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Chapter 104 – Reusing of Surrendered Generals

Translated by Bloodfalcon, Edited by Krayto

“Like this, is our bet still valid?!” Zang Ba swallowed his saliva while looking at Liu Mang and Jiangxia navy

This kind of appearance, when in the world had Liu Mang been taken hostage? He walked in the style of a leader with 3 valiant generals side by side with him. Zang Ba do not know those two young generals but he definitely recognized that veteran. That veteran is Huang Zhong, Huang Hansheng, the one who almost killed him with his ballista arrow.

TL: Huang Zhong courtesy name is Hansheng

“It is still valid! Because you are the one who a.s.sault first, I, Zhang Liao lose one month of salary to you, Xuangao!!!” Zhang Liao said it distressfully. Zhang Liao is also a family man like Lu Bu. Every month, his salary is exhausted for his family expenses and support for his family. If he lost one month salary, Zhang Liao will have nothing to eat.

However, Zang Ba quickly cancelled their bet.

“Your Highness Prince of Shu, welcome back!!!” Chen Deng quickly welcomed Liu Mang by holding his fist respectfully.

“Where is my Honorable Father-in-Law?!” Asked Liu Mang while feeling really strange. Today’s treatment is really nice. Everyone goes out to welcome him unexpectedly. Besides Gao Shun who stayed inside, it can be said all of Lu Bu’s generals present and accounted for.

“Milord is on city gate’s tower!” Said Chen Deng while pointing toward golden silhouette who is currently standing in Huangzhou city’s tower.

“Old General Huang, your words please!” Liu Mang said toward Huang Zhong.

“Yes!” Huang Zhong nodded and walked in front of Jiangxia navy. He pulled his shirt from his battle dress to put it behind his knees and knelt down, his voice is very clear and smooth “Jiangxia’s defeated general, Huang Zhong, Huang Hansheng with…”

“Gan Ning, Gan Xingba!”

“Su Fei, Su Zimo!”

Both generals also knelt down.

“Along with Jiangxia navy forces. Pays respect to General Who Pacifies the East, Marquis of Wen Lu Bu. General Lu Bu with finesse in skill and martial arts, sweeps away all obstacles, and truly has shown us your magnificence in battle. We, defeated generals, are willing to mend our way. With Jiangxia’s naval forces, we wish to serve under Lord Lu. We beg to surrender!”

“We beg to surrender!!!”

“Milord, this?!” Chen Gong did not see the scene like Zang Ba and co, but he saw that the golden-armored Liu Mang had done something impossible.

That boy, Liu Mang, had made Huang Zhong surrender and unexpectedly, Huang Zhong also brought 5000 naval units and 2 military officers along with him.

“Hm, open the city gate, let them come in!!!” Lu Bu exclaimed loudly. He as master of his own army, naturally will receive Liu Mang back into his own army. Moreover these Jiangxia’s naval units already disarmed their weapons, so Lu Bu knew that Liu Mang would not be harmed in any way.

In addition to the veteran general who is standing beside Liu Mang, Lu Bu knows that this time Liu Mang had an extremely big harvest. Who can predict that this boy acquired 5000 Jiangxia naval soldiers, in addition to that, he also got 2 navy officers in one package.

Lu Bu’s army currently comprised of infantries and cavalries. All of them are landlubbers, none is familiar with naval warfare. With these 5000 naval soldiers, Lu Bu will be even more powerful because now he had an army that can fight in both land and water. Normally, one should be very happy with this, but Lu Bu frowned because this boy did not notify him earlier, making all of Lu Bu’s army think that Jiangxia’s naval units are going on the offensive almost turning into a war.

In fact, what Lu Bu really wanted is for Liu Mang to go back as soon as possible. But the Urban Army refused to come back, because they still had their task which is blocking Huang She’s retreat route. By doing that, Liu Mang single-handedly acquired Jiangxia’s naval units, he ordered them to anchor their warship and sped away toward Huangzhou city.

Although these 5000 naval soldiers have surrendered, Lu Bu’s army will not take those surrendered soldiers lightly. So he prepared a big tent outside Huangzhou city for them. Not long after that, the Urban Army also returned back.

Inside Huangzhou city’s administration office, Liu Mang led Huang Zhong, Gan Ning and Su Fei inside to wait for Lu Bu’s arrival.

Are you wondering how Liu Mang can get Huang Zhong, Gan Ning and Su Fei in one package? This merit should be shared with our Mr. Huang She.

