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Chapter 693

“A large battle will erupt in a bit . This battle isn’t suitable for you . To put it frankly, you’ll only hold me back if you stay here .

“I’ll stall them, and you run as far away as possible . Don’t say anything about wanting to stay with me even unto death . That kind of sappy line is too irritating .

“Once you run, hide yourself . Once I handle this matter, I will return to my ident.i.ty as Long Chen . At that time, you can openly return to Biluo Mountain and say that after undergoing a life and death battle, you finally awakened as a Celestial .

“At that time, you’ll have my favor, as well as a relations.h.i.+p with the Fang family . Then you can openly fight with Hua Jinrong for the position of the future family head . ”

After saying that, Long Chen threw Hua Biluo into the distance . But while he threw Hua Biluo forward, he borrowed that force to fly back . The closest one behind him was the Corrupt Celestial who was also using the Netherworld Ghost Steps . His speed was the greatest, and he had thrown off all the others .

For Long Chen to suddenly shoot backward, he hadn’t even understood what was happening when Long Chen’s fist ruthlessly smashed into his body .

Blood filled the air as if two b.l.o.o.d.y stars had collided . That Corrupt Celestial directly exploded from the impact .

The benefit of being faster was not just that you could chase faster, but also that you could reincarnate faster . Now he would definitely get a head start on the others .

“Die!” Suddenly, a black light shot straight at Long Chen . Long Chen snorted and shot a blazing flame spear at the black light .

But what surprised him was that the black light wasn’t affected at all . It went straight through the flame spear without weakening .

At this close distance, Long Chen felt an incredibly resentful will coming from the black light .

“It’s actually a spiritual attack . ” Long Chen immediately understood why his flame spear had been useless . This attack was fundamentally not solid .

The black-white-eyed Celestial had an Enchanted item called the Nine Yin Soul Locking Mirror . This attack had come from it .

This mirror had a formation carved into it that would absorb dead people’s Spiritual Strength . Then through another formation, that Spiritual Strength became an extremely sinister spiritual poison, becoming a special spiritual attack .

This kind of spiritual poison was extremely terrifying . Anyone whose soul was weak would instantly die, their soul dissipating . Even people with strong souls would only be able to last for an incense stick’s worth of time . That was also why that Righteous Celestial had been instantly killed .

“Hmph, a heretical skill is all it is . ” Long Chen sneered and he slammed his palm into the black light .

Seeing that Long Chen dared to touch the black light, the Corrupt Celestial sneered with ridicule . That black light was something even he didn’t dare to touch .



He was appalled to see that the black light was directly blown apart by Long Chen . Then seeing thin thunderbolts surging over Long Chen’s palm, his expression immediately changed .

“You can control thunderforce?!”

Long Chen sneered and didn’t reply . He shot forward at him, the thunderforce on his hand growing brighter .

“Evil Spirit s.h.i.+eld!”

Long Chen was too fast, and he didn’t give him any time to dodge . The Celestial didn’t even have time to summon his Cry of the Heavenly Daos . Forming a hand seal, a black s.h.i.+eld appeared in front of him .

That s.h.i.+eld was something he had formed from the energy of evil spirits . It wasn’t just extremely strong defensively, it was also very tough and flexible . It could be used to fight for a long time .

But what stunned him was that this Evil Spirit s.h.i.+eld that he was completely confident in was as weak as gla.s.s in front of Long Chen’s fist .


Long Chen’s fist smashed through the s.h.i.+eld and landed on the Celestial’s chest . The sound of bones breaking rang out, and he vomited blood as he shot back .

Long Chen was just about to chase and take that person’s life when another Celestial shot forward, slas.h.i.+ng his sword at Long Chen .

This Celestial was much smarter, and he had already summoned his Cry of the Heavenly Daos . His attack caused s.p.a.ce to tremble . He was clearly extremely powerful .

But a thunderforce-covered hand tightly caught this sword . His body went numb, and he had a bad feeling . He was just about to retreat when Long Chen’s other fist smashed onto his body .

Blood mist erupted . Long Chen’s strength simply wasn’t something this person’s physical body could endure . Even having summoned the Cry of the Heavenly Daos, the Celestial’s body still blew up .

Although the Enlightenment Palace Star was still in the cyclone-condensing period, Long Chen’s current strength had already risen to a point where it terrified himself .

It had been a long time since he had had such a refres.h.i.+ng battle . He didn’t need any weapons, nor did he need any techniques . With just his bare fists, he dominated these Celestials . His energy surged out of him endlessly .

The Celestials were all horrified by his strength . At this time, the black-white-eyed Celestial finally had a breather and ordered, “Everyone, work together! Don’t let him take us on one by one!”

The remaining thirteen Celestials all surrounded and attacked Long Chen . Long Chen was submerged within the domain of their manifestations . Being suppressed by these many Heavenly Dao manifestations, he felt his strength falling .

Long Chen activated the Nirvana Scripture, and endless flames appeared around him . The Nirvana Scripture caused endless flame runes to appear around him, and a beautiful chanting resounded throughout the air .

