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Chapter 214: You Must Test Your Senior Brother Using The Strictest Method

“Luochen, Luochen, you must help us this time.”

“Yes, yes, Luochen, it depends on you whether or not we can pa.s.s the alchemy a.s.sessment this time.”

“Brother Luochen, just take pity on us on the account that we haven’t been able to pa.s.s the past few years.”

A group of people suddenly appeared and came in front of Xu Luochen, each looking extremely excited.

They were all Xu Luochen’s friends. Some were close to him, but some of them were just platonic friends whom he had merely met a few times.

They suddenly flocked towards Xu Luochen, making him bewildered.

‘What’s going on?’

‘Help you with what? Why does it concern me whether you pa.s.s the alchemy a.s.sessment or not? What can I do?’

‘What are you talking about? Please, I’m stupid, can you just state it clearly?’

“Gentlemen, what are you doing?”

Xu Luochen looked at them with great curiosity as he really didn’t know what they were talking about.

“Brother Luochen, don’t pretend, didn’t you say before that your Junior Brother has joined Jin Nation Academy?”

Someone asked.

“Yes, but didn’t you guys not believe me?”

Xu Luochen nodded. He had indeed said that before, but after he did, only a few of his close friends believed him.

However, Xu Luochen wasn’t that bothered. After all, if someone had said to him that their junior brother joined the Jin Nation Academy, he wouldn’t believe it either.

After all, how could a lousy sect produce a remarkable disciple?

“Senior Brother Luochen, since you dare to say this, it must be true.”

“Yeah, you’re an honest person, we trust you.”

“Senior Brother Luochen, you may not know it yet but our chief examiner is a disciple from the Jin Nation Academy. If your Junior Brother is really from Jin Nation Academy, can you go and put in a good word for us?”

‘Yes, yes, yes, that’s it.’

Everyone spoke up. They seemed really excited and they had come this time for that matter.

They didn’t care if Xu Luochen’s Junior Brother was in Jin Nation Academy or not.

This time, the chief examiner was a scholar of Jin Nation, and if Xu Luochen was willing to go and put in a good word for them, it would confirm that Xu Luochen knew him. However, if Xu Luochen refused, it would mean that Xu Luochen didn’t dare to say it.

It would also prove that he was lying.

Whatever the outcome, they would not be at a loss.

However, there was now a glimmer of hope and they had long wanted to grasp it because they had failed too many times.

There were people who failed ten times.

Now that they learned that Xu Luochen had a chance to help them out, how could they not be excited?

“The chief examiner is from the Jin Nation Academy?”

Xu Luochen was a little surprised.

However, he soon couldn’t help but frown and said,

“My Junior Brother may be from the Jin Nation Academy, but there are many disciples in the academy, it doesn’t necessarily mean that my Junior Brother knows the chief examiner this time.”

“Forcing him to put in a good word is just…”

Xu Luochen coughed a little and somehow felt awkward too.

He was just too embarra.s.sed to broach the topic to Ye Ping because he had been boasting and telling Ye Ping that he was the best alchemy master in the world. Yet, he had to go and ask him to put in a good word.

He couldn’t bring himself to do it.

“Brother Luochen, what do you mean by that?”

“Brother Luochen, you’re not embarra.s.sed to do it, are you?”

“Brother Luochen, I believe that others are embarra.s.sed, but you?”

Everyone spoke up when they realized what Xu Luochen was thinking because they had seen how hesitant he was and knew that he must be pretending.

“Everyone, I’m really too embarra.s.sed to say it. My Junior Brother…”

Xu Luochen really did not know how to answer them.

After hearing Xu Luochen’s words, everyone somehow realized something.

“Ah, I thought that Luochen’s junior brother is really a disciple of the Jin Nation Academy but I didn’t expect such an honest person to lie.”

“I must have been blind to believe such lies.”

“The students of Jin Nation Academy are superior existences. If Xu Luochen’s Junior Brother was really a student of Jin Nation Academy, we would have found out long ago and held a celebration in Baiyun Ancient City. How could we not know about it?”

“Yes, yes, ah, forget it, forget it, we still have to rely on ourselves.”

“Brother Luochen, don’t brag again in the future.”

Among the cultivators surrounding Xu Luochen, someone made a remark that was not exactly sarcastic but was full of helplessness and some derision.

That group of people did not all come to Xu Luochen to ask for help. Some were just there to watch the fun.

In addition, Xu Luochen bragged about his Junior Brother joining the Jin Nation Academy. That would naturally make some people displeased and think that Xu Luochen was just boasting.

However, they did not have any evidence and Xu Luochen had the image of an honest person. Hence, most people really believed him.

