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Chapter 427 – Instant Kill

“Master Antonio, Master Reid, we’ve already eaten. It’s getting late, so we won’t bother you anymore.”

Charlotte stood in front of the Sword Saint’s courtyard with Lily and bowed to Antonio and Reid. Casey and Lana also said their goodbyes.

“I won’t see you off then. Oh, right! I hope you won’t spread the news about Watson and the Princess in the courtyard. After all, that matter is related to our lax discipline. If it’s spread, it will damage our reputation.”

As Antonio sent the guest off, he pinched the s.p.a.ce between his eyebrows; he had a slight headache.

That worried look made Charlotte and the others hurriedly say, “We won’t, Master Antonio. Please rest a.s.sured that we won’t do such a thing. After all, we’ve seen Watson help us a lot. Such behavior is against the etiquette of a n.o.ble.”

“Then I’m relieved.”

After exchanging a few pleasantries with Charlotte and the others, Antonio returned to his room.

Charlotte, Lily, Lana, and Casey, said goodbye to each other and then went their separate ways. At that moment, Charlotte was leading Lily back to the family. Charlotte was in deep thoughts while Lily wrapped her arms around her body and burped. “Even though the culinary skills of the King’s chef are excellent, better than any chef I’ve eaten before, the ingredients are not as good as the platinum-tier magical beast meat at the Holy Dragon Tavern! I did not expect Watson to do such a thing, even though he always looked harmless. We have to stay away from him. I don’t know if we’ll have the chance to eat the magical beast meat again in the future.”

“Lily, what do you think about what happened in the Sword Saint’s courtyard?” Charlotte suddenly asked.

“What do you mean? About Watson?”

“No, I did not ask you about Watson. I asked about what had happened. Don’t you think it’s strange? If Watson is a pervert, then he would not have done that for the first time. When he lived with Miss Christina, he would have done something.”

“Didn’t he do that? He broke into Miss Tina’s room today. Not only did he see Miss Tina naked, he even saw our bodies.”

Lily’s expression became more confused. Charlotte recalled what had happened before and could not help but blush. She glared at Lily. “That was just an accident. Don’t add it to that incident! Even if Watson is a pervert, he would not have done such a thing to the Princess when the King was still there. There were still many people around. Casey is a famous pervert. Do you think he would dare to be so presumptuous in front of the Princess?”

“Charlotte, don’t tell me you think that it was a trap?”

Charlotte nodded. “That’s right, I think so. You should have seen the two weapons that His Majesty discussed with Reid and Master Antonio during the meal. The strength of those weapons is definitely stronger than platinum-tier weapons, even more so than diamond-tier holy relics. It’s very similar to the weapon that Watson made during the compet.i.tion!”

“His Majesty brought Princess Kiana with him. She confessed to Watson and forced them to leave the crowd. But His Majesty did not panic at all! At the dining table, His Majesty asked for Master Antonio and Master Reid’s weapons, but the two of them did not give them to him. Instead, they asked Watson to make them. His Majesty’s final punishment for Watson happened to include asking Watson for a weapon.”

Charlotte recalled the suspicious points during the meal, and the more she thought about it, the more she felt like something was wrong. As she listed them, Lily also realized that something was wrong.

“Yes, Watson had been quite disrespectful to Princess Kiana and His Majesty from the beginning. I was still wondering if His Majesty would punish Watson, but His Majesty did not get angry. Instead, he scolded Casey. If His Majesty deliberately left Watson alone with Princess Kiana from the beginning, then it makes sense. His Majesty’s purpose was to get those special weapons in Watson’s hands.”

As a member of the Campbell family, Lily was very knowledgeable about magical tools. According to her experience, the weapons in Antonio and Reid’s hands were probably starlight-tier tools.

It was not surprising for the leader of a kingdom to be greedy and take it by force.

“If that’s the case, then did we blame Watson wrongly when we accused him just now? No, I have to go back and apologize.” After Lily thought it through, she felt ashamed that she did not try to understand Watson and wanted to stay away from him. She turned around and was about to return to the Sword Saint’s courtyard when Charlotte stopped her in time.

