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Chapter 203

Chapter 203 Slaughter You

As he absorbed the Magical Beast essence blood, his blood energy continuously grew .

Two hours later, he had completely absorbed all the essence .

Long Chen’s blood had finally reached its saturated state . In other words, Long Chen could proceed with the next purification .

“Time to strike while the iron is still hot . ” Long Chen took a deep breath and his FengFu Star’s spiritual qi began to crazily circulate as he attempted to break through the next barrier .

Long Chen’s blood was boiling and surging, emitting a loud rumbling sound .

It was like boiling underground magma . Endless energy was igniting; that pure energy was being sent through every nook of his body .


Long Chen’s aura exploded out . Stones flipped hundreds of meters through the air . A powerful qi wave shot out in every direction .

“Haha, I’ve finally reached the eighth Heavenstage!”

Long Chen set out a delighted exclamation . Clenching his fist, he felt an endless energy surging out of him . In fact, he felt that he had so much energy that he would explode if he didn’t use it .

“Breaking Wind Fist!”

Long Chen punched a boulder . That boulder that was several meters large was smashed into powder .

“My physical body’s power has increased even further . It’s almost frightening to even myself . ”

Long Chen was incredibly excited . His physical body really was his most powerful aspect .

He wouldn’t be an expert focusing on Battle Skills . The most powerful aspect of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art was its ability to increase his physical body’s power .

It really was unfortunate that cultivating in it was so slow . Otherwise there would basically be no need for him to even learn Battle Skills . No matter how his opponents came at him, he could just let out a single punch to crush them .

“The Nine Star Hegemon Body Art’s path focuses on the physical body . I can’t waste time on Battle Skills or other things . I have to focus on it and my physical body . ”

Having reached the eighth Havenstage, Long Chen found his own physical strength had multiplied several times . Now he really understood what the ‘Hegemon Body’ part of this technique’s name meant .

Battle Skills could make his attacks even sharper, but without his physical body as the foundation, they would all be useless no matter how powerful they were .

It was just like Split the Heavens . Although he could now use it confidently without worry of a backlash, he found that as his cultivation base increased, Split the Heaven’s power also increased greatly, becoming more and more terrifying .

Other than its own power, that was also because Long Chen’s physical body was growing stronger . That previous Wind Breaking Fist he had tested just now was essentially useless to the current him .

Just his punches alone were comparable to Earth cla.s.s Battle Skills . That showed how powerful his physical body had become .

Long Chen had confirmed the focus of his cultivation . He wouldn’t waste his time chasing after powerful techniques of Battle Skills . It would be better to focus on increasing his cultivation base with the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art .

After reaching the eighth Heavenstage, Long Chen rested for a day to become accustomed to his new strength . On the next day, he once more began searching for new targets .

This rubble wasteland really was worthy of being called the graveyard of the exiled . Powerful third rank Magical Beasts were everywhere .

But Long Chen always picked his targets extremely carefully . First he selected those defensively weaker furred Magical Beasts, not even considering targeting the scaled Magical Beasts .

One reason was because Long Chen’s arrows were unable to break through their defenses, but the other reason was that every scaled Magical Beast possessed a powerful resistance to poison . His poison arrows would basically be useless .

Furthermore, the absolute majority of them were cold-blooded . They had more flesh but less essence blood, so it was simply not worth it .

Long Chen was able to use his powerful Spiritual Strength to observe distant Magical Beasts . He prepared traps in advance and made meticulous plans .

Although Long Chen had advanced to the eighth Heavenstage and his physical body had become incomparably powerful, he didn’t become egotistical at all . He never chose mid third rank Magical Beasts again .

This was no game . A mistake was death . Even if Long Chen was even bolder, he wouldn’t treat his own life as a game .

Ever since arriving at the rubble wasteland, he had completely broken the relative stability there . The angry roars of powerful Magical Beasts would occasionally ring out .

Magical Beast after Magical Beast disappeared . After another half a month, there were a total of seven third rank Magical Beasts who had fallen to his hands .

But what appalled Long Chen was that after absorbing seven more third rank Magical Beasts’ essence blood, his blood had still yet to reach saturation .

He sensed that it had only reached around the halfway level . In other words, if he wanted to reach the ninth Heavenstage, he would have to kill at least another seven third rank Magical Beasts .

That kind of difficulty actually delighted him . That was because such a large increase in difficulty would always bring increased benefits as well .

But at the moment he really needed to hurry up . He wasn’t just one person in the world; he needed to return to everyone to get their revenge .

His brothers’ blood definitely couldn’t be bled for nothing . He also couldn’t just let Tang Wan-er be so aggrieved for nothing . For those devoted brothers of the Heaven Earth Faction, he needed to return as early as possible .

Otherwise, with Gu Yang, Lei Qianshang, and Qi Xin’s contemptible natures, they would definitely suppress their growth as much as possible . He worried that Tang Wan-er and Ye Zhiqiu would be unable to handle that kind of oppression .

