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Chapter 128: This Is All Fated

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

“Yes, I do regret it!” Xu Junxi lost control and bellowed. He took two steps and grabbed Ning Qing by her shoulder. He could not control his emotions and shook her. “You are satisfied by doing it this way; you are happy now right? Ning Qing, why would two of us end up in this situation? You are undoubtedly mine!”

Ning Qing laughed coldly in her heart. This man, with the state of affairs today, still could not self-reflect.

The secretary and Ning Yao saw Xu Junxi behaving like this and wanted to go forward to stop him, but they did not dare. Xiao Zhou silently formed a fist with her fingers, but Ning Qing did tell her in advance that no matter what Xu Junxi does to her, she was not to come forward to stop his actions.

Ning Qing antic.i.p.ated that Xu Junxi would lose control of his feelings.

Xiao Zhou stared intently at Xu Junxi, simply hoping that he would not harm Ning Qing.

Ning Qing observed Xu Junxi carefully, her gaze turning solemn. “Xu Junxi, you don’t understand; how did we end up in this state? Actually I have many matters that I don’t understand as well.”

“The things that happened 3 years ago – only Yin Shuiling and I were present on the scene. Considering the involvement of Aunt Yun, Aunt Mu, and your cousin Xu Lin, where did the photos come from? I never held any grudges against Xu Lin. Why did she have to harm me like this?”

Xu Junxi let go of Ning Qing’s shoulder and asked her inquisitively, “What do you mean?’

“You don’t understand what I am saying? Even if I was drunk 3 years ago, why would I enter Mu Yunfan’s room drunk? Why would he be drunk at the same time? Then who had their hands on the photo. Who kept it in their grasp ’til now, having waited to cause me harm?”

“Also, the key point is: You distanced yourself from me because of the incident with Mu Yunfan. If that did not happen, our relations.h.i.+p would be in the clear. Then that should make you think. Who was interested in breaking us up? Don’t you think there’s someone behind it all?”

Xu Junxi let go of Ning Qing, and stepped back. He painfully grabbed his short hair, and roared fiercely, “Who would it be? Who was it exactly? I will investigate this matter. I will not let that person get away!”

Ning Qing looked at Xu Junxi. She lifted her gaze and moved her focus onto the pale faced Ning Yao. Her lips curled up into a smile and she smiled mesmerizingly.

She directed her words towards Xu Junxi, but her eyes were locked on Ning Yao. “Investigating would be easy. Isn’t Xu Lin your cousin? The opposing party thought she had ultimate confidence in her prediction. Xu Lin was the best person to uncover the truth. That person did not consider that the bigger the content of the blackmail material is, the greater the probability that it would backfire. As a close relative, you understand Xu Lin’s character well. If you trace the matter more carefully, the truth will be revealed.”

Ning Yao took a few steps back, her heart was in great pain. Even her stomach was hurting, and she used two hands to cup her stomach.

Ning Qing was too evil. Her arrival this time… she was not here to show off, and she was making use of Xu Junxi to investigate the root of the matter.

Trouble was brewing. If Xu Junxi got involved in this matter, what would she do?

Ning Qing looked at the scar on Ning Yao ‘s face. Revealing a satisfied smile, she decided to wrap it up. “I will be leaving.” She turned and left.

But after a mere two steps, her slim waist was grabbed by Xu Junxi.

Ning Qing stopped in her tracks and did not make an effort to turn around.

Looking at her gentle side profile, Xu Junxi gripped and released his palms repeatedly. His heart was a mess, and he did not know what to say. “Qingqing….”

He used her nickname to call out to her.

Ning Yao, who was behind him, bit her teeth. Her entire heart sank.

Ning Qing still did not turn back. With a calm voice, she said, “Tomorrow, I will transfer the Yin Huang shares to you.”

Xu Junxi froze, and did not show any sign of joy. “Why?”

“Xu Junxi, don’t you know? I actually always hated you! We were childhood sweethearts for 18 years, but because I took responsibility for the downfall of the Yun family 3 years ago, I was chased out of the Ning family. I struggled tremendously to survive in the entertainment industry, I fervently wished you would help me at that time, and lend me a shoulder to cry on. You shouldn’t have behaved like that. You were my Brother Yunxi at that time, my fiancé.”

