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Chapter 579: My Period Is Here

“Yeah, I did say this back in the past… But Shuiling, I am not available for the next two days. I need to go on a business trip.” Yin Muchen wrapped his muscular arms around his chest as he leaned back on the doorframe. His slim-cut trousers were dragged up due to him bending his legs, and it exposed his slim ankles. He wore a pair of dark blue cotton socks, and he was clean and stylish.

On a business trip?

Yin Shuiling was sure that he was going to meet that mysterious person that Sixth Older Brother wanted to find out about.

She was intelligent and did not ask any questions, but just merely replied with an “Oh.” She was slightly disappointed as she turned her small head to continue braising her soup.

At this moment, her small waist was hugged once again. The man’s thin lips were brus.h.i.+ng on her small face as he coaxed her gently. “You are unhappy now? What about this: you can come along.”

“I don’t want to.” Yin Shuiling pouted her red lips as she said, “I still have cla.s.ses tomorrow.”

“You can skip cla.s.ses…”

“How? Skipping cla.s.ses without a valid reason would result in me having marks deducted.”

“Your marks would not be deducted. I have the final say in this matter.”

“I do not believe that, you are not our princ.i.p.al. Is the school founded by you?”

“If you wish for the school to be run by me, that’s fine fine…but it is definitely not okay for me to be the princ.i.p.al. I don’t want others to say that I am sleeping with my student.”

“You… Can you be more proper?”

“Proper? You are hoping for a man who has slept sister who is 10 years younger than him to be proper, huh?”

Yin Shuiling: “…”. She was furious as she stomped her feet. She turned her gaze sideways and glanced at the man with a displeased expression on her face. Her sweet voice was extremely coy as she said, “Yin Muchen! Oof…”

Her red lips were blocked by the man.

The next day, Yin Muchen held Yin Shuiling’s small hand as they headed into the main lounge of the airport. Liu Caizhe and Hu Ya had been waiting for them for a long while. Upon seeing Yin Shuiling, they froze for a moment. Hu Ya stepped forward and said, “President…”

Yin Muchen handed his luggage to Hu Ya before stretching his hand out to cup Yin Shuiling’s small shoulder. “Let’s go then.”

Hu Ya took the luggage as he looked at Liu Caizhe awkwardly. “Manager Liu, why did President bring Miss Yin along? This meeting will be conducted in secret. We cannot leak any bit of news. This concerns all of the gold mines Southeast Asia.”

Liu Caizhe had a look at the duo’s back profiles before shaking his head helplessly. “Muchen has his own thoughts. We can only follow them. Let’s go then.”

The four people boarded the private jet.

When she alighted from the private jet, it was only then that Yin Shuiling found out that they had arrived in Hong Kong. There were people stationed on the ground in Hong Kong to pick them up. After exiting the halls of the airport, they boarded a luxurious sedan and were driven to a five star luxury hotel.

She followed Yin Muchen into a room. It was the Presidential Suite. He placed the luggage down and said, “Shuiling, I will be busy with business matters for a few days. I have a.s.signed you a car. Isn’t Hong Kong a haven for shopping? You can go shop. I will come and accompany you when I am done.”

“Sure.” Yin Shuiling nodded her head.

Yin Muchen really left. He brought both Liu Caizhe and Hu Ya along with him. Yin Shuiling boarded the personal vehicle as she went to shop around the famed Causeway Bay in Hong Kong. She did not hold back as she took the gold card that Yin Muchen gave her and bought many bags worth of things.

When she pa.s.sed by the K University of Hong Kong, she stopped in her tracks. There was a poster placed in front of the school gate of K University. The movie theatre in K University is broadcasting , a famous film in the 90s, in four days.

was rolled out when she was only 10 years old. At that time, the rich madams of the elite circle pooled all their funds as they wanted to buy all of the tickets in the entire theatre to watch this film. Her mother was one of them. Her mother wanted to bring her along to watch it that day, but it was a pity that this film included many rated scenes, and it was banned in the country. For that reason, her mother was frustrated for a while.