But he really couldn’t speed up at all . One reason was that he had to carefully select his Magical Beasts . He also had to set up traps and make a meticulous plan .

But most importantly, Long Chen had to avoid late third rank Magical Beasts at all costs . If he encountered one of them, he most likely wouldn’t even have the chance to flee .

Worrying only brought more worries, so thinking of all that was useless . He could only continue as he had .

He had already killed almost all the Magical Beasts he was able to within an area of one hundred miles . The rest were ones he couldn’t defeat for sure .

Long Chen could only start searching in further regions . He had just been carefully scouting when he saw a distant person .

It was essentially inconceivable for there to be someone else in this graveyard of the exiled . Long Chen hastily hid himself .

Stealthily observing that person, he saw that man was in his twenties . But most strange of all was that his body didn’t have any aura at all . If he hadn’t seen him with his eyes, even his Spiritual Strength would have found it hard to sense him .

“He’s consumed an Aura Concealing Pill…” Long Chen immediately saw through some clues . That person was looking all around . He then took out a jade plate and lightly pressed .

Long Chen immediately felt heat on his waist . His disciple medal had let out a fluctuation .

The moment that fluctuation came from his medal, that person immediately started rus.h.i.+ng over in his direction .

“Haha, Long Chen, you’re still alive!” That person was delighted, arriving in front of Long Chen in just a moment .

Long Chen no longer had any thoughts of hiding himself anymore . He walked out openly, but he had an extremely bad feeling about this .

“Who are you?” asked Long Chen .

“Haha, I’m Feng Hai, your senior apprentice-brother . Elder Tu Fang sent me to protect you . Luckily you’re still alive . ” That person laughed happily, hiding his sinister intentions .

“Then I’ll thank senior apprentice-brother Feng . To tell the truth, I’ve been almost frightened to death these few days,” smiled Long Chen .

“That’s normal . Even I was terrified coming here . Come, let me bring you back . ” Feng Hai came over to help support him extremely naturally, but his aura had already begun to stealthily circulate .

Long Chen had a thankful expression on without the slightest intention of denying his kindness . “Senior apprentice-brother Feng really is a good person . ”

Feng Hai’s smile became even more brilliant . He really hadn’t expected to dupe Long Chen so easily .

He had been previously worried Long Chen had already been eaten by a Magical Beast . Seeing he was so alive, as long as he subdued him, he could easily capture his spirit in the Soul Locking Pearl . Then his mission would have been accomplished perfectly .

Feng Hai didn’t have the slightest defence raised against Long Chen . Instead ridicule filled his eyes in the moment his hand touched Long Chen’s arm . The time had come to subdue him . But suddenly he heard a whistling from behind him .

Feng Hai was completely shocked . Long Chen was clearly right in front of him, but there was an attack coming straight for his back . Giving up subduing him at this exact moment, he had to dodge to the side .

But although he let go of Long Chen, Long Chen grabbed onto his arm, not letting him escape .

Feng Hai looked at Long Chen’s icy smile with alarm . He immediately realized Long Chen had long since seen through his intentions .

“f.u.c.k off!”

He didn’t even have time to look at what was coming for him from behind . But his intuition told him it possessed an extremely grave threat . His aura exploded out and he sent Long Chen flying .

Although he did his best to dodge at the last moment, his shoulder was still sc.r.a.ped by an arrow, leaving a line of blood .

He was completely startled and was about to furiously attack Long Chen when three more arrows shot at him .

Unsheathing his longsword, he shot out a terrifying ray of Sword Qi that crushed those three arrows .

“You dare sneak attack people?” Feng Hai furiously glared at Long Chen, no longer bothering to conceal anything .

Long Chen brushed off some dust and spoke slowly for him, “Do you think everyone in this world is as stupid as you?

“Elder Tu Fang is an extremely righteous and strict person . Do you think he’d send someone to save me?

“And if he did, why would he send you? Furthermore, that was the decision of the sect leader . Even an idiot would realize Elder Tu Fang wouldn’t do this .

“If I haven’t guessed wrongly, you came to kill me, and the person who sent you should be that old b.a.s.t.a.r.d Sun!”

Feng Hai was first startled, but he then laughed, “Ha, I wouldn’t have thought you knew so much . But since you do, I also don’t need to waste my time . Hand over your spatial ring . ”

Long Chen shook his head and lightly asked, “Why should I hand over my spatial ring? Are you going to let me live if I do?”

“Nope . But I can promise to kill you a bit faster . You won’t feel any pain . ” Feng Hai pointed his longsword at Long Chen .

Long Chen nodded, “That’s reasonable . If I resist you’ll cut my into pieces . That’ll definitely be miserable and painful . If I don’t resist, I can just die in one go . What a good idea . But I have a better idea . ”

“What idea?” asked Feng Hai .

But at that moment he suddenly sensed something was wrong . A rotting smell drifted into his nose .

Long Chen smiled slightly . He had finally noticed? His aura exploded and a huge flame blade appeared in his hands .

“To slaughter you!”


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