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Chapter 440 – In Shock


“Run, Young Master Augustus is fighting with someone.”

“The street is about to explode. With Augustus’ character, if we run too slowly, we will be in danger.”

A deep pit that was dozens of meters long was blasted out of the street. The houses nearby were blown away. The walls of the houses further away were cracked and almost collapsed. Most of the walls were burned. A group of pa.s.sersby ran in all directions.

At the center of the explosion, Rem’s body was covered by a cloud of black smoke. No one could see her.

“You can’t even withstand a single blow. I won before I used any strength.”

Augustus showed a disdainful look.

“Who said you won?”

A deep and s.e.xy voice was heard, accompanied by a roar.


The dragon’s roar resounded in all directions. In the place where the smoke covered, a dragon covered in petal-shaped scales and carrying an ancient burning tree on its back appeared from the ground. Even if its wings were retracted, it was still dozens of meters long. It looked like a small mountain floating in the air.

“It’s a dragon. A giant dragon has appeared in the capital.”

The residents became even more afraid when they saw the dragon that Rem had transformed into. They instantly retreated, leaving a suitable distance for Augustus and Rem to fight.

“You still have the power to fight? That’s fine; I’ll play with you.” Augustus’s lips twitched. Pride flashed across his eyes. On his raised arms, sharp blade-like platinum-tier weapons popped up from the joints. His thick arms instantly disintegrated and turned into weapons. Each weapon was wrapped in a different colored battle aura glow.

At the same time, the platinum-tier weapons on Augustus’ thighs and back also popped out, making him look like a war behemoth with countless weapons stuck in his body and the appearance of a human.

“Human, these weapons on your body seem to be platinum-tier, and there are no less than a hundred of them! The combined power of a hundred platinum-tier weapons is enough to kill a diamond-tier dragon. I haven’t been here for a long time, but I didn’t expect such a genius to appear in the kingdom. You must be the strongest genius among the younger generation in the kingdom, but to exchange power like this is not an excellent way.”

The Dragon King, Fafnir, flew out of the carriage. Her body was wrapped in scorching red flames, which burned a hole in the top of the carriage. Then, the scarlet flames expanded endlessly and turned into a huge flaming throne in the air, Fafnir sitting on it. The blazing throne was surrounded by fireb.a.l.l.s of various sizes, which lit up the entire royal city.

Fafnir’s eyes flickered. In her opinion, fusing 100 platinum-tier weapons into one’s body to obtain power was a foolish act because that was equivalent to destroying the possibility of cultivating to a higher level in the future.

However, humans were a race with a very short lifespan and weak talent. In the limited lifespan of more than 100 years, humans could not raise their strength to be as powerful as other races that were blessed by nature. It was understandable that they would only find another way.

“Young Man, you are not my match. If a genius like you were to die at my hands, I think the Holy Dragon Kingdom’s King would be heartbroken! Now, I will give you a choice. Kneel and apologize to my family. I will excuse your rudeness just now.”

Fafnir’s voice was calm as she shook her legs. The power contained in her words made everyone’s heart tremble. They could not help but feel afraid. As she spoke, the huge fireb.a.l.l.s floating around the throne expanded one after another. Any one of them would be enough to turn the entire capital into ashes.

Faced with such a terrifying scene, Augustus’ expression did not change at all. Instead, he curled his lips. “You’ve been calling me the strongest genius. Don’t you know how annoying you are? You’re not worthy enough to make me kneel.”

Fafnir thought that a strong person at Augustus’ age, even though he had borrowed power, would still be able to contend against the Dragon Race. That was enough to prove Augustus’ strength. Even if he was not Sword Saint Reid, his strength was not far behind. Therefore, she believed that Augustus was the kingdom’s strongest genius. Who would have thought that her words would poke Augustus’ heartstrings?

Augustus thought that he could become the kingdom’s strongest genius after fusing with the holy relics. It was not until he met Watson in the battle that he realized if the other party did not respect his will to fight, they could just wave their hands and make him lose. Then, he lost to Nia, which meant that he lost to two geniuses in a row. As a result, he was ranked third in the kingdom.