Yin Shuiling was sad. This film brought up childhood memories, and she really wanted to watch this film on her mother’s behalf.

When she returned to the hotel, Yin Muchen was still out. He had not shown up for three consecutive days, and all of her meals and clothes were served by a personal butler. He would call her every night to murmur some sweet nothings to her, and when she listened to his voice, it was not hard for her to tell the fatigue he felt that was due to his work.

Yin Shuiling lay down on the bed as she pondered. Did he met that mysterious person already?

It had already been three days; he must have met that person.

But this piece of information could not be attained just because she’d come Hong Kong along with him. She was in the hotel, and he was busy with work. She did not dare to make any big moves, afraid that he would be able to tell.

Yin Shuiling was in a blur as she slept at night. In the middle of the night, she felt someone lie down by her side. Her small hand touched the silk pyjamas that the person was wearing. He’d taken a bath, and there was the light fragrance of the shower gel on his body together with his masculine scent.

She did not open her eyes, and just by having a whiff of his scent, it was enough for her to know that it was Yin Muchen.

He’s already returned.

She was sleeping on her side. The man bent down and kissed her small, snowy- white earlobe before testing the waters as he called out, “Shuiling, Shuiling…”

She was in a blur as she responded. Her eyes could not open due to her fatigue, and at this moment, a large palm came to pin down her small shoulders before turning her around.

Her small, cherry-like lips were blocked. The man was kissing her in a hurry. Upon opening her mouth, he was on her, and it was moments later that she felt the tip of her tongue go numb.

The belt of her silk pyjamas was undone. The man used his large, rough palm to touch her. “Oof…” She turned her small head sideways to duck away and used both of her small hands to press onto his chest as she protested, “Don’t…”

“Shuiling, let me kiss you for a moment. It has been a few days since I’ve touched you. I want…” He used two fingers to pin her small hands that were moving all over the place above her head, not allowing her to move.

His kisses headed downwards.

Yin Shuiling’s smooth skin was steamed red. Her tiny figure was bullied by him in the soft bed. She lifted her eyebrows up as she protested coyly. The girl was sleepy and sounded sensual.

“Yin Muchen, we cannot do it today. It is not convenient… My period is here…”

Her period had arrived yesterday.

Yin Muchen paused, and his fingers went searching below. She was not lying.

After having a look at the girl’s small, attractive face, he noticed that she was both fragrant and soft like a piece of jade in his embrace. He lost a little bit of control as he lowered his voice to negotiate, “Shuiling, I want…”

Yin Shuiling shook her head like a rocker. She smacked his broad shoulders, and her soft voice was so coy and girlish as she spoke. “You cannot, you really cannot… It is not clean this way. I would get sick with an illness…”

Yin Muchen panted for a moment before letting go of her. He lifted the blankets up before getting out of bed. “I will go and take a cold shower.”

Yin Shuiling flipped her body around, and she used the blankets to wrap her herself up tightly, and found a comfortable position as she continued to sleep.

He was probably very desperate. She was on her period, and he still had the intentions…

It was wintertime, and he went to take a cold shower…

The last time she got her period, it was also so hard to bear. Those six or seven days, he would take multiple cold showers at night. When she asked him to go and sleep, he was not willing to do so. He insisted on hugging her, but the more he held her in his embrace, the more uncomfortable he got. There were some moments that she also did not know why he had to suffer like that.

A few minutes later, Yin Muchen came back. He hooked one muscular arm around her tender neck and placed her small head in the crook of his elbow, using another large hand to come onto her stomach to ma.s.sage her gently. He kissed her small face as he asked her, “Does your stomach hurt?”

