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Chapter 460 – The shock caused by a bullet

Editor: Zephyr04 Translator: Jhung

Click-Clack Click-Clack —-

Walking along the quiet corridor, Yin Jie reached the entrance of a large room.

As he straightened his collar, the two soldiers at the entrance immediately opened the door.

“Please enter.”


Yin Jie patted his cuffs and was about to go in, but suddenly turned his head and smiled at one of the soldiers, “Don’t always put on such a serious face. I heard a very interesting phrase today, what was it again…. Oh right, ‘Life is too short, you should enjoy it.’”


The soldier froze for a moment, then nodded awkwardly.

When Yin Jie entered and the door was closed again, the two soldiers exchanged glances with each other.

“At this least this guy is easy to deal with, he’s always so nice.”

One of the soldiers said with emotion.

The soldier with the serious expression on his face also nodded, “Yeah, but all the expressions on the bosses that came to the meeting today doesn’t look good at all. How am I supposed to relax?”

“You have a point. In my opinion, things are probably getting bad… even the new captain is here.”

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“The new captain is so young, and he wasn’t an officer before, yet he was sent to preside over the meeting… I heard that many captains don’t trust him that much…”

“Shh, these things aren’t something you and I can discuss. Do you want to die…?”

The meeting room was brightly lit.

On both sides of a large conference table were a dozen officers who were seated and whispering to each other.

And at the most important seat, sat a young man who was less than 30 years old.

He was holding his white hair with one hand while the other was tapping the table in front of him with his fingers.

Despite the noise in the conference room, there was not a single person around this young man.

After the apocalypse, although the reorganized Air Force regiment was no longer a pure military organization, it still had former officers at its core.

This young man had a cold look but lacked the temperament of a soldier.

If a soldier was a bayonet that would poke wherever it was ordered to, then this young man was similar to an iron whip. Even if one held it in their hand, if they were unable to use it well, they wouldn’t be able to control it the way they want to.

In this meeting room, he looked a little out of place…

When Yin Jie walked in, the young man’s tapping suddenly became louder.


With a m.u.f.fled sound, everyone who was discussing immediately became quiet, and turned their eyes to the young man.

The messy hair covered the young man’s eyes, but the cold gaze that came out from the gaps still made everyone present feel a chill.

“Okay. Everyone is here.”

The young man’s voice sounded a bit weak, but almost everyone who was swept by his eyes showed a trace of uncomfortableness.

Only a few of the officers, who seemed to be older, were able to stay the same under his gaze. One of the tall, middle-aged men even let out a m.u.f.fled snort from his nose when he made eye contact with the young man.

“I’m sure everyone must have understood the report… I had sent someone to investigate, and the helicopter that one-eyed took had arrived at the designated pick-up point, the Provincial Television Building in the Century City District of X-City. But it was attacked, causing the plane to crash, and the death of our people… Traces of battles were found at the scene, and also….”

As he spoke, he picked up the tablet in front of him and showed a photo.

“Doesn’t the hole in this building look like the work made by a bomb?”

“Hmph, what do you mean looks like? It totally is.” An officer snorted coldly.

“Yes, based on the location, it’s likely that the attack came from the opposite roof, right? Another officer nodded thoughtfully, “A Bazooka?”

“There are a lot of weapons left in the Military District of X-City, but most people don’t know how to use them….”

Seeing the noise start back up in the conference room again, the young man put down the tablet and sneered.


A deformed bullet was thrown on the conference table.

“I was also shocked when I saw this. I didn’t expect that this result was caused by such a small bullet.” The young man slowly looked through everyone’s faces again.

Their expressions this time looked a lot more entertaining….

More than a dozen pairs of eyes immediately focused on the bullet, and in the awkward silence, only the sound of someone swallowing their saliva could be heard.

“This bullet was shot from One-Eyed’s sniper rifle, Thor. However, I’m sure everyone knows how powerful Thor is. Such explosive traces couldn’t have been made by Thor.”

The young man clasped his hands together, leaned forward, and said, “There was no other shrapnel found at the scene.”

“So, let’s just boldly a.s.sume… When one-eyed squeezed the trigger and fired the bullet, someone caught the bullet and threw it back with a stronger force. Although the bullet missed its target, it was still able to create such a result on the opposite building…”

“What, how is that possible?!” An officer angrily smacked the table and stood up, “This is ridiculous!”

The tall middle-aged man even sneered, “Li Hao, your a.s.sumption is quite bold. Catching a bullet from a sniper rifle? And even throwing it back? Your men must have failed in their search, so you made up some nonsense to fool us, right? Hahahaha….”

As soon as he said this, although the others didn’t say anything in agreement, their gaze was full of suspicion as they stared at Li Hao.

“I also hope that my a.s.sumption is wrong. But for now, please remain calm. The head of the delegation asked us to hold this meeting to resolve this matter, not to condemn me. If you have any questions, you may ask me after the meeting.”

The young man said calmly.

“You dare use the leader’s name to force me to submit…”

The middle-aged man glared at Li Hao, extremely upset, and then snorted heavily.

Li Hao pointed in front of him and said, “One-Eyed’s team was supposed to meet up with a female member of the Fire group named Lucy. According to Liu Bao Dong’s report, there are five other people with Lucy… As for their information, it’s right here in front of you all.”

Everyone looked at each other, and Yin Jie took the lead to open the doc.u.ment in front of him.

Although many of them still had a lot of questions, they had to restrain themselves upon seeing this, and took turns looking at the doc.u.ment one after another.

“Lucy is a strength enhanced type psychic. She’s very powerful, and uses a machine gun as a weapon. But with her strength, it’s not enough to compete with One-Eyed, let alone killing them by making the helicopter crash. Of course, the traces left by this bullet are unlikely to be her masterpiece. Although her suspicion can’t be completely ruled out, it is the other five people who really deserve our attention.”

Li Hao spoke very slowly, “There isn’t much information about them. At present, we only know that man is a spiritual type psychic, and the four females with him may be enhanced type psychics. I have asked Liu Bao Dong to write down all the details about them…”

“All these details…. Aren’t they all just speculations?” The middle-aged man looked through it impatiently, threw the doc.u.ment heavily back on the table, “Why don’t you call Liu Bao Dong over? Let him talk to us in person. What he wrote in this is complete nonsense! Besides, no matter how strong a spiritual type psychic is, one bullet is all that is required to kill him!”

“Liu Bao Dong has another task, and he has already written everything in great detail. Moreover, “

Li Hao picked up the bullet and said, “It’s better not to underestimate the enemy.”

“No one knows why and how this accident occurred. However, we lost a sniper, a pilot, and a valuable helicopter… The Air Force Regiment has never received this kind of humiliation before. The head of the delegation has given me full authority for this matter. I will need everyone’s a.s.sistance, so please a.s.sist me.”

After Li Hao finished speaking, he turned to Yin Jie, “The mission for tracking them will be given to you. As for the Fire group, I have my own plans…”

“You have full authority?”

The middle-aged man immediately stood up and asked with widened eyes.

This matter was generally just a contradiction with a few survivors and a small force like the fire group.

However, the Air Force regiment received a huge loss this time. If they were to just swallow it, no matter whether it was the Fire group or the Falcon camp, they wouldn’t be afraid of them anymore and would start to walk all over them.

This kind of thing wouldn’t be difficult to solve, but the compensation for doing this is huge….

“Yes.” Li Hao replied calmly as if he hadn’t seen the murderous gaze of the middle-aged man at all.


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