Augustus had always held a belief in his heart. He had also learned from the great figure who had the same name as him in ancient times and was known as the Dark Consul. If he were not first, then whether it was second, third, or other rankings, it would be meaningless because people would only remember the first place.

As he was thinking, Augustus heard the pa.s.sersby talking.

“What did the dragon say? Augustus is the strongest genius in the kingdom? What a joke. He is only the third or fourth genius in the kingdom. I can’t remember the exact ranking.” A resident shook his head. He said, “These dragons are a little ignorant.”

Not far away from him, his companion also said, “Augustus ranked the third, and Miss Christina ranked fourth! Even though he is third, everyone knows that the differences between the geniuses are very high. There is not much difference between the first and second ranking, but the difference between the first and third place is heaven and earth.”

The words reached Fafnir’s ears; she frowned. “Young Man, do you really rank third?”

A few days ago, Fafnir had learned that a dragon had been killed and cooked. She was there that day because she heard that the Holy Dragon Kingdom had held a compet.i.tion to rank the geniuses in the kingdom. The ranking had been established through the Royal Academy’s compet.i.tion. A dragon had died, so she wanted the lives of those geniuses in exchange. Fafnir felt like it was good revenge.

That was the only way to deal with arrogance, and that was to use violence to stomp them under their feet. That was how the Dragon Clan did things.

In Fafnir’s view, the Dragon Clan and the Holy Dragon Kingdom had signed a treaty for the Dragon Knights that had not changed for a long time. Their opponent might think that they had tamed them. She was there to correct their ridiculously wrong views.

“You keep calling me a young man. Aren’t you younger than me? Also, your guess was right. I’m the kingdom’s third-ranking genius. Although I’m ranked third, it’s enough to crush all of you.”

“Shameless boasting. You’re not even a match for me, let alone Lady Fafnir. Let me end your weak life now.”

The pink dragon that Rem had transformed into was different from other dragons. Instead of scales, it had long wings covered with petal-shaped feathers. A flower with six petals grew on the ancient tree on its back. It gradually bloomed in all directions. Countless pollen grains fell from the flower. Some of the pa.s.sersby hit by the pollen fell to the ground, while others twitched their limbs, their eyes and mouths crooked.

The pollen was mainly used to attack Augustus. He was wrapped in large clumps of pollen, but Augustus’ expression did not change. “I can feel that the pollen contains anesthetic and other unknown toxins. If I were made of flesh and blood, I might get a headache from this. Unfortunately, my body is entirely made up of platinum-tier weapons! This will not cause any harm to me at all. You’ve been talking big for a long time, but in the end, this is the move you used. I’m really disappointed in you.

“Don’t worry. The real power is yet to come! That is just a basic ability that I have mastered as a flower fairy dragon, and the most powerful move derived from this move is called the Infinite Flower Sea’s Exploding Breath!”

Hovering in the air, the giant dragon that Rem had transformed into pointed its back at Augustus. Only then did Augustus realize that the ancient tree behind Rem was not a tree at all but a natural cannon barrel. At that moment, indescribable energy had gathered inside, lighting the pollen floating in the sky like they were bombs.

Augustus’ face paled. There were countless pollen grains floating around him. When all the pollen exploded, the impact force contained in it would probably blow up the entire royal city in an instant.

Rem was about to detonate her move, and Farnir, floating in midair, suddenly waved her hand. “Rem, we are here to renegotiate with the kingdom and let them know how powerful we are. We are no longer arrogant, and we are not here to destroy them! The power of your move is too great, and it will destroy the capital. Stop it now. As for the youth in front of us, since he is not the number one genius, there is no point in making things difficult for him.”

The fire-elemental power that filled the countless pollen floating in the sky dissipated instantly when Fafnir waved her hand. The pollen began to burn silently in the air, gradually disappearing. Even the pollen that entered the residents’ bodies was completely burned under Fafnir’s control, but it did not cause any damage to the human body. The residents did not even notice that the power had reached a terrifying level.