Although he’d just taken a cold shower, his chest was broad and warm. The man’s warmth penetrated the thin material of his s.h.i.+rt and reached her skin. She was comfortable as she let out a whimper. She buried her small, soft body in his embrace as she shook her head in a blur. “It doesn’t hurt…”

Yin Muchen looked at her behaving like a small kitten. His eyes were gentle as he said, ” Shuiling, I am already done with my work. I will accompany you to eat a meal tomorrow. After we eat, I will accompany you to go shopping in the afternoon, and we will return back to the country the day after tomorrow.”

“Oh.” She was obedient as she answered him without any objections.

Yin Muchen kissed her small supple face again and again. After noticing how tired she was, he really did not bear to awaken her. He actually wanted to borrow her small hand to help him…

Actually, he had his own hand, but he did not bear to use it when he was bathing a while ago. He wanted to leave all of himself to her.

He bent over and kissed her forehead. His tone was loving as he said, “Shuiling, good night.”

The next day, Yin Muchen brought Yin Shuiling to an art exhibition. The art gallery was full of different people from elite backgrounds. Everyone was speaking in hushed tones, appreciating the art pieces.

Yin Shuiling was very interested in the art exhibition. She’d studied comic drawings from the beginning, and to have such a chance to interact with so many masters so closely, it was definitely a joyous opportunity for her.

But she remembered that when she was in deep sleep last night, he said by the side of the ear that he was bringing her out for a meal, and he did not mention anything about bringing her to an art exhibition.

Yin Shuiling found it weird, but she did not question him.

It was time for lunch in the afternoon. The manager of the art exhibition was directing the elites into small private rooms. Yin Muchen held her small hand as they walked into a private, secluded corner in the northwest section.

After entering the part.i.tion, there was already someone seated in the room. He was a tall, bulky spanish man. He had a cap on his head, and he’d placed the cap extremely low.

Liu Caizhe and Hu Ya were there.

Yin Shuiling looked at the Spaniard and felt her heartbeat did not belong to her anymore. Alayer of sweat emerged on her hand; this was the mysterious person?

It was already their fourth day in Hong Kong, and Yin Muchen was only meeting him today?

Yin Shuiling was slightly in a blur. She thought that she had no chance of meeting this mysterious person anymore, that she’d have to bug Yin Muchen for him to agree to her meeting this mysterious person, but she actually managed to meet him so easily.

The Spaniard shook hands with Yin Muchen. Yin Muchen was tall and lanky, and he had a stronger aura. He was conversing in Spanish, and Yin Shuiling did not understand anything, but when he spoke Spanish, it sounded really pleasant. It was deep, charming, and extremely pleasant to the ears.

As Yin Shuiling was in a daze, she realized that both men were looking at her at the same time.

Yin Muchen’s dark, warm eyes were focused on her as he waved his hands towards her. His tone was dominating yet clear, “Come over.”

Yin Shuiling felt as if she was in a spell and obediently headed in his direction.

Yin Muchen held onto her shoulders gently and used Spanish to introduce her to that person.

After that, the Spaniard’s eyes lit up, and he was immediately polite as he bent over to greet her. He addressed her as Yin Shuiling.

Yin Shuiling did not understand what he was saying and could only curl the corners of her lips up, treating it as her greeting.

At this moment, Yin Muchen’s deep and charming voice rang out in her ears. “Shuiling, this is John. He is a business partner of mine. Because his ident.i.ty is extremely important, you have to keep this a secret. The luncheon this time is also borrowing the name of the art exhibition to be conducted, but you don’t have to be nervous. John is my friend, and you can treat this as a gathering between friends.”

Yin Shuiling tugged on the corners of her lips as she nodded her head, “Oh.”

Yin Muchen kneaded her shoulders, smiled, and said, “We have some important matters to discuss with one another. Can you go and prepare some tea for us?”

Yin Muchen let go of her. The four of them, him, John, Liu Caizhe and Hu Ya were seated on a square shaped wooden table, and all of them were conversing in Spanish. The atmosphere was serious and formal.


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