“Lily, as long as we know that in our hearts, it will be fine. It will be too awkward for you to go back now! Next time, when we see Watson, we will say sorry to him and give him a gift as an apology.”

“Alright, that is the only way now.”

Lily and Charlotte discussed what gift they should give Watson as an apology, and they walked further away on the road.

On the other side…

“D*mn Watson, why are you so lucky? The compet.i.tion hasn’t ended yet, but Princess Kiana has already fallen in love with him. Why don’t I have such luck?”

Casey scratched his ears and cheeks, complaining indignantly.

“Brother Casey, I don’t think you need to be like that. After all, being liked by the Princess is not necessarily a good thing.” Lana comforted him.

“Lana, you don’t know anything. What’s the ident.i.ty of the Princess? Currently, there’s only one Princess in the entire kingdom, not to mention that after marrying the Princess, I might become the future King. If the Princess fancies me, I won’t need to bear Brother’s and Father’s anger anymore. Even the Ptolemy family’s property is no longer important to me because I will have the entire kingdom.”

Casey clenched his fists and looked up at the sky. His eyes were filled with hope for the future.

Lana could not help but sigh at that scene. “Brother Casey, you really are an idiot!”

Casey did not know what had happened in the Sword Saint’s courtyard. He was envious of Watson, but Lana did not think that what had happened was Watson’s fault at all. It was probably a play directed by King Landhar III to get Watson to create a weapon for him.

“Also, when the Sword Saint was introducing Antonio’s weapon, he said that the staff can communicate with seven types of magical power sources. But are there not only six types of magic power sources in this world? What is the seventh type of magical source?”

Lana had been studying magic, so she was quite sensitive to those contents. When others heard it, they either did not pay attention or treated it as Reid’s slip of the tongue. For the time being, those were not things that she truly remembered in her heart. However, those things were something that she could understand for the time being, so she simply did not think about them.

“It’s fine if His Majesty wants Watson to make weapons, but he also wants Watson to win the compet.i.tion. For that, he even sold his daughter! “I had long thought that many big things would happen around Watson. As expected, not long after we arrived in the capital, Watson had already attracted His Majesty’s attention. In the future, life here will be even more exciting.”

Lana could not help but smile like a little devil.

Sword Saint’s courtyard, Christina’s room.

“Watson, you said that you did it. What kind of punishment do you want to receive?”

Watson knelt in front of the desk and endured Christina’s questioning. He replied helplessly, “Tina, what happened just now was a misunderstanding. It’s not what you think.”

“It’s not what I think. Then what is it? Tell me.”

“I’m sorry, but I promised someone that I would not tell anyone about what happened just now.”

“You can’t tell me, or you don’t dare to tell me?”

Christina’s plump chest bulged vigorously. The reason she was angry was not what Watson and the Princess had done but because Watson had such a tendency. Why did he not tell her? Was it because she was not charming enough and could not compare to the Princess?

She could get wet and soak in the hot spring with her clothes on. She could do such a thing. Previously, to get the secret to becoming stronger from Watson, she even showed that she was willing to do anything. Under such circ.u.mstances, Watson did not do anything to her. Instead, he played such a shameful game with Kiana, whom he had just met the day before. That hurt her self-esteem.

She was a n.o.ble swordswoman. As a mature and well-developed woman, could she not be compared to a 12 or 13-year-old girl?

“Watson, I now know your nature, but doing that to the Princess is still too much.”

Seeing Watson’s aggrieved look, Christina’s heart softened, and she sighed. “The King has already punished you. If you do it again in the future, the punishment will only be more severe! Even if you don’t think for yourself, you have to think for your two masters and the sake of your family. If you really have to do that, then do it to me. After all, I’ve received a lot of benefits from you. That is what I should do for you. “

As Christina spoke, she walked toward Watson. She bent down and lifted her hair with one hand while placing the other hand on the b.u.t.tons of her clothes as if she was going to unb.u.t.ton them.

