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Chapter 538

The only one left with nothing to do was the shogun, whose opponent showed itself when got very close to the strange white sphere . Unlike the large gargoyle, the second guardian was a monstrous angel with two pairs of wings, all painted with gold . The feathers released a beautiful white aura as they fluttered against the wind, the angel grasped its weapon, a golden longsword and looked at the pitifully small Sol’dhin standing before it .

Though its appearance was frightening, the shogun wasn’t fazed as he cracked his neck and said:

“Been a while since I fought you beautiful guys . ” He smirked at the expressionless angel, unsheathed his blade and leapt at it, his body emitting a powerful pressure .

Unlike the usual sword essence, Sol’dhin’s was the color green though it had nothing to do with the Wind or nature, in fact, it was pure condensed Qi . He had a body very compatible with Qi, just like Lucy was with Mana . Were it not for her flashy Yin power, one would see small particles each time she unleashes a skill .

The battle between the couple and the gargoyle was proceeding well as the guardian clearly wasn’t strong enough to resist the duo’s bombardment . Arthur didn’t even use Dark Magic to not alert the far away Elias, who’s too weak fight but Arthur knew very well that the old man was strong enough to defend himself from the angels .

There’s another thing that surprised him but in a pleasant way . The Life Energy in his left hand was reacting to the white sphere and the angels all around him .

Arthur stepped on the air and lunged himself at the gargoyle, which just received a heavy blow from Lucy, and punched him, his fist emitting a small green l.u.s.ter coupled with unnoticeable white thunder .

The moment the fist connected with its target, a deafening thunderbolt descended from above, hitting the guardian’s head . Furthermore, Arthur’s monstrous strength caused a huge part of the creature to be obliterated, resulting in big amounts of white liquid to gush out of its new wound .

As he saw that the Guardian was in no condition to fight for the next few seconds, Arthur s.h.i.+fted his attention to the angels and gargoyles and raised his left hand . An aura full of life and vitality was released from his hand, quickly reaching the numerous creatures and causing them to freeze in mid-air . Some were caught off guard and ended up being killed by the humans and parasites as for the rest, they magically followed Arthur’s command .

Even Arthur just discovered this new ability as the System never mentioned anything related to Death or Life energy .

So, without needing to spend any energy, Arthur and Lucy backed off while dozens of angels and gargoyles attacked the injured guardian . Arthur could only control a third of them but they were more than enough to pin down the helpless Guardian, soon putting him out of his misery . The life energy coming out of his hand seemed to have strengthened them and there was no resistance whatsoever coming from them .

“You are full of surprises . ” Emir commented as he glanced at the angels and gargoyles flying around Arthur, showing no signs of hostility .

“Heh, you’re one to talk . “

Arthur smiled at the Archmage and looked down below, catching a glimpse of a large shadow pus.h.i.+ng away the darkness flying toward the sky . Soon enough, a majestic dragon made of water made its appearance, its body was easily double the size of the Azure Dragon Arthur fought in the past .

The beast cried loudly as it spun in the air then turned to face the white s.p.a.ce . Many of the nearby angels and gargoyles tried to attack the dragon but their spells and weapons went through its liquefied body .

Emir could not talk anymore as his attention was solely focused on the dragon, trying his best to control it . His forehead was sweating and the hand holding the staff was slightly shaking .

The dragon’s might could be felt by everyone, including Arthur, who sucked a deep breath, feeling chills down his spine . The dragon’s presence was almost similar to the Black Devil, making Arthur feel true fear from an existence created by an ancient Archmage .

Once the Water Dragon appeared, even the Shogun and the angel fighting him got out of the way, knowing that there’ll be nothing left if they tried to block its attack . The body of the beast was twice the size of the spiritual prison, which seemed to fortify itself as the light sphere became denser, making it harder to see Timos’ trapped soul .

“Dear guest, behold the true power of an Archmage . Truly… truly the peak of magic mastery . Even I, can’t help but feel amazed . “

Timos voiced his thoughts as he gazed at the large dragon from far away . He didn’t condone the humans’ action but didn’t interfere, after all, they were willingly freeing him .

Things started heating up as most enemies have been killed and only the angel guardian and the prison remained . The dragon waited for no one as it wrapped its body around the white sphere with its head pointing at the center . The body made of water tightened around the sphere, causing it to crack but those cracks were healed almost instantly . Nonetheless, the dragon kept doing the same thing while opening its mouth, where a violent aura started manifesting .

Arthur stood a short distance away from Emir, both he and Lucy were secretly guarding the busy parasite . The Shogun managed to successfully kill the guardian and was currently returning to the bridge .

Now was the deciding moment… who’ll backstab who?

