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Chapter 68: I Think You Need to be Beaten Up


Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Qiu Ren looked around the Flash’s apartment through Herring’s perspective and found it simple.

The character design of the Flash was like Spiderman. He was set to be a civilian hero, a good neighbor to the citizens in this city.

Unlike Spiderman, the closest person to the Flash was his girlfriend, Jane.

After being brutalized by the Joker and returning home, the one comforting the Flash was Jane, who had been saved.

His girlfriend, Jane, had self-consciousness as well. Even though she was a normal person, she was an important supporting character in The Flash.

Such important supporting characters more or less had some self-consciousness. It was just that most of them didn’t have the combat strength as strong as the superheroes.

“Look who’s here, Honey… Mr. Seik came for a visit. Mr. Seik, you don’t have to bring so many things here every time.”

Although Jane hadn’t married the Flash, she already had a bit of the temperament of a housewife. She walked to Supernova and took the big bag of food from his hand.

“Didn’t Miss Madeleine come with you?”

Jane was asking about Supernova’s wife. In Supernova’s fourth personal movie, the screenwriters had arranged a wedding for the two of them.

The wives of the heroes like them had contact with each other privately and would go on a picnic or hold a party together every now and then.

“Madeleine is at work today. I heard that the Flash suffered from a terrorist attack, so I came here to see if he’s okay.”

In Qiu Ren’s perspective, the character, Supernova, was indeed full of the charisma of a leader and a mature man.

“He’s… not fine.” Jane glanced at the Flash on the sofa in worry and said, “He’s not really okay. The terrorist who kidnapped him and I is too terrifying. He’s much more frightening than Negative and the Black Organization. Mr. Seik, please talk to him and comfort him if you can!”

As the girlfriend of a superhero, Jane was already used to being kidnapped by the villains.

After experiencing it so many times, she had changed from being panicked at first to pretending to cry right now, telling the audience, “I’m so scared! Where’s the hero who can save me? Oh! Look, he’s here!”

But in the case of the Joker, she was petrified from the bottom of her heart when she was kidnapped by him.

She felt that the Joker was different from all the other villains who had kidnapped her before. This guy would truly kill her.

After being tortured by the Joker for a long time, it didn’t help, no matter how hard Jane tried to comfort the Flash.

“I will.”

Supernova replied as he sat next to the Flash. Jane didn’t disturb the secret chat between these two men. Instead, she walked to the kitchen and prepared lunch.

Watching until this point, Qiu Ren felt like Supernova and the Flash still hadn’t discovered Herring’s surveillance, which made him a little skeptical.

However, the doubts in Qiu Ren’s mind were soon suppressed by the conversation between Supernova and the Flash.

“Mr. Seik… Am I really a superhero?” The Joker’s words kept resounding in the Flash’s mind. “Those villains I defeated and things I did to save the world before were all… arranged by the creators. It was all a pretty show on the stage. Defeating such villains and saving such a world… Can I truly be regarded as a hero?”

Qiu Ren realized that the Joker’s psychological attack had really worked like a charm.

The Flash had started to doubt the meaning of his existence, whether he was a superhero respected by ten thousand people or an actor wearing a hero’s coat, or not even an actor but an amus.e.m.e.nt facility… for the creators in reality.

“You are, you certainly are.” Supernova patted the Flash’s shoulder and said, “You have superpowers that ordinary people can’t beat and power that even the creators can’t reach. As the core of an entire world, you’re certainly a ‘superhero.’”

Qiu Ren found it weird when he listened to Supernova. However, the guy’s next words confirmed Qiu Ren’s guess.

“It’s just that… those creators, who are ordinary people, indeed don’t deserve to be saved by you.”

The Flash was dumbfounded. Qiu Ren also felt Herring’s breath pause for a second.

Supernova’s words were enough to make any superhero fan lose their faith if they heard this!

Even though Herring despised the Supernova League, she was still a diehard fan of superheroes. When she heard what Supernova said, she wanted to rush out and yell, “How can you say that? You’re the soul that represents the superhero spirit!”

And yet, Herring’s sanity restrained her impulse.

“Mr. Seik, what do you mean?” The Flash also doubted if he had heard it wrong.

Supernova suddenly waved his hand, closing all the windows of the Flash’s apartment. This meant that people outside couldn’t see the situation in the Dream Dungeon of the Flash anymore.

Herring’s surveillance device still worked, but Qiu Ren noticed that the recording function was cut off when Supernova came to visit.

Supernova had already noticed Qiu Ren and Herring’s surveillance. He seemed to have intentionally said that to Herring—no… to Qiu Ren and the dream consciousness behind him.

When Qiu Ren reacted, he wanted to use his phone to record a video or audio, but he found that the recorded images and sounds were all garbled.

What was going on?


Supernova said as he took out a tablet, showing the Flash the scene where his fan pointed a gun at him and was about to shoot.

This scene had truly wounded the Flash’s heart. Watching it again made the PTSD syndrome of the Flash strike.

The Flash kept looking away, but Supernova grabbed his neck and forced him to watch clearly how the creators treated the fans they loved and cherished, who always made them happy!

“That clown… You’re indeed right. The creators only treat you as an amus.e.m.e.nt facility, but you have the power of a superhero. Don’t you think… it’s unfair?”

