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Chapter 327

Chapter 327 Courting Death

“Stop c.r.a.pping all over the place . This isn’t the latrine . Let your grandpa Guo show you what a heaven-startling method is . ” Guo Ran’s arrogant words immediately drew everyone’s attention .

Guo Ran and Long Chen both went to the pa.s.sageway . The Righteous and Corrupt disciples all took a step back .

In the Righteous disciples’ eyes, Long Chen was a true Corrupt disciple . In the Corrupt disciples’ eyes, Long Chen was fiendish enough to make even them feel terror .

As for Guo Ran, when he saw that he was able to make all of them retreat with just his voice, he couldn’t help being delighted .

Although he was borrowing Long Chen’s fame to intimidate them, that didn’t make him feel the slightest bit unnatural . His boss’s glory was his glory .

Everyone was glaring at them . When Guo Ran saw that even the Favored and powerful Chosen were being forced back by him, Guo Ran’s heart practically bloomed flowers .

Although both parties were irritated with Guo Ran’s display, seeing that he wanted to try it out, they naturally wouldn’t stop him from sending himself to his death .

Many of them had already tried countless methods, but none of them had managed to enter . None of them believed an ordinary core disciple like Guo Ran could enter .

However, they did think it was possible for Long Chen to have thought of some trick . They just waited to see what Long Chen would do .

“Boss, I’ve already bragged loudly . Are you sure you can send me through? Don’t mess up, as that’d really be embarra.s.sing,” Guo Ran whispered to Long Chen .

“Don’t worry . There definitely won’t be any problems . Once I send you in, stay and wait for me,” Long Chen whispered back .

Long Chen’s voice had his Spiritual Strength entwined in it . Others were only able to see Long Chen’s lips moving, but they were unable to clearly hear what he was saying .

“Ok . What should I do boss?” Guo Ran immediately became confident and began to act arrogantly again .

“Bend your knees slightly and clasp your hands over your chest . Lean forward slightly . ”

Guo Ran listened obediently, and quickly entered an extremely eye-catching posture . His b.u.t.t was sticking out highly, and it was pointed at the Righteous and Corrupt disciples . He even wiggled it ‘seductively’ a couple times .

Whether it was the Righteous or Corrupt disciples, they were all clenching their teeth painfully, thinking that the two of them were intentionally humiliating them .

“Get going . ”

Just as Guo Ran was feeling incredibly refreshed by how those people were turning purple from rage, Long Chen kicked him right in the b.u.t.t .

“Ah, what the f.u.c.k!”

Guo Ran was kicked flying towards the pa.s.sageway by Long Chen . He turned green from fear .

But then Guo Ran quickly realized that Long Chen’s kick had been controlled perfectly, and the path he was flying was the exact center of the pa.s.sageway . He wouldn’t touch any of the steps or walls .

He shot down extremely fast, reaching the end of the pa.s.sageway in just an instant . He landed on the bottom extremely easily .

When everyone had seen Long Chen kick Guo ran into the pa.s.sage, they had thought Long Chen was trying to kill Guo Ran .

But then when they saw Guo Ran’s flight path, their eyes all lit up . This was also a method?

The reason none of them had thought of this was because they didn’t have Long Chen’s powerful Spiritual Strength . None of them had any idea about how deep this pa.s.sageway was . But since they didn’t hear any scream from Guo Ran, it seemed he had managed to pa.s.s safely .

Suddenly, a figure stamped on the ground and shot forward, also rus.h.i.+ng down the pa.s.sageway . This figure was moving even faster than Guo Ran had .

“It’s Long Chen!”

“Haha, you want to pa.s.s? Die!”

Suddenly, the two Righteous Chosen attacked at the same time, shooting out over ten throwing knives at Long Chen .

Long Chen was infuriated . These despicable b.a.s.t.a.r.ds really wanted him to kill them . Seeing those throwing knives coming at him, he raised his arms .

His hands were like lightning, and he surprisingly managed to catch every single one of those knives . At the same time, he borrowed their power to shoot down faster .

“Everyone attack!” Those two Chosen hadn’t expected Long Chen to have such precise control .

As long as one of their knives had managed to touch the walls, that would have activated the mechanisms, and Long Chen would have definitely died .

In truth, before the two of them had even said anything, people had already taken action to throw down knives, daggers, pellets, and other weapons at Long Chen .

Some of the Righteous disciples who had been hesitating now also went to attack as well . Even the Corrupt experts were attacking . Everyone was shooting down a rain of weapons .

Long Chen was startled, furious, and worried . There was no way he could dodge this many attacks, let alone catch them all .

And most importantly, the majority of them weren’t aimed at him this time, but for the walls beside him .

In the face of this many attacks, even Long Chen’s expression changed . He wasn’t afraid of these attacks, but the result of them .