“I almost killed this arrogant kid. Your wish is my command, Lady Fafnir.”

Ram’s dragon body shrank in midair and returned to the original pink long-haired girl with wavy hair. She glared at Augustus, “Kid, consider yourself lucky. This time, Lady Fafnir has mercifully let you go. Next time, you won’t be so lucky.”

“You’re the lucky one. Next time I see you, I’ll tear your body into pieces and eat them. I heard that some time ago, someone cooked a dragon in the Holy Dragon Tavern. I wonder what it tastes like?”

Augustus deliberately licked his lips, causing Rem’s expression to turn livid. Fafnir’s expression was as calm as ever.

“Young Man, some things can’t be said carelessly. Seeing that you are still a human cub, I will not argue with you! In return, you will tell me who is the number one genius in your kingdom.”

Her original plan was to wait for the Holy Dragon Kingdom to complete the genius ranking, then capture the number one genius and kill him in front of King Landhar III to comfort the spirits of the dead dragon. If that were still not useful, then she would start with the next genius and kill them one by one. Once all the geniuses were dead, the Holy Dragon Kingdom would have no successor. No matter how tough King Landhar III was, he would only be able to kneel at her feet and beg for mercy.

In order to do so, the prerequisite was that she had first to find the first genius of the kingdom and control him.

“How would I know where the number one genius is? If you want to find him, find him yourself. Don’t bother me.” Augustus snorted impatiently. He did not answer. Instead, he turned around and walked in the opposite direction of Fafnir and the others.

“Don’t move. Don’t even think about leaving before answering Lady Fafnir’s orders.”

Before he could take a few steps, Rem had arrived behind him. His fingernail-sharp palm was pressed against the back of his neck. Olena had also attacked him; while pointing her palm at him, she said, “There shouldn’t be any unspeakable information about who the kingdom’s number one genius is! Don’t tell me that you have some sort of grudge with the kingdom’s number one genius, such as being beaten in a battle or cheated of money?”

Olena was only probing, but Augustus’ mouth twitched because she had hit both of those points.

“Stop bullsh*tting! I have nothing to do with the number one genius, and I didn’t lose 900 holy relics to him because I lost a bet with him. I’m wandering because I don’t know how to repay him.” Augustus retorted coldly, but unexpectedly, Rem and Olena, who were behind him, looked at each other, puzzled.

How was that not related? It was a feud.

Taking a deep breath, Augustus looked at a place not far from the street. “You want to find Watson? I don’t know where he is now, but I know where the second-ranked genius is. If you find her, you might be able to find Watson.”

“Where is the kingdom’s second-ranked genius?”

“Right there.”

He pointed at the two people at a certain spot on a nearby street. One of them was Nia, who was wearing a long skirt with iris flowers, and the other was Kiana, who was also wearing a luxurious long skirt. The two of them were arguing about something.

“Nia, the banquet tonight is organized by my father, and it’s for Watson and the foreign guests. I hope you won’t follow him anymore! It’s very rude for a n.o.bleman to appear in an inappropriate place. Didn’t your family teach you?” Kiana placed her hands on her hips as she fiercely reprimanded Nia, who was following behind her.

“Your Highness, what you said makes sense. It’s indeed inappropriate for me to appear at the banquet with my current ident.i.ty.” Nia lowered her head. She nodded in agreement. “If I change into the clothes of a waiter, I won’t appear out of place at the banquet. What do you think?”

“It has nothing to do with what you wear. I’m saying that I want you to stay away from Watson! I don’t know how your brain works. You clearly have such powerful strength, but you don’t understand what I’m saying. Forget it; I’m too lazy to talk nonsense with you. In any case, just don’t go to the banquet tonight.”

Kiana covered her forehead. She turned around and found a pink-haired girl in front of her. She was shocked.

“Who are you?”

“You don’t know who I am?”

Rem was also a little surprised. She and Augustus had been fighting in the vicinity for a long time. As long as they were not blind, they should have seen them. Was Kiana blind?

“If you don’t tell me, how would I know who you are?”