They were now there to expose Xu Luochen’s lies, but of course, most of them, indeed, had gone to Xu Luochen to seek help with lots of expectations within themselves.

After all, in case it was true, it would not be a trivial matter.

After hearing his voice, Xu Luochen immediately felt a little displeased.

‘What do you mean don’t brag?’

‘What do you mean lie?’

‘I’m such an honest person, why would I lie?”

“My Junior Brother is indeed a student of the Jin Nation Academy, how was I bragging?”

Xu Luochen questioned indignantly.

“If he’s really a student of the Jin Nation Academy, why won’t he put in a good word for us?”

The other party retorted.

“What a joke, why should I put in a good word for you? If you’re a good friend, that’d be fine, but what are you?”

“We just met and you want me to help you? If I refuse you’d go around slandering me? Don’t you find that ridiculous?”

Although Xu Luochen was honest, he was fearless. Besides, his Junior Brother was really a disciple of the Jin Nation Academy. What was there to be afraid of?

“What a joke. We didn’t say that we want you to help us.”

“However, regardless of whether you help me or not, you should show some evidence to prove that your junior brother is a student of the Jin Nation Academy.”

“Yeah, you should have some evidence. Without evidence, you can just say that the crown prince of the Jin Nation is also your Junior Brother’s disciple.”

“That’s right, without evidence, it’s okay for you to say that the top Sword Immortal in the world is your Disciple-Nephew.”

“Yeah, without evidence, you can just say that the emperor of the Great Xia Dynasty is your Eldest Senior Brother’s father.”

Everyone made sarcastic remarks, making Xu Luochen upset and he couldn’t help but retort.

“The crown prince of the Jin Nation is indeed my Disciple-Nephew.”

However, Xu Luochen regretted his words as soon as he said them.

Although it was the truth, he did not have any evidence to back his claim so he seemed to be bragging.

Indeed, as Xu Luochen finished saying those words, everyone was stunned for a while but they soon burst into laughter.

“Crown prince of the Jin Nation? Hahaha, what a joke.”

“Xu Luochen, surely you don’t really regard us as fools, do you?”

“Brother Luochen, cut it out.”


Everyone clamored and some cultivators laughed, some shook their heads and sighed, some who had a close relations.h.i.+p with Xu Luochen even felt embarra.s.sed after hearing his words.

After all, Xu Luochen’s words were a bit too far-fetched.

“My Junior Brother is resting in the inn, if you don’t believe me, you can follow me to visit him.”

Feeling ridiculed by them, Xu Luochen flew into a rage, but he knew that he couldn’t lose his temper or it would seem like he had a guilty conscience.

He took a deep breath and asked them to go with him to see Ye Ping.

“Okay, there’s nothing much for us to do now, we’ll go with you.”

“Sure, I’d like to see what kind of an elite Brother Xu’s Junior Brother is.”

“He’s the elite of Jin Nation, I do want to meet him, but I hope you won’t say that he’s gone elsewhere when we arrive at the inn.”

They were full of disdain.

Someone walked near and said to Xu Luochen softly,

“Brother Xu, these people are just here to look for trouble, it’s better not to argue with them about anything.”

“Yes, Brother Xu, whether it’s true or not, it has nothing to do with them either. They’re just there to make things hard for you.”

“Yes, these people have some prejudice against you so they’re deliberately here to make trouble for you. Don’t argue with them.”

Those who spoke were Xu Luochen’s close friends. They tried to dissuade him from arguing with them.

However, Xu Luochen shook his head. He knew their intentions but he couldn’t take it lying down.

Most importantly, his Junior Brother was really from the Jin Nation Academy.

He wouldn’t say if it’s true or not and would instead just bear with it for a while for the greater good.

However, he really couldn’t stand this.

“Everyone, come with me.”

Xu Luochen also did not say more, turned around, and led the crowd to the inn.

Seemingly holding his breath, Xu Luochen’s face was composed as he was thinking about something quietly throughout the journey.

As for the people who followed Xu Luochen, they somehow felt curious.

They were not purely mocking Xu Luochen, but rather, they just felt that Xu Luochen was bragging.

If Xu Luochen had said that his Junior Brother had joined the Qingzhou Academy, they would have nothing to say.

However, Xu Luochen insisted on claiming that his Junior Brother was from the Jin Nation Academy. Hence, they were naturally sour about it.

In that case, they wanted to expose him.

After all, if this was true, they would feel even more upset.

In less than five minutes, Xu Luochen returned to the inn.

However, at this moment, Xu Luochen also felt a little awkward.

To be honest, even if it was proven that his Junior Brother was from the Jin Nation Academy, what could he do?

The people who mocked him might be embarra.s.sed but he would have to help his good friends.