That scene made Watson suddenly stand up and extend his hand toward Christina. “Tina, it’s not what you think. I really did that for a particular reason. You have misunderstood.” He grabbed Christina’s hand and tried to pull it away from the b.u.t.ton, but her hand did not move at all. When the two of them were in a stalemate, the door suddenly opened.


Reid and Antonio walked in; they looked exhausted.

Reid muttered, “We’ve finally sent the King away. After that, we have to tell the people in the courtyard that if His Majesty comes again, they have to inform us before letting him in.”

Antonio nodded in agreement. “That’s right. I did not expect His Majesty would use his daughter to set up a trap for Watson. He even wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h our weapons forcefully. Fortunately, the two of us can be considered influential figures in the kingdom. In addition, there are three children from the archdukes’ families here. His Majesty was worried about his dignity. Otherwise, it’s hard to say if we can keep our weapons.”

As they spoke, the two of them raised their heads and looked at Watson and Christina, who were pulling each other. The four of them were stunned.

“Watson, what are you doing to Tina? After what you just did to Princess Kiana, now it’s Tina’s turn? Perhaps the King did not frame you at all? You’re really a pervert?” Reid muttered in disbelief, and Christina also fell into a daze.

“Plan? Trap? Father and Master Antonio, what are you talking about?”

“Stop talking. I’ll explain it to you.”

Watson released his grip on Christina’s hand and took a few steps backward. The people in the family had a profound misunderstanding of what had happened. If that continued, his reputation would collapse, and he would be regarded as a lecher.

“It’s like this…”

Watson told them what had happened in the hot spring. He omitted the fact that Kiana had a tendency to be abused and that he had taken the initiative to help Kiana. He only said that he had to push Kiana into the hot spring for some reason.

“I see. Watson, you did not do anything. It was Kiana who let everyone think that you had done something to her so that the King could punish you. “

Christina was a brilliant person. She had just been angered to the point of losing her mind. Since she had calmed and thought about it for a while, she understood that Watson was innocent. Since King Landhar III had asked her father and Master Antonio to hand over their weapons at the dining table, it was not difficult to guess that his primary purpose of going to the Sword Saint’s courtyard was that.

Christina blushed when she knew that she had misunderstood Watson as a l.u.s.tful person. It was as if there were two red clouds on the beautiful white petals.

“Father, it seems like you have found out the King’s purpose from the beginning. Then why didn’t you stop his plan in advance?”

Christina tried to change the topic to cover her awkwardness.

“We discovered it, but His Majesty asking for weapons from us in that situation was to distract us and prevent us from rus.h.i.+ng over to help Watson! There is another point; His Majesty wants to tie Princess Kiana to Watson and use his daughter as a bargaining chip to make Watson his subordinate. That’s something he would do, but His Majesty has missed something.” Reid chuckled.

Antonio said, “Watson would never become his man because Watson’s goal is to overthrow his reign! He sent Princess Kiana here to use her to control Watson, which may have the opposite effect. We can make the Princess fall in love with Watson and, in turn, become a spy by His Majesty’s side. Previously, only Samuel had contact with His Majesty. Due to his ident.i.ty, Samuel could not get much information, but Princess Kiana is different.”

“What do you mean by overthrowing his reign, Father? Master Antonio, why don’t I understand?” Christina looked at Reid and then looked at Antonio. She felt like two strangers were standing in front of her. If she could, she really wanted to erase the words in her mind and cover her ears. Could she really listen to such rebellious words?

“Tina, we were going to tell you about that earlier, but I just found out. I’m worried about how to do that! Now, with Princess Kiana, we have the first weapon to break through His Majesty’s defense. Watson, you must perform well and make Princess Kiana fall in love with you.”

“Master Reid, I think that making a person fall in love with oneself is equivalent to lying. As long as we let Kiana do her own thing, it will be enough.”

