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Eyes Closed

His words were stern with a tinge of his usual playful wickedness.

Lin Ruoxi lightly bit onto her lip. Through the dim glimmers of night lights, she stared at Yang Chen. “Can you drive with your eyes closed?”


“Would you crash if you can’t see the road?” Lin Ruoxi briefly explained.

Yang Chen was puzzled. I gave a lot of thought to come up with those heartfelt lines. And you’re telling me that’s the best you could come up with? Not even a tear? he thought.

But he nonetheless shook his head and replied, “No, not just for driving. I can even fly a plane with my eyes closed.”

“Alright then…”

Before Yang Chen could wrap his head around what was bound to happen, Lin Ruoxi twisted her body and her velvet skin brushed upon his shoulder.

A burst of fragrance gushed upon his face, and Yang Chen could feel that his lips were being sealed shut by a pair of soft, supple lips.

A rush of a cherry sensation flushed through his mouth.

As their faces unified, he could feel his wife’s body heat amplify from her embarra.s.sment, which she ultimately converted to a gush of pa.s.sion.

Yang Chen finally understood what she meant when she questioned his ability to drive with his eyes closed because his eyes were now s.h.i.+elded from sight by hers.

But it didn’t matter.

Yang Chen held onto the steering wheel with one hand while the other was used to grab his wife’s waist and flip her around.

As their tongues coiled, savoring each other, Lin Ruoxi was hypnotized by Yang Chen’s aggressive approach as she went limp like a deflated balloon.

The sound of suckling and gasping resonated through the car.

Lin Ruoxi never knew a french kiss could last this long, especially when Yang Chen intentionally decelerated on their way back. Their pa.s.sionate kiss lasted for half an hour before they arrived at the gate of their home.

When they stopped by the front gate, Lin Ruoxi stared blankly at the abyss, with tears in her eyes. Her puffy lips were filled with warmth.

“Hey, we’re home now.” Yang Chen watched his wife still impa.s.sive from the aftermath. He was also rather drained from the kinky business.

Lin Ruoxi came back into focus as she gently knocked Yang Chen on the chin with her forehead as she pouted. “I was just handing you a reward. How did you make it last that long?”

“It was long repressed, what can I say?” Yang Chen replied with a sinister grin. “As I said, when we finally have our wedding, I’ll eventually move in with you. This is just a little taste of what is in store.”

Lin Ruoxi placed her hand on his chest. “When are we getting married then…”


“A little…”

Yang Chen was gratefully amused. “Wow when did you become so open about this?”

Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes at him. “We’ve been married for over a year. The whole world knows of our marriage. What reasons would I have to still be shy?

“I’m just worried that if we delayed it any more, I might start another ‘cold war’ with you and ruin things. Anyway, the point is a man like you just agitates me a lot more than you should.”

Yang Chen defended his actions. “It’s normal for married couples to argue and bicker with one another. This wedding… I’ve been arranging it with a team. When the weather gets colder, you’ll know it’s time.”

While explaining he held onto her pet.i.te hand, giving it a little squeeze. “Don’t worry about it, I’ll make the most amazing, perfect, flawless wedding you’ll ever see in your entire life.

“The last year and a half as my wife must’ve been really hard on you. Serves me right for going for someone above my league I guess.”

Lin Ruoxi shyly giggled with her mouth covered as she retracted her hand. “Just so you know, your breath reeks of roasted pigeon and alcohol. Now my breath smells oily and fatty. Let’s go, we have some time left to spend with Mother and w.a.n.g Ma for late-night television.”

As they steered the car into its parking spot and made their way into the house, their previous misunderstandings dissipated in an instant.

Yang Chen took a breath of relief, glad that his bitter days lasted shorter than he would have expected. Now that his relations.h.i.+p with his wife was stable, he was free to deal with everything else in his life.

Guo Xuehua and w.a.n.g Ma were watching the telly in the living room. Zhenxiu was notably absent, presumably off to bed due to her last examination early tomorrow.

To see the couple return in all smiles on both their faces, w.a.n.g Ma and Guo Xuehua exchanged a look at one another.

“Come, come. Sit down and watch the news with us. It’s rare for both of us to see you so intimate,” Guo Xuehua happily requested.

Lin Ruoxi obediently took a seat next to her mother-in-law, while Yang Chen dragged a chair from the side.

w.a.n.g Ma was rather attentive in her prior preparations of a pot of green tea for the couple. For the family to sit together and spend time with one another was truly a rare sight to behold.