Tears welled up in Xu Junxi’s red eyes. His face was wet. He painfully shut his eyes, “…. Sorry…”

“Because I hate you. That is why after receiving Yin Huang’s shares, I did not want you to have a good life. I swore, those that insulted in me in the past, I would take revenge on one by one. But, today, I realized that I don’t hate you anymore. I know that I have moved on.”

Xu Junxi looked the beautiful figure in front of him and lost his train of thought. She was smiling, and her delicate face was pure and sweet.

3 years. It has been 3 years since she let out such a happy laugh.

“I don’t hate you anymore, because in your absence, Heaven gave me Lu Shaoming, a good man that really understand and pamper me, making me love him uncontrollably. Did you know that you lost the bet yesterday? He wanted me without asking about my past. We will start afresh.”

Ning Qing’s gentle voice was like a bunch of needles p.r.i.c.king Xu Junxi’s heart. He was in such pain that he thought he was suffocating.

She didn’t love him anymore. Did he hate her?

He only hated himself.

He single handedly ended his own happiness.

Xu Junxi let go of Ning Qing’s wrist. Ning Qing left immediately.

Noticing that the man behind her went to give chase without a thought, Ning Qing did not stop. She only continued walking and said, “I am married to Lu Shaoming now. It has been half a year. When my mum needed money for her operation, you were unwilling to help me, but he rendered his a.s.sistance, and marriage was a condition. Look, you still don’t understand. It was you who pushed me to him with your own hands.”

Xu Junxi was utterly shocked.

Ning Qing and Xiao Zhou got in the car. Xiao Zhou could not help but give Ning Qing a thumbs up. “Ning Qing, you are getting better and better. Xu Junxi must be full of regret now. He did this to himself. He chose Ning Yao, that pretentious being, over you. I antic.i.p.ated this day’s arrival half a year ago. Now this day has finally come!”

Ning Qing looked outside the window. She had no more grievances in life. Smiling, she said, “Sometimes, many matters, are…fated”

“Aiyoh.” Xiao Zhou used her elbow to nudge Ning Qing, her expression ambiguous. “Ning Qing, are you saying that you and Young Master Lu were meant to be?”

Ning Qing became shy immediately and did not respond to Xiao Zhou.

Xiao Zhou was still interested, she blabbered incessantly, “Ning Qing, I didn’t know that you met Young Master Lu three years ago. No wonder when Young Master Lu found you half a year ago. He could not stop helping you. He even married you. He must not have been able to get you off his mind since you first met.

“Ning Qing. Don’t you know how jealous everyone is of you now? Young Master Lu pampers you to the max. Other men use fresh flowers, wine, and sweet words to create romance, but Young Master Lu hid his affection. Once he finally showed it, he created a sensation in the entire city.

“Ay, Ning Qing, there’s one thing that I don’t understand. What is between you and Young Master Lu? You have been married for so long, how could he not touch you at all? This does not make any sense. Could Young Master Lu be…”

“Xiao Zhou, stop spouting nonsense!” Ning Qing interrupted her immediately. “He…he is all good…”

Only she knew how wild and pa.s.sionate that man was once that gentlemanly suit jacket was off.

The problem was all hers.

She thought she was unclean. She was afraid that he would be disgusted. But now it was all good; she was innocent after all.

He should know how much she wanted to give him her clean body.

“Then, Ning Qing, this is all your fault, Young Master Lu is 30 years old this year. How could you allow him to stay celibate all this while. Are you not scared that he will be ill after holding it in for so long? Remember, the number of women who are after him are equal to the number of hairs on a cow.” Looking at Ning Qing’s shy expression, Xiao Zhou patted her chest, and with a cheeky grin said, “I know that you are inexperienced. Do you want me to lend you some books to read? On this kind of matter, women must also gain knowledge, then men would be loyal to you.”

“Xiao Zhou, shut up!” Ning Qing quickly pushed her hand away and sighed. “You are too impure, I want to distance myself from you. I can’t be influenced by your bad behaviour.”

