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Chapter 408: There Is News Of Our Dou Dou

She felt weird inside her heart. At this moment, a maid that pushed the wheelchair. Grandma stretched her hand out towards Zhou Heng. Her expression was absolutely delighted as she said, “Dou Dou’s father, there is news, there is news of our Dou Dou now!”

Zhou Zhilei’s heart thumped, and her entire heart sank in a moment.

For a whole 40 years, these two elderly people had searched half the earth and did not receive a single piece of news regarding Dou Dou. It was only now that they decided to search around T City, and they had news already?

A few days ago, she was still unbothered inside her heart. She allowed them to do whatever they wanted. Were the Heavens joking around with her now?


She would never allow that to happen!

She was the Young Miss of the Zhou family. She would never accept anyone intruding and s.n.a.t.c.hing the wealth and prestige that belonged to her!

Zhou Heng’s depressed emotions on the way here disappeared in a moment. “What?” He was joyous and took two steps forward to hold his wife’s hand. He bent down and asked, “Xiao Hui, what did you say? We…have news of our Dou Dou?”

“Yes, yes.” Grandma took the doc.u.ments from the maid’s hand and handed them over to Zhou Heng. Because she was too emotional, her voice was shaking as she said, “You look at them yourself. This is what we just found out: 40 years ago, a cargo s.h.i.+p snuck into T City from America. The s.h.i.+p was full of children who were trafficked. After that, the police searched for this boat. The children inside were all sent to the orphanage, and based on truth worthy sources of news, at that time, there was a girl who was around 8 years old on the boat. There was a red amulet on her neck. That girl spoke fluent English at that time, and the police remembered her. Someone had an everlasting impression of her. The girl said that she was lost on the streets of America… Dou Dou’s father, you don’t have to be suspicious. This is definitely our Dou Dou. Mothers and daughters are all connected with their hearts; I know this girl is definitely my Dou Dou!”

Zhou Heng listened to her as he flipped through the doc.u.ments. There was a delighted expression on his elderly face, “Okay, okay. No matter whether it is our Dou Dou or not, since we have news, I will definitely investigate these leads thoroughly…”

As he spoke, Zhou Heng pointed at the words on the doc.u.ments. “Is it Suns.h.i.+ne Orphanage? Butler, you will go to investigate personally, and you must find that girl.”

“Yes, master.” The butler came forward and took the doc.u.ments in his hands before going out the door to complete his task.

Grandma was overjoyed. She had a bright smile on her bony face. She held Zhou Heng’s hand as she teared up, feeling overjoyed, “Dou Dou’s father, this is great news. We have covered half the planet in our 40 years’ search. why didn’t we think of searching in China? Our Dou Dou — do you think that she is living well now or not?”

Zhou Heng wiped the tears from her face and personally pushed her wheelchair. “Xiao Hui, you are not in good health. Let’s go back into the house first. We don’t have to worry about whether Dou Dou is living well now or not. After we find her, she will be fine — better than anyone on earth.”

“Okay…Dou Dou’s father. Talking about this now, I really have to thank that little young lady who helped me pick the amulet up off the ground. If she hadn’t brought this up, I wouldn’t have thought of starting to search from T City. Everything seemed to be the work of the G.o.ds. It is only a pity that I cannot reach her phone number. Otherwise, I would definitely share this good news with her.”

Zhou Zhilei looked at the two elderly people go upstairs and enter their own room. She was absolutely anxious. All she could hear repeating in her ears non stop was what Zhou Heng had said previously: After we find her.

After they found Dou Dou, everything in the Zhou family would belong to Dou Dou.

When that time came, she would not matter anymore.

She was a cheap prop.

Zhou Zhilei laughed. d.a.m.n, she was finished, she was about to be eliminated.

But she regained her senses quickly. No, she was not finished yet. Dou Dou has yet to come back, so she still had a chance.

Zhou Zhilei looked at a maid by her side, this maid was her spy. She lowered her voice as she asked, “What is going on exactly?”

The maid followed Zhou Zhilei back into the room and told her what went down in exact detail.