“Let me introduce myself. I am Rem, a relative of the Dragon King who is in charge of the metal and fire throne. I have been ordered to ask the princess and this second-ranked genius to help us find someone.”

“So you are from the Dragon Clan. I’m sorry, you guys are so unremarkable that I don’t notice you. If it were not an extremely impactful meeting, it would not have left an impression on me! Since you’re a member of the Dragon Clan, then you’re the distinguished guests that Father is hosting tonight. By the way, who are you looking for?”


“Watson? Why are you looking for him?” Kiana frowned in puzzlement.

“Your Highness, there’s no need to ask so many questions. You just need to tell me where this person is.”

“I guess he should be in the palace at the moment because I saw someone take him to the palace after school.”

“So he’s in the palace.” Rem chewed on it, thinking that it would not conflict with where they were going next. Their first priority after entering the capital was also the palace, but since he was there, they only needed to rush there.

As he thought, Rem glanced at Kiana and Nia beside him. Since they were going to capture the kingdom’s number one genius and threaten him, it was best not to let go of the second genius and the seemingly weak princess. If the loss of the kingdom’s genius could not make King Landhar III upset, then it would be different with the princess.

Rem felt like they should not give up on the good opportunity. She extended her hand toward Kiana. “As a dragon, this is the first time I’ve come to the human capital. I don’t know where the palace is. Please lead the way for us, Your Highness.”


Before Rem’s palm touched Kiana’s, Nia reached her hand outward and collided with Rem’s in the air. Nia did not move at all. Rem took two steps backward and looked at her hand in disbelief. She found a layer of frost on her palm; the energy movement on the skin near the ice had stopped entirely.

“What’s going on?”

As a diamond-tier flower fairy dragon, Rem was very confident in her strength.

As the name implied, the flower fairy dragon was a kind of dragon that grew trees on its back and could bloom beautiful flowers on them. Among the thousands of dragon species, the flower fairy dragon lived underground. The trees on its back absorbed the magic elements between heaven and earth to become stronger. It was a relatively gentle dragon species, but its pollen, which was full of paralyzing effects and highly toxic, and its ability to turn pollen into explosives made the flower fairy dragon a well-known figure among the dragon species for its destructive power.

In addition, Rem was a genius among the flower fairy dragon species, which was why she was fortunate to follow Fafnir as a personal maid.

When she was facing Augustus, she was full of contempt. However, after being slapped by Nia, a wave of fear rose in her heart. A trace of coldness flowed into her body through her palm. It was as if she was going to turn into an ice sculpture that would never move.

‘The power in this girl’s body is much stronger than the third-ranked genius. I can actually feel the aura that only Lady Fafnir has in her body.’

Rem cursed in her heart. At that moment, she heard Kiana’s voice, “Nia, what are you doing? This Dragon Lady invited me. Don’t get involved! Hurry back to the Saint Laurent family. If your family can’t find you, they might get anxious. I can lead them to the palace.”

Rem was surprised. In the Dragon Clan, weak dragons had to show great respect to powerful existences, or else they would risk death. However, in the human world, it seemed to be reversed. Kiana, who clearly did not have much power, reprimanded Nia, but Nia did not say a single word.

‘Amazing, this is the strength of the kingdom’s second genius. Even I feel a chill down my spine! I didn’t expect such a powerful existence to appear in the kingdom. This makes me look forward to the kingdom’s first genius even more. What kind of person is he?’

While Rem was thinking, Fafnir brought Olena to Nia and the other two girls. She clapped her hands and praised them. Her eyes looked back and forth at Nia.

She could clearly feel that Nia had enormous power. The power was so cold that even Fafnir rarely saw it in any dragon. Obviously, the girl in front of her looked like a human. However, she was a monster.

‘No wonder when King Landhar III killed my clansmen, he only sent over a pile of platinum-tier weapons. He said that he accidentally killed the dragon, and that was it! It turns out that a genius of this level has appeared in the kingdom, which makes him very confident. Even if I attack with all my strength, I might not have the chance to restrain this girl! A wave of energy that could freeze all energy came from her body. This wave is very similar to the one I felt when I first entered this city. Did it come from her?’