Xiao Zhou laughed heartily, “Ning Qing, don’t act anymore. I am guessing it would be on these two days that you two would be engaging in such impure acts, haha.”

Ning Qing,”…” Xiao Zhou, could you not be so blunt?!

Ning Qing did not return home, she went to Guang Qing to see Lu Shaoming.

She did not know why she wanted to see him. It was already noon, and he would be back home at night.

However, she already knew that he was the man from 3 years ago. He had kept it a secret for so long… Her heart felt like it had scratched by a little cat; it was extremely itchy, and she wanted to go see him.

The folks at the Guang Qing reception desk saw Ning Qing arrive. They were immensely polite to her. The workers pa.s.sing by were speaking excitedly. Voices echoed saying, “Madam…”

Ning Qing saw the girls looking at her with envy. Her cheeks were slightly flushed. Yes, she was already Madam and still had a clean body. This led many others to speculate.

Ning Qing was embarra.s.sed.

Zhu Rui came forward to welcome her. “Madam, what has brought you here? President has a meeting to attend, he is still in the office.”

Zhu Rui opened the doors to the office.

Young Master Lu was standing handsomely by the office couch. One hand holding a doc.u.ment, another was on the suit jacket laid on the back of the couch. He looked like he was about to leave.

Seeing her come in, Lu Shaoming’s eyes sparkled brightly, and his lips curled up and revealed a mesmerizing smile.

Ning Qing was utterly embarra.s.sed. This was not his normal expression when he was smiling. Looking at him, he must have known that she’d gone to the hospital.

He was expressing his joy to her.

Ning Qing’s face was hot. Looking at his charming smile, she did not know where to place her eyes.

Three years ago, this man made her fall in love. She thought it was just a beautiful coincidence, simply a memory her youth. She did not expect that the same man was by her side.

It turned out that he was called Lu Shaoming!

It was Lu Shaoming!

Zhu Rui closed the door. Lu Shaoming placed the suit jacket back onto the sofa. Placing his hand into his pocket, he said, “Since you are here, why are you standing there like a block of wood? Come over.”

Ning Qing hesitated shyly for a moment and then walked towards him.

When she was near him, his hand that was previously on the doc.u.ment came around her tiny waist, and he pulled her into his embrace. “Why? Why are you so shy?”

He had a clean scent, it was pleasant to smell. He did not have the heater on during the winter, the cold office made his attractive sideburns seem chilly and serious. His entire being, his solemn and formal demeanour was cold, but this embrace was comfortable and warm.

When he spoke, his lips were plastered on her delicate face, his tone low and steady.

He still asked why she was so shy.

That 27 year old man that she met when she was 18 was now her husband, and he was so affectionate towards her.

Who could withstand this?

Ning Qing could not take it any longer. She ducked her head aside to escape his scent, but she was entirely limp. She was numb with his clear and crisp scent.

“You, why did you choose to hide it from me? You are obviously the man from 3 years ago. You looked at me behaving like that this morning, you… you…” Ning Qing could not continue further and only could use her fist to punch him. “You are so bad.”

Lu Shaoming let her punch him. Using two fingers to cup her chin, forcing her to look at him, he asked, “Dear, what happened this morning? I heard you confess to me? You should confess boldly if you like me. If you are so shy and subtle, how could I know your true feelings?”

Lu Shaoming used his lips to brush against her elegant lips. With a soulful voice, he said, “Moreover, Young Madam, you heard the tone you were speaking in: just like a cat in heat. You can continue using this coy tone. Your husband likes to hear it.”

He… How could he say this?

Ning Qing ‘s entire body was on fire. Her heart pounded wildly, her eyes shone brightly. She clenched her neat teeth, and with embarra.s.sment said, “Who, who confessed to you? Shameless! How did my tone sound coy? Couples speak like this. Only you have an opinion against it.”

Lu Shaoming looked at her crimson cheeks, just as if she were drunk. Her eyes glowed brightly.

He knew that she was utterly embarra.s.sed, but she was also fiercely stubborn. She could look at him and whine, and even talk back.

There will be a day when he conquers her.


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