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Chapter 518

“Are you mentally ill? Why would I accept his challenge?” Long Chen sneered . Did they think if they asked him to fight, he would just fight?

It was obvious the Yin family’s arrival here was no coincidence . Otherwise, Shui Wuhen and Zhou Qingyi wouldn’t have come at the same time .

Furthermore, Shui Wuhen had stealthily given him a glance, her meaning for him to be a bit more careful . There was definitely something fishy going on .

Han Tianyu’s aura was bizarre . It felt as if he had reached the peak of Bone Forging, and his entire body emitted an intense killing intent . He was completely different from before .

But the most intimidating thing to Long Chen was that young man from the Yin family . He looked young, around the same age as him . But his cultivation base was extremely condensed, and he was clearly a Meridian Opening expert .

Just that person’s gaze was able to cause waves in Long Chen’s heart . He was definitely extremely dangerous, even more dangerous than a Xiantian expert . He hadn’t expected such a terrifying genius to have appeared in the Yin family .

This was clearly a trap, so Long Chen naturally wouldn’t just jump in foolishly . Shui Wuhen was present, and he didn’t believe they could force him .

“Long Chen, when did you become such a coward?” sneered Han Tianyu .

“I hear you’ve been doing pretty well in the Yin family and obtained quite a few special resources . Did you return to the monastery just to flaunt your new status?” asked Long Chen lightly .

That was just a random question, but Long Chen noticed Han Tianyu shudder ever so slightly, and rage filled his eyes .

“Long Chen, although I went to the Yin family, that doesn’t mean I left the monastery . I am still a monastery disciple .

“According to the monastery rules, if two disciples have an irreconcilable enmity between the two, one of them can initiate a life and death battle .

“If the other person refuses to accept the challenge, then they must leave the monastery . Hmph, so either accept, or scram . It’s up to you,” said Han Tianyu .

Long Chen’s eyes narrowed . The monastery really did have such a rule . As expected, these people really wanted to force him to leave the monastery and then target him . With a petty person like Zhou Qingyi present, not even Shui Wuhen would be able to protect him .

“It seems we don’t have any irreconcilable enmity between the two of us . ” Long Chen shook his head .

“Bulls.h.i.+t! You… you not only killed my beloved, but you also killed my little brother! Our enmity is absolutely irreconcilable!” roared Han Tianyu .

Originally, he was about to say the truth about their enmity, but then he remembered that all of that had started because of him, while Long Chen had only pa.s.sively defended, so he hastily changed what he said, raising the matter of Yin Wushuang and Han Tianfeng .

When Yin Wushuang was mentioned, the Yin family’s people’s expressions darkened, and they icily glared at Long Chen with fury .

Long Chen had poisoned Yin Wushuang, making her suffer torment day and night, and no alchemist had been able to save her . Yin Wushuang hadn’t been able to endure the torment, and decided to kill herself .

His actions not only had killed one of their disciples, but had also given them a slap in the face . They definitely wouldn’t just accept that .

Previously, Yin Qing had been blocked by Shui Wuhen . She had then returned to her family to discuss it with the higher-ups, but Shui Wuhen was standing on the side of reason, and behind her Xuantian Supermonastery was the Xuantian Dao Sect . They didn’t dare provoke her .

However, this time, they had found an above board reason to come here . Shui Wuhen couldn’t interfere with a legitimate challenge between two disciples .

“Sect leader, is this true?” asked Long Chen .

“Of course!” replied Zhou Qingyi .

“I didn’t ask you . Who do you think you are? Do you even realize your t.i.tle has an ‘a.s.sistant’ in it? Can you not act like you’re so amazing? Just looking at that act makes me want to vomit . ” Long Chen spit on the ground .

“How brazen, Long Chen!” raged Zhou Qingyi, wanting to kill him immediately .

“I’ve always been brazen, so at least this time you’re right,” said Long Chen disdainfully . This idiot woman really was crazy .

Right now, he couldn’t defeat her . But with Shui Wuhen present, then if he didn’t p.i.s.s this crazy woman off a bit, that would be letting down himself .

“Long Chen, I’ll definitely punish you for being so rude to the monastery head!” raged Zhou Qingyi .

“Can you stop it already? Have you gone senile? You’ve already forgotten what I just said . Just like a pig, it seems all you know how to do is eat . You’re just the ‘a.s.sistant’ monastery head .

“As the a.s.sistant, you don’t have any authority at all . Look, do you ever see me even acknowledge you? Do you really consider yourself a person?” said Long chen disdainfully .

His words shocked everyone, including the two from the Yin family . They had never imagined Long Chen was this out of control, even daring to curse right in the face of the a.s.sistant monastery head .

On the other hand, the first monastery’s disciples were incredibly refreshed . Zhou Qingyi and her son had been a pain in their a.s.s, and Zhou Qifeng’s ridiculous training had caused them to receive quite a few beatings . They had long since been stifling a stomach full of fire .

Not one of them didn’t prostate themselves in admiration towards Long Chen now . In this world, perhaps only Long Chen was this brazen .


“Long Chen, the monastery truly does have such a rule, and you have the right to choose to accept the battle or not . Even if you don’t accept, I will still send you safely out of the monastery,” said Shui Wuhen .

“Shui Wuhen, you… you are breaking the rules!”

Zhou Qingyi was absolutely infuriated . If it went as Shui Wuhen said, wouldn’t all their plans be completely ruined .

