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Let Me Pa.s.s

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After Lin Ruoxi finished speaking on the phone, Yang Chen walked to her and asked, “Is it possible that someone from the company died? Why are you acting so serious?”

“You’re the one who’s gonna die!” Lin Ruoxi exclaimed in dissatisfaction. “ Don’t you know how to be polite and speak positively?”

“Then why do you look so solemn?” Yang Chen asked.

Lin Ruoxi thought as she said, “Premier Ning is coming to Zhonghai tomorrow for a meeting with the representatives from the Chamber of Commerce. Wu Yue was informing me to get ready for my partic.i.p.ation tomorrow.”

“Premier Ning?” Yang Chen had returned to China for almost a year by now. He usually paid close attention to the media, so he immediately thought of the current Chinese premier. He asked, “Are you talking about Ning Guangyao?”

[TL note: Premier=prime minister, but more commonly used in China.]

Lin Ruoxi nodded. “Who else can it be?”

Ning Guangyao had the highest authority in the Chinese government, and was the second most powerful man in all of China.

He was also the youngest premier in the history of China. He was able to obtain his position before reaching the ripe age of 50. Furthermore, since he had an inborn charisma, and was known to deal with problems in a swift and decisive manner, he had earned the respect of many citizens. He could even be considered as an idol-like leader of the country.

“Tch, even the second most powerful man in all of China wants to see you. Babe Ruoxi, it sure seems like you’re seen as the leading the flock of sheep in the business world,” Yang Chen said.

Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes. “I too didn’t expect to have been asked over. It must have been because Yu Lei has made a few significant moves this year. But I’m not the only one. The master of the Yuan clan, Yuan Hewei, will be going as well, together with Secretary Fang Zhongping and a few other CEOs from various companies. There would most likely be around twenty people in attendance.”

Smiling, Yang Chen said, “It’s a good thing, isn’t it? Why do you look so troubled?”

It showed on Lin Ruoxi’s cold face that she was struggling. “I’m troubled because Wu Yue said I had to bring two other representatives to attend the meeting. So I considering who I wanted to bring along. I made my decision, you and Qianni will be coming with me.”

Yang Chen’s face stiffened. She’s bringing me and Qianni? What’s this woman trying to do?!

“This… Won’t it be a bit too awkward…” Yang Chen couldn’t be too straightforward. You know that your sister-like buddy has something going on with your husband. Are you doing it to intentionally cause trouble for me?

Lin Ruoxi seemed like she had been waiting to see Yang Chen’s expression. Coldly, she said, “I have made up my mind. How it’s going play out is entirely up to you. You’re the director of the company’s subsidiary, while Qianni is the vice president. Bringing you two along isn’t inappropriate at all. If you mess it up due to personal reasons, beware of what’s going to happen to you.”

She was straight up threatening him. At the same time, she could observe Yang Chen’s actions. Even if I can’t get rid of her, I can at least know who you’re biased towards!

You can’t avoid going, since this is legitimate work.

If you p.i.s.s your wife off because of personal reasons, you’ll have to bear the consequences.

This time, it was Yang Chen’s turn to be troubled. How am I supposed to deal with the both of them at the same time tomorrow?

Should I call Qianni and ask her not to come no matter what? No, I can’t do that. That woman is not easily handled. If she finds out the reason, she’ll certainly go up to Ruoxi face-to-face.

Urgh! Why are they all ‘heroines’… Yang Chen thought gloomily.

At the same time, within the military region of the Cai clan, Yang Lie who was in the midst of being examined, was still lying on the sickbed, unconscious.

Yang Lie had initially wanted to prove himself in a war-like scenario soon after coming down from Kunlun Mountain with his master Yu Jizi. However, he fell before the war had even started.

It couldn’t be said that he died right after he finished training before winning, but the kind of pain he experienced was not unlike what a mother would feel when her child died inside her prematurely.

Yang Lie’s injury was not one that could be concealed. After all, the position he held was too recognized. He was a gifted disciple of Kunlun, personally taught by the Xiantian expert Yu Jizi.