When the time came, he couldn’t bite the bullet and ask Ye Ping to ask his Senior Brother to go easy on them.

If that was the case, his master would break his legs.

Thinking of this, Xu Luochen somehow didn’t want to enter the inn.

At this moment…

In the inn, Ye Ping was seated in a corner with more than ten old men surrounding him. He was facing Chen Ning who sat right across him.

Chen Ning’s words made Ye Ping dumbfounded too.

“You want me to be the chief examiner?”

Ye Ping looked at Chen Ning with a bewildered gaze.

After realizing that, Chen Ning was excited and told him that he would be the chief examiner of the a.s.sessment in Baiyun Ancient City.

Ye Ping was puzzled to hear that.

If he were anywhere else, he would gladly take on the role since he just had to invigilate.

However, the problem was that one of the partic.i.p.ants this time was his Senior Brother so he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

He did not have the cheek to invigilate his Senior Brother

Hence, Ye Ping immediately excused himself and asked Chen Ning to take over.

However, Chen Ning refused to agree and insisted that Ye Ping take on the role. Hence, the scene was immediately awkward.

“Senior Brother Ye, this is the order of the imperial court and what the academy wants you to do too. Before you left, Master already instructed me to make you the chief examiner if I ran into you in Baiyun Ancient City.”

“I’m just a chaperon, I wouldn’t dare to make decisions presumptuously.”

Chen Ning had a bitter expression.

Although he enjoyed the praise of the crowd, the problem was that Chen Ning knew where he stood and how capable he really was. Even his master admitted that he was inferior to Ye Ping so how could he dare to serve as the main examiner.

Hence, he refused to be the chief examiner and let Ye Ping take the role instead.

“Junior Brother Chen, you’re being too modest. You’re Elder Xu’s personal disciple after all. Of course you’d have no problem being the chief examiner.”

Ye Ping did not want to be the chief examiner, purely because he felt that he wasn’t worthy.

“Senior Brother Ye, don’t be so modest, if you’re not here, I can be the chief examiner too. However, to put it bluntly, I might not even be qualified to be a candidate.”

Chen Ning said with a bitter expression.

“Senior Brother Ye, I don’t care about the others. Anyway, you have to be the chief examiner no matter what. I don’t care.”

“If my master finds out that you’re here and I ended up being the chief examiner, I’ll have to face the music when I go back.”

Chen Ning immediately. Regardless of whether he was willing or not, he wouldn’t be the chief examiner.

“Junior Brother Chen, this doesn’t seem appropriate.”

As soon as Ye Ping saw Chen Ning, he couldn’t help but be depressed. ‘What does this mean? Are you going to be unreasonable?’

The two of them argued while the elders around them couldn’t help but be vexed.

They were all top experts of Baiyun Ancient City and prominent figures of Qingzhou Ancient City.

However, they would usually fight openly for the position of chief examiner but they didn’t expect Ye Ping and Chen Ning to be so pushy.

‘Is the position of the chief examiner that worthless?’

‘Are the students of the Jin Nation Academy all so willful?’

‘Did you consider our feelings?’

The elders stayed silent and felt somewhat uncomfortable. ‘Are these elites?’

They treat something that others treasured, like rubbish.

At this moment, someone suddenly spoke up.

“Little Junior Brother.”

Hearing the voice, Ye Ping immediately got up, and he instantly knew that it was his Senior Brother who had arrived.

“Senior Brother, I’m here.”

Ye Ping got up, walked past the crowd, and went straight to the entrance where Xu Luochen was. He then bowed to him respectfully.

At the same time, Xu Luochen somehow began to get nervous because he was very awkward.

Outside the door, the cultivators, who had come with Xu Luochen, couldn’t help but be stunned when they saw Ye Ping.

Ye Ping was handsome and looked just like an absolute gentleman, especially since he was dressed in white. He had an elegant aura that made him look like a Confucian scholar.

Everyone fell silent immediately.

At this moment, this group of cultivators believed that Ye Ping was from the Jin Nation Academy just because of his good looks.

If he wasn’t from the Jin Nation Academy, who would be?

Xu Luochen stayed silent, still in a dilemma about whether or not he should ask Ye Ping to go easy on them.

At this juncture, Chen Ning hurried over and looked at Xu Luochen excitedly.

Previously, he had heard his master Xu Chang mentioning before that Ye Ping’s alchemy skills were taught to him by his Senior Brother. In other words, his Senior Brother was a true supreme alchemist.

He naturally had to come over and make his presence known.

“My name is Chen Ning, I am from the Jin Nation Academy. I’m Ye Ping’s Junior Brother. Greetings.”

Chen Ning walked over and bowed at Xu Luochen respectfully.