Fafnir pondered that in her heart. She felt like her plan at the capital was about to be ruined. At the same time, she became more curious about Watson, the top genius. If Nia had such a strength, how powerful was Watson?

Even if he could not capture the number one genius and use him to threaten King Landhar III, Fafnir could at least take a look at that person to satisfy her curiosity.

“Since you are so eager, then I’ll take you to the palace to meet Watson.”

Kiana revealed a generous smile and turned to walk toward the palace.

As a princess, the etiquette lessons she had received since she was young made her appear calm no matter who she faced. The scene caused the dragons to nod their heads and follow her. Nia left as well.

After a short while, Fafnir and the others arrived at the palace.

“Father, I’m back.” Kiana rushed into the embrace of King Landhar III.

“Kiana, I heard that you’ve been in the Royal Academy all day today. Do you like the feeling of going to school? If that’s the case, I can arrange for you to enter the Royal Academy to study with Watson.” He patted Kiana’s head; a trace of kindness appeared on King Landhar III’s face. His gaze landed on Nia, who was following beside Kiana, and his eyes flickered. “I didn’t expect Nia to be here. You should change your clothes. The banquet will begin soon. I need to chat with the guests now.”

“Yes, Father.”

Knowing that King Landhar III was going to chat with Fafnir and the others about something important, Kiana did not dare disturb him. She left with Nia.

“Dragon King of the Dragon Clan, Lady Fafnir, I am truly honored by your arrival.”

King Landhar III welcomed the three dragons with a smile on his face.

“King Landhar III, put away your hypocritical act. You should be very clear about the purpose of our visit! You killed one of our dragons, and you only gave me some platinum-tier weapons. King Landhar III, it seems like you do not respect me at all.” Fafnir snorted coldly.

“Lady Fafnir, I have my own difficulties. It’s all the fault of someone from the Holy Dragon Tavern. They thought it was a wild dragon and killed it. I’ve already severely punished those people! Lady Fafnir, don’t be angry. Since the matter has already happened, what we need to do now is to solve the problem. If you’re not satisfied with the platinum-tier weapons I gave you earlier, you can restate your conditions. No matter what it is, I’ll fulfill whatever I can.”

They accidentally killed a dragon from the Dragon Clan?

Fafnir snorted coldly in her heart. The weakest dragon had platinum tier strength. How could someone from a mere tavern in the kingdom be able to kill them? At the very least, the kingdom would need to send a few platinum-tier elites to kill any of those dragons. It was obviously not an accident. Instead, the kingdom was deliberately showing off its strength.

“If that’s the case—”

A thought flashed through Fafnir’s mind, and her eyes filled with killing intent.

“Your Majesty, is the steak to be grilled until it’s medium or well-done?”

A man’s voice echoed, and a burly man in an ap.r.o.n walked out from a corner of the palace. He wiped his hands on the ap.r.o.n.

“I’ll have to ask our guests. What will it be?” King Landhar III asked Fafnir and the others with a smile.

“I want it well-done. As for Rem and Olena, just give them medium.”

Fafnir was stunned for a while before she replied to him. She was shocked to see the man who looked like a chef. He exuded a platinum-tier aura. Since when did platinum-tier elites become chefs in the palace?

She thought that she knew the Holy Dragon Kingdom very well. There were not many platinum-tier elites in the Holy Dragon Kingdom, but if they counted the Dragon Knights, then the number would double. It was precisely because of the Dragon Knights that the Holy Dragon Kingdom could always stand in the continent’s center and occupy the most luxurious lands.

However, when she saw that a platinum-tier elite was just a chef, she felt that something was wrong. Did they have so many platinum-tier elites in the Holy Dragon Kingdom that some of them became chefs? Did they kill and cook the dragons because they no longer needed them?

‘Something is not right. Perhaps the human king knew I was coming, so he deliberately made a platinum-tier elite pretend to be a chef to show off to me. It’s not impossible for him to do that.”