The manifestations of the Cry of the Heavenly Daos were no longer able to suppress him . Long Chen felt the pressure lighten a great deal, and his fists danced as he fought a crazy battle with them .

Explosions rocked the sky . Long Chen’s fists were like heavy mountains cras.h.i.+ng onto their weapons . Each attack caused a rumbling explosive sound .

Long Chen had trained in the Lightning Rus.h.i.+ng Hand . That was originally just a Heaven cla.s.s Battle Skill . It was no magical art . But with the power of his tribulation thunderforce, he was still able to face off against their weapons barehanded .

As Long Chen’s fists danced, he seemed like a G.o.d of war, appearing incomparably valiant . Even surrounded by thirteen Celestials, he wasn’t at a disadvantage .

Long Chen no longer had to care about first rank Celestials . He just had to be careful about any strange Enchanted weapons they had, for example, that strange mirror .

But that mirror did not have limitless energy . Once its energy was used up, it was just trash .

True Enchanted weapons were not things these ordinary Celestials could use . A Celestial’s most powerful point was their Cry of the Heavenly Daos, which could reduce their enemies’ strength while increasing their own .

But to use an Enchanted weapon required an ocean’s worth of spiritual yuan . Most people’s Dantians, also known as their qi seas, all contained a similar amount of energy at each cultivation realm .

Only when a person entered Sea Expansion would their qi sea grow dozens of times larger, sometimes even over a hundred times larger .

Only once a person possessed that kind of enormous energy could they truly use an Enchanted weapon .

This was also why Meridian Opening Celestials could dominate Xiantian experts, but Xiantian Celestials were unable to do the same to the Sea Expansion experts . It was because the Sea Expansion experts possessed enough energy to bury the Celestial .

A Xiantian Celestial’s energy could be likened to a huge tree, while a Sea Expansion expert’s energy was gra.s.s . When there was too much gra.s.s, it could still easily crush a tree .

So although some of these people carried Enchanted weapons, they were at best quasi Enchanted items . They were merely used to shock and intimidate others .

As Long Chen fought, he was familiarizing himself with his new strength as well as trying to figure out his opponents’ relations.h.i.+p .

There were eleven people here from the Corrupt path . That was something easy to tell from their auras, weapons, and techniques .

The remaining two were from the Righteous path . He hadn’t expected that the idiots from the Corrupt path actually didn’t know how to adjust themselves to the circ.u.mstances . They had been duped by the Huo family .

It was no wonder the Corrupt path never worked together with the Righteous path . If they did, then this world would probably be united by the Righteous path in just a few years . They really had no idea how to scheme .

But thinking about it, Long Chen thought it made sense . The Corrupt path rarely had dealings with other people . If the Fang family ended up in control of the Pill Tower, then all their hard work currying favor with the Huo family would be ruined .

At that time, they would have to create a new relations.h.i.+p with the Fang family . That was extremely irritating to them, and they would rather support the Huo family . Then it would be simpler .


“Not good! Get back!”

Suddenly, one of the Celestials made a careless mistake, and Long Chen caught his saber with his hand . The other Celestials hastily attacked Long Chen with their full strength, wanting to save that person .

Regretfully, Long Chen didn’t give them that chance . Holding the blade, just like that, he pushed, slamming the hilt toward its owner .

That person tried to abandon his saber and flee, but the hilt still struck him in the stomach . A terrifying force directly blew apart his body . He didn’t even have a chance to recover .

Borrowing this momentum, Long Chen charged into their midst .

One Celestial’s weapon was directly smashed apart by Long Chen’s fist . That weapon wasn’t an Enchanted weapon, making it much weaker than the others . This was one of the moments where Long Chen could show off his brute strength .

Following the destruction of his weapon, he shot back, vomiting blood . If another Celestial hadn’t slashed a sword at Long Chen’s back, he would have already died .

Long Chen dodged the sword and then suddenly formed three extremely complicated hand seals . A one-foot sphere appeared in his hand .

As soon as that sphere appeared, the Celestials’ expressions changed . That sphere was composed of over ten differently colored flames . Those flames were raging against each other, and the pressure they emitted caused them to feel a chill .

“Blaze Explosion . ”

Long Chen simply tossed the flame sphere .


Endless flames exploded, instantly devouring all of them . These Celestials were horrified, never having expected Long Chen to have such a terrifying flame magical art .

The Celestials resisted with their full strength, but the flame sphere contained all the beast flame energy Long Chen had . He hadn’t held back at all because he had the Earth Flame to protect himself . Thus, he could practically ignore these flames .

But while Long Chen had an Earth Flame to protect himself, the others didn’t . These people were too close . Some didn’t even have time to raise defenses before being incinerated into nothing .

Long Chen hadn’t expected the Blaze Explosion skill to have so much power when used in conjunction with the Nirvana Scripture . It seemed the Nirvana Scripture was much stronger than he had expected .

The Celestials who managed to raise their defenses bitterly endured for a moment . But the terrifying heat still turned them into black ma.s.ses of ash . A cold light shot through them, directly severing any chances of those ashes coming back to life .


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