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“General Yang Wu. Zhang Fei is here to see you!” Zhang Fei’s voice could be heard outside.

“Yide is here. Come. Come in and sit!” Zhang Xiu looked at the man and greeted. Zhang Fei may have a foul mouth but he had saved Zhang Xiu. He was also Liu Bei’s Third Brother. As a result, Zhang Xiu had no choice but to greet Zhang Fei with enthusiasm. People during ancient times call others by their courtesy names not only as a show of respect but to also get closer to the other.

“Hm?” When Zhang Fei heard Zhang Xiu call him by his courtesy name, he suddenly felt unhappy. This watchdog did not have the qualifications to call him that. Zhang Fei hated two kinds of people. The first were those that don’t respect his brother. Those that looked down on Liu Bei also meant that they looked down on Zhang Fei himself. One example of such a person was Yuan Shu who looked down on them when he wanted to take Xuzhou to advance towards Yuan Shao. Zhang Fei killed a few generals serving under Yuan Shu and caused Yuan Shu to fall into depression. The other kind of person that Zhang Fei hated were the treacherous types such as Lu Bu. Lu Bu was someone who killed others for his own personal benefit. He killed Ding Yuan and later, Dong Zhuo. Zhang Xiu was not as bad as Lu Bu but he was similar. Zhang Xiu initially had good relationship with Liu Biao but silently tried to join up with Cao Cao. Now, his brother had lost the White Eared Soldiers and Chen Dao for his loyalty but this person treated his brother with disdain because his brother had lost military strength.

It was difficult for Zhang Fei to show Zhang Xiu a pleased expression when he hated the man but he somehow still managed to smile and cupped his fist. “General Yang Wu!”

“There is no need to be so polite. You can just call me Xiangyi. Lord Xuande said that I am like his brother. As you are his Third Brother so you can also call me elder brother.” Zhang Xiu laughed as he spoke to Zhang Fei. He must not offend the Liu Bei’s Army if he could.

“Elder brother?” Zhang Fei already felt the impulse to hack Zhang Xiu into pieces. “Xiangyi!”

Zhang Xiu noted that Zhang Fei did not want to address him as an elder brother and did not force the issue. He was unable to understand the reason Zhang Fei paid him a visit. As Zhang Fei did not say, he simply had to ask. “Yide. Why did you come to my camp?”

“I… I came here because…” Zhang Fei stuttered. Normally, he would have no problems saying it but Pang Tong wanted him to stutter.

“Haha. Yide. You and I are friends. Now, we are facing a trial together. You can tell me anything straight.” Zhang Xiu saw that Zhang Fei was stuttering and lowered his guard. Zhang Fei was a frank and honest person. He was a person that was easy to believe. Zhang Xiu thought that Zhang Fei stuttering was laughable.

“Yes. We captured a wild boar in the mountains. There is about a hundred pounds of meat. Brother told me to come and invite Xiangyi to eat.” Zhang Fei said the words told to him by Pang Tong.

“Eat a wild boar?” Zhang Xiu was stunned. Didn’t Liu Bei give an order not to start a fire so that the Wolf Cavalry cannot chase them? Zhang Xiu approved of this order and n.o.body from his army would dare to start a fire without his command. The forest was damp and uncomfortable. The Xiliang Cavalry had suffered a lot in the past few days because they did not start a fire. Even then, n.o.body violated this order. Why would they kill a boar that they would not be able to eat? Even Zhang Xiu who came from Xiliang would not eat raw boar meat.

“Brother said that the Wolf Cavalry would have already found us by now if they wanted to. The soldiers are also unsatisfied. If they do not eat something hot, they may die from exhaustion before they even reach Yangzhou. So, Brother is inviting Xiangyi to go and first!”

Zhang Xiu nodded at Zhang Fei’s words. Eating rations with cold water would not warm anyone up at all. If they were to continue like this, they would not last much longer. Those that could not hold on much longer would soon perish. They have been escaping for about half a month. It was time to let them rest.