At this moment, the cultivators around Xu Luochen held their breaths.

‘Chen Ning?’

‘Isn’t he the chief examiner of this Baiyun Ancient City’s alchemy a.s.sessment?’

At first, they thought that Ye Ping was Chen Ning’s Junior Brother. After all, Ye Ping had just joined the Jin Nation Academy this year. On the other hand, Chen Ning had joined a long time ago.

However, they didn’t expect Ye Ping to do so well in the Jin Nations Academy.

‘He became a Senior Brother?’

They held their breaths with shock in their eyes, especially the cultivators who had previously mocked Xu Luochen. At this moment, their expressions were sullen.

They were regretful and in self-reproach.

They absolutely regretted going to mock Xu Luochen for no reason.

‘Why did I have such a foul mouth?’

At this moment, even the elders of Baiyun Ancient City walked over and looked at Xu Luochen respectfully.

“Greetings, Senior.”

They spoke up. They didn’t know Xu Luochen at all, but Ye Ping and Chen Ning were students of the Jin Nation Academy. Hence, the person they had to be respectful towards was definitely not ordinary.

Hence, it was reasonable for them to bow to him.

In the inn, Xu Luochen was a little dumbstruck.

‘I just went away for one trip, how did Ye Ping take in so many disciples?’

‘Why are you guys bowing to me too?’

Xu Luochen froze in shock.

However, he soon recovered from the shock and looked at Ye Ping while trying his best to mimic Su Changyu.

“Ye Ping, who are these people?”

Xu Luochen’s tone was calm as he imitated Su Changyu.

“Senior Brother, this is a Junior Brother from the Jin Nation Academy.”

Ye Ping introduced Chen Ning to Xu Luochen.

Before Xu Luochen could say anything, Chen Ning hurriedly spoke.

“Greetings Senior Brother, I came here this time on the orders to look for Senior Brother Ye. I hope that he will be the chief examiner of the alchemy a.s.sessment of Baiyun Ancient City. However, he seems to be unwilling to take it on. I hope that you will persuade Senior Brother Ye.”

Chen Ning knew he couldn’t say anything to convince Ye Ping, so he might as well ask Ye Ping’s Senior Brother to do it.


‘You want Ye Ping to be the chief examiner of the Baiyun Ancient City alchemy a.s.sessment?’

Xu Luochen was a little surprised.

If Ye Ping was the chief examiner, he would definitely pa.s.s easily.

Thinking of this, Xu Luochen almost said without hesitation, “Since you’re here, I’ll agree.”

Xu Luochen’s voice was calm and he suppressed his emotions, lest he got too agitated and others found out the flaw.

“Okay then, I’ll obey the orders.”

Ye Ping wanted to explain but he nevertheless agreed honestly.

As Ye Ping answered, his close friends couldn’t help but clench their fists agitatedly.

‘Now we’re steady.’

However, at this moment, Ye Ping looked at the cultivators beside Xu Luochen curiously.

“Senior Brother, who are they?”

Ye Ping asked curiously.

“They’re Senior Brother’s close friends.”

Xu Luochen continued.

“Yes, yes, we are your Senior Brother’s close friends.”

“Yes, we’re close friends.”

“Junior Brother Ye, we came here this time to ask you for help.”

They hurriedly spoke up smilingly and in fact, after knowing that Ye Ping was the chief examiner this time, they were straightforward.

“What is it?”

Ye Ping’s eyes were full of curiosity.

Seeing this, Xu Luochen immediately chimed in.

“Ye Ping, my friends wanted you to go see Chen Ning but since you’re the chief examiner, I shall be straightforward.”

Xu Luochen asked.

His friends couldn’t help but be excited immediately.

“Senior Brother, there is no harm in saying it.”

Ye Ping was curious about what it was, but since they were his Senior Brother’s friends, he would naturally do him a favor.

“My friends just hope that the examiner of this alchemy a.s.sessment will be stricter and not lower the standard just because they’re my close friends. You have to be very strict. If there are mistakes, they have to be corrected.”

“You can’t judge them using the standards of ordinary candidates. You have to increase the standards. Do you understand?”

“You also have to be very strict with me, you mustn’t let me pa.s.s the a.s.sessment easily just because I’m your Senior Brother, do you understand?”

Xu Luochen bit the bullet and said.

He really couldn’t bring himself to ask Ye Ping to go easy.

After hearing his words, everyone was stunned.

They looked at Xu Luochen with bewilderment in their gazes.

‘Luochen, are you serious?’

‘Old Xu, are you s.c.r.e.w.i.n.g me over?’

‘Brother Luochen? Do you have something against us? If you do, just say so.’

They were dumbfounded.


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