Watson shook his head. He disagreed with Reid’s plan. Instead, he changed his method. After saying that, he turned his head to look at Christina. “Miss Tina, I’m sorry. Master Antonio brought me to the royal city not only to learn sword techniques. My real goal is to overthrow the rule of King Landhar III and become the King! That may sound ridiculous, but it’s not impossible. So, can you trust me and help me?”

“Watson, why are you still asking me that? Haven’t I been on your side for a long time?”

If it was before, she might have rejected that idea for her own reasons, but at that moment, she did not have any reaction when she heard Watson’s words. A genius like Watson was destined to flourish beyond a small kingdom like the Holy Dragon Kingdom. Watson’s future should be a vast sea of stars. Therefore, there was bound to be a battle between him and the King. Perhaps she had already had such thoughts; she just pretended that she did not know.

Perhaps those thoughts were for her self-deception. She would help Watson for another reason. No matter what, even if it was only for her own future, she had to let Watson achieve his goal and become stronger because it meant that she would also become stronger.

“We still have to prepare for the third round tomorrow. It’s not difficult to win with your current strength, Watson, but we still have to eliminate all the unfavorable factors! When His Majesty came earlier, he said to poison those contestants. That is a good choice. “

“Or we could make a move discreetly and let the contestants admit defeat during the compet.i.tion, and then let Watson appear as the chosen one again?”

After Antonio and Reid confessed Watson’s plan to Christina, they started to whisper to each other. Christina could not help but hug her shoulders. Watson frowned. “Masters, your voices were too loud when you discussed our plans! Furthermore, those plans were too dark and did not match your ident.i.ties. I want to win openly.”

The next day arrived quickly. The Royal Academy had not yet opened its doors early in the morning, but there were already quite a number of people gathered there. Those onlookers were eagerly awaiting the start of the third round of the finals.

“Have you heard? Who were the people revived for the third round? I’ve heard that two of the contestants are from the Winter Nation. They left the capital overnight in a carriage and with their envoys as well. They said they had an urgent matter in the Winter Nation and had to return, so another two slots have been vacated. They’ll have to revive five contestants today.”

“What do you mean there’s an emergency in the Winter Nation? It’s not like their King has pa.s.sed away! I think they were scared by our geniuses and did not dare to continue the compet.i.tion. They were worried that they would lose, so they left.”

“The Winter Nation is a barbaric land in the north. There are a bunch of savages living there. It’s normal that they can’t beat our elites. Let’s not talk about them! I don’t know who has been revived. If there are five spots, we might be able to consider a little more. However, as expected, we still have to vote for Augustus.”

“I’ve also voted for Augustus. That was such an exciting battle! Other than Augustus, I’ve also voted for Miss Lily from the Campbell family, Miss Christina from the Sword Saint’s family, and three platinum-tier weapon emissaries.”

Platinum-tier weapon emissaries were the latest names to appear in the kingdom because the forging of platinum-tier weapons had undergone a revolution. Even ordinary geniuses could obtain a platinum-tier weapon and unleash its strength. They called those people who relied on platinum-tier weapons to become powerful geniuses as platinum-tier weapon emissaries.

After a short discussion, the King’s carriage arrived at the Royal Academy entrance. The gate opened as the teachers and students welcomed the royal family. King Landhar III led his children, along with many ministers and n.o.bles, into the audience seats.

Due to the battle between Watson and Augustus, the audience seats had suffered severe damages. However, the seats had been repaired. Furthermore, there were more spectators than before. The audience seats could accommodate 100,000 people, and they were filled to the brim. There were also people standing in the aisles; they obviously would rather stand and watch the matches.

After King Landhar III entered the Royal Academy, he immediately went to the private room in the sky. A huge banner accompanied by his majestic voice filled the entire Royal Academy’s compet.i.tion ground.