Zhou Zhilei pondered silently for a moment, then anxiously said, “Why are my parents not coming back yet? Call them and tell them that Dou Dou is about to be found. I am about to crumble. Ask them to come back soon.”

“Yes, madam.” The maid left.

Zhou Zhilei suddenly thought of something, she raised her voice and shouted, “Come back!”

The maid was shocked. She did not know why Zhou Zhilei would suddenly lose control of her emotions again.

“Young Miss…”

Zhou Zhilei was shaking from head to toe. She stared at her and looked as if she had seen a ghost. “Say it again — what orphanage?”

“Young Miss, Suns.h.i.+ne Orphanage.”

Suns.h.i.+ne Orphanage…


Zhou Zhilei thought of someone in her mind. At that time, she was drinking tea with Song Yajing in the living room, and the butler gave them all the information regarding the Ning family.

Song Yajing looked on and placed the doc.u.ments on the coffee table. She pointed at the name of a foreign place as she laughed coldly. “Suns.h.i.+ne Orphanage? The mother of Ning Qing is actually an orphan. She went into the orphanage when she was 8 years old. Her background is too pathetic and cannot be showed off to others.”

“Young Miss, you…”

The maid was flabbergasted. It turned out that Zhou Zhilei’s legs softened, and she was already seated numbly on the floor.

Ning Qing brought Xiao Zhou along with a few staff members to walk into the lift. Xiao Zhou hung up and said, “Ning Qing, I just got a call. My younger brother is fine. Ning Qing, thinking about it, I am just so furious. Why did you have to let go of Zhou Zhilei. She kidnapped and threatened us. This is a criminal offence. This alone is enough to make Zhou Zhilei go to jail for a few years.”

With a smile, Ning Qing said, “Xiao Zhou, what did I tell you previously? We have to think thrice before we do something. If you accuse of her kidnapping and taking ransom, then do you have any evidence to prove it? The Zhou family has both power and status. If we are going to go to court with them, neither of us are not going to benefit.”

Ning Qing was speaking the truth, but the most important thing was that she also did not bear to do so. She had a special closeness with Old Master Zhou.

It was also weird when she thought about it. She had the same kind of feeling when she had met Zhou Dayuan.

Zhou Dayuan was Old Master Zhou’s grandson.

And Zhou Dayuan was also not considered to be close to him.

But this feeling of kins.h.i.+p was a little out of nowhere.

“Ning Qing!” Jian Han and Tang Fan were walking towards them.

“Older Sister Jian.” Ning Qing quickly went forward, and she hugged Jian Han’s soft waist. She nudged her gently as she acted cute. “Older Sister Jian, I got first place.”

“Yeah.” Jian Han caressed her small head and gave her compliments. “I will use Young Master Lu’s words; our Ning Qing is always the best.”

Ning Qing was embarra.s.sed. She liked Jian Han very much. It was probably because Jian Han was Zhou Dayuan’s lover. In her heart, she had long treated Jian Han as her sister-in-law.

Both her and Lu Shaoming were the only child at home. They did not have any other siblings. Other than her mother, she had good feelings for Jian Han, and she had a warm feeling treating Jian Han as her own relative.

At this moment, the sound of confident footsteps that came towards her. Ning Qing turned her gaze sideways. Speak of the devil, both Lu Shaoming and Zhou Dayuan were walking towards her.

Zhu Rui carried Little Qinwen in his arms, and there were a few senior presidents beside him.

Little Qinwen saw Ning Qing and was very excited. His small hands opened up immediately, and his small, powdery, pink face was like a small flower in full bloom as he said, “Mama…carry…”

The moment Little Qinwen said it, he felt a gaze float towards him. He did not need to look and knew that it was coming from his own Daddy. Daddy must have used his eyes to say — How old are you already? You still want to be carried? Where are your legs?

Hmph, he would not bother with him. He used a pitiful expression to look at his Mama. Mama, Mama, come and carry me, quickly.

Ning Qing could not withstand her son’s pitiful gaze. She immediately stretched her hand out to take Little Qinwen into her arms, and she kissed her son’s small face as she said, “Little Qinwen, were you obedient today?”

