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Chapter 386: His Deity Position Is Indeed Different

“Isn’t it just a simple training? Why are you so thoughtful?”

Jiu Zhongtian asked curiously.

The reason why so many people from the Eighth Summit went out to gain experience was purely because they wanted to gain experience.

It was not like there was no one who went out to train before one’s Tribulation Transcendence.

It wasn’t anything strange.

“The others are indeed fine, but to Jiang Lan, this is an abnormal matter. There is no need to be too serious either, I am just guessing.” Miao Yue smiled and said.

“Going out before his Tribulation Transcendence can only mean two things. Both of which are related to his cultivation advancement.

The first case is that he knows that he will not be able to transcend the tribulation so easily and hence decided to seek a breakthrough outside by searching for fortuitous opportunities.

The second case is that something is wrong with his heavenly tribulation.

As for other personal matters. There’s nothing to worry about.”

“Then could it be a fear of marriage? Could he have gone out to calm down?” Zhu Qing asked.

“If I guessed correctly, there is actually a chance that Jiang Lan might not be coming back.” Miao Yue sat on her seat, her voice carrying a light smile:

“However, the possibility is very low. It might not even be there. Well, the most impossible answer might possibly be the most correct answer.”

“Junior Sister, don’t create any problems,” said Second Summit’s Liu Jing.

He wanted to ask his Junior Sister to stop scaring them.

As the wedding approached, no one wanted any problems.

Then, Liu Jing looked at Mo Zhengdong and said.

“You should discuss it with us next time. If you want to let him go, we can’t stop you either.”

“Once he returns, he will get married. Is there even a next time?” Jiu Zhongtian asked curiously.


“Get ready. The most important thing in recent years should be the G.o.ddess’ wedding,” said Liu Jing.

The others naturally had no problems.

They were here today to criticize Mo Zhengdong.

He had allowed his disciple to do as he pleased.

Currently, Jiang Lan was key to the entire Kunlun. Any problems to him would have a huge impact on Kunlun.

A month later.

The sky was clear.

Jiang Lan rode his sword in midair.

He walked through many places and moved with his early-stage Heaven Immortal cultivation.

He was using his Nine Steps of Heavenly Travel.

He never stopped.

At this moment, he was already very far away from Kunlun.

“Looks like I am indeed not bound by the geographical restriction. I’m indeed different from the others.”

Jiang Lan muttered to himself.

So far, he did not know why he was like this. He was not strong enough to understand.

He could only put it aside for now.

When he was strong enough, he could directly ask Imperial Lord Xi He.

After all, it was possible that the other party knew.

As for the others.

It should be hard for them to know.

At least for now.

“I have to choose a place with fewer people to enter seclusion.”

Without thinking too much about the Deity Position, Jiang Lan began to head to the place where he had prepared for seclusion all these years.

It was a place filled with barren rocks.

It was said that the place was filled with boulders and ferocious beasts wreaking havoc.

From time to time, fog would appear. Once covered by the fog, it was easy to get lost in the stone forest.

It was extremely difficult for one to get out of it once trapped.

In conclusion, it was a dangerous place.

Aside from being dangerous, there were also no natural treasures in it.


Very few immortals went there.

Hence, this place was very suitable for long periods of seclusion without being affected by others.

Also, as there were few people in the Desolate Stone Forest. If danger approached, he wouldn’t be so restricted.

Unless the Desolate Stone Forest itself was too dangerous.

Otherwise, he would not give up.

However, he would only be able to determine the specifics once he arrived there.

This journey would take six months.

It was very far.

Furthermore, this was the time he needed after travelling at maximum speed.

Fortunately, as he did not need to spend too much of his concentration on riding on his sword, he could read some books at the same time.

This way, he would not waste too much time.

Occasionally, he would be able to see the mountains and rivers, and feel the power of the earth.

He could also try to gain some insights from them.

Along the way, he wanted to take a route with fewer people, but he wanted to see if the natural disaster was real.

Hence, he would occasionally fly past human cities.

He would only fly past the edge of the cities.

It would not affect the people inside.

At the very least, it wouldn’t be viewed as an offense by some experts, so he was still safe.

After wandering around a few cities, he realized that there weren’t many natural disasters.

Was what Zhou Bai said untrue?

Or could it be that the other party had just encountered frequent natural disasters in a certain area, which gave others the illusion that natural disasters and man-made disasters were more frequent?

“It’s not impossible.”

Jiang Lan thought.

Of course, it could also be because this place was closer to Kunlun.

So it wasn’t a big deal.

Jiang Lan didn’t think too much about it and continued towards Desolate Stone Forest.

The journey after that was rather dangerous and there were very few ordinary people.

There shouldn’t be many traces of immortals as well.

At the mid-stage Heavenly Immortal Realm, he was no longer considered weak either.

But there were countless powerhouses in the vast wilderness. He could not determine his safety with probability.

Even if there was a 90% chance that he wouldn’t meet others, he had to be wary of that 10%.

Six months later.

Jiang Lan stopped riding his sword.

At this moment, he was standing in front of the Desolate Stone Forest.

“It’s vast and boundless, with thin Spirit Qi. The environment is rather harsh.”

There were many boulders, but there were no signs of array formations.

“There are no runes on the huge rock. It doesn’t look like it contains profound mysteries.”

Thinking like this, Jiang Lan waved his hand, and the Autumn Sword appeared in his hand.

Following that, a sword slashed down as sword intent wreaked havoc.

He slashed at a boulder.


The boulder was split in half on the spot.

When Jiang Lan saw this, he walked to the edge of the giant rock and carefully observed it.

He realized that it was indeed just an ordinary boulder.

“Although I don’t know the reason for its formation, there are indeed no hidden secrets. Since this is so, this place is rather suitable.”

If there were secrets hidden inside the forest, there would be danger accompanying it as well.

This was especially true for some of the boulders, which were usually hidden in mysterious places.

People often came for the expected treasures and secrets.

This way, he might be discovered and cause trouble.

Therefore, he needed to confirm it.

If there were really secrets hidden here, he would turn around and leave.

Currently, he did not lack anything.

There was no need to take risks for an unknown opportunity.

An opportunity that no one had obtained in countless years represented danger.

Fortunately, this was not the case.


Jiang Lan walked in.

He observed his surroundings and saw some ferocious beasts. They were very strong.

There were even beasts with a True Immortal cultivation among them.

In some strange regions, there were even some Celestial Immortals.

Jiang Lan naturally kept a respectful distance from these areas.

Before long, he arrived at a vast region where immortals could not be seen.

There was a lot of gravel here.

There were naturally some large rocks as well.

It was convenient for him to set up array formations here.

After spending a month, Jiang Lan set up many suitable array formations and even concealed this area.

Most of them were concealment array formations.

The maze array formation used the surrounding boulders to make this place look like a natural maze.

This way, it would not be easy to be targeted.

As for him, he hid under the ground.

There were also huge rocks extending from under the ground.

For the sake of safety, Jiang Lan did a thorough search and found nothing special.

Then, he entered seclusion.

This time, his main goal was still to perfect his Dao and obtain the acknowledgment of the heavens and earth. Only then could he smoothly enter the Celestial Immortal Realm.

Then, he only needed to wait for his golden body to reach perfection.

Once his Dao reached perfection, obtaining acknowledgment was a certain process. It might take a long time.

Therefore, his plan was to return in about ten years.

He hoped that ten years was enough time.

If it was not enough, he could not be impatient either.

A perfected great Dao was extremely important.

Nothing could go wrong.

If anything went wrong, it would only waste more time.


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