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Chapter 861 – Meeting father and son

That old monster was also on the verge of a breakthrough recently, so he had a feeling that a heavenly treasure had arrived at the bottom of the lake.

When he woke up, it was a little kid.

The little child was extremely hateful to the point of actually humiliating himself.

It just so happened that I wanted to eat him and let him know the price for humiliating this king!


Qin Yi rolled his eyes, and suddenly scolded, “That green furred monster, do you dare to eat me? Do you know who I am? “

“This King doesn’t care who you are!” The green-haired demon king laughed out loud. “This King only knows that in a short while, you will become This King’s feces!”

“Pfft!” You’re the f.a.g! Your hair is like a pile of s.h.i.+t! “

Qin Yi’s mouth was unforgiving, making the Goblin King cry out loud.

“Kid, how can you be so good at talking! This King will eat you now! “

“How dare you!”

When Qin Yi saw that the Demon King was about to pounce towards him, he quickly shouted, “Mount Shu Sect Leader is my grandmaster! “If you dare touch a single hair of this young master’s, once my grandteacher finds out, he’ll definitely pull out your crab sh.e.l.l!”

“Mount Shu!”

When the Crab Demon King heard this, he hesitated.

There was plenty of spiritual energy in the mountain and he had to hide there for a thousand years before he managed to cultivate to become a demonic lord.

However, he did not have the courage to face the group of Demon Fighters in Mount Shu directly.

Those fellows who kill demons and exterminate devils, they don’t even ask for a reason. When they see you, they just pull out their swords and attack.

“Hahaha, you must be scared!”

Qin Yi said complacently, “If you’re afraid, then hurry up and make way for me. I’m still in a hurry to go down the mountain and play!”

“So what if you’re Mount Shu!”

Who knew that in the end, the crab demon king would turn ruthless and grinded his teeth, saying, “There are only you and This King here. If This King were to eat you, Mount Shu would not know either! Moreover, you have so much spiritual energy, so after I eat you, I can definitely raise my cultivation by an entire realm! When that time comes, I will roam the four seas with boundless magical powers. Then, what can Mount Shu do to me?

As he spoke, the Demon King extended his hand and formed a seal. A ball of mist suddenly wrapped around Qin Yi’s body, tightly binding it.

“Audacious demon, how dare you! I’ll tell you, I … “Woo woo …”

Without waiting for Qin Yi to finish speaking, a hand formed out of the water mist and held tightly onto Qin Yi’s mouth.

“What the f * ck? Little doll, your mouth is too strong.” However, once This King eats you, you will stop. Hehehe, let This King think about whether it’s better to steamed and eat, or to braised and eaten! “

As he was speaking, the Monster King’s expression suddenly changed.

Qin Yi’s eyes that was wrapped in the water mist had turned even redder.

Not only that, his hands had also turned into two black beast claws. The originally fair face was now covered in black scales.

For a time, demonic qi swirled around the little child’s body, making him look extremely terrifying.

The sky also seemed to sense the sinister demonic energy and was immediately enveloped by a layer of black clouds, releasing billowing murderous auras.

“It’s actually a demon!”

The Demon King could not help but scold, “A little Devil Head actually tricked me into belonging to Mount Shu! f.u.c.k, This King was nearly fooled! “


The little Qin Yi, after transforming, was like a little monster.

He let out a furious roar and instantly tore apart the mist on his body. Then, he leapt into the air and charged towards the Monster King that was stepping on the waves.

That pair of beast claws fiercely clawed at the Demon King’s chest.

“You overconfident kid!” “Water s.h.i.+eld!”

The Spirit Demon King did not put him in his eyes. After all, he was a monster of Golden Body Level 7, how could he be afraid of this little Devil Head?

However, Qin Yi roared, and a pair of small beast claws easily tore apart the water s.h.i.+eld that the Spirit Demon King condensed, and rushed towards his chest.


The Monster King cried out in alarm. This brat seemed to even have the power to break the law!

He didn’t know that because Qin Yi and his sister were twins, these siblings had been together for a few months, but Qin Yi’s body had more or less been affected by the power of G.o.d.

This power of divinity was an existence that surpa.s.sed the power of humans and Immortal Energy, and could break through all kinds of techniques.

Although the Monster King had a very high realm, it only had the power of a single person. It was helpless against the power of divinity and its spell was also broken.

“If your spells are inadequate, then This King will spar with you!”

The Spirit Demon King was not stupid, he immediately conjured two gigantic pincers that had been refined for many years, and smashed towards Qin Yi’s head.


Qin Yi’s body technique was not very good, because he had no intention to learn from the Mount Shu people. As a result, the attack from the Spirit Demon King easily struck Qin Yi’s face, sending him flying to the ground.


Qin Yi’s b.u.t.t was in pain, the demonic state immediately dissipated.

“This King was played by a little kid like you for a long time!”

The Demon King pinched his pair of pincers and said in a displeased tone, “If this were to spread, the other demons would definitely laugh their teeth off! “Child, you should just obediently accept your death!”

With that, the Spirit Demon King’s pincers shot towards Qin Yi’s head with sparks flying.

Qin Yi shut his eyes in despair as he called out to his mother in his heart. But at the same time, he knew that even if his mother were to come, she would still not be a match for this old monster.