Truthfully speaking, Zhang Xiu wanted to go as well but he knew that Zhang Fei would not only come just for this. If that was the case, there was no need for Zhang Fei to come personally. They could just dispatch a few soldiers to notify Zhang Xiu.

“Yide. What is your real purpose here?” Zhang Xiu opened up the windows and asked.

“Haha. I really cannot hide it from General Yangwu! I came here to receive advice1 from you in martial arts!” Zhang Fei said with a smile.

“Receive advice from me in martial arts?” Zhang Xiu looked back at Zhang Fei sceptically.

“General Yangwu. Didn’t you fight against the Slave of Three Surnames and come out alive? So I came here seeking advice.” Zhang Fei said to Zhang Xiu.

“Survive a fight against Lu Bu?” Zhang Xiu could not help but laugh bitterly. He did not know if Zhang Fei was praising or ridiculing him. Zhang Xiu knew that he may have died if Zhang Fei did not come to rescue him. His original intention of defeating and killing Lu Bu have also already disappeared. When Zhang Xiu saw Zhang Fei’s burning eyes, he knew that Zhang Fei was not ridiculing him but came to ask for advice sincerely. He was a battle maniac. This was something Zhang Xiu already knew when he followed Liu Bei into Yangzhou. Zhang Fei was not someone who would skip his exercise even when he is marching with his army. After a while, Zhang Xiu finally agreed.

“Do you promise?” Zhang Fei shouted excitedly. His excitement was genuine as he truly wanted to fight against Zhang Xiu. Zhang Fei had always believed himself to be stronger than anyone except Lu Bu. The prideful Zhang Fei also knew that he would struggle against Lu Bu. However, Zhang Xiu fought against Lu Bu and survived. Naturally, Zhang Fei was excited to fight against Zhang Xiu.

“Yide. You praise me too much by saying that you are seeking advice. Let us just say that we are learning together! We are all tired out in the past few days and it is about time to let everyone rest. Let us go and find a place to train!” Zhang Xiu also wanted to test out what he had learned in the past few days. After all, he had received a pointer from Lu Bu after their encounter. It could be said that the current Zhang Xiu could no longer be compared to the old Zhang Xiu. He now needed an opponent to test himself against.

“Good!” Zhang Fei and Zhang Xiu then left the camp. “Men. Come and accompany me and General Yide to an empty s.p.a.ce!”

When Zhang Xiu called out, the Xiliang Cavalry came over and cupped their fists. Zhang Xiu looked at them strangely as he could not recognize them. They were like strangers. On top of that, the two guards in front of his camp were not around.

However, one of the Xiliang Cavalry soldiers suddenly said that the others have already gone to eat and they changed shifts. This dispelled Zhang Xiu’s doubts. All of Zhang Xiu’s original guards have already been killed by Lu Bu in order save him. Most of the remaining ones were those that Zhang Xiu have never met before. As he was still recovering from his wounds in the past few days, it would be weirder if he could recognize talents amongst them.

With the soldier guiding them around, Zhang Xiu went with Zhang Fei to a clearing. It was a small s.p.a.ce where the surrounding trees have already been cut down. It was a fitting s.p.a.ce to show off their martial skills.

“Yide. Right now, we have no horses. There is no need for a horse battle.” Zhang Xiu said as he a.s.sumed his stance. Although Zhang Xiu had not used a spear for several days, his skill has not dropped. Instead, his skill even seemed to have improved as he had found a breakthrough. It was as though the spear was moving around him.

“Superb skill!” Zhang Fei’s eyes burned brightly as he saw Zhang Xiu’s skill with the spear. This is because Zhang Xiu’s spear moved around as though it was alive. This showed that Zhang Xiu’s martial arts have reached great heights. This was the Zhang Xiu that Zhang Fei wanted to fight against.

“Where is my spear2? Why have you not brought it?” Zhang Fei asked impatiently. Fortunately one of the soldiers was seemingly prepared and quickly brought Zhang Fei’s spear. Zhang Fei then held his spear and pointed it at Zhang Xiu.