However, Long Chen didn’t just watch as those attacks fell . His aura completely exploded, and he slashed out his saber .

A terrifying wave of qi sent those weapons flying . Those were all ‘concealed weapons’ used for surprise attacks . They were mostly only seen in the secular world, as cultivators rarely used them .

Cultivators cared more about strength . They looked down on concealed weapons . So the power of these concealed weapons wasn’t very high .

However, they hadn’t had any extravagant hopes of these weapons killing Long Chen, or even injuring him . The result they wanted had already happened .

As expected, the wave of qi and broken weapons shook the pa.s.sageway . Long Chen was already more than halfway down at this point, when suddenly countless stone holes opened on the wall, releasing steel arms .

Those arms all held a hammer that was the size of a small desk . They crazily smashed down repeatedly, releasing ear-piercing explosions .

“Haha, Long Chen, this time you were surprisingly good!” Quite a few Righteous disciples laughed heartily when they saw those mechanisms activate . Those hammers possessed the power to pound a person to mincemeat .

As for Guo Ran, he was filled with fury and hatred when he saw Long Chen being harmed by so many people .

“Hysterical Autumn Wind Dance . ”

A golden saber appeared in Long Chen’s hand, and Saber Qi appeared everywhere, surging out of the pa.s.sageway .

The ear-piercing explosions from the hammers caused the entire tomb to shake . Occasionally rubble from the ceiling would collapse down, causing everyone to scatter . They worried the entire tomb would come cras.h.i.+ng down .

At this time, not only were they shocked at how terrifying the ancient tomb’s mechanisms were, they were also shocked by Long Chen’s combat ability .

The explosive sound coming from the pa.s.sageway meant Long Chen had yet to die at this time and was still struggling .

Suddenly, the pa.s.sageway returned to calm . Only then did everyone come back to see that all the steel arms had returned within the walls .

“Did he die?”

“There’s no corpse . Was he torn to pieces?”

“There’s bloodstains on the walls . He should be dead, right?” They all saw the blood on the walls . That should be Long Chen’s .

But there wasn’t much blood on the walls . If Long Chen really had been smashed to pieces, there should have been much more .

They couldn’t see the bottom of the pa.s.sageway, so they had no idea whether his corpse was lying there or not .

At this time, someone threw down a lightstone . It was a special ore that could emit a bright light for a short period once activated . But after it used up all its energy, it couldn’t be used again, so it would be turned to garbage . In the outside world, it had quite a high price .

When people had entered the lounge, there had been three people who had used that ore to light up the entire lounge .

At this time, in order to confirm Long Chen’s death, they had no choice but to endure the pain and throw another one down . That immediately lit up the entire pa.s.sageway .

“Oh? So this pa.s.sageway is only a thousand meters deep . ” Previously, they had all thought it was extremely deep, as they hadn’t been able to see the bottom .

“I don’t see Long Chen’s corpse . ” Other than the bloodstains, there was no sign of Long Chen’s pa.s.sing .

They could see the floor at the bottom, but due to how narrow the pa.s.sageway was, they couldn’t see it very clearly .

“Boss, how could you die here?! Those d.a.m.nable sons of b.i.t.c.hes, they should all be struck by heavenly lightning right now . They should all die…!”

Guo Ran’s sobbing rang out from within the pa.s.sageway, delighting all of them . Long Chen’s death caused them all to sigh a breath of relief .

“For an amazing hero like boss to die here so tragically, how am I supposed to keep on living…” Guo Ran’s voice was extremely mournful, and just listening to it could fill a person with grief .

“Hey, that’s good enough . Why are you crying like that? Even I’m starting to think I’m dead,” whispered Long Chen .

Long Chen’s right shoulder had been gravely injured, with even his bone sticking out . That was an injury caused by one of the hammers .

Just thinking of those huge hammers gave Long Chen some fear . If such a hammer had landed on his head, would he even have a life left?

When he had pa.s.sed through the huge hammers, he had also used them to send himself straight through the last layers of mechanisms to reach the bottom .

If he were to have activated the final mechanisms, Long Chen estimated that he would definitely have died . When he had charged through those huge hammers, Devil Decapitator hadn’t been able to bear it, and several large nicks had been smashed into it, causing Long Chen endless pain . Those hammers had been too terrifying .

At the same time, he felt incredible hate for those people outside . Compared to the Corrupt disciples, Long Chen hated the Righteous disciples far more .

He hadn’t expected that it would be his fellow Righteous disciples who would instigate this attack on him . Furthermore, every one of them had helped . That caused Long Chen’s killing intent to boil .

“Boss, only by crying like this can I make it seem like you’re really dead . How else are we going to trick them to enter?” Guo Ran smiled sinisterly .

Just as he said that, another figure jumped in using the same method as Long Chen .


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