At that time, the Urban Army met with Huang Zhong and Huang She’s bodyguard squadron. In order to obtain news about his son, Huang Zhong was prepared to protect Huang She at the cost of his life. So he made Huang She and his bodyguards go on ahead, while Huang Zhong protect their rear.

Huang Zhong hadn’t seen any formations like the Urban Army. Its Formation consisted of a Phalanx Formation on the middle guarded by 100 cavalries. And because of this formation, suddenly those bodyguard’s squadron suffered an extremely big loss, one by one they fell to this formations. With this loss it would be difficult for Huang Zhong to help Huang She escape.

Liu Mang quickly caught up with the cavalry squadron with his bodyguards. All that remained were a few from the 200 cavalry troops who were against Liu Mang’s 100 heavy cavalry troops.

Huang Zhong quickly wield his long bow in order to create a chance for Huang She to breakthrough. In this case, Huang Zhong intended to capture the leader of this Phalanx Formation first. So Huang Zhong hastily aimed at Liu Mang’s warhorse, as he knew that Liu Mang’s armor was made from same material as Lu Bu, shooting the warhorse will definitely make Liu Mang stumble and can be used as a hostage. When he wanted to shoot, suddenly there was an arrow shooting at Huang Zhong from Liu Mang’s back.

That person who shot the arrow is a handsome young man, a quiet and skinny youth. That shooter is Huang Xu, Huang Zhong’s son. When Huang Zhong saw his son alive and healthy in front of him, naturally he lost his cause for protecting Huang She.

He quickly threw down his long bow to surrender.

But Liu Mang’s and Urban Army’s objective was also to arrest Huang She

When Jiangxia’s army discovered that Huang Zhong surrendered to Liu Mang, Su Fei and Gan Ning also wanted to save Huang She, so they asked him to surrender.

But Huang She is not willing to surrender under Liu Mang. So he killed nearby Jiangxia naval soldiers who had surrendered and in addition, he also spurted out foul words toward Gan Ning and Su Fei. Calling them unloyal dogs and b.a.s.t.a.r.ds and they will be punished after he reported it to Huang Zu.

Gan Ning who at the very beginning had a very low opinion of Huang She could no longer hold his anger and punched Huang She’s abdomen as hard as he can until he vomited his lunch and quickly put down his weapon with Su Fei.

So then there were three. Huang Zhong, Gan Ning and Su Fei were obtained by Liu Mang.

This event made Liu Mang really surprised. So surprised that he is unable to close his mouth.

Lu Bu then came into the administration office along with all of his civil and military officers. “Huang Zhong, Huang Hansheng. Gan Ning, Gan Xingba. Su Fei Su Zimo!” Lu Bu read their names one by one. He deliberately let Liu Mang’s name unread, because it was his fault for not notifying him. Let Liu Mang feel really embarra.s.sed.

“What skill do you have?” Lu Bu asked Su Fei. Lu Bu has seen Huang Zhong’s skill personally. His strength can be said to be match with Lu Bu and he excelled in leadership. Truly a valiant general and excellent commander. This person is a very rare character, he definitely will be trusted heavily by Lu Bu.

As for Gan Ning and Su Fei, Lu Bu was not familiar with them.

“I have little abilities. I understand weapons and have the ability to train soldiers. I especially excel in naval warfare!” Su Fei said his own abilities modestly.

“Excel at naval warfare?!” Lu Bu can also look, this Su Fei, Su Zimo, is not a person who excelled in strength. His strength did not even reach a second-cla.s.s general, but he had the ability to command and train the army, like General Gao Shun.

“What about you, Gan Ning, Gan Xingba?!” Asked Lu Bu.

Compared to modest Su Fei, Gan Ning is much more arrogant and he grinned and said “I am able lead any division. Give me 3000 cavalries, I am able to destroy Jing Province and Jiangdong for you. Give me 10,000 naval soldiers, I will conquer the water for you. Give me 30,000 infantries, I can open a new territory for you!!!”

Gan Ning really said it proudly and confidently. As long as you give me soldiers. With 3000 soldiers, he is able to destroy Jing Province and Jiangdong. With 10,000 naval soldiers, he is able to dominate the water. With 30,000 infantries, he is able to open new territory for his lord. That is how useful Gan Ning is.

“XINGBA, DON’T BE PRESUMPTUOUS!!!” Su Fei quickly pulled Gan Ning. They are surrendered generals, not honored guests, so they should not speak arrogantly. If Lu Bu is unhappy, they cannot escape death definitely.

