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Chapter 630 – Skydiving

Qin Chao didn’t know that there were people scheming against him from the back. Even if there was, he didn’t care because there were too many people who tried to scheme against him every day. The G.o.d Horse Skeleton, Yama School etc. What was even more terrifying was that a group of fierce beasts that came out of nowhere, as well as the Holy Mother in the sky, were also staring at him, wanting to kill him.

Qin Chao did not even care about these people, let alone a small Jinxing Company!

“Minister Li, not good!”

Just then, a soldier ran out from the c.o.c.kpit and reported to Li Dew.a.n.g, who was trying to take advantage of the nurse who was beside him.

“Minister Li, radar has detected an unknown organism approaching the plane at high speed!”


Li Dew.a.n.g did not quite understand, “Another plane?”

“It’s not an airplane!” The soldier shook his head, pressed a switch, and opened a large screen in front of the cabin.

When the screen lit up, it attracted everyone’s attention, including Li Dew.a.n.g’s.

On the screen, a huge eagle with black wings on its back was quickly approaching the plane. There was a faint trace of golden light in the eagle’s mouth.

“Demonic cultivator!”

Xi and Qin Chao were shocked at the same time.

At this moment, a golden lightning bolt shot out from the black hawk’s mouth, accurately hitting the plane in the distance.


The plane trembled violently and many people fell from their seats onto the ground.

Li Dew.a.n.g who was rubbing the nurse’s b.u.t.t also fell down, cursing her in her heart.

F * ck him, do they want to kill me as well?

“Minister Li, not good!” The soldier sent another piece of bad news. “Two engines on the plane have been damaged! “Although I can still persevere in flying, but, but …”

“But what, hurry up and say it!”

Li Dew.a.n.g was about to roar.

“But the plane’s fuel tank is leaking! We must parachute down … “


Li Dew.a.n.g’s old face twitched.

The other agents and soldiers were fine, but the nurses were trembling. The two orderlies beside Li Dew.a.n.g both trembled.

“parachute jumping!” On the other hand, Yang Li’s eyes flashed with excitement, “Amazing, it must be very exciting!”

The reason why this girl wasn’t afraid, was because she felt that with Qin Chao here, nothing would be that scary.

“d.a.m.n, I really got you right!” Chu Shan glared at Lei Zi a few times.

“Then let’s go parachute down.”

Li Dew.a.n.g took a deep breath and decided.

“But… “The parachute bags on the plane weren’t prepared that much …”

The soldier revealed a fact that left everyone dumbstruck.

“What!?” “b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” Li Dew.a.n.g jumped up and kicked the soldier: “How did you all prepare this!”

“Li, Minister Li, I’m sorry …”

The soldier pointed to the two orderlies and said, “We, we did not count you two orderlies. “Also, there’s the nurse of the special agent comrade …”

“Wh, what …” The three young nurses were truly scared this time.

Yang Li’s face was also especially pale.

She looked at her Brother Qin and forced a smile.

“Brother… Me, the two of us will use a parachute, it should be possible. “

“No way!”

After the soldier heard this, without waiting for Qin Chao to speak, he immediately said, “The weight of the parachute is not enough to support two people at the same time! That way, both of them will be in danger. “

“No problem, just use my parachute.” Qin Chao patted Yang Li’s shoulders to comfort her.

“Then, then what about you, brother?”

“Me? I have my ways. ” To Qin Chao, falling tens of thousands of meters was not difficult at all. Once he reached the Golden Body Stage, he could go for a tour in outer s.p.a.ce as long as he didn’t get lost.

“I am the leader of the organization, and I’m also the person in charge of the mission, so I can’t let anything happen to me!”

Li Dew.a.n.g shamelessly s.n.a.t.c.hed an umbrella from the soldier’s hands and carried it on his back, “I want to go down first. As for the others, you can arrange for them yourselves! Commissioner Xi, come down with us too! “

The plane shuddered again, and he knew he couldn’t stay any longer. When he was young, this old man was also a veteran who came out from the battlefield, so he knew how to use an umbrella.

Without any hesitation, he jumped down from the cabin door that the soldier had opened.

Very quickly, a beautiful umbrella flower bloomed in the air.

“Comrade Commissioner, please come as well!”

It seemed like the soldier was going to stay at the back. He stood at the entrance of the cabin and waved his hands towards Xi.

Xi shook his head, “It’s alright, I will go down for now. Let the others go first.”

“No way!” The soldier immediately said, “Commissioner, you have the Imperial Jade Seal in your hands, you must get off first! “This is a mission!”

“Lei Zi, I’ll leave it to you.”

As Xi said that, he flicked his wrist and broke the handcuffs. She stuffed the metal box into Lei Zi’s hands.

“Ah?” “Lei Zi suddenly felt that the person in his arms wasn’t the Imperial Jade Seal, but rather a huge bomb that made his entire body s.h.i.+ver. “Here, give it to me?”

“You can leave first.”

Xi gave Lei Zi a kick, allowing the big sized man to stagger to the side of the soldier.

“Get down!” The soldier immediately stuffed an umbrella bag into his hands and instructed him seriously, “Protect the Imperial Jade Seal well!”

