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Chapter 64 Cutting Tendons


Gao Chuangxin attached a lot of importance to brotherhood and he was also somewhat impulsive.

When he heard that the Mythic group’s outer members were being continuously bullied, he finally couldn’t stand it.

He was originally in charge of supervising some rather strong outer members to guard Tuoba Ye. Hence, it was very easy for him to choose a group of strong members to go take revenge on those that had injured their members. In this group of strong members, the strongest was himself but he was only a rank five Xiantian Martial G.o.d, the others were even more weak.

Gao Chuangxin took over ten outer members and quickly found the people who had bullied Mythic group.

The numbers of the opposite side were also not many being over ten experts but the weakest were rank four Xiantian Martial G.o.ds whereas the strongest was a rank seven Xiantian Martial G.o.d expert, they were not a group which Gao Chuangxin and the rest could compare to.

Seeing the strength of the opposite side, the outer members who Gao Chuangxin had brought cowered.

“Senior Gao Chuangxin, the opposite side is too strong, we are not their match, it will be better to return back, right?”

“Right, if they attack mercilessly, we will suffer a disaster.”

Gao Chuangxin frowned: “If you are afraid, you can return, I definitely must teach them a lesson.”

He charged over and said loudly: “Are you the ones that injured our Mythic group’s people?”

His imposing manner was very strong and his expression was also very frightening.

But the Divine Punishment group’s experts were absolutely not afraid of him, those experts began to laugh loudly.

“Kid, you are only a rank five Xiantian Martial G.o.d expert, but you dare to stick out, you are just courting death!”

“Move! Beat him up fiercely!”

Over ten experts surrounded Gao Chuangxin and began to attack.

Most of them were stronger than Gao Chuangxin but they still used their numbers to attack him, simply throwing aside their integrities.

Gao Chaungxin’s eyes were very red, he stuck to one expert and began making crazed attacks. He simply didn’t care about other experts’ attacks.

Those attacks landed on his body and he suffered serious injuries but he still chased after his target and inflicted serious injuries to his target too.

Those other people he had brought were not able to take it anymore, someone shouted loudly: “We cannot abandon Gao Chuangxin no matter what, everyone move together. Even if we suffer, we will suffer together. Stake your lives against them, if they dare to kill us, they also won’t be able to escape the punishments.”

Over ten experts, they weren’t powerful, but with a spirit of staking it all, they charged over.

“Don’t kill them, be careful of that.” Divine Punishment group’s experts became afraid.

This was Immortal Clouds valley, if they really killed their fellow disciples, even if they had some background, they would still be driven away by the sect.

It was originally not easy for them to become a disciple of the Pill Cauldron sect, who would want to be driven away.

Hence, although the Mythic group’s people were fiercely beaten up, their injuries were not very heavy. The experts of the Divine Punishment group were afraid of making heavy attacks and kill someone.

Only Gao Chuangxin suffered relatively serious injuries, he had lot of cracked bones on his body and he was not even able to crawl up.


It was not difficult at all to attack a bottleneck to Tuoba Ye.

But Tuoba Ye wasn’t worried of advancing too fast like before, he had continuously acc.u.mulated his strength and had acc.u.mulated enough strength and he was still continuously acc.u.mulating strength.

When everything was prepared and ready, he began to attack the bottleneck.

Everything was like when water flows, a channel is formed, two years of acc.u.mulations broke through the bottleneck in a spurt of energy and advanced to rank eight Xiantian Martial G.o.d realm.

After becoming a rank eight Xiantian Martial G.o.d realm, Tuoba Ye cultivated for three days and three nights, to stabilize his breakthrough.

“It is time to go out, year-end great tournament, here I come!” Tuoba Ye seemed to be very excited.

Although those that could partic.i.p.ate in the tournament would not be many among the million outer sect disciples but it had always been Tuoba Ye’s previous life’s dream to compete in this kind of cultivators compet.i.tion.

In his previous life, he didn’t have a Spirit Root, he had spent all his energy to be able to cultivate so he had no opportunities to compete against his peers.

Now, his wishes were fulfilled, he joined a cultivation sect, and he was going to fight for a rank in the million outer sect disciples compet.i.tion, just thinking of this felt exciting.

He walked out of the wood cabin and saw Yang Bin along with others waiting outside with anxious expressions.

“Yang Bin, what happened?” Tuoba Ye asked.

He had been in seclusion for several days so he didn’t know of any outside matters. Mythic group had many enemies so there was a possibility for something to have occurred.

“Leader, someone made a move against our Mythic group’s outer members and the numbers of people who have suffered injuries are not few. Originally, we intended to wait for you to come out to deal with them but Gao Chuangxin took over ten experts to exact justice. They are not strong at all, we are very worried about them.” Yang Bin said.

“Then let’s move! Go find Gao Chuangxin!” Tuoba Ye didn’t say anything further, he was going to rush towards the depths of the Immortal Clouds valley.

“Leader, Gao Chuangxin and the rest have already gone for some time, I don’t know if we will be able to make it.” Yang Bin said.

Tuoba Ye hesitated for a while: “Yang Bin, come soon after, I will move first.”

He used his movement technique and recklessly used his Spirit talismans to increase his speed.

His words had just left, when his whole figure disappeared.

Yang Bin and the rest were stupefied: “Leader is so fast!”

“Leader is definitely much more powerful, those that bullied us will suffer a calamity.” Shu Haiyang said in excitement.

Yang Bin calmed down: “We need to speed up, Gao Chaungxin and the rest have left for a long time, they might have already been beaten up. We need to go over to help, leader is only one individual and he won’t be able to take care of them.”