“Come!” Zhang Xiu moved nimbly. Truthfully speaking, Zhang Xiu was someone who fought on horseback as he was part of the Xiliang Cavalry. He charges together with the Xiliang Cavalry.

Zhang Fei’s Serpent Spear was longer than Zhang Xiu’s spear. It is said that the longer weapon is more powerful. Zhang Fei swung his weapon at his opponent. He had used a different approach in his attack but he was still no less skilled. Both were long weapons and Zhang Fei’s spear was equally useful in stabbing attacks.

Zhang Fei’s Serpent Spear was also a kind of spear but its front was sharper. It could cut things better than a normal spear. The Serpent Spear was a strange weapon.

Zhang Xiu moved closer. Although his spear was long, it was not as long as Zhang Fei’s Serpent Spear. To gain the advantage, he would need to move closer. Zhang Fei’s Serpent Spear was almost two meters long. It was even longer than the weapons used by the cavalry. Such a weapon could only be used by a few people. Such a long weapon was something the cavalry would discard and exchange for a sword when an opponent gets too close. However, this was Zhang Fei’s personal weapon. He would not abandon it so easily.

Unlike what others would expect, Zhang Fei also moved closer to Zhang Xiu. He held closer to the sharp end of the spear, causing its length to be similar to Zhang Xiu’s spear. They clashed for about ten rounds with neither obtaining the upper hand.

“Hahaha! How refreshing!” Zhang Fei was pleased as it was difficult to find an opponent that could withstand his violent flurry. He was the type that fought so ferociously that even Lu Bu would need to keep away from Zhang Fei for the first fifty rounds. The only one that could go against him here was the valiant Zhang Xiu. Zhang Xiu was not fighting to kill this time. They were just comparing notes. Zhang Fei wanted a fight and Zhang Xiu wanted to test out his style. This created a scene where neither was willing to yield to each other.

“Yide. Do you think you can receive this attack?” Zhang Xiu asked as he put more strength into his spear.

“Bring it on! Show me how powerful one of the same clan as me can be!” Zhang Fei paid no mind. The stronger Zhang Xiu was, the more excited he would be. His fighting spirit was raised. Besides that, the stronger Zhang Xiu was, the more interest Zhang Fei would have in killing him.

“Good! In that case, Yide better watch carefully!” Zhang Xiu’s eyes glinted. Zhang Xiu may be a small Lord with only one territory but he was also like Zhang Fei who appreciates good martial skill. Zhang Xiu thinks highly of his own skill. Now that Zhang Fei has provoked him, he decided to move and supress Zhang Fei.

“Eagle Strike With Stretched Wings!3” Zhang Xiu’s spear emitted a rumbling sound. This came from the vibrating air caused by the movements of the spear which were too quick. The movements were so quick that one could see and illusion. The sound was as though an eagle screech out from the sky.

Zhang Xiu’s spear moved. Every section of the spear was attacking in a movement familiar to Zhang Xiu. Others would become immediately supressed by the spear which struck like a cutting machine. It was able to immediately saw through armor and flesh.

“Zhang Xiu. You are very strong!” Zhang Fei finally said to Zhang Xiu. He finally approved of Zhang Xiu and no longer hated the man. It was now possible for Zhang Fei to treat Zhang Xiu as a friend. Unfortunately, Zhang Xiu was an obstruction for his brother.

“I have met many that have used spears. However, only two amongst them is capable to be on par with you!” Zhang Fei said to Zhang Xiu.

“Two?” Zhang Xiu was sceptical. A spear is a common weapon but there were only a few that have mastered it such as his master and w.a.n.g Yue.

When Zhang Xiu graduated, he was not even able to last ten rounds against his master and his master wasn’t even using a spear. Even after making a breakthrough, Zhang Xiu doubted that he could defeat his master. As for w.a.n.g Yue, Zhang Xiu has never met the man but he had heard that w.a.n.g Yue was able to disarm many bare handed. Zhang Xiu did not have the confidence to win and at that time, w.a.n.g Yue have already reached a high level in swordplay.

