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“No… no, don’t… don’t come here.” The boy reveals a frightened expression, as he continuously stepped back. His eyes full of fear as if he just saw something horrifying . The boy felt something cold against him, as he touches it, he realized that he’s against a cold wall, there was no escape.

Inside, there was only a lamp providing light through the house. Outside, the heavy rainfall  sounds just like heaven screaming . The thunderous roar and rain composed an exquisite piece of music.

The boy’s hand was pushing against the wall, the dim light reveals the presence of a fruit knife carried by a young maiden who’s already ahead of him.

“Fan-gege, why are you running? Ye-er only wants to mark you as my mines, nothing more.”(tl: she actually says collection but i think it would be better to say “mines” )

The charming voice that flows into the boy’s ears sounded just like a girl, no more than the age of 12. However, this charming voice to the ears of the boy is undoubtedly the same as a death sentence.

The girl appears to be thin, fragile, and yet her skin was abnormally white, with long beautiful black hair just like a delicate doll. When this girl grows up, she will definitely be a beauty enough for countries to fight for her. However, this boy was still in fear, fear of this beautiful girl, fear of this girl who appeared much weaker than him.

“No… please…”

“No way, like that would count.” (tl: she says “拒绝了啊。不过,当然是无效的呢。” but I can’t find the english equivalent to it so i went for the closest approach. I mean there might be one but I cant find it >.>)

The girl suddenly stepped forward, her left hand grasps  the boy’s neck, the knife on her right hand softly slides down his smooth stomach.

“Fan-gege’s body smells so good, Ye-er cannot help but wants to taste it a little.”

Promptly, the girl tosses the boy on the ground, sits on top of the boy.

“No… please…”

Because of fear, the boy was on the verge of collapsing.

“Fan-gege, I love you!”


The sudden confession caused the boy to lose his mind, expressionlessly looks at the girl sitting on top of him, holding a sharp knife.

“So, in order to prove our status as lovers, let’s engrave a mark of our love upon each other!”

The girl with bloodshot eyes leaks out an dangerous aura, she glares at the boy under her.

“No… please…”

The boy screams while swaying from side to side.

“Bad kids will be punished.”

The girl smiles. If someone was watching, they would definitely claim that this girl was cute, if not for the knife in her hands.


The boy wanted to shout, but realizes that no sound escaped his lips as it was sealed by the girl’s lips. The boy felt the girl’s tongue charging inside his mouth, their tongues intertwining, tasting and touching.

“En, Fan-gege’s mouth is too delicious.”

The girl seemed to be awfully satisfied with their colliding mouths and tongues.

“Oh yes, Fan-gege, that was my first kiss. This proves our ident.i.ty as lovers.”

The girl’s red eyes stared with cruelty.


The boy finally shouts as he felt a sharp pain at the abdomen, the knife within the girl’s hand was already covered with blood. One slice after another, the girl, as if she was emotionless was creating art upon the boy’s body.

“Finally finished, this inverted pentagram isn’t bad!”

The girl looks at the boy’s stomach covered with blood, so satisfied that she leaked out a smile, as if she had completed a master piece.


The girl once again looks at the boy, only to find that he had already fainted.

“That’s fine, for the next part, I wouldn’t want you to see it.”

The girl took off her gown, revealing a tender white body.

Shortly after, the girl lifts up the knife that was covered with the boy’s blood, forcefully draws on her own body. Blood flowed down the girl’s skin. The girl, however, revealed no sign of pain as if she wasn’t being drawn on.

A while after, the girl stopped drawing, an inverted pentagram just like the boy’s appeared on her stomach.

The mixed blood from the two formed a large pool of blood, the girl, satisfied, touches the boy’s blood and placed it inside her mouth as if tasting a gourmet meal.

“Fan-gege’s blood also tastes very good. And now our status as lovers is completed. From now on, Fan-gege is Ye-er’s.”

The girl finished, kisses the boy’s pale lips once more.

Under the continuing rain, the boy and the girl’s love confirmed by an invert pentagram, at the pool of blood made the scene even more unusual.

(Tbh: when I started translating from the “Shortly After” part it became really hard to put into words, and for the last sentence I don’t even understand what the author is trying to say, at least for me)


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