“Good, we need to immediately catch up.”

Tuoba Ye was very anxious, he hurried on with his fastest speed.

His speed quickly reached the extreme and his figure flashed by.

“Someone seems to have pa.s.sed by on the road!” A youngster said in astonishment.

Beside him, there was another youngster and he looked but he didn’t see any figure: “Your eyes are getting weak this young, where is there anyone, not even a ghost can be seen.”

“Could my eyes really have gotten weaker?”

A lot of such events occurred on the way, it could be clearly seen how fast Tuoba Ye was.

But he didn’t delay even a step, when he arrived to the scene, Gao Chuangxin was seriously injured whereas other outer members all had different degree of injuries. From time to time, Divine Punishment group’s experts were humiliating the Mythic group’s outer members.

“How extraordinary Mythic group is? Isn’t this being stepped under our foot!” A young disciple stepped with force on Gao Chuangxin’s hand.

Gao Chaungxin fiercely stared back and didn’t even groan.

“You just wait, when our leader comes, you will definitely die!” A Mythic group’s outer member said fiercely.

“Haha……” Divine Punishment group’s experts all laughed loudly.

One of them said: “Kid, you still don’t understand the situation? What is Mythic group? Your leader is only a new outer sect disciple, what will he rely on to contend against our Divine Punishment group?”

“Right!” Tuoba Ye said coldly: “What skills do you think you have by bullying new disciples?”

Upon speaking, he punched out, fist shadow glittered, directly sending the person who was stepping on Gao Chuangxin’s hand, flying.

The fist shadow had struck the youngster’s thigh, a clear and sharp sound of bones cracking could be heard.

“Aaahhh…….” That youngster screamed out very miserably.

“You dare to sneak attack!” Another youngster said furiously.

Tuoba Ye sneered: “To deal with you, I don’t need to sneak attack. Come all at once!”

Although these youngster had heard of Tuoba Ye’s fame but they still had full confidence on their strength.

Over ten youngsters looked at each other and then they all charged towards Tuoba Ye in an unanimous decision.

Tuoba Ye moved his Tiger Beheading blade, with the blade on the hand, his aggressiveness shook the Heaven and Earth.

“Not good, run away!” A rank seven Xiantian Martial G.o.d expert’s expression changed greatly.

“Not one shall escape!” Tuoba Ye said coldly.

Following which, he used Tyrant Battle Dragon’s blade techniques, shooting out sharp blade lights.

“Ahhh, aahhh……” Blood curdling screams continuously echoed out, over ten experts were on the ground in a flash.

Tuoba Ye’s move was very accurate, he cut off their foot tendons, preventing them from escaping.

With cultivator’s methods, a broken foot tendons could easily be healed. Tuoba Ye was very clear on this, it could be said that he had shown mercy.

Seeing Tuoba Ye deal with the opponents in a flash, those outer members on the ground became very excited, forgetting the pain on their bodies.

“Leader, you are too ferocious!”

“Leader, we were waiting for you.”


“You are all very good!” Seeing the injuries on the over ten outer members, Tuoba Ye was moved.

He first walked beside Gao Chuangxin as he had already checked that the injuries on Gao Chuangxin were the most grave.

“Gao Chuangxin, can you stand up?” Tuoba Ye asked.

“Leader, I am okay!” Gao Chuangxin said.

Tuoba Ye used Divine Will to sweep over and found out that the bones were broken on eighteen places on Gao Chuangxin’s body, his injuries were very serious.

If it were not for his astonishing physique, he would have already lost his consciousness.

Tuoba Ye didn’t didn’t dare to be careless, he immediately connected those bones along with all the fractured bones. With Divine Will’s help, this couldn’t be considered to be difficult.

Finishing this, Tuoba Ye used Wood Spiritual arts to move his Yuan Force to heal Gao Chuangxin.

Yuan Force under Wood Spiritual arts had healing effects.

Tuoba Ye didn’t know of other methods to heal so he could only use his Yuan Force to heal Gao Chuangxin.

“Is it better?”

“Leader, thank you. I am a lot better.” Gao Chuangxin’s expression was indeed a lot better than before and some redness could be seen on his pale face.

“Don’t move, wait for Yang Bin and others to help you walk.” Tuoba Ye said.

After stabilizing Gao Chuangxin’s injury, Tuoba Ye walked towards other outer members.

Their injuries were much lighter, Tuoba Ye used some Yuan Force to stabilize their injuries.

Not long after, Yang Bin and others arrived. Seeing Mythic group’s people all collapsed on the ground, they immediately became angry.

“Leader, Divine Punishment group is too excessive. You only refused to join their group and they actually dangled after us, injuring a lot of our outer members.” Yang Bin said.

“They injured Gao Chuangxin and the rest, I have already cut off their foot tendons. If you still hate them, you can teach them a lesson but don’t take their lives.” Tuoba Ye said indifferently.

One should deal with their enemies fiercely, otherwise the enemies wouldn’t engrave it in their hearts.

“Attack, any injuries our brothers suffered, we will return them all two-fold!” Yang Bin said coldly.

Yang Bin and others had brought over hundred outer members, they took turns in attacking the over ten experts on the ground. And soon, wail like ghosts and howl like wolves were echoing about.

“Yang Bin, bring people to carry them, be careful. Take special care of Gao Chuangxin, a lot of his bones are broken, I have already connected them but don’t let them break again.” Tuoba Ye said.

“Yes! Leader!” Yang Bin promptly made arrangements for people to help.

“Audacious! Actually injuring our Divine Punishment group’s people, are you sick of living?” A loud sound arrived, suppressing the blood-curdling screams.


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