Fafnir was pondering in her heart when she heard the King say, “Basher, you’ve heard the requests of our distinguished guests, right? Don’t disappoint them.” Then, he arranged for the chef to leave.

Not long after the chef left, a beautiful girl with snow-white hair and a face that looked like she was from the Winter Nation walked over to them. “King Landhar III, I’ll partic.i.p.ate in the cooking this time. I have a lot of potions that can improve the taste and nutrition of food. Anyway, I have nothing to do now, so I might as well find something to do.”

Fafnir’s expression turned stiff again. “Aren’t you from the Winter Nation; your name is Ash? Am I seeing things? Why is the Winter Nation’s Princess here?”

Fafnir knew Ash because other kingdoms had tried to sign a contract with the Dragon Clan to nurture Dragon Knights as well. Still, in the end, the Holy Dragon Kingdom had offered the most favorable conditions to monopolize the training of Dragon Knights. The Winter Nation had once sent a representative to talk to Fafnir. At that time, the representative was Ash. Most of the dragons were fire-elemental creatures, so they could not survive in the cold.

‘Why is the Winter Nation’s Princess here? Have these two kingdoms joined forces?’

Fafnir could not help but feel chaotic in her mind. To the dragons, it was better for the human kingdoms to be divided than unified. The humans could crush the other races as there were too many of them. It would be difficult for the humans to fight against the Dragon Clan when they were divided.

She had seen too much information. First, she saw two geniuses who were not number one. Each of them was very powerful. She also saw King Landhar III treating a platinum-tier elite as a chef. Even the dragon race did not have such luxury. Usually, the elites in the dragon race were the rulers. Only the elderly, the sick, and the disabled would serve other dragons.

At that moment, the power displayed by the Holy Dragon Kingdom was no weaker than that of the dragon race. If the number of their elites were even more significant than that of the dragon race, the result would be unimaginable.

“You know me?”

Sidi turned her head. She was in Ash’s body, but she was still a G.o.ddess. “I think you look familiar too. If I remember correctly, you should be the guardian spirit of the dragon race, the one who controls metal and fire throne among the eight Dragon Kings under the Dragon G.o.d, who has been showing off to us! He said that the Dragon Clan members have a longer lifespan than humans and that their strong strength leads to the stability of their beliefs. That’s great. I also want to absorb the beliefs of the Dragon Clan, but unfortunately, it couldn’t be pa.s.sed on to other races.”

Sidi sighed, and the voice behind him became softer.

“Miss Ash, what did you say?” Fafnir was stunned. The girl in front of her should be the person she had met before, but she sounded different. She also felt a power that made her afraid. She had only felt similar power from the Dragon G.o.d that she believed in.

The Dragon G.o.d was the G.o.d that the dragon race believed in. The entire dragon race only believed in that one G.o.d. The Dragon G.o.d was a powerful existence in the starlight tier. It could not stay in the mortal world. As one of the eight Dragon Kings under the Dragon G.o.d, Fafnir was close to a thousand years old. Her strength was close to the peak of the diamond tier. Due to the dragon race’s extremely powerful body structure, even if she was only at the peak of the diamond tier, she could still unleash the power equivalent to a starlight-tier elite.

Under such circ.u.mstances, Ash still made her feel fear, which clearly presented the girl’s power. It made her think of only one possibility.

“King Landhar III, Miss Ash is—”

“That’s right. It’s exactly what you think! Even a high and mighty G.o.d would occasionally want to relax. Don’t tell anyone about this.” King Landhar III raised a finger to his lips and smiled mysteriously.

Fafnir suppressed the shock in her heart and thought of the purpose of her visit. “I heard that Your Majesty had organized a compet.i.tion a few days ago and selected quite a few geniuses. Congratulations! I wonder who the number one genius is. Can we meet him?”

“Of course, but before that, I’ll take you to see something good first.”

Fafnir and her two subordinates followed the King and saw the huge throne in front of them. Fafnir was shocked, too.

“This throne gives off such a powerful aura. It’s as powerful as a living G.o.d. What is this?”