At the same time, Yang Lie was also the young master of the top-notch clan in all of China—Yang clan. His ident.i.ty alone was already more intimidating than his fighting ability.

As a result, once the news of his injury was spread, a considerable amount of commotion had been caused, although only the high-ranked people knew about it.

Of course, his father Yang Pojun who was coincidentally on duty at the military region in Jiangnan quickly rushed over to visit his son.

Within a few hours, Yang Lie’s mother rushed over as well. The elegant lady dressed in simple but stylish clothing, who looked like she was in her thirties due to excellent maintenance, was Guo Xuehua whom Yang Chen had met once earlier at the orphanage.

Seeing her own child lying on the sickbed unconsciously, she paled, matching a sheet of white paper, with the reason being Yang Lie didn’t look like the energetic young man he was.

Guo Xuehua’s vision turned pitch black while she almost fainted. Luckily, her bodyguards Little Wen and Little Li held her up.

In the ward, the master of the Cai clan, Cai Yuncheng, Cai Ning, together with Yu Jizi and Abbess Yun Miao were all facing the husband and wife Yang Pojun and Guo Xuehua respectively in silence.

They could all tell that Yang Pojun was in an incredibly bad mood. The reason was really simple. Yang Lie could be considered the sole inheritor of the Yang clan, while he himself was exceptionally qualified. Now that the situation has turned out to where he was barely alive, how was his father supposed to bear with this?

Yang Pojun swept his gaze across everyone present in a dignified manner. Being the chief commander of the military, there weren’t many people who dared to defy him in China, including Abbess Yun Miao and Yu Jizi who were older than him and thus were his seniors.

“What did the doctor say?” Yang Pojun asked Cai Yuncheng.

Cai Yuncheng sighed and said, “The doctor a.s.sessed him and said that Yang Lie’s major organs had all been severely damaged, to the point where its unfathomable by ordinary people. It’s already a miracle that he is still alive. Basically, he can’t be healed by surgery or drugs.”

“Can’t be healed?!” Yang Pojun yelled in anger. “f.u.c.k them! They’re incapable doctors! There’s nothing that’s incurable in this world! Even cancer has been cured already hasn’t it?! Lie’er is obviously still breathing. Didn’t you say that he could speak before coming here?!”

Yu Jizi stepped in and said, “Commander, the doctor isn’t wrong. Lie’er only managed to survive due to his body’s enhanced stature through secret medicines and medicated baths from young. In addition to his practice of Kunlun’s technique, various aspects of his body are different from that of an ordinary person. This time, he got harmed by the internal energy of a Xiantian expert. It’s possible that if he was moved slightly, Lie’er would… So, it isn’t a problem that can be solved through a medical treatment.”

“Then what should we do? Is Lie’er possibly going to lie there for the rest of his life…” Guo Xuehua’s eyes reddened severely like peaches due to crying. She really wasn’t willing to talk about it more.

Yang Pojun gazed fiercely upon his wife. “What nonsensical things are you talking about?! There will be a way! How can my, Yang Pojun’s son, spend the rest of his life this way?!”

Yang Pojun then turned his sharp gaze towards Yu Jizi. “Daoist, isn’t there something we can do to treat Lie’er?”

Yu Jizi frowned. Actually, he had an idea. Although he wasn’t sure if it would work, it really was the only way he could think of…

As he pondered, Yu Jizi looked at Abbess Yun Miao who was standing beside him.

Abbess Yun Miao had been silent the whole time. When Yu Jizi looked over, she sighed slightly and said, “There’s actually one way.”

“Abbess, what is it?!” Yang Pojun immediately became excited. Even the father and son from the Cai clan who stood by the door looked at Abbess Yun Miao curiously.

Abbess Yun Miao said, “I have discussed about this carefully with Daoist before. Since Yang Lie’s injury was caused by an expert with incredible internal energy, internal energy of the same level can naturally be used to treat him. However, the person who attacked him is an expert of Xiantian Full Cycle. As far as I know, in all of China, there are maybe even less than five people who managed to achieve this level, while the ones who did are all living in secluded places as they aren’t willing to make contact with other people. It may not even be possible to track them down. So…”

“We need to try to find them even if we can’t! Lie’er must recover!” Yang Pojun shouted before clenching his teeth.

