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Chapter 240: A Brand New Harvest

For an ordinary King of the G.o.ds, being able to master a domain was already quite a talent.

But even so, for them to frequently expand their domain was also a great burden.

Not to mention Jerry, who was able to start with hundreds of domains.

All of this was because when Jerry activated the third King of the G.o.ds domain in that mysterious s.p.a.ce and went through torture.

This allowed him to become more and more familiar with the use of the realm.

Moreover, he had successfully activated the third forbidden G.o.d realm.

It was not difficult for him to activate one level of the realm now.

The moment he confirmed that this method was feasible, Jerry directly activated 999 first-level s.p.a.ce realms.

Then, he fused the 990 first-level s.p.a.ce realms together.

It wasn’t that Jerry didn’t want to expand further, but activating these three forbidden G.o.d domains was already his limit.

Even with Jerry’s powerful mental strength, he still felt immense pressure. If these 990 first-level s.p.a.ce domains combined together, they wouldn’t be able to break through the defense of the bat king.

He could only use the kerosene lamp.

Although he couldn’t bear to, it was still better than letting the wanderer demon bat king escape.

After combining these s.p.a.ce domains together, Jerry naturally couldn’t divert his attention to control the s.p.a.ce domain around the wanderer demon bat king.

The wanderer demon bat king immediately felt its body lighten, and immediately knew that Jerry had completely withdrawn the s.p.a.ce domain around it.

But before it could rejoice, it felt a great sense of danger descending upon it.

Although it could not see, but with the intuition it had cultivated for tens of thousands of years, it could clearly feel that something that could kill it was slowly approaching it.

At this moment, all the fur on its body stood up uncontrollably. At this moment, the bat king had finally completely lost the way it used to look at the humans like clowns.

It had never thought that the puny human in front of it could actually kill it completely

“Crash! ! !”

Although it had used its own intuition to avoid the fatal position, the flying wind bat king’s body was still slashed open with a gash that was more than ten meters long.

Dark golden blood flowed down.

The entire process was silent. Crona and the others only saw that Jerry had not made any movements since he threw the golden spear in his hand with all his strength.

Meanwhile, the wanderer demon bat king was still struggling to escape from Jerry’s domain.

Just when Crona thought that Jerry had no way out, she suddenly saw a ten-meter-long wound on the wanderer demon bat king’s body.

At this moment, the wanderer demon bat king was no longer as calm as before. For the first time, panic appeared on its ugly face.

At this moment, it desperately struggled to retreat.

But they had no idea what had happened!

But all of this was not important. Now, they only knew one thing, and that was that the wanderer demon bat king’s death was coming.

It was certain that Jerry had already found a way to kill the wanderer demon bat king.

At this moment, in front of Jerry’s eyes, there was an invisible light blade that was as thin as a cicada’s wings. Upon closer inspection, this light blade was actually formed from 999 s.p.a.ces folded together.

Jerry named this light blade pseudo-second layer s.p.a.ce light blade!

Not only was this light blade undetectable, but it was also silent during the process of moving forward.

Jerry was still not very familiar with controlling the light blade for the first time, otherwise, the wanderer demon bat king would not be able to avoid that attack at all.

But even if the wanderer demon bat king avoided the first attack, the second attack that Jerry controlled the light blade to attack once again came in the blink of an eye.

This time, the wanderer demon bat king did not dodge again!

An extremely strange scene appeared in front of everyone. The wanderer demon bat king’s body was still desperately flapping its huge bat wings, trying to escape to the back.

However, the wanderer demon bat king’s huge head still remained where it was. Its head was completely separated from its entire body.

The wound on its neck was unusually smooth!

The flying wind bat king’s body did not seem to know that its head was gone. It was still running backwards, trying to escape from Jerry’s domain.

As the wanderer bat king’s head and body were getting further and further away, a large amount of dark golden blood burst out from the wound.

It formed a dark golden fountain of blood.

However, Jerry had already made preparations. A gla.s.s container appeared in his hand, using his divine power to guide the dark golden blood that was gushing everywhere into the container in his hand.

The bat king blood essence of this tier 3 King of the G.o.ds could be sold for a good price.

At this moment, the headless body of the wanderer demon bat king seemed to have stopped moving. Its huge body fell to the ground, stirring up dust!

“Rumble! !”

The entire cave shook, and the stalact.i.tes at the top of the cave shattered into countless small rocks, falling from the sky.

Jerry waved his hand casually, and the rocks that fell on top of everyone’s heads disappeared.

And to prevent any accidents from happening, Jerry directly used the light blade to chop the head of the wanderer demon bat king into countless pieces, and also completely shattered the bat king’s spiritual sense!

When that pile of mud-like head fell to the ground, Jerry finally let out a sigh of relief.

After all, it was an extremely difficult task for him to operate the light blade while activating the three forbidden G.o.d domains.

When the wanderer demon bat king died, the flying wind demon bats in the cave scattered like birds and beasts. None of them dared to rush up.

Instead, they all flew out of the cave. How could Jerry allow this to happen.

He immediately activated his spatial domain and trapped all the remaining wanderer demon bats in the cave in a sealed s.p.a.ce.

They were not as powerful as the wanderer demon bat king, who could easily tear apart Jerry’s spatial domain!

After controlling these wanderer demon bats, Jerry immediately sat down to meditate and rest, recovering the divine power that had been consumed in his body. The battle just now had only lasted for a short while before it ended.

In fact, that short few minutes of battle just now was no less exhausting than the Battle of a Hundred Dynasties. In fact, it was even more tiring than that time.

That was because he still had countless commanders and generals under him that time. The number of times he had fought could be counted on one hand. But this time, it could be said that it was all up to him alone!

Moreover, maintaining the three forbidden G.o.d domains was not a small burden for him. That short while just now had almost exhausted all the divine power in his body.

However, this time, it was not for nothing. This battle could be said to be quite important to Jerry.

Not only did it make him more familiar with the three layers of the forbidden G.o.d realm, but it also allowed him to discover a brand new way to use the realm!


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