“After a day of rest, I think everyone can’t wait to see the exciting third round of the compet.i.tion. At the same time, we have also revived five geniuses, according to your votes! Today, the final round for the kingdom’s top 16 geniuses will be held here. This compet.i.tion is different from the previous ones. There will be no knockout matches; instead, points will be collected. The winner of this compet.i.tion will receive one point each time, and the loser will receive zero points. Finally, the kingdom’s top 16 geniuses will be determined based on the person with the highest scores. The person on that ranking will receive the kingdom’s Medal of Honor. In addition to the first place, others will also have different degrees of rewards.”

As soon as King Landhar III’s voice fell, the arena erupted into an uproar.

The kingdom’s Medal of Honor! In the past, that could only be obtained by those who had made great contributions to the kingdom. However, it seemed like as long as one worked hard to compete, they would be able to obtain it. There were also other rewards. For a time, many people were somewhat envious of those geniuses. After that battle, the geniuses on the list would not only be able to improve their strength, but they would also be able to make a name for themselves and be known throughout the kingdom.

“That’s all I have to say. I believe that all of you are already eager to watch the compet.i.tion, so I won’t waste any more time! The banner that I displayed had the names of five people that everyone had voted for and their battle order.

The content written on the banner was very simple. The first row was—90,800 votes for Augustus.

Only those who had watched the battle at the Royal Academy were eligible to vote. There were only over 100,000 partic.i.p.ants in the second round of the exhibition, and Augustus alone accounted for 90% of them. One could see how popular he was.

“Quick, take a look and see if that person is Augustus.”

Some people in the audience exclaimed. Many people turned their heads and found that Augustus, who had been revived, had bandages wrapped around his face, only revealing a scarlet eye on the right side. He slowly walked into the venue from outside the Royal Academy. Behind him were members of the Campbell family.

Augustus was only left with a skeleton the previous day, but it seemed like he had almost recovered. That was the advantage of being a puppet. Furthermore, healing his injuries was much easier for him than it was for humans. He did not feel any pain. It was unknown whether Augustus, who had recovered, was stronger than before.

“Augustus, over here!”

“We believe that you can stand tall and proud again. As expected, you are the best. Bring us an even more exciting battle today!”

After Augustus entered the venue, many of the audience members cheered. However, they did not pay much attention to the people behind the banner.

The other people revived were Christina, Lily, Emma, Donald, and Casey.

Among them, Casey was the most miserable, with only 30 votes. It was hard to imagine whether he had bribed a portion of the audience and forced them to vote for him. However, Casey raised his hands and cheered loudly. He looked like someone who had obtained 90% of the votes instead of Augustus.

After Augustus, the revived contestants entered the venue one after another. Similarly, there were also the 11 people who had won the previous rounds, excluding the two contestants from the Winter Nation.

A total of 16 geniuses stood on the stage. Each of them was in high spirits and had an imposing manner. No matter what, they were all geniuses among all geniuses, the elites among all the elites.

“You are the hope of the kingdom and the future pillars of the Holy Dragon Kingdom. At this moment, I hope that you can bring your compet.i.tive spirit to the matches! The geniuses to fight in the first round are Casey and Donald.”

As soon as the King’s voice fell, the geniuses made room for the contestants, but a cold voice interrupted them.

“There’s no need to go through so much trouble. Just let me take care of them here! Anyway, my goal is only to be number one. As for the other geniuses, just wait until I defeat them and then find a place to sort them out slowly.”

The person who spoke was Augustus, who had a bandage wrapped around his head. His cold red eyes scanned his surroundings. After his battle with Watson, he had gone through another surgery when he returned home. Other than McGee, the other members of the Campbell family were all in favor of that surgery.

After fusing with their remaining holy relics, coupled with his previous battle experience with Watson, Augustus had already transformed and become even stronger.

“Augustus, don’t think that you can be so arrogant just because you performed well in the previous round. Would you have lost if you were stronger then? And you still say that your goal is to be number one. Don’t spout nonsense. At most, you’ll be number two.”

Someone was dissatisfied with Augustus; they snorted coldly. The person who spoke was a beautiful woman. There was a huge longbow on her back; it was out of proportion to her body. Her eyes were shaped like a falcon.

