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Chapter 1911: 1911

Huo Lieyun turned several shades whiter when he blocked Leng Yueyan’s attack . To use the Brahma Divine Diagram, he had used up a huge amount of his essence blood .

His combat power had already dropped from his peak, and to kill Long Chen now was impossible . If this continued, they would all die to Leng Yueyan .

Leng Yueyan’s arrival was completely unexpected . Without her, perhaps Long Chen would already be a corpse . However, there weren’t so many ifs in this world . They could only face this miserable reality .

Seeing Huo Lieyun and the others fleeing, Leng Yueyan didn’t chase after them . She turned back to Long Chen . “Thank you for having mercy on me twice . I’ve now repaid you, so our paths are now severed, and we can each walk our own path . But let me advise you to hurry and leave this place . I just killed one of the princes of the Yin world’s Blood race, so they’ll quickly arrive . If you still don’t leave, you won’t have a chance in the future . ”

Leng Yueyan took out a b.l.o.o.d.y head that had a blood-colored horn on it . Its face was twisted in a sinister expression, and it emitted terrifying fluctuations .

“I wish you all luck . ”

After saying that, Leng Yueyan swung her sword through the air . The void was cut open like it was cloth, and she stepped into that opening . She gave a faint smile to Long Chen before vanis.h.i.+ng .

Leng Yueyan had just left when black qi suddenly exploded out of the Yin world, enveloping the sky .

“Run!” Long Chen shouted, his expression changing .

As soon as that black qi appeared, he felt sweat covering his back . The Nine Star Hegemon Body Art’s intuition was telling him that great danger was rapidly approaching .

Long Chen slashed Evilmoon at Di Feng who was in the midst of fighting Mo Nian . The two of them were both covered in blood and injuries . Their battle had been extremely intense .

Long Chen’s sudden attack made Di Feng’s expression change . He and Mo Nian had used up everything in their fight . If Long Chen suddenly joined in, he would definitely die in this state .

With a snort, the divine ring behind Di Feng began to spin . He stepped into the divine ring, and it shrank until it vanished along with him .

“Let’s go!”

Long Chen hadn’t had the intention of killing Di Feng; he just wanted to end the battle . An expert like Di Feng would naturally have countless life-saving measures . Adding on his great karmic luck, killing him required an absolute power disparity .

“f.u.c.k, if you gave me a couple more hours, I might have been able to beat him,” said Mo Nian hatefully .

Mo Nian knew that in truth, the two of them were equally matched . For him to kill Di Feng was almost impossible .

However, as long as he could defeat the latter, it would be a blow to the Di family’s morale . Unfortunately, he hadn’t managed to do so . He had fled because Long Chen had come, and that was more than enough of an excuse for Di Feng to run .

“Stop thinking about that and run for your life!” shouted Long Chen . The originally sunny Yang world was rapidly turning so dark that they couldn’t even see in front of themselves .

Huo Lieyun, Xie Luo, True Immortal Jiaoqi, Di Feng, and the other peak experts had fled . Even those Life Star Empyreans and survivors of the coalition army were fleeing .

“Martial Heaven Alliance, gather up!” shouted Long Chen .

The Martial Heaven Alliance’s original army of over six hundred thousand experts had been reduced to around one hundred and forty thousand . They had taken immense losses, but compared to the coalition army, they were the winners .

The various large powers of the Martial Heaven Continent had sent over two million experts against them, but only thirty thousand had survived . Now they were fleeing for their lives .

As for the neutral camp’s experts, all of them noticed that something was off, and they were retreating . They were originally very far from the battlefield, so they were already gone .

Behind them was a loose group of the coalition army . They were now only looking out for themselves .

As for the Dragonblood Legion and the Martial Heaven Alliance’s warriors, they were still standing at their original location, waiting for Long Chen’s orders .

“Ruyan, work together with Cloud!” shouted Long Chen .

Liu Ruyan nodded, and giant branches bundled all the experts into a giant cage . Cloud then opened her mouth and took in the cage . Long Chen, Mo Nian, Ye Zhiqiu, and the others stood on Cloud’s back .

“d.a.m.nable human race, leave behind your lives!”

They had just started flying away when a sinister voice rang out from behind them like the summoning of the gates of h.e.l.l .

Long Chen and the others looked back, and their hair stood on end . They saw a group of blood-colored lifeforms holding giant sickles and charging out of the black qi .

They looked similar to humans, but they were covered in blood-colored runes . Moreover, they had two strange horns on their heads, and their auras were frighteningly bizarre .

Each of them possessed a terrifying aura like those Life Star Empyreans .

Even worse was the fact that there was an endless tide of these lifeforms . There was no way to estimate their numbers .

“Run!” shouted Long Chen . Cloud didn’t even wait for Long Chen’s orders . The runes on her wings lit up, and she streaked through the air like a five-colored shooting star .

The Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow’s speed could be rated as number one in the world . Hence, Long Chen and the others vanished from sight in the blink of an eye .

They easily shot past the experts of the coalition army . Those experts roared furiously and tried to attack Cloud so that she would be injured and left behind to be the sacrificial victim .

However, Mo Nian snorted, and his bow rapidly shot several arrows . The attackers were all slain with unbelievable accuracy .

“Little juniors, you dare to be arrogant?” sneered Mo Nian as they shot past .

Long Chen looked at him speechlessly . Even showing off shouldn’t be done randomly . Mo Nian was literally an arrow at the end of its flight . He was exhausted, but instead of resting, he still had to show off .

As for those people’s attacks, there was no they could penetrate the defenses of the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow . They could be ignored .

Hence, Mo Nian’s attack was superfluous . He was clearly doing it for Ye Lingshan to see . Inside, he swallowed some blood that had surged out of his throat . He might have managed to conceal it from everyone else, but not from Long Chen .

As for Ye Lingshan, she was actually sitting in meditation, with Chu Yao behind her, her hands against her back . She was helping Ye Lingshan heal .

Ye Lingshan had paid a terrifying price to slay Ming Jie . She had then suppressed her injuries to continue fighting, leading the army of the Martial Heaven Alliance . She was barely conscious .

After all, Ming Jie was a genius on the same level of fame as Xie Luo . His true combat power wasn’t much weaker than Xie Luo .

However, because he hadn’t expected Ye Lingshan to suddenly launch such a crazy attack, he had ended up dead . His life-preserving trump card had also been exposed by Long Chen, causing him to die at Ye Lingshan’s hands .

However, Ming Jie’s full-strength attack was not so easy to receive . Ye Lingshan’s injuries had a terrifying curse energy residing within .

She hadn’t had time to heal with that fight going on, so the curse energy had invaded her soul . Now, Chu Yao was using her own wood spiritual energy to extract that curse energy and purify it . Although it was taking a long time, this was definitely safe and effective .

Mo Nian’s little bit of showing off was witnessed by no one . Long Chen really couldn’t figure out how this fellow’s brain worked .


Suddenly, miserable cries rang out from behind them . The army of blood-colored lifeforms had caught up to the coalition army . Their sickles easily cut through powerful Empyreans .

The survivors of the coalition army were all elites amongst elites, but they were unable to resist in front of these strange lifeforms .

One of the Life Star Empyreans tried to charge out, but he didn’t even last a few seconds before his head was cut off .

One of the lifeforms who appeared older and was wearing ancient robes pressed a finger against that Life Star Empyrean’s head . His head instantly withered .

“Leng Yueyan, Long Chen, Martial Heaven Continent, how brazen! You dared to kill my Blood race’s prince, release the immortal gra.s.s, and break my seal! None of you is getting out of here alive!”

The elder roared and led the rest of the lifeforms to charge forward . Clearly, that elder had completed a soulsearch in that instant and knew of what had happened, including Long Chen releasing the Yin Yang Immortal Gra.s.s and Ye Lingshan breaking the seal to release the fragment of the Eastern Wasteland Bell .

“It seems they’re the Blood race that Leng Yueyan mentioned,” said Long Chen, looking back gravely .

“We can’t be captured by them . That old fellow seems to be even more terrifying than a Netherpa.s.sage expert,” said Mo Nian .

Leng Yueyan was truly terrifying . Just how bored was she to have gone to kill one of their princes and draw out such terrifying existences?

“The Blood race is extremely ancient and lives in dark worlds . Those blood-colored runes on their bodies are death runes . Because they possess an innate death energy, they were famous even in the ancient era . The Yin Yang World is their territory, but due to the cycle of Yin and Yang in their world, they were forced to retreat into the Yin side . If they appeared in the Yang side, they would be repulsed by life energy . Right now, they are using up a huge amount of energy to draw the Yin world’s death energy over to the Yang side . It seems they’re truly infuriated,” said Yue Xiaoqian .

Everyone came to a sudden comprehension . No wonder everything in the Yin Yang World felt unnatural . So the Blood race was the master of this place .

“But why would they leave their treasures in the Yang world? They felt it would be rude to take them, so they left them as a trial by fire?” Tang Wan-er didn’t believe that .

“It’s a trap . Some things can’t be said directly, but if you think about it, you should understand,” said Yue Xiaoqian .

Long Chen’s heart shook . He suddenly thought of the giant egg Little Snow was now in, as well as the divine chains binding the egg .

He also thought of the Immemorial Path . There had been a terrifying skull on top of a mysterious altar . He seemed to understand something .

Miserable cries continued to ring out as more and more experts of the Blood race charged over . The experts who had fallen behind were slain one by one, their blood raining down .


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