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Chapter 531: 531


Yin Wushang’s fist smashed into Long Chen’s saber . Long Chen was shocked to find that Yin Wushang was able to block him with just a single fist .

At the same time, a powerful force drove him back three steps before he could stabilize .

“Now let me see where you plan on running?”

Yin Wushang sneered, like a hunter looking at a rabbit with nowhere else to go . His gaze was filled with ridicule .

Long Chen narrowed his eyes . Yin Wushang was even more terrifying than he had imagined . A random blow of his fist was able to block his saber . That hadn’t been because of a cultivation technique or Battle Skill, but seemingly from some sort of strange energy .

“I really like your current expression . Where did that grandness from when you said you’d exterminate my family go?” asked Yin Wushang . He wasn’t in a hurry . In his eyes, Long Chen was a fish caught in his net and couldn’t run .

“I already said the enmity between us is over . Do you really want to restart it?” asked Long Chen .

“Hahaha, Long Chen, ah, Long Chen . You really are young . I feel sorrow for your stupidity .

“Who do you think you are? In front of an ancient family, you are just an ant . If it wasn’t for the support of the Xuantian Dao Sect, you would have long since been crushed .

“For you to say such nonsense, you really overestimate yourself . Did you think you could keep living after provoking an ancient family’s prestige?

“You’re wrong, and very much so . If you hadn’t insulted my Yin family, you wouldn’t even have the qualifications to be killed by me . ” Yin Wushang suddenly raised his head and laughed disdainfully .

“It was clearly your family’s disciple that tried to kill me . Was I supposed to not resist? To just allow Yin Wushuang to kill me?” asked Long Chen .

“Of course . This is the cultivation world’s iron law: the strong are respected . Although Yin Wushuang wasn’t strong herself, she had a powerful family, and that is also a part of her strength .

“To be able to reincarnate within an ancient family is also a kind of strength . As for you, a lowly commoner with no background, no matter how high your talent is, it’s useless .

“In this world, there are many talented people, however, they all die prematurely . Why is that? That’s because they reincarnated in the wrong body .

“Without a powerful family or sect to protect you, geniuses are only there to be killed . Now you should understand: being low-born isn’t a mistake, but appearing in front of a high-born person is a grave mistake .

“The price of making this mistake will be your life . The only result in accordance with the rules of this world is that you will die . After you’re dead, remember, if you want to become an expert, reincarnate into a power like my ancient family,” said Yin Wushang .

“Reincarnate? I really am not good at that . It seems I’m only skilled at sending other people off to reincarnate . ” Long Chen shook his head .

“Hahaha, even now you’re in the mood to joke . That just proves your stupidity has already surpa.s.sed my imagination .

“But that’s also good . Try to keep that mood . I want to see if you can still joke once I rip your heart out of your chest,” said Yin Wushang sinisterly .

Long Chen smiled and rested his saber on his shoulder . “Then we’ll have to see if you have that ability . ”

“I know you should have the power to fight Xiantian experts . However, it seems you don’t know, in this world, cultivation base is not the only way to judge a person’s combat abilities .

“Just like how you could easily kill Han Tianyu, I can also easily kill Xiantian experts . If you treat me as an ordinary Meridian Opening expert, you have committed an extremely grave mistake,” said Yin Wushang .

“Then let me experience just how strong you are . ”

Long Chen’s divine ring appeared behind him . The red and orange lights spun in opposite directions, and endless energy poured into Long Chen .

Now he was truly using the divine ring’s power . The energy within him was like angry waves, causing heaven and earth to rumble . In the face of an enemy as powerful as Yin Wushang, he had no room to hold back .

“As expected, you really were concealing your strength . Not bad, not bad! But it’s not enough!” Yin Wushang was slightly surprised, but he still shook his head .

“Whether or not it’s enough is something we’ll only know after trying!”

Long Chen took the initiative, charging forward and mercilessly slas.h.i.+ng down with his saber .

“Even without trying it, I know you are nothing in front of me . ”

Yin Wushang sneered and punched another fist to meet Long Chen’s saber . But this time, his fist was covered with runes .


Astral winds erupted, and the ground crumbled like a frozen lake that had been smashed by a meteorite .

Long Chen’s arm trembled intensely, and he was shocked to see that Yin Wushang hadn’t budged in the slightest . Furthermore, the ground around him was strangely completely fine .

