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Chapter 2479 Giant Spirit Breaks the Heavens

“Even tasting ten of your fists would be nothing,” mocked Long Chen.

Zhao Ritian had now become the ruler of this world. Every one of his movements was backed by immense power.

If it was before he had entered the Ten Thousand Dragon Nest, Long Chen would know that he wasn’t a match for such an opponent. But his current self was confident.

His divine ring appeared behind him with 108,000 stars s.h.i.+ning within it, matching the 108,000 dragon scales that appeared on his body.

Long Chen also unleashed a punch, meeting Zhao Ritian’s fist head-on. A blinding light exploded when their two fists collided.

The other experts felt like the world had compressed. A sharp pain crashed down on their chests. It felt like their hearts would explode.

Runes appeared on Long Chen’s fist as he felt the dragon blood in his veins igniting. The essence blood that the dragon king had given him was nouris.h.i.+ng the azure dragon essence blood.

Long Chen immediately realized that in order to refine his azure dragon essence blood with the dragon king’s blood, battle was necessary.

As his blood ignited, power poured throughout his body. His power only grew as he fought.

Divine light exploded out of Long Chen and Zhao Ritian’s fists. Fluctuations surged out of them so violently that others couldn’t breathe.

“I didn’t expect you to have some ability. This should be fun.” Zhao Ritian was surprised but not afraid. He got excited.

“It’s not just some ability.” Long Chen snorted. His leg suddenly kicked out like lightning.

Zhao Ritian didn’t dodge. He allowed Long Chen’s kick to land right on his abdomen. But what shocked everyone was that Long Chen’s kick easily pa.s.sed through Zhao Ritian’s abdomen.

Barbs suddenly grew out of Zhao Ritian’s abdomen, latching onto Long Chen’s leg.

Sparks flew as those barbs were unable to pierce Long Chen’s leg. Long Chen hastily retreated, escaping this strange attack.

“Fortunately, the Azure Dragon Seal has a defensive state that can be instantly switched to.” Looking at those sharp barbs, Long Chen was shocked.

Zhao Ritian’s fighting style had surpa.s.sed the scope of a human body. He could not be judged according to normal standards. If caught off guard, one of his strange moves might end the battle in an instant.

The dragon king had said that because Long Chen wasn’t a true dragon, he was unable to reach the point of activating both the offensive and defensive states. He could only switch between them. To have his defenses weakened when he attacked was definitely a large flaw.

However, when he reached the point of perfectly controlling his dragon blood, the speed at which he could switch between the two states would be like lightning, making up for this flaw as much as possible.

The fact that Long Chen had succeeded in switching to defense against this sudden move proved that his control over his dragon blood had reached an extremely high level.

“Long Chen, the more you struggle, the more pleased I’ll feel when I kill you.” Zhao Ritian smiled sinisterly like a bloodthirsty beast.

Long Chen suddenly laughed and shook his head. “Let me put it to you this way. I don’t even know how many idiots like you I’ve killed from the Eastern Wasteland to the Central Plains. They all had one thing in common, which was their conceited arrogance. They thought that everyone else in the world should kneel to them, as if they were G.o.ds in charge of this world.”

“That’s right. This world is precisely that way. The strong are venerated. Some people, such as myself, are to be respected as the rulers of this world. The rest of you are just accessories to us, and your light is only created to accent our growth. A green leaf remains a green leaf no matter what. When it wants to compete with the red flower, it is seeking its own death,” sneered Zhao Ritian.

Mo Nian raged, “Long Chen, what are you doing? I can’t even endure this any longer. If you keep holding back, I’ll take your place to kill this b.a.s.t.a.r.d. He’s really hateful.”

“Noisy. Once I kill Long Chen, you’ll be next.” Zhao Ritian suddenly summoned a pair of metal wings. They were as sharp as blades, and a thundering boom rang out every time they flapped. He shot toward Long Chen.

“I really can’t endure your unchanging act.” Long Chen finally lost his temper. Zhao Ritian’s arrogance was incomparably infuriating.

A majestic dragon roar erupted. Long Chen’s dragon blood began to thunder as it poured through his veins.

A sharp pain filled Long Chen. This was the result of not being fully accustomed to his dragon blood’s new power. Now that the dragon king had made up for his original azure dragon essence blood’s deficiency, his power had leaped to a new level.

If he could fight against Zhao Ritian for a bit longer and slowly adjust to it, it wouldn’t be so painful. But he was too enraged to be that patient.