“They… They were only forced to do so by that clown!”

There was already pain in the voice of the Flash. He really wanted that man with a black cloak to be next to him right now and tell him what to do under such circ.u.mstances.

Unfortunately, it was impossible. That dark figure, the silent protector, had already left. The only one next to him was a G.o.d whom he couldn’t look at directly.

“No… They certainly weren’t forced to do so. Honey, I have something to show you,” Supernova said as he took out a thick stack of ma.n.u.scripts and handed them to the Flash.

“That’s the script of The Flash 2!” Herring said in shock the moment she saw the ma.n.u.scripts.

“Hasn’t The Flash 2 already been released? Why is he showing the Flash the script right now?” asked Qiu Ren.

“Actually… there’s another version of The Flash 2, a slightly darker one.” Herring already wanted to steal that script away from the hands of the Flash.

But she couldn’t. With her strength at the moment, she would be dead in less than a second if she showed up in front of Supernova.

“This is…” The Flash didn’t understand what he was holding in his hands.

“The creators wrote another version of fate for you, but no matter which version, the scripts are only something they use to impress their own kind from their perspective. Things you experience and the pain that people you cherish suffer in this script aren’t important,” said Supernova.

The Flash looked at the second script with a darker development in disbelief.

Although Herring found this script a bit boring, the content was indeed a little insane.

The Flash’s girlfriend, Jane, died especially miserably in this script… so miserable that the hands of the Flash, which were holding the script, were shaking.

“Do you understand now? Everything you do, whether it’s your hard work, your victory, your pain, or your family’s pain, is part of the fun in the eyes of the creators. They can push you to the pinnacle of life or throw you down an abyss for fun.”

Hearing what Supernova said, Qiu Ren’s first reaction was, “Are you f.u.c.king infected by the Joker’s virus?”

“But… But…” The Flash held the script in his hands and couldn’t say anything to refute him.

“So, Honey, don’t think too much. One of our kind will arrive in this world very soon. He has ways of making these arrogant creators be humble. You just have to gather as many of those creators in your world as possible when he arrives.”

Supernova couldn’t hide his ambition anymore up till this point.

“By then, we’ll become real superheroes. The creators will turn into ‘ordinary citizens’ who are in awe of our powers.”

After hearing that, Qiu Ren scratched his cheek. Forget about it… It turns out he’s just an ambitious, arrogant person.

“Have you told Miss… Miss Misuri, Nighthaven, Captain Frost… and the others about it?”

The Flash seemed to be torn for choices. He wanted to know if anyone in the Supernova League had rejected this proposal.

“Of course I have. Most of them… acquiesced. I only told you now because you’re the youngest. Honey… we need you to save our and Jane’s fate,” Supernova said with sincere words.

Acquiesced? Are you sure you didn’t force them… But there’s really no one in the Supernova League nowadays who can stop the rise of popularity of this G.o.d.

The Flash said as his hands held the script tight and shook slightly, “Mr. Dark Side… If Mr. Dark Side was here, he would definitely not agree to this!”

“But Dark Side, Roy, isn’t here anymore!” Supernova raised his voice. However, he soon continued with a calm tone, “He wouldn’t be able to stop us even if he was here.”

Seeing that the Flash was still hesitant, Supernova didn’t force him to cooperate anymore.

“Although you don’t have a choice, I hope you can consider it seriously. You’ve already grossed more than 170 million at the box office in the last three days. Well done, Honey! You’re the most outstanding one among us right now…”

“Superhero fan ensnarer.”

Herring suddenly mumbled these words after hearing that.

The live broadcast Qiu Ren was watching was also cut off at this moment, but he was still on a call with Herring.

“I think you should report this to your government as soon as possible,” Qiu Ren said.

“Who would believe me? Even if they do believe me, how are they supposed to stop it… Deleting and resetting all the superheroes they’ve been creating and operating all these years? Even if they’re willing to do this, the Supernova League may have a way of escape…”

Herring knew the character of her superior. On the other side, judging from her tone, Qiu Ren could feel that this female a.s.sa.s.sin, who was usually calm, was panicking right now.

If the superhero fans knew about this, they would also be in a panic.

When they were threatened by evil villains, aliens, and monsters, these superheroes from the Supernova League always stepped up and beat those villains, saving everyone.

Then, when the Supernova League was completely out of control, who could stop them?

“Maybe Batman can,” Qiu Ren said.

“Batman? Dark Side barely beat Supernova even when he had superpowers.” Herring said with uncertainty, “Not in terms of strength, but popularity. Supernova’s performance at the box office around the world is truly terrifying. Countless movie fanatics and his fans in the whole world give him power. Can Batman… do that too?”

“Records are meant to be broken. From now on…”

While Qiu Ren and Herring were chatting, the advertising campaigns had already been fully rolled out.

“What you need to do is to watch the movie a couple more times after we have enough screenings.”

“If I find any screenings in a movie theater, I may directly live there, let alone watch a couple more times.” Herring truly wanted to catch the people working for the European movie theaters and force them to play Batman.

She didn’t have to do that now. As the director’s cut of the Easter egg in “The Flash 2” got more and more playbacks, the popularity of the topic “Who’s Batman?” had already soared at a visible speed.

It’s time for me to tell them, tell all the superhero fans, that G.o.ds… bleed.


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