the door the next time you come.” Qin Chao stood up and pushed back this charming devil woman.

“Make a wish to me. As long as you make a wish, I can make Su Ji fall in love with you whole-heartedly!” Rosy threw a very tempting condition.

“Sorry, the person that Su Ji love then is not me, but the devil.” Qin Chao shook his head, “Moreover, me and her are impossible.”

“I don’t think so!” Rosy shook her finger, and said to Qin Chao with a hint of tease, “For a woman cultivator like her, things like money, fame, fortune, and other worldly things are not what she looks for. Otherwise, you can simply make a wish to me. I can help you quickly access the ‘divine concentration’ stage. Don’t you want to see the appearance of Luo De? As long as I help you, this is a very easy thing.”

“….” Hearing Rosy’s words, Qin Chao was silent for a moment. At that moment, his heart appeared to have a gap but was quickly filled up.

“No, I still want to practice my self.” The corner of Qin Chao’s mouth hints a self-confident smile, said, “Entering ‘divine concentration’ stage is my test as a cultivator. If I can’t even pa.s.s such elementary stage as ‘divine concentration’ myself, what else could I, Qin Chao, accomplishes in this immortal cultivation path!”

With that, Qin Chao stood up. Pointing at the sky outside the window, he said.

“One day, I want to challenge the Heaven relying on my own, Qin Chao, ability. In the human world, maybe I’m just a little security guard. But in the cultivation world, I, Qin Chao, must become the greatest devil G.o.d!”

The moonlights reflects on Qin Chao’s body, pulling out a long shadow on the floor. Rosy blankly stare at this man, it seems as if she is witnessing the growth of a peerless masterpiece.

However, regarding her own duty, what should she do?




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