“This attack’s not bad . Even ordinary Xiantian experts who activated their Xiantian power might not possess such power .

“Most surprising of all, you rely only on physical strength . I really want to know just what cultivation technique you train in for your physical body to reach such an abnormal level . ” Yin Wushang’s eyes shone as he looked at Long Chen .

As the junior master of the Yin family, he was extremely experienced . He had seen countless geniuses, but he had never seen someone with a physical body as abnormal as Long Chen .

Just his physical body was able to fight against Xiantian powers . Yin Wushang felt an intense desire to learn Long Chen’s secrets .

He suddenly leaped into action, taking away the initiative and not giving Long Chen a chance to do anything .

Long Chen was surprised, but his movements didn’t slow and he once more slashed his saber .

Yin Wushang’s fist suddenly turned into a claw, and he caught his saber with a single hand . Even with Long Chen’s reactions, he was still caught off-guard and couldn’t pull back his saber .

At the same time, Yin Wushang’s other hand stabbed towards Long Chen’s abdomen .

His hand was like a blade, and it was covered in complicated lines . Even before his attack reached him, Long Chen was suppressed by the wind, feeling that it was hard to breathe .

He couldn’t help being shocked by Yin Wushang’s powerful Battle Skill . He was able to change attacks incredibly quickly, and he was definitely the most terrifying opponent he had met up until now .

Yin Wushang was smiling coldly . With his saber caught, Long Chen was powerless to resist . Right now, he could only give up on his saber and fall back . But once he lost his weapon, he would be like a tiger that had lost its fangs .

However, he was surprised to see that Long Chen’s expression was still calm, and he actually also sent out a palm to meet his hand, clearly attempting a head-on clash .

“Stupid . ”

Yin Wushang sneered . He had bitterly trained in his family’s Seven Disappearing Cloud Hand, which had been his family’s strongest Battle Skill for countless years .

After training in it for so long, he had already reached the third level of mastery in it, and that allowed him to grab Xiantian weapons with his bare hands . If Long Chen dared face him like this, then he would be instantly blown to bits .

But just as Long Chen’s palm was about to collide with his hand, his palm became covered with thunderforce, and a crackling sound filled the air .



The ground beneath their feet exploded, and the two of them blew back .

“The Lightning Rus.h.i.+ng Hand really is powerful . ” Long Chen was delighted inside . This mid Heaven cla.s.s Battle Skill truly was powerful . His saber had been unable to do anything to Yin Wushang, but this palm had forced him back .

Previously, Yin Wushang had intentionally humiliated and looked down on him, not budging at all in the face of his saber . Even the ground beneath his feet hadn’t twitched .

“I didn’t expect you to have such a trick . Really not bad . ” Yin Wushang shook out his hand that was slightly numb .

More importantly, a trace of Long Chen’s thunderforce had ended up invading his body, making him feel like his insides had been struck by a hammer . That startled him, as this was his first time encountering such powerful thunderforce .

“I don’t have just one trick . ”

Long Chen snorted, and his saber began to rumble . It was suddenly completely covered in thunderforce and once more slas.h.i.+ng at him .

Yin Wushang’s expression changed ever so slightly . He hadn’t expected Long Chen’s thunderforce to be condensed enough to be able to cover his weapon .

Ordinary lightning cultivators used their lightning blades as weapons . Those lightning blades were condensed from their spiritual qi, and while they were powerful, they had stability issues . They were easily broken by experts .

But transmitting thunderforce into a weapon was also no good . If they did, that would end up consuming a great deal of energy, and the thunderforce would still be greatly weakened in the process .

But Long Chen had still done it that way, and his goal was obvious . He was attempting to use his thunderforce to negate the advantage Yin Wushang had with his Seven Disappearing Cloud Hand .

He had no hopes that his thunderforce could kill him . But his thunderforce could invade through the smallest opening, and it could definitely cause some trouble for him .


Yin Wushang blocked Long Chen’s saber with a fist, but this time, he didn’t have it as easy as last time, and was forced back several steps .

Obviously, blocking both Long Chen and his thunderforce caused him to lose some of his advantages .


Long Chen roared, and a wave of light erupted from his saber, attacking Yin Wushang .


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