Zhao Ritian was looking down on Long Chen and trying to force him to use up his energy without using his own trump cards. Why was that? Because he wanted to exhaust Long Chen so that he wouldn’t be able to run. His goal was not to beat him, but to kill him.

It was just like how Long Chen had killed Tian Xiezi. Long Chen had exhausted all his trump cards. Now Zhao Ritian was doing the same thing to him.

Long Chen no longer held back the power of the azure dragon. Blood Qi crashed and roared through his veins.

Zhao Ritian was like a shooting star smas.h.i.+ng toward him. Long Chen unleashed a punch, and Zhao Ritian was sent flying back at ten times the speed.

The earth exploded. People merely saw a flash, and then Long Chen also vanished. The earth continued to explode and collapse. People had never seen such a thing.

This was no ordinary dirt. This was land that Zhao Ritian had transformed into metal through his manifestation. There were countless ores linked together underground.

With the earth continuously exploding, large boulders were being thrown into the air. It was like the end of the world.

One expert had just pa.s.sed through the pa.s.sageway to appear in this s.p.a.ce when one of those flying boulders struck him.

His divine item shattered and he exploded, even his Yuan Spirit was destroyed from the impact. Even as he died, he didn’t know what had happened.

The other experts were shocked to see that, and they ran over to the dragon corpse. There was an invisible barrier around it that allowed people to get close, but those flying rocks were prevented from damaging the corpse. They were blown to smithereens before they could get close.

Only Mo Nian remained standing in the air, ignoring those flying boulders.


A figure suddenly charged out of the ground. It was Zhao Ritian. His entire body was now covered in craters. His wings were completely deformed, as well as his head. One of his legs had been beaten into a fish hook, and the hook was bent in front of him.

Zhao Ritian was furious, but there was now a trace of panic in his eyes. He had clearly suffered underground. He was flying out in order to escape his inferior position.

However, he had barely flown out when another figure flew out. That figure was Long Chen, and he was even faster than Zhao Ritian.

The current Long Chen’s scales had turned red. His Blood Qi seemed to have been ignited. s.p.a.ce was twisting wildly around him.

Long Chen was now so fast that they could barely track him with their eyes. His leg whipped out, and Zhao Ritian blocked with both his arms.


Zhao Ritian was then sent smas.h.i.+ng into the ground once more. It was like a shooting star had crashed into a lake, and the earth unleashed a huge wave.

This time, the sharp-sighted experts saw that Zhao Ritian’s arms had been deformed, failing to block Long Chen’s kick. Long Chen also managed to leave a deep footprint in Zhao Ritian’s face.

“Heavens, what kind of power is this?” Most of the people present were supreme experts but had been hidden by their sects. They only came out at this critical moment to search for their own lucky chances.

In terms of combat power, they had to admit that they were inferior to those at the apex like Nangong Zuiyue and Beitang Rushuang. However, they were only one level weaker.

The reason that they were low key was so that others wouldn’t be on guard against them, making it easier for them to find their own opportunities.

However, as experts, they had their own pride. They had thought that even against the likes of Long Chen or Feng Fei, they would still be able to take whatever treasures they could find and flee from them. This was why they had come here fearlessly.

However, after witnessing Long Chen and Zhao Ritian’s battle, those thoughts were extinguished. Every one of their movements possessed the power to destroy heaven and earth. Let alone escaping, these experts probably weren’t even able to receive a single attack. The shockwaves from the battlefield might just be enough to wipe them out in an instant. Only now did they realize that they had overestimated themselves. The difference between them and Long Chen was too great.

After smas.h.i.+ng Zhao Ritian underground again, Long Chen shot after him. He seemed unstoppable.

However, the earth suddenly rippled. A giant fist and arm shot out of the ground, smas.h.i.+ng into Long Chen. Compared to this fist, Long Chen was as small as a mosquito.

“Giant Spirit Breaks the Heavens!”

Zhao Ritian’s furious howl came from underground, and brilliant multicolored light radiated out of the arm, blinding others. Zhao Ritian was finally using his most powerful techniques.

“You can’t even break a hair.”

Long Chen snorted and didn’t stop. The appearance of this metal fist didn’t seem to affect him at all. His body was covered in red runes, and he unleashed a punch at the enormous metal fist.

A huge explosion shook the land. The aftermath of this exchange shook everyone.


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