A m.u.f.fled sound rang out, but the intense pain did not come. This made Qin Yi feel extremely strange.

He touched his head. It didn’t hurt. As a result, he slowly opened his eyes and saw a tall man in a black windbreaker standing in front of him.

From the man’s back, it was clear that he was not a man from Mount Shu. At this moment, he had lifted his arm and easily blocked the old demon’s pincers.

“What do I think it is? Why are there so many demonic qi swirling around here?” So it turns out that you secretly ran out. “

The man said in a low voice without even turning his head.

“None of your business!”

Qin Yi was born compet.i.tive. Even though he had been saved by this person, he shouted out, “It doesn’t matter where I go!”

“He’s got quite a temper.”

The man chuckled.

“Who dares spoil This King’s good fortune?”

The demon retracted its pincers. It felt its hands go numb and could not help but sigh at the toughness of the man’s body.

Could this fellow be a 10,000 year old turtle? Why was he so resistant?

“Where did you get this green hair ghost?”

That person bluntly said, “You dare to touch this child. Today, the only road left for you is death!”

“Wahaha, you’re just like that kid, full of bulls.h.i.+t! This king has lived for so many years, but you humans are still so unreliable! Die with that kid! “

After speaking, the Monster King extended his hand and began to form a seal.

“Be careful! “That old man’s magic is very powerful!”

Although Qin Yi was easy to defeat, his nature was not bad.

“Thank you for your concern.”

As soon as that person spoke, his body was immediately shrouded by mist.


Qin Yi couldn’t help but curl his lips, “I’ll make you be careful! This is over, let’s wait for death together! “

“Wahaha, now you’re dead for sure!”

When the Demon King saw that the man had been bound by his own mist, he was extremely proud of himself. He changed his hand seals, and the mist turned into a claw that grabbed the man’s throat.

“This is bad…”

Qin Yi could not help but exclaim.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be fine.”

Who knew that the person’s neck was like steel? No matter how hard the misty claws tried, they were unable to pinch him.

“How could that be!”

The Monster King’s eyes widened.

“Alright, I won’t play with you anymore. Go die.”

That person’s body trembled, and the mist that had wrapped around his body was instantly dispersed.

At that moment, the demon king was stunned.

This was because an enormous pressure instantly enveloped the entire region.

Golden Body Level 9! It was actually the power of Golden Body Level 9!

The Monster King opened his mouth wide, but at this moment, that person had already arrived in front of him. His left hand turned into a black beast claw that reached toward his chest.

This power was exactly the same as the little child’s.


The old demon was not going to be taken out of his heart like that. He turned into a pair of giant pincers, and with an even faster speed, he smashed it towards that person’s head.

“three thousand of ghost army!”

Just as the pincers were about to hit him, a black, demonized figure suddenly appeared from his back. It raised its claws and easily grabbed the pincers.

That person then used his claw to dig into the Demon King’s heart.

“How, how is this possible …”

The Monster King was dumbfounded. This was the upgraded version of the child’s ability.

Qin Yi, who was watching from behind, was also dumbstruck. Who was this person, how could he have Nine You Method?

Could it be … .could it be ….

The man’s left hand released the power of the Nine You Method, instantly shattering the seven veins and eight veins of the Spirit Demon King’s body, sealing his nascent soul. Then, he pulled out his palm, grabbed the green hair’s head, and held it in front of Qin Yi.

“Come, use your Devil Core and devour this person’s nascent soul.”

The man threw the Spirit Demon King that had turned into mud in front of Qin Yi.

The arrogant old monster was about to be reduced to food.

“I, I don’t dare …”

He never thought that Qin Yi, who was always fearless, would actually shrink back a little.

The last time he killed the Tree Spirit, it was only because it was a tree. And this one before him had already transformed into a human. He didn’t dare kill anyone ….

“As the son of I, Qin Chao, who would dare to kill someone?”

That person disdainfully smiled and stomped his foot on the old demon’s face. “Moreover, if you don’t kill him, he will kill you. Didn’t he want to eat you just now? Now, it’s your turn to eat him. “

From the moment Qin Chao saw this brat, he could tell that not only had he inherited the Nine You Method, he had also inherited his own Devil Core. That was why he had so much spiritual energy on him.

“You, you really are my father?”

This was the first time Qin Yi saw his father ever since he was born.

“Nonsense, of course it’s laozi!”

Qin Chao said in annoyance, “Don’t tell me, other than me, your mother would dare to have another man?”

As he spoke, he pointed to the old demon on the ground. “Devour his soul!”

“I don’t dare, wuuuuuuu …”

Qin Yi was actually crying!

“Holy s.h.i.+t, why is my, Qin Chao’s son so cowardly!? Your sister is a hundred times stronger than you! “

Of course, Qin Ying was even more timid … However, in order to provoke the brat, Qin Chao lied.

Since he had inherited the power of the Path of Demon and was a boy, how could he not be ruthless?

“Who said that I’m much stronger than my sister!”

Naturally, Qin Yi would not be willing to lose to his little sister. This brat immediately teared up as he stood up and stretched out his demonized left hand, digging into the old demon’s body.


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