Little Qinwen nodded his head cutely and said, “Yeah, yeah…”

Zhu Rui smiled bitterly. Little Young Master was not obedient at all.

Little Young Master climbed on his office table today and made his desktop computer fall onto the floor. He also smashed the flower vase in the main lobby of the office, and he took the fragments as he played around with the mud in front of the main door of the office. Little Young Master turned himself into a tiny person made out of mud, and the funniest thing was there was a dog at the front door. He pointed at the dog while he played around, laughing at the dog, haha haha…

After that, Little Young Master was dragged back to the president’s office by his own Daddy, and he gave him two slaps on the b.u.t.t, and he cried out loudly in pain.

But Zhu Rui thought that there was something pretty good between these two masculine men. They were straight to the point with one another. If they could not get to an agreement, the moment the door of the president’s office closed, they used force to settle their arguments, and Little Young Master was obedient after that.

Little Young Master cried, but he did not complain about it to his Mama even once. For example he was spanked in the office today, and after he got enough of his crying, the moment the door opened, he was his usual self again as he followed behind his daddy.

When Little Young Master was not naughty, he was totally a mini version of the president.

Jian Han looked at Little Qinwen, and Little Qin Wen hid in Mama’s embrace as he laughed out loud. Maybe because she’d be a mother, there was a warm smile on the corners of her lips immediately.

At this moment, she felt that there was someone who was looking at her. She lifted her gaze to have a look. She only saw that Zhou Dayuan, who was opposite her, seemed to glance at her once. He did not have any expression in his eyes, but there was a coldness to him.

Jian Han’s small hands that she placed by her sides tugged her skirt not knowing what to do. It was probably her appearance that made him feel irritated, and he was angry again.

Jian Han cast her gaze down quickly, like a child who had made a mistake.

At this moment, her shoulder was cupped, and Tang Fan gently said, “Jian Han, the lift is here; let’s go in.”

Jian Han entered the lift numbly with Tang Fan’s hands around her shoulders.

There were around seven or eight people in the lift. Little Qinwen perched himself in his Mama’s embrace and looked at Jian Han again. He opened his arms and said, “Aunty…carry me.”

He wanted Jian Han to carry him now.

Jian Han tried to make herself disappear, but now that Little Qinwen called her, she could not help but raise her head up again. She went to carry Little Qinwen. Her voice was extremely soft as she said, “Little Qinwen, come. Aunt will carry you.”

Ning Qing glared at Little Qinwen with her beautiful, charming eyes. “Little Qinwen, it has only been a moment since Mama picked you up, and you don’t want me anymore? Are there sweets on your Aunty Jian’s body? Why do you want to go into her embrace all the time?”

Little Qinwen did not listen to her, and his body tilted towards Jian Han’s side.

Jian Han was afraid that he would fall, and she stretched her hand out to support him. Ning Qing and her crashed into one another, and they both broke out into a smile. “Older Sister Jian, no wonder Little Qinwen wants you. Older Sister Jian’s body is really so fragrant. You smell like the natural nectar from flowers.”

Jian Han’s small gentle face was a little red. She did not know what smell there was on her body. She never used perfume, and ever since she found out she was pregnant, she did not even use cosmetics anymore.

The warm and gentle man opposite her, Ning Qing’s words were all heard by him, and she felt extremely embarra.s.sed.

Ning Qing was done speaking and glanced at Zhou Dayuan who was opposite without much expression on her face. That man really knew how to pretend. He placed both of his hands in his pockets and seemed to be looking somewhere else, but Ning Qing saw his Adam’s apple moving.

There were some men that had a rash feeling towards the women that they loved solely due to the surge of hormones, and the word “fragrant” had many meanings to it, and to some men, this word was a type of provocation.

It was obvious that Zhou Dayuan was one of those men.

Little Qinwen was still kicking up a fuss. Ning Qing was firm in her att.i.tude as she said, “Okay, Little Qinwen, you are not allowed to continue throwing a tantrum. If you continue being like this, Mama is going to get angry. Your Aunty Jian is already so slim now that she is the one who needs to be carried. How can she carry you? You are not allowed to be naughty.”


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