WebNovel My Pick Up Artist System Chapter 218 The chaos of charisma

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Chapter 218 The chaos of charisma

Standing at the bar of the nightclub, Beluga’s yells overpowered the music. “You asked her to go home with you?!?”

“You said isolate her somewhere alone!” Ben retorted.

“I meant to the bar or dancefloor! Not to act like a stray dog!”

“Someone needs to take them in!”

Antonio also chimed in. “What type of damage dealing was that?!? Self-damage?!? You team wiped us!”

Even Chuck added something. “Which kind of ADC were you trying to be? Kalista?”

Ben’s face fell once they all complained. He was a bit down now. He really misunderstood what Beluga said.

Seeing this, Chuck decided to keep the peace. “All right guys, there’s no point arguing. It’s only one set and there are many more here.”

Sighing, Antonio and Beluga also let it go. They knew Ben had only been doing this for a couple of months, so errors were normal.

As for Ben, he also understood these kinds of mistakes were inevitable for one simple reason—he was too charisma-heavy. As an amplifier, charisma worked on his stats, but it worked through his actions… That meant it made his good moves become great, and his bad ones become After Earth…

The problem was that when mixing his other middling stats with his general lack of common sense…Ben’s bad moves came a little too often for comfort, literally…he couldn’t start the comfort phase…

In any case, consistency was never his strength.

Beluga decided to explain the situation to him in more detail this time. “We can’t extract the females out of the club, not yet. The first problem is it’s early and everyone just arrived, so they’ll be hesitant to leave. The second issue is where we are.

In another venue, we could try to get the women to go somewhere else, but it isn’t a good idea here because this is the best club. That means the women will be very resistant to going to another place. It’s one negative of coming here, but counterbalanced by the high quality of talent.”

Ben nodded in understanding.

Antonio added something. “So to be clear, isolation here means to another spot in the club, not their house, or their grandma’s house…or–“

“I got it already!” Ben felt the urge rising to use his t.i.tle…but he knew he was the one who messed up, so he converted that frustration into motivation to do better on the following sets.

As the four prepared to go back out on a second tour of booty duty…Ben excused himself for a bathroom break. Leaving the three holding down the bar, he made his way to the restrooms. ‘Man this club is huge…’ As he walked away from the bar, the area became darker and full of people. It forced him to watch their legs as he pa.s.sed so he didn’t b.u.mp into anyone.

Despite being careful though, as he approached the bathroom, he ran into a guy standing in front of him. Yet, when he tried to step left, step right, the guy kept blocking him! Not letting him through! ‘Does this b.a.s.t.a.r.d have a problem?’ Ben realized this might be the start of a physical altercation, as his adrenaline pumped and he squeezed his hands into fists. “You got a problem?!?” He looked up into the dirtbag’s eyes…

And saw himself in a wall-sized mirror…

People around were staring at him, watching the showdown, as if making mental bets on who the victor would be…

As it turned out though, the betting favorite for winner, was no one…

Then, as if Ben’s bladder shrank, his urgency to use the bathroom seemed to increase as he dashed towards it…

Five minutes later…Ben returned to the crew, having subconsciously buried his memory for the previous few minutes…as they went off to do new approaches.

The team setup was the same, with Antonio scouting, Beluga tanking, Chuck disarming, and Ben finis.h.i.+ng. The results this time were much better though, albeit mixed. After all, it was a nightclub full of young people and distractions, a place where sets get broken for a variety of reasons. However, the biggest wild card of all—was Ben.

Though not in a bad way. He was sometimes the savior! His performances were volatile, but no one doubted his value to the team. At times, his lines and performances were spectacular, creating an even larger contribution than Beluga. Of course, at other moments, it was like his finger missed the nut b.u.t.ton and pressed nuke…

“I like your style! You look like the responsible type of girl, someone who’d appreciate saving by enjoying a honeymoon at a carnival.”

“What do you study? Huh, that’s unexpected. Oh, why am I surprised? For some reason, when I saw you, I imagined you were a month into a trans.e.xual dance theory degree.”

“Have you been to the bathroom here? Did you see that huge mirror? Weird right? …Is that normal for club restrooms? Oh, why’d I ask you that? I don’t know, you seem like you use public bathrooms a lot.”

They were the best of lines. They were the worst of lines…

It was the age of wisdom. It was the age of foolishness…

Ben’s performances were hit or miss, but what no one could deny, was his addition was decisive. In that way, he fulfilled his role as an ADC, either carrying the team or getting shut down early. The most valuable aspect of his moves though, was they saved the team a lot of time, allowing them to open multiple groups of women.

Instead of having to make slow progress on only a few sets for the entire night, which was common at nightlife venues, with Ben’s contributions, they were able to open many and close multiple. It led to all of them getting numbers and even the occasional make-out! Since numbers were all they could get for now, it was a great result!

In fact, the one getting the most kissing opportunities wasn’t Ben or Beluga, but Chuck! With his shota powers, the girls were grabbing at him, which after he used game to increase attraction, turned into trying to lick his face. Their aggressiveness was even uncomfortable to watch. It made Ben almost feel bad for the guy. At one point, a girl even ripped the sleeve of his s.h.i.+rt, displaying something that made his face turn pale: scars on his wrist.

Realizing Chuck must’ve had his own difficult backstory he hadn’t shared yet, Ben sighed. ‘Today’s youth is too pessimistic…’ He thought like an old man despite being born the same year…

However, Ben recognized something. He didn’t know about Chuck’s problems, but seeing him so cheerful and outgoing now only made Ben appreciate him even more. ‘Good kid. Once I become the Harem Emperor, I’ll be sure to give you my fall out p*ssy or occasional sloppy seconds…’

This was the most charitable you could expect a PUA to get with women…

At that rate, hours pa.s.sed as the Fracking Crew made their way through the club, collecting numbers and looking for the ideal set: a group of girls they could get some real results with. Soon though, when they stuck into a new set of beauties at the bar, they all looked at each other, realizing something: ‘It’s these girls… The perfect set… We’ve found them!’


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