“This is a treasure that I just obtained. It’s a starlight-tier item.”

King Landhar III went past Fafnir and the others and arrived at the throne. A crown immediately appeared on King Landhar III’s head, and a feather coat covered his body. His figure was blurred, and only a pair of eyes that overlooked the world were left.

“What do you think of my throne?”

Soldiers comparable to G.o.ds appeared beside King Landhar III. The number of the G.o.d-king’s Army was even greater than when Watson had summoned them. There were about 20 people.

Twenty G.o.d-king’s Army soldiers guarded King Landhar III, making him look like the king of the G.o.ds. The three people there could not breathe at all. Initially, they were there to avenge their dead dragon compatriots. However, they had not had the chance to take revenge after entering the capital. Everything they had experienced made them feel at a loss.

It felt like they could die if they dared to say anything unfavorable to the Holy Dragon Kingdom, let alone avenge their fellow dragons.

“King Landhar III, you brought us here just to show us these?”

Fafnir forced a smile. She felt like she had miscalculated. She had only brought two guards with her because she thought she was powerful enough. It seemed like she was in danger instead.

“Of course not, Lady Fafnir. I have a lot to show you, but this is only a small part.” King Landhar III left the throne with a faint smile and clapped his hands. “Watson, have you changed your clothes?”


Watson walked out from the depths of the bedroom. Two maids followed beside him, constantly smoothing the wrinkles on his clothes with their hands. They had also waxed his hair to make it smooth. Watson was not used to that; his movements were as stiff as a robot. He finally arrived in front of King Landhar III with great difficulty and revealed a tired expression.

“Your Majesty, are these the distinguished guests you mentioned?”

It turned out to be a few dragons. Watson looked at the three dragon women in front of him curiously. That was the first time he had seen a dragon in human form. It was said that the dragons’ human form was magic specially created by the dragon race to facilitate communication with humans. Watson had the Golden Flash and Charcoal, the Death Omen Star Dragon, but because they were not orthodox dragons, they would not be able to transform into human forms.

‘If Charcoal and the Golden Flash could master the ability to transform into human form, what would they look like?’

When the dragons transformed into their human form, they could also transform into different forms. Watson imagined what Charcoal and the Golden Flash would look like when they mastered the ability. Little did he know that the three dragon women were sizing him up nervously; they looked puzzled.

That was especially so for Fafnir. As a powerful dragon at the peak of diamond-tier, she could feel the diamond-tier power contained within Watson’s body. That power was only slightly stronger than the third genius she had met before. It was far from being comparable to the second genius. How did such a person become the number one genius?

As if he saw through Fafnir’s thoughts, the corners of King Landhar III’s mouth curled upward. “Lady Fafnir, do you have any doubts as to why Watson is the kingdom’s number one genius? Let Watson show you, and you will understand. I wonder if you have any worthless tools that you don’t need.”

“I do.”

Olena hesitated for a moment before standing up. She took two earrings from her ears and placed them in her palm. “This is a gift given to me by another dragon when I was young. Its name is Blue Firestorm, and it can summon powerful firestorms. It’s a weapon at the peak of gold-tier. Is this okay?”

“Yes.” King Landhar III nodded. He took the two earrings and handed them to Watson. “Come, Watson, show our guests your talent.”

“I got it.”

He mocked King Landhar III in his heart. If King Landhar III wanted to establish his power before the dragon race, he could have done it himself. Why did he have to make use of Watson? He just wanted Watson to work for him.

Even though he ridiculed him, he still activated the fusion system on the earrings.

“Fusion system, activate.”

[Congratulations, Master, for successfully fusing two peak gold-tier earrings. You have obtained a platinum-tier Blue Comet Earring.]

As the sound of a system notification rang in their ears, the two rather old earrings in Watson’s hands turned into rays of light and collided, turning into a blue jade the size of a thumb. It contained a platinum l.u.s.ter. Then, a powerful platinum-tier aura suddenly appeared. The scene stunned the three guests.

“Turning two gold-tier peak earrings into a platinum-tier item in an instant. How is this possible?”


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