“What’s your name?”

“My name is Nero, a free hunter from the kingdom.”

“Alright, it’s decided. You shall get 16th place in this compet.i.tion! “

A flame flashed in Augustus’ red eyes. A layer of flame immediately appeared on Nero’s body. It hurt so much that she fell to the ground and tried to extinguish the flame. However, no matter what she did, the flame did not show any signs of extinguis.h.i.+ng. Instead, the fire burned more vigorously, as if it came out of her own body.

“A sc.u.m who is not even platinum-tier dares to shout in front of me?”

Waving his hand, Augustus had a disdainful look on his face. That move was called Void Fire. It was the ability of a third-era holy relic. It could make s.p.a.ce burn. Even s.p.a.ce could burn, let alone the people in the s.p.a.ce.

“Next, it’s your turn.”

Augustus glanced at everyone in the arena, ignoring Nero, whose unconscious body was scorched by the flames. Apparently, his purpose was very simple. As long as he eliminated everyone at the same time, he would be in the first place. As for the rest of the people who would fight for the second, third, and fourth places, it had nothing to do with him.

“All holy relics have been fused, and the power of starlight-tier will be displayed!”

Augustus spread his arms. The outline of an illusory spherical energy body appeared in the sky, containing the power of a starlight-tier elite that was as violent as the sea’s surface.

The power that Augustus displayed last time was the power of the sun. At that time, he demonstrated the power of the void. Under the semi-transparent power sphere, the world was divided into different regions. Black holes were faintly discernible, and pitch-black spatial cracks split the entire s.p.a.ce within the Royal Academy.

“Watson, I did not expect you to have the ability to fuse the holy relic last time. But now, I’ve fused with the new holy relics and obtained the power of the void. You won’t be able to get close to me, you can’t transmit your power, and you can’t absorb the holy relics on me! This time, the winner will be me.”

“Is that so?”

Watson raised his eyebrows. He could feel that Augustus was telling the truth. He and Augustus seemed to be more than ten meters apart, but the distance between them was several worlds apart. No attack could reach Augustus, but that did not affect the system at all. The effect was mandatory. Watson had never seen any ability in the world that could restrict the system.

“You don’t believe me?”

Augustus narrowed his eyes. Watson’s response was obviously perfunctory, and it stimulated his compet.i.tive spirit. He was about to increase the power of the holy relics and defeat everyone with the power of the void.

Casey, who was standing at the side, said, “Augustus, wait! You can eliminate others, but can you keep me here? I spent tens of thousands of gold coins to buy thirty tickets for my revival. If you defeat me without giving me a chance to show off, the money would have been wasted!”

“Spending money to buy a resurrection? What a clown!”

Casey’s words did not persuade Augustus to sympathize with him, but it made Augustus feel the man was a disgrace. Countless black holes and spatial cracks in the sky immediately floated toward Casey.

Casey could not even let out a scream as the endless black holes, and spatial cracks crushed him. He barely held the longsword in his hand and blocked the attack. In the end, the platinum-tier Water Dragon Sky Sword in his hand broke, and Casey’s body was pressed to the ground with it.

“D*mn you, Augustus. You always do that. Can’t you just listen to what others have to say? Maybe I’ve provoked you—”

The voice came to an abrupt stop halfway. The powerful s.p.a.ce suppressed Casey until he fainted.

There were other contestants in the same situation. Some contestants were able to break through the encirclement. At the very least, their strength was at peak gold-tier. Some of them even had strength comparable to platinum-tier. However, Augustus had activated all the holy relics. In front of the terrifying starlight-tier power, all the contestants were already on the ground without any exception, and among them were Lily and Christina.

Christina was the last to fall. Her hands were clasped as she suddenly released the Kingdom of the Sword toward the sky. The huge Kingdom of the Sword crushed the air and pierced a hole through the translucent energy sphere in the sky. Unfortunately, the hole was nothing compared to the energy sphere that stretched for thousands of meters.