“Actually… there’s another way.” Yu Jizi had been hesitating on whether he should suggest this idea. “Actually, we could try to ask the young man who hurt Lie’er to treat him… The young man practices a technique that is so profound that it can be used for treatment. As long as he’s willing to help, Lie’er has a very high chance of full recovery… Even if we managed to find other experts, Lie’er won’t necessarily be able to recover his abilities.”

Astonished, Yang Pojun exclaimed, “What?! You’re suggesting that we ask the same person who injured Lie’er in the first place to treat him?!”

“That’s right. As far as I know, the person actually doesn’t have a connection if any, to Lie’er. It was caused by a misunderstanding. So… if we can beg him politely… maybe…”

What Yu Jizi meant was obvious. The person he mentioned was Yang Lie’s only chance. However, it was impossible to invite him over without setting aside their pride.

This mission naturally wouldn’t be pa.s.sed down to someone else. Even Yu Jizi as the master was unqualified to carry it out. Moreover, it wasn’t appropriate for him to do such a thing when Yang Lie’s parents were present.

Yang Pojun wrinkled his brows tightly. Although he wanted Yang Lie to recover, he certainly couldn’t bear with begging someone sincerely.

“I’ll go!” Guo Xuehua suddenly shouted. “I’ll beg the person. Daoist, quickly tell me where the young man is. What’s his name?”

Everyone looked at Guo Xuehua whose tearing face looked resolute which made some of them feel touched. The love of a mother was the same regardless of where they came from.

She knew that she’d be humiliated if she went. Being the wielder of such a high position, it was impressive enough that Guo Xuehua was willing to do so.

Yu Jizi saw how determined Guo Xuehua looked. Ignoring Yang Pojun’s gaze, Yu Jizi told Guo Xuehua Yang Chen’s address.

“Madam Yang, the young man is called Yang Chen. He’s distantly related to our Shushan. You may tell him that I wish he can offer his help. Please forgive me as the situation doesn’t allow me to step in. I hope you can succeed,” Yun Miao said.

“Yang… Chen…” Guo Xuehua murmured before nodding. “Thank you, Abbess.”

However, Yang Pojun who caught the name suddenly realized something, which caused a chill in his brain!

Seeing that Guo Xuehua was going to leave with her bodyguards, Yang Pojun immediately went towards her.

“Xuehua, you can’t go!” Yang Pojun shouted before blocking Guo Xuehua’s way.

Guo Xuehua’s eyes were still red. Softly, she mumbled, “Let me pa.s.s. I want to save my son.”

“You’re the wife of the chief commander, and you’re married into our Yang clan. You’ll also be the wife of the Vice Chairman of the Military Commission in the future, but you’re going to beg a man who practices martial arts, a young man! How is this acceptable?!” Yang Pojun yelled loudly.

Guo Xuehua let out a disdainful smile. “Is this about your position, reputation, and pride again… Yang Pojun, I’ve had enough… More than 20 years ago, I had already lost a son because of your negligence towards this… Is your own offspring, your only son left less important than your d.a.m.n face?! Do you want me to experience losing a son for the second time?!”

“Shut up!!!” Yang Pojun shouted as if his heart was stabbed by the words to the furthest it could reach.

“Let me pa.s.s!!!” Guo Xuehua didn’t mind Yang Pojun anymore. Striding with huge steps, she walked past him from the side, looking resolute.

Yang Pojun got stunned in the corridor. When Guo Xuehua’s footsteps got softer and softer, he started murmuring…

“The mother is going to beg her son… Is this possibly the work of karma…”

The more Yang Pojun thought about it, the matter became more ridiculous. If he really is the same Yang Chen… How did he become so domineering in martial arts? Is he really as described as Jieyu, that he’s grown to such pre-eminence?

Yang Pojun squinted his eyes. Yang Lie’s injury was now secondary. Yang Pojun felt that he had to carefully investigate Yang Chen’s situation…


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