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Chapter 1917: 1917

Qu Jianying’s tone was like a harsh elder criticizing her own child . Although it was harsh, she wasn’t treating Mo Nian as an outsider .

Mo Nian innocently said, “I don’t embarra.s.s my ancestors at all . If anything, they would be proud of me for unearthing the remnants of our lost history . I’m bringing back the remnants of the immortals for the Martial Heaven Continent’s development…”

“Alright, you can stop . As expected, birds of a feather flock together . No wonder you’re so close to that fellow Long Chen . You shouldn’t learn from him,” said Qu Jianying, who couldn’t be bothered to continue listening to Mo Nian’s quibbling .

Mo Nian immediately said, “Senior, you really understand me . In truth, I was once an incomparably pure and motivated youth . I had such dreams… but then I encountered Long Chen . Ah, I can’t say any more, I’m going to cry…”

Mo Nian’s aggrieved expression immediately made Long Chen rage . “You were the bad sort from the start, so what does it have to do with me? Who do you think you’re trying to blame?”

The disciples laughed at their interaction, and even some of the old Netherpa.s.sage experts cracked a smile . To them, the children these days were quite lively . Even though they had just escaped death, they were relaxed .

What was an expert? This was an expert . True experts didn’t always need to maintain a high and mighty air . An expert who could laugh and curse was a real expert .

Both Long Chen and Mo Nian didn’t act like they were supreme normally, but in battle, they became undefeatable G.o.ds . An expert who didn’t look down on the weak or fear the strong was more worthy of their admiration .

Even Qu Jianying couldn’t help smiling . These two really were a perfect pair .

“Alright, tell us what happened inside . The few of you should come with me to discuss it,” said Qu Jianying . She was indicating that Long Chen, Mo Nian, Ye Lingshan, Ye Zhiqiu, as well as the people on the level of the Dragonblood Legion’s captains should go somewhere to talk . That would be more dignified and easier .

Although they were just Soul Transformation disciples, they had terrifying potential . It was almost set in stone that they would be able to advance to the Netherpa.s.sage realm . That was why she viewed them as the future backbones of the Righteous path .

“Thank you, but I won’t be going . As a disciple of the Divine Ice Palace, some things aren’t convenient for me to partic.i.p.ate in,” said Ye Zhiqiu .

The Divine Ice Palace was also a sect situated outside the struggle of the Righteous and Corrupt paths . The reason why she was standing beside Long Chen was due to personal reasons, but if she were to partic.i.p.ate in a gathering of the Righteous path, it would be equivalent to pulling in the Divine Ice Palace . So she couldn’t attend this meeting .

“I’ve never attended any such meetings, so if you have any instructions, just tell Miss Lingshan and she can tell me . Even if your orders are to walk through fire, I won’t hesitate,” said Mo Nian solemnly .

Long Chen got gooseb.u.mps just by listening . Even when picking up girls, there was no need to be so shameless . Long Chen was amazed by how thick his skin was .

“Alliance head, those of us who belong to the Dragonblood Legion will just listen to Long Chen . He can go talk it out with you, but we don’t need to go . We sisters haven’t seen Zhiqiu in many years, so it just so happens that we have much to catch up on . We don’t want to bring you trouble,” said Chu Yao .

As a result, everyone from the Dragonblood Legion retreated . Just Long Chen alone was enough .

Long Chen stealthily cast a glance at Ye Lingshan . She immediately understood and said, “Alliance head, there were many outstanding experts appeared amongst our Martial Heaven Alliance this time . I feel like they are qualified to join in on this discussion . ”

In front of everyone, Ye Lingshan couldn’t call Qu Jianying master . She had to call her alliance head to indicate her impartiality .

There was a deeper meaning in the Dragonblood Legion leaving . It was to give Ye Lingshan a greater chance for promotion .

After all, the Martial Heaven Alliance was the Martial Heaven Alliance, while the Dragonblood Legion was the Dragonblood Legion . Ye Lingshan had to raise her own confidants . Once those confidants grew up and became masters of their own sects, her position in the Martial Heaven Alliance would be solidified .

Before this, Ye Lingshan had had this thought but hadn’t dared to bring it up because although there were many outstanding figures amongst the Martial Heaven Alliance, they paled a bit in comparison to the monsters of the Dragonblood Legion . If she invited them to enter alongside those monsters, they would feel inferior .

With the Dragonblood Legion retreating, they had freed up s.p.a.ce for these outstanding figures . The Dragonblood Legion would not touch the Martial Heaven Alliance’s posts and positions .

In truth, this was a very important aspect . If the Dragonblood Legion merged into the Martial Heaven Alliance, it wouldn’t be long before the Martial Heaven Alliance became a branch of the Dragonblood Legion . That was extremely bad for the Martial Heaven Alliance’s stability .