The spatial energy that poured from the sky suppressed Christina until she vomited blood and flew more than 10 meters backward.

Augustus had attacked. In just a few seconds, only Nia from the Saint Laurent family and Watson were still standing on the field.

“There are still two people left. Stinky B*tch and Watson! As expected of my sworn enemies. You’re just a little harder to deal with than ordinary people, but that’s it! Do you know why the third-era is called the generation closest to the G.o.ds? Because they have technologies that were closest to the G.o.ds, and the best of all of those technologies is undoubtedly the use of spatial energy.”

Augustus sneered as he extended the two fingers of his right hand. “Let’s say my fingers are the two ends of s.p.a.ce. Now that my fingers are joined, the s.p.a.ce will also be joined! But what if the two parts of s.p.a.ce are not my fingers, but your heads and feet?”

Pointing the two fingers at Watson and Nia, Augustus softly chanted, “Bang.”

Following the sound, Watson felt like the s.p.a.ce above and below his body seemed to overlap. A terrifying force beyond description pa.s.sed through his head to his feet as if it wanted to suppress his entire body to a flat surface.

“Time Freeze.”

To prevent himself from being pierced by that force, Watson could only activate the effect of the Wheel of Reversal that was floating behind him, stopping his own time. The energy he felt on his head and feet did not weaken, but the activation of that force was halted.

Slightly relieved, Watson looked to his side and saw that the power of s.p.a.ce had flattened Nia. Previously, Nia was a living person, but at that moment, she had turned into a piece of paper. Floating in the air, she gradually fell to the ground.

That scene looked very strange. A living person had turned into a thin piece of paper. An ordinary person would probably be frightened to the point of collapse if they saw it at close range.

“Watson, I did not expect you to be able to resist the power of s.p.a.ce. The weapon behind you must have played a role. It seems like the weapon that has fused with 50 holy relics is even more powerful than I thought! However, you resisted the folding of two s.p.a.ces. Can you resist the folding of countless s.p.a.ces?”

Augustus clenched his fist at Watson. The s.p.a.ce above Watson’s head and on the ground had been folded countless times. The clouds in the sky had turned into a white line at a speed not visible to the naked eye. The thick and heavy earth was also disappearing layer by layer at a rapid pace. It was as if different layers of soil had overlapped, becoming more and more solemn.

The sky and the earth within a few hundred meters of Watson had been infinitely shortened. It had become a thin layer and finally connected, turning into something that could trap Watson.

“What kind of ability is that? Condensing the sky and earth into a ball, isn’t that amazing?”

“The ability to control s.p.a.ce has reached a formidable level for one to be able to do that.”

The audience watched as Augustus used that method to seal Watson. Watson relied on the time it took for the world to remain in the shape of an eggsh.e.l.l, unable to continue shrinking but also unable to get out.

“I did it! From now on, I am the victor, the number one genius in the kingdom!”

After Augustus sealed Watson, he raised his hands, shouting as if he was the victor.

The victory was such a joy, not to mention that he had single-handedly killed everyone else. He was destined to be recorded in the annals of history, becoming an existence as great as the ancient dark archon.

Just as Augustus was savoring the joy of victory, a cold voice suddenly came from behind him. “No, you are not.”


Augustus could not believe that someone had escaped his attack. He turned his head in disbelief. Just as he turned his head halfway, his body was frozen with a series of cracking sounds. Other contestants, including Watson, were also frozen.

Nia’s body had returned to normal from her paper-like state. She sat on an icy throne and looked around the arena. All she could see was silence.

The third round of the match had ended unexpectedly quickly. No one foresaw the match to end so soon. One contestant had killed all the contestants in an instant.. Unfortunately, it was not Augustus but Nia.


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WebNovel My Fusion System: Fusing A Thousand Chickens At The Start Chapter 84 – Rebuilding Blackmoon Castle – Hi, thanks for coming to my website. This web…

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