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Chapter 111


‘Just screw off!!’

Countless warning notifications appeared in front of Arthur as the skill was being prepared inside the Spatial Pa.s.sage . It didn’t take a long time to be readied but it even that small amount of time is precious for him as the enemy won’t let him prepare when they see it .

Rizaki, previously named Rinotsu, a skill Arthur received when he arrived at the Itas continent in Astria . From the moment he received he was never able to use it even when completing the two requirements . 1 million intelligence and the use of Spatial Magic were easy to achieve when he possessed countless corpses but albeit achieving them, he wasn’t able to use it .

Just like that mysterious scepter that he found with Zodiak, this skill is extremely unique . When it was used in the fight back then, although it was done by a very weak individual, the damage was unimaginable . It was precisely this skill that destroyed the twenty mountains .

The skill transformed into Rizaki but he still could use a simplified version of the skill which is Rinotsu with the help of Wind Attribute .

Arthur knew that using Rinotsu would deal damage to the surroundings but it would most likely not hurt any of those three even if by chance it did, the damage won’t allow him to escape as he needed them completely unable to chase after him if he survived the impact, that is .

Rinotsu relied on Wind Attribute, by compressing a certain volume of air into a volume way smaller than its original size then suddenly letting go of that compressed air, it’ll create a devastating explosion . A simple Rinotsu managed to rip off his whole arm and injure him here and there so Rizaki must at least deal twice the damage .

Rizaki(U)(Active) : Compress a volume of a certain attribute(No attributes currently) or pure Nether Energy into a small ball then open the ball and create an explosion .

WARNING: Can hurt the user .

Cost: 150 Mental Power (Lost permanently)

Cooldown : 1 Week .

Silence ruled the area as the chains tightened around Arthur and the cube made of black bones was also decreasing in size . Arthur was suffocating, even breathing became harder but all of this was totally futile as he was wholly concentrating on finis.h.i.+ng Rizaki .


A small sound was heard by Arthur, it was the signal he was waiting for . He lifted his head and gazed at an empty air not far away from him . His actions were obviously noticed by Kilan, Aborak, and Jizung but all they saw was empty air and nothing else .

They inspected it with their G.o.dly Sense but they still felt nothing, the only conclusion they could come up with is that Arthur was messing with them . After all, if they, people almost at the Peak of the G.o.d Realm couldn’t feel anything from that area, then obviously nothing was there .

“Hmpf! Captured yet you still dare to mess with us?”

A long green lance appeared near Jizung, the old man floated next to Arthur and struck the green lance into his chest . The move was ruthless, what’s more, is that the lance was purely made of condensed poison that was created by the gigantic Black Cobra .

Jizung was expecting a painful shout or at least something from Arthur after he struck with his poison, after all, the poison was very lethal and painful . It would melt the skin then the bones and muscles, it was a slow yet agonizing process . The moment the poison entered his body, it was definite that he will die, the question is when?

Jizung had total control of the poison, if he wanted, he could kill Arthur right now but he couldn’t, it’s not just him that needed Arthur if he killed him now, he had to deal with an angry Lich King and a howling White Tiger .

The strike of Jizung was indeed painful but for Arthur, who disabled the feeling of pain, it only managed to take a big chunk of his Health . Blood flowed from the huge hole created by the lance . The green weapon was melting on Arthur skin and very soon, all the chains were dyed red .

“Don’t kill him . “

Aborak noticed the situation and saw how Arthur’s body was filled with holes and slashes, it was a miracle that he was still awake and alive . He had to say something to stop the enraged Jizung as unlike him, he didn’t want to kill nor torture Arthur, he needed him for something else .

Kilan kept a calm att.i.tude and merely gazed at what’s happening, a smile was hanging on his face as he stared at Arthur, even he, had his own agenda and wanted something from Arthur .

WARNING! You have dropped to the Deity Realm!

‘As expected huh?’

After using so many skills that permanently took his Mental Power, it’s bound to drop him a whole Realm as, to begin with, he was only at the Immortal Realm 2nd Grade .

Arthur turned his head and coldly gazed at Jizung whilst speaking at last .

“See you at h.e.l.l . “

Immediately after he muttered those words, a blinding flash covered the whole area, not just where Aborak and co, but the light stretched for thousands of miles .

“Senior Bai, what is the meaning of this?”

Whilst Granny s.h.i.+shu was trying to get an answer on why Bai Lingyue forcefully took her with him, the bright light suddenly appeared and even managed to force both of them to close their eyes .

Bai Lingyue’s hands turned blurry and in just a second, a s.h.i.+eld as big as a mountain appeared, the s.h.i.+eld strongly resembled the one that Gobu used but it was way more majestic . The s.h.i.+eld was golden and managed to block the flash for s.h.i.+shu and him .

“I’m saving you from that . “

With a serious expression, Bai Lingyue channeled his power to try and block what’s about to come . The distance Arthur crossed was not short when he escaped from the city . Yet even the people from the city saw a flash at the horizon, it didn’t reach them but they still saw a flash that resembled a divine punishment .

The light was just the beginning, what followed was the true h.e.l.l . As the flash blinded Aborak and co, they couldn’t see what’s happening, but them being ancient experts, each one of them took their most precious treasures to block whatever is going to attack them . Their fear from the Heavenly Arrow was present and even though Arthur was just in the Immortal Realm, the power he showed off is at the very least at the peak of the Divine Realm .

The closest ones to the impact were Jizung and Arthur, followed by Aborak and Kilan . No sound came at the beginning as winds whistled and a heavenly explosion occurred . Arthur felt his Meridians burning and Dantian shaking heavily, he could feel his body being sent flying far away but he still could feel the explosion following him .