“Zhou Qingyi, Long Chen is correct . Do you really consider yourself a person? I don’t need your opinion on my actions .

“If Long Chen doesn’t accept the battle, then he will no longer be a monastery disciple . For me to send him off is my own private matter and has nothing to do with the supermonastery .

“After being slapped so many times, it seems you’ve lost your memory . The Zhou family’s face really has been lost by you,” sneered Shui Wuhen .

Originally, even if they were fighting, Shui Wuhen should have held back slightly . After all, they were both people with their own prestige, and acting like this was losing face for herself in the eyes of the disciples .

But Zhou Qingyi’s conduct made it impossible for her to endure . Zhou Qingyi was even more shameless, not giving a d.a.m.n about her own status to target Long Chen .

As a Sea Expansion expert who had lived for many years, Shui Wuhen saw through their trap with just a look .

She also saw that there was something off with Han Tianyu . Although Long Chen was strong, and he had once killed Xiantian experts, that was just coincidence and with luck . Those two Xiantian experts had been too overconfident, and they hadn’t even circulated their Xiantian power to defend . That was the only reason they had been killed .

As for Han Tianyu, he had once been praised as the supermonastery’s number one expert, and Shui Wuhen was worried Long Chen might lose . It was best for him to be sent off instead .

Her intention was to send Long Chen to the Mo family . That way, he wouldn’t have to spend all day on edge like this . She would also get to relax slightly .

Right now, Long Chen was caught in the struggle between the Shui and Zhou families . Although he seemed carefree, he was dancing on the tip of a knife, and there was danger of falling at any moment .

Shui Wuhen was worried that a single miscalculation might cause Zhou Qingyi to take the advantage . If Long Chen ended up killed because of that, she would feel guilty for the rest of her life . Even if she killed Zhou Qingyi afterward, it wouldn’t make up for it .

“Alright, then I’ll listen to the monastery head . I refuse your challenge,” said Long Chen .

That stunned everyone . Long Chen had chosen to leave? The first monastery’s disciples were unable to accept that .

Even Han Tianyu was dumbfounded . He suddenly shouted, “Long chen, you little coward, don’t you think yourself to be so strong? What happened to the boldness you had back in the Jiuli secret realm when you fought against the peak experts of the Righteous and Corrupt paths?”

Seeing that Han Tianyu reacted the most intensely of everyone, an odd smile appeared on Long Chen’s face, and he sighed, “Times change . Sometimes, bravely retreating in the face of danger is the way of the king . As for the glory of youth, don’t even mention it . ”

Bragging . He was definitely bragging . Just how old was Long Chen? What glory of youth? What bravely retreating in the face of danger? He was definitely acting .

“You…!” Han Tianyu almost coughed up a mouthful of blood .

“You don’t want to fight because there’s no profit, right? That’s fine . Let me add some stakes . ” The man from the Yin family, who hadn’t said anything this entire time, took out a dried up fruit .

That fruit was the size of a fist, but if it wasn’t withered, it would definitely be larger .

Many lines covered the fruit, and those lines almost seemed like a diagram of a person’s meridians . It was extremely bizarre .

“Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Fruit?” Long Chen couldn’t help being astonished . This was the main ingredient in refining Meridian Opening Pills .

A single Meridian Opening Pill could allow a Bone Forging expert to have a thirty percent chance of success when attempting to break through to the Meridian Opening realm .

It had to be known that as a person’s cultivation base increased, the stronger their bottlenecks would be . A bottleneck would be like a heavenly chasm that blocked the cultivator .

There were countless cultivators, but it was unknown just how many of them were stuck forever at the Bone Forging realm . As for Long Chen and the others, they had chosen to undergo complete tempering, and their difficulty in advancing to Meridian Opening was over ten times greater than normal Bone Forging experts .

Originally, Long Chen had been worried that it would take a long time for everyone to advance once they reached the peak of the Bone Forging realm . It was even possible that some of them might be stuck forever, unable to advance to Meridian Opening in their lifetimes .

He had thought of refining Meridian Opening Pills before, and he had already asked Zheng Wenlong to help him obtain the main ingredients of it . He knew several possible pill formulas .

However, those medicine ingredients had already gone extinct, and Zheng Wenlong hadn’t even heard of them . As for this Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Fruit, Zheng Wenlong was well aware it existed, but such a treasure would immediately cause the Huayun Sect to set up a huge auction for bidders .

Considering how long it had been and that Zheng Wenlong hadn’t sent him word, it meant that he was unable to obtain this precious ingredient . So this Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Fruit was just what he needed .

“Alright, hand it over . I agree . ” Long Chen’s words caused Shui Wuhen to jump . She hadn’t even said anything before Long Chen agreed on his own .

“You haven’t even won yet, so why would I give it to you?” The man frowned .

“Isn’t that just nonsense? This is a life and death battle, and if I lose, it will naturally be returned to you . In fact, everything I have will end up being yours,” said Long Chen .

That person smiled slightly . Long Chen was entirely correct, and so he threw the Meridian Opening Fruit over to him .

Catching the fruit, Long Chen was filled with excitement . He hastily threw it into his primal chaos s.p.a.ce .

There were a dozen seeds within the fruit . Once he planted those seeds in the soil, they began to germinate in just a breath’s time .

“Are you ready? We can move on to the life and death battle . ”


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