“I, I know …”

Suddenly, such a big mission fell on Lei Zi’s head, causing him to be stunned. He took two deep breaths, hugged the metal box tightly, and jumped out of the hatch.

“The remaining people, quickly come over!”

“Let the paramedics go down first.” “We men can’t jump.”

After he finished this sentence, the little knife that was about to rush over to grab the umbrella instantly stopped in its tracks.

At this time, there were also three nursing staff on the plane, three special forces soldiers, including Little Zhao, three special forces agents, including Xiao Li and ice, and five security guards. Other than that, there was only Xi and the pilot in the c.o.c.kpit.

“But, but we won’t use parachutes …”

“Last jump!” I’ll tell you how to use a parachute! “

As the soldiers fought for time, he began to call out to the others, “I’ll keep their parachutes, but the others, jump down quickly!”

After he finished speaking, the knife shamelessly ran over again, grabbed an umbrella bag and jumped off the plane.

The others successively jumped down. In the air, umbrellas blossomed one after another.

“Brother Qin, jump!”

Chu Shan said to Qin Chao, “I am single, even if I die, I will still be remembered!”

“Cut the c.r.a.p.”

Qin Chao immediately pushed him away, “Quickly get down! Old paper won’t die! “

“Brother Qin!”

Chu Shan was a little touched, but time waited for no one, so he could not continue to hesitate.

“Xiao Rou, jump first.”

Ye Qing also gave his umbrella bag to Feng Xiaorou.

“Then what about you Brother Ye?”

Xiao Rou looked at the people on the plane. If she jumped down, other than the nurses, there would only be two umbrella bags left. There was still Special Agent Xi, Qin Chao, Bing Bing, and the last soldier. There was also a pilot in the cabin.

Once again, Xi and Qin Chao were together, and Ye Qing was their opponent. No matter what, they would not give this umbrella to Ye Qing!

“I’m fine.” Ye Qing laughed, “At worst, you and surnamed Qin can just die together. In the end, on the plane, maybe we can have a good fight. “

Ye Qing seemed to be able to tell that Qin Chao did not plan to use a parachute.

Taking advantage of this, the soldier had already told the attendant how to use the parachute.

“When you go down, pull this rope and the umbrella bag will open! Do not pull incorrectly, otherwise, you will directly fall from the sky, which is tens of thousands of meters high. “

the soldier said, thrusting the parachute bag at the two orderlies. “Do you hear me?”

Wu wu wu …

The two orderlies were already crying from fear. They took the parachute bags but kept shaking their heads.

“Even if you can’t hear clearly, you still have to jump!”

The soldier pointed at the hatch and shouted, “Jump! If you jump down, you will be able to live! “

The two orderlies had been forced to do this, and with the help of the soldiers, they shouldered their parachutes and jumped down.

Not bad, their umbrellas opened without a hitch, and two large white flowers bloomed.

“Next!” the soldier shouted.

“Xiao Rou, it’s your turn.” Ye Qing pushed Xiao Rou.

“Brother Ye! Jump together! ” But Xiao Rou refused to go down there.

“Xiao Rou!” Ye Qing bellowed, but this time, Feng Xiaorou did not listen to him, instead she tightly hugged onto his waist, and did not move.

“Next!” Hurry up! The plane is about to collapse! “

The pilot shouted from the cabin.

“Ye Qing, you two go down together.”

Qin Chao leisurely sat on his seat and drank a cup of coffee that was served on the plane as if nothing had happened. He said indifferently to Ye Qing.

“What did you say?” Ye Qing was startled, and thought that he had heard wrongly.

“Although whether you die or not has nothing to do with me, Xiao Rou doesn’t deserve to die.” Qin Chao drank a mouthful of coffee and said slowly, “She’s a good girl, it’s a pity that she died. You can’t be thinking of hugging Xiao Rou to die with you. “

Ye Qing looked at the pitiful girl in his arms and gritted his teeth. He no longer cared about his so-called dignity and dragged Xiao Rou to the side of the cabin door.

He took his umbrella bag and helped Feng Xiaorou and himself wear it. Before he left, he looked meaningfully at Qin Chao for a moment, then jumped down from the cabin door.

“Well, now, ice, you go ahead.” Qin Chao said.

“Me? “I don’t need it.”

Alice smiled and shook her head. Her body trembled as a pair of pure white ice wings spread out from her back.

“I have this. I’ll use it as a glider.”

Saying so, ice took the initiative to walk to the cabin door, under the dumbstruck soldier, directly jumped down. His pair of ice wings were quite useful. They continuously glided through the air and flew into the distance with ease.

F * ck, the soldier thought to himself. What kind of person was he from the organization? He was so strong!

“This guy really has a solution.”

Qin Chao started laughing. He patted Yang Li who was hugging his arm tightly and said, “Girl, it’s not your turn yet. Don’t be so nervous.”

“But, but I’m really a bit scared now …”

Yang Li’s body trembled slightly.

“Special Agent Comrade, you may leave as well!” The soldier came to his senses and spoke to the two commissioners.

“Let the pilot get off first.” Xi said.


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