Yang Chen noticed that Guo Xuehua and w.a.n.g Ma were teasing Lin Ruoxi who was caught staring blankly at the telly, which prompted her to redden up like a cherry tomato. It was a sight that had brought a smile to his face. He had yearned for a simple, harmonious life like this one back in his darkest days.

To have his loved ones happily living their lives was the most beautiful thing he would ever wish for.

While he was thinking about his circ.u.mstances, he was convinced to uncover the best cultivation method to optimistically introduce it to his lovers, Guo Xuehua, w.a.n.g Ma, and all the people he genuinely cared for.

Right at that moment, on the news came a familiar face.

Yang Chen frowned at the sight of the man that was pretty severely pranked by him not too long ago. It was Wei Tinghao!

It did not take long before Lin Ruoxi took notice too. She turned to Yang Chen and stared at him for a bit before turning her attention back to the screen.

Wei Tinghao was at the center of a press conference, draped in a fitting suit paired with a striking tie. He looked every bit the part he was playing.

The bright red headlines read ‘Interpol collab with Zhonghai police force on international human trafficking crackdown’.

Yang Chen had heard from Cai Yan about their joint investigation, but he just figured out what it was about.

Wei Tinghao proudly elaborated to the reporters on how they could effectively crack down on such criminals, in addition to advising families to stay safe.

Guo Xuehua frowned as she saw the news. “This man seems rather familiar, Wei Tinghao. I’m sure his last name’s Wei, the son of Minister Wei of the security bureau. Never thought he’d end up as part of the Interpol. He looks rather dignified.”

Yang Chen smiled when his mother mentioned the word ‘dignified’. He was surprised at how quick Wei Tinghao was able to bounce back from the recent fiasco.

Lin Ruoxi was rather concerned as she mentioned, “The international trafficking organization sounds dangerous. If the Interpol knew they were here in Zhonghai, why didn’t they send more people to arrest them in one fair swoop?”

“Interpol can’t do that.” Yang Chen cut into the conversation.

The women turned their attention to him, awaiting further explanation.

“Unlike what’s shown in movies where the Interpol can just fly across the globe and crack down on criminals, they have many procedures and rules to follow when it comes to matters like this one.

“Since the founding of their headquarters in Lyon, France, they have sworn to be an intermediary and unaligned intelligence organization. Their jobs are to support the police force of each country in international criminal activity and arrests.

“This means that Interpol has to respect the laws and bylaws of the respective countries that they are in. They can support the investigation but must rely on the country’s prosecution and a.s.sistance. This explains why the Interpol sent only Wei Tinghao to a.s.sist with Zhonghai’s investigation, but they will have to defer until Yanyan’s police force makes a move.”

Yang Chen’s detailed explanation perked Lin Ruoxi’s curiosity as she took to question, “And how would you know all this?”

Yang Chen awkwardly shuffled as he replied, “If it wasn’t because they were restricted by international boundaries, the first person they would arrest is me.”

His response left Guo Xuehua and w.a.n.g Ma dumbfounded. Lin Ruoxi, on the other hand, let out a desperate sigh. Clearly, there was a lot more she did not know about her husband.

But what else could she have said at this point? She had to see this through and through even if he turned out to be a villain.

After that, they went back to watching the TV, before Lin Ruoxi noticed that it was getting late. She decided to head off and take a warm shower before calling it a day.

Yang Chen saw his wife leave for the second floor which prompted him to spring up and stop her. “Follow me.”

Lin Ruoxi was confused but something sprang up in her mind which caused her to redden all over.

Is tonight the night we’re doing the lovey-dovey stuff? But he said he’ll wait until after our wedding. Did he change his mind? she thought.

While she was in deep contemplation, Lin Ruoxi was dragged into a room by Yang Chen.

When she found out that Yang Chen took her to a room, but not the bedroom, she realized that she was the one with perverted thoughts.

Yang Chen, on the other hand, was consumed by the self-declared emergency at hand. He quickly shut the door before turning to his woman. “Babe Ruoxi, from tomorrow onwards, you have to train.”


Lin Ruoxi lifted her head once again. Her embarra.s.sment had now morphed into confusion as he stared at him.

“What I mean is you need to start training your core. Wake up earlier from now on and find somewhere with fresh air and good ventilation. I’m not expecting you to do Tai Chi or whatnot. You can do anything as long as it strengthens your physical body. Take deep breaths every day and make the most out of the little time you have. You have to improve your core strength by a huge stretch in the shortest time possible,” Yang Chen said seriously.

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