“Humph, NICE!!! SO ARROGANT, EH?!!!” Gan Ning’s words truly touched Zang Ba who possess the same character as him. “A defeated general can speak with a presumptuous tone, eh?!”

“Yes, I am a defeated general, but at least I will never lose to that waste Xu Zhi!!!” Gan Ning refused to admit that he is inferior, responded similarly.

“YOU!!!!” Zang Ba is really angry because Gan Ning is really looking for trouble with his response.

“Milord, my younger brother Xingba is a frank person, he is a good character. So please Milord to forgive him!” Su Fei really did not think that Gan Ning would suddenly offend Lu Bu and his civil and military officers. They have betrayed Huang Zu, so Jiangxia is a dead end for them. If they offended Lu Bu again, then it is finished.

“Forgive?!” Lu Bu smiled “What crime does he commit to me?!” Lu Bu waved to Zang Ba, making him sit down. Lu Bu also liked arrogant people. He is not afraid that his lord may get violent, he feared that his skill is unused. In the past Zang Ba was also very violent. When Tao Qian and Liu Bei ruled Xu Province, he was able to create separate regime in Langye. But when he b.u.mped into Lu Bu, he became more honest and tame.

Gan Ning, Gan Xingba is also an extremely arrogant person. Lu Bu saw that this Gan Ning had entered refined strength, almost breaking through to super-cla.s.s. His skill in wushu is above Zhang Liao, but currently he is the same strength as Zang Ba.

He is a first-cla.s.s general!!! If Gan Ning can boast like that, then this is a great talent, a senior general.

Huang Zu was really blind, not employing him. Only giving him a position of Lieutenant General!!!

“I can give you neither 3000 cavalries, 10,000 naval soldiers nor 30,000 infantries. Hehehe, my entire army only amounts to 30,000!!!”

The more Lu Bu said, the more Gan Ning’s heart sunk. Was it a mistake to betray Huang Zu and come to Lu Bu? Is there no wise lord that wants to use me, Gan Ning?

“But!!!” Lu Bu quickly said “I can give you an opportunity for you to lead a division!!!”

“What?!” Gan Ning’s heart who just sunk, suddenly turned afloat again!!! A joy after sorrow!!! Gan Ning’s eyes become alive again. He had been a mercenary and a lieutenant general for far too long. Although Su Fei really took care of him, he cannot command his own division, he cannot display his ability.

Now Lu Bu actually said that he will have an opportunity for him to lead a division, he is now willing to surrender to Lu Bu’s army completely “Thank you Milord, Thank you Milord!!!” Gan Ning speaks it stuttering. One cannot blame Gan Ning for being like that.

If one counted carefully, Lu Bu is his fourth lord.

The first lord is Liu Biao. At that time, Gan Ning just resigned from his pirating life and because of that Liu Biao did not entrust him with heavy responsibilities due to his reputation of being a pirate.

Afterward, Gan Ning left Liu Biao and found himself under Liu Zhang’s service with the thought that he can find a wise lord to serve now. After all when one changed jobs, that job must be greener than old job right? But who knew Liu Zhang also like Liu Biao, was not a good judge of character. Turning Gan Ning into a guard of a small commandery.

Afterward when Liu Biao and Liu Zhang clashed, Gan Ning joined Liu Biao’s army again.

Because of his criminal record, Liu Biao simply threw him to Jiangxia. Huang Zu of Jiangxia is an overtly suspicious person as well as a moralist scholar, therefore it is even more impossible for Gan Ning to be entrusted with heavy responsibilities.

But his current lord, Lu Bu, who he has just surrendered to, unexpectedly can give him an opportunity to command a division. How can this not make Gan Ning truly excited?

“Do not thank me, you must thank Hanyang. He is the one who recommended you highly!!!” Lu Bu quickly referred to Liu Mang. If Liu Mang did not recommend Gan Ning to Lu Bu, maybe Lu Bu would not immediately entrust heavy responsibilities to him. A lieutenant general is worthless to him, even if that lieutenant general has refined his strength to almost break-through super-cla.s.s.

“THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!” Gan Ning shows grateful expression to Liu Mang, making Liu Mang really embarra.s.sed.

Gan Ning, one of Jiangdong’s valiant generals, one who can fight with Liu, Guan, and Zhang!!! If one did not use him, it is like casting pearls before swine.


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