Furthermore, their enemies would use that chance to criticize them, saying that Long Chen had been planning this from the start, to take over the Martial Heaven Alliance .

After all, an alliance was just an alliance . It was not a single large sect . There were many complicated relations that Long Chen did not want to partic.i.p.ate in .

Qu Jianying nodded, allowing Ye Lingshan to pick out a total of thirty-six powerful experts to enter the meeting .

Li Tianxuan also entered, but the old patriarch left with the Xuantian Tower . The news that the Xuantian Tower had left the Xuantian Dao Sect was rapidly spreading, so to be safe, the Xuantian Tower should return .

Mo Nian and the other disciples were left to chat in the plaza . It was very lively . Having undergone a great battle together, they all felt closer to each other than before . Those disciples that had comprehended the Dao of Life and Death in particular were extremely grateful to the Dragonblood Legion . They had sacrificed much for them .

Countless disciples hadn’t been qualified to enter the Yin Yang World . Qu Jianying had ordered that any disciples below rank eight Celestial would be immediately kicked out of the Martial Heaven Alliance if they dared to enter the Yin Yang World . If they had entered, they would only be sending themselves to their deaths .

Many disciples had been a bit angry with that order . It was wasting a chance for them to adventure and get stronger . Although they didn’t say it out loud, they thought about it .

However, now they saw that only over a hundred thousand disciples had returned . Hearing about their miserable plight inside, they knew that the orders were justified .

Let alone rank eight and rank nine Celestials, even Empyreans had been slaughtered . These rank seven and below Celestials weren’t even cannon fodder .

. . .

Long Chen and the others entered the Martial Heaven Palace, but he didn’t see the four Grand Elders . It seemed they had left Qu Jianying in charge of this .

“The Four Grand Elders don’t have much longevity left . It’s not good for them to be walking about . They’re sitting in quiet meditation,” said Qu Jianying, seeming to read Long Chen’s mind .

“Alliance head, I’ve found the Life Extending Fruit . ” Long Chen took out dozens of fist-sized, fragrant fruit .

“You really found it?” Qu Jianying exclaimed with delight .

“I didn’t have to meticulously look for it . I just found it in a mysterious medicinal mountain field . When the formations broke, I just grabbed everything I could, and I found the Life Extending Fruit amongst them,” said Long Chen .

Back when he had released the Yin Yang Immortal Gra.s.s and Ye Lingshan had broken the seal on the Eastern Wasteland Bell’s fragment, they had ended up drawing out some terrifying ox-head devils .

Those devils had broken the formation of the medicinal field, and Long Chen had plundered them . He had grabbed anything he could get his hands on, and coincidentally, he had found the Life Extending Fruit .

“That’s excellent . With the Life Extending Fruit, the four Grand Elders will get a bit more longevity and be able to fight all-out . That’s huge for the Martial Heaven Alliance,” said Qu Jianying . “Do you have any more?”

“No, this is all I have . ” Long Chen shook his head . However, he sent a secret transmission to Qu Jianying . “I have more . It should be more than enough to use . ”

“These people are all trusted, so is there a need to be so careful?” demanded Qu Jianying . She also said it through a spiritual transmission .

“Hehe, if you want to trust them, that’s up to you . I only trust you and Ye Lingshan,” responded Long Chen .

“I’m telling you, don’t you dare try to seduce my apprentice,” warned Qu Jianying .

“What?” Long Chen almost coughed up blood . Did they have to treat him like a wolf to be guarded against?

To Ye Lingshan, Qu Jianying said, “Lingshan, explain the general situation . ”

Ye Lingshan nodded and narrated what had happened . She included the details of the battle, as well as the fact that Pill Valley, the ancient races, the Corrupt path, the ancient family alliance, the Xuan Beasts, Heavenly Fate Island, and the Bloodkill Hall were secretly colluding . They had made a giant trap to annihilate the Martial Heaven Alliance and the Dragonblood Legion .

Upon hearing of this trap, despite being prepared, Qu Jianying was infuriated and shocked . This entire expedition to the Yin Yang World had been a trap .

At the same time, she became grave . Most likely, many large and powerful sects that were originally part of the Martial Heaven Alliance were about to become hostile . They would be even more difficult to handle in the future .

However, when she heard that Ye Lingshan had slain one of the Corrupt path’s Three Kings, Ming Jie, Qu Jianying was filled with pride but also distress . At such a young age, Ye Lingshan had picked up such a heavy burden . As her master, she felt doing such a thing was unbearable, yet there was also no other choice .

“Qu Jianying, get out here! Today, if you don’t give me an explanation, the Martial Heaven Alliance will disappear forever from the Martial Heaven Continent!”

Qu Jianying was about to ask more questions when a furious shout resounded through the air like thunder, shaking everyone’s ears .


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