“Are you talking about Sun Ce?” Zhang Xiu asked in doubt. There was a person that used a spear in the Liu Bei’s Army. That person was Chen Dao. Zhang Xiu had seen Chen Dao in action before. The man’s skill was able to make people lament. Zhang Xiu only had a fifty percent a.s.surance that he could defeat Chen Dao in battle. Unfortunately, Chen Dao had perished in battle. Zhang Xiu believed that the second person was Sun Ce. He had heard rumors that Sun Ce’s martial style was pa.s.sed down by the Overlord of Western Chu.

It was a formidable style. Previously, Zhang Xiu had even wanted to test whether that style or his Hundred Bird and Phoenix Spear was stronger but he had already given up on this.

Lu Bu was right. The Hundred Bird and Phoenix Spear was not suitable for Zhang Xiu. Zhang Xiu’s current style was the one more suitable for himself.

Zhang Xiu had thought that it was Sun Ce but Zhang Fei told him that he was wrong. Zhang Fei also knew that Sun Ce was strong as the man was able to lay down the foundation for Jiangdong with only three thousand men. Such a person could be considered to be a valiant general on par with Lu Bu. It was just like how Lu Bu led his own Wolf Cavalry to battle.

Zhang Fei also wanted to fight against Sun Ce but he did not have that chance. After all, his brother is still at the Central Plains and there was no benefit to declare war against Sun Ce yet. Besides that, Sun Ce could currently be considered an ally to Liu Bei.

“In that case, who are you talking about?” Zhang Xiu was also curious. The more strong opponents he could fight against, the better he could understand his spearmanship.

“That man is one of my former friends, Zhao Yun Zhao Zilong!” Zhang Fei’s eyes turned dark as he mentioned the name. Zhang Fei once considered Zhao Yun a friend when they worked together for Liu Bei. Zhao Yun did not bother striving for anything and always yielded to Zhang Fei. On the other hand, Zhang Fei was so foul mouthed he even caused his two brothers to sometimes frown at him. However, Zhao Yun laughed indifferently and paid no mind to Zhang Fei foul mouth. When Zhang Fei is in a bad mood, Zhao Yun would spar against him. When Zhang Fei wanted to drink, Zhao Yun would accompany him. Zhao Yun was Zhang Fei’s best friend.

When Gongsun Zan died, Zhang Fei believed that Zhao Yun would come over and fight for his brother. They would be able to continue staying as friends. Unfortunately, that did not happen and Zhao Yun ended up working for the enemy.

“Zhao Yun Zhao Zilong?” Zhang Xiu repeated as if he had never heard of this name before. “Who is this again?”

“It is that general on top of Shouchun!” Zhang Fei explained to Zhang Xiu. As Zhang Xiu did not partic.i.p.ate in the siege directly, he did not know about Zhao Yun.

“Zilong’s martial arts is similar to yours!” Zhang Fei said with a frown as he seemed to recognize a few of Zhang Xiu’s moves.

“Yide. You are thinking too much!” Zhang Xiu shook his head. His master Tong Yuan had already said that he would not accept another apprentice. How could there be another who fights in a similar style to him? If there was one, it would be the Li Su described by Lu Bu.

“Maybe! Come. Let us start our decisive battle! One of us will die this day!” Zhang Fei’s will to fight became stronger.

“Hm?” Zhang Xiu felt a bad premonition when he heard Zhang Fei’s words. Soon, he understood where his bad premonition came from. He quickly moved and asked angrily. “Zhang Fei. What are you trying to do?” Zhang Xiu asked as he felt a cut on his arm. If he had been a little slower, his entire arm would have been cut off.

“Killing intent?” Zhang Xiu finally felt the killing intent coming from Zhang Fei and shouted. “Do you want to kill me?”


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