He was not the only one that was flung far away, Jizung and co were sent flying, each took out a G.o.dly defensive treasure yet all of them were injured with no exception .

Because Aborak was a Lich and with mysterious treasures, he was the one who managed to stabilize himself but he still couldn’t stop his body from being pushed by a terrifying force .

“Thi-this is not someone at the Immortal Realm could do . . . . “

. . . .

Lucy, who was riding the Spirit Boat and escaping to the designed destination, turned her head as she saw a bright flash cover the sky and ground . It was blinding and bright, she couldn’t focus her pupils on them . What followed that was an explosion that made the flying Spirit Boat shake .

Because the Boat’s speed was extremely fast, she was not hurt by the explosion but some winds still reached her and made the boat shake violently, it even made it deviate from its direction and almost made it crash into a tall mountain .

Dust and wind were twirling everywhere and an ear-deafening explosion rang in every person who was near the explosion . Even people at the cities heard that explosion . It was not wrong to call it a divine punishment carried by a true G.o.d who was angry at someone who disobeyed or ridiculed him .

Blood flowed out from Lucy’s ears as she covered them, there was no serious damage but the constant ringing sound was still present inside her head, no matter how much Nether Energy she channeled, she couldn’t get rid of the ringing sound .

For a couple of seconds, she couldn’t hear a sound, it’s as if she literally became deaf . For people who were in close proximity to the explosion, such as Aborak and Kilan . Their Meridians were heavily injured by the sheer force of the sound waves emitted from the explosion but that was nothing compared to the damage they sustained from the explosions .

At a far away place from the explosion, the middle-aged man from before, who was reminiscing his time with Zodiak was awoken from his deep thoughts . He gazed at the North while frowning .

Although the distance was unimaginably great, he still was able to see what was happening, the bright flash followed by the explosion and the deafening sound waves . His frown deepened and after a while, he sighed and muttered .

“Too many guests cause trouble nowadays . . . seriously, they can’t keep themselves at check . “

Then he waved his hand in annoyance and closed his eyes to rest as he couldn’t bother with it anymore .

Although it was only a wave of his hand, an invisible barrier was conjured around the whole perimeter of the explosion, it completely blocked it and stopped it from advancing any further . No matter how much force was behind the explosion, it couldn’t penetrate the barrier or even shake it . This was a good thing for the nearby cities or travelers but a bad thing for the ones inside the barrier as the explosion multiplied because it couldn’t expand further . It’s like it had a mind of its own .

s.h.i.+shu gazed at the surroundings and saw the destruction of ancient mountains, rivers turned into white fog and the ground was no more . If it wasn’t for the big golden s.h.i.+eld that Bai was using to defend, she would have been heavily injured if not killed .

“After all . . . who are you really, friend Arthur . . “

Whilst using all his Nether Energy to block the incoming damage, Bai Lingyue was trying to guess Arthur’s ident.i.ty, to cause this much destruction with his attack, even someone such as him can’t do that . What’s more surprising is that a crack formed at the far right edge of the golden s.h.i.+eld it was a small one but it stretched for a couple of meters . This made Azure Bai gasp and hold more admiration and curiosity for the couple, especially Arthur .

. . . .

An hour has pa.s.sed and the explosion didn’t stop, the intensity decreased by a fair amount and it was possible for the likes of Aborak and co to move inside it but only while using defensive treasures and with a slow speed .

As for Arthur, he was currently layed on the ground with a huge pool of blood under him, his eyes weree tightly closed and he appeared like a dead person . It was a gory and horrifying sight . He didn’t have his lower half and his left arm, moreover, he didn’t appear to be breathing .

Arthur was quite lucky as he was flung at the edges of the bottom pit, his body struck the invisible barrier in the explosion and he luckily landed on a small land that wasn’t annihilated by the explosion .

Anyone that saw him would definitely think he’s dead . The fortunate thing, even when he’s unconscious or half dead, the recovery was still present and steam came out of his stomach as his body was healing itself on its own . Slowly but surely, his waist and legs were being healed and created from nothingness .

. . . .

After three full hours, the explosions stopped and was what left was only a deep and dark pit that no one could measure how deep it was . It was like a bottomless abyss, cold and chilling was emitted from it and the more you dive deeper the more uneasy and fearful you feel .

All that Aborak, Kilan and the rest could see was total darkness, there was no longer any mountains, rivers or valleys . The mysterious barrier that blocked the explosion from expanding was a spheric shape so from afar, you could see a gigantic dark hole that covered at the very least a thousand mile .

Arthur was not the only one that was hurt, Aborak lost his skeletal left arm and Kilan was better off as he covered himself with some special white fur that deflected most of the damage, apart from cuts and wounds here and there, nothing was done to him .

As for Jizung, blood flowed from his forehead and made his face look creepier and scary . He had an ugly expression as he roared loudly, one of his Meridians was permanently burned to a crisp by the pure Nether Energy and he dropped 2 Grades . It couldn’t be worse, literally .

His body was full of blood and he was stinking of the usual blood stench . It has been 1 hour since he recovered a bit and since that time, he never stopped searching for Arthur as he knew that even the user couldn’t escape unscathed from such explosion .

The place was filled with dust and it was very hard to see but with their G.o.dly Sense, it’s pretty easy to search for living beings . Jizung tried probing what’s deep into the bottom abyss but he felt nothing except an extremely chill and a since of fear . He was not the only one that was searching for Arthur, Aborak and Kilan were contacting each other and searching everywhere .

After what he did to them, there is no way they were going to give up chasing right now . Although they were endlessly searching, their searching speed was too slow because of their injuries, someone like Jizung was slowly floating in the air . He would even stop for a couple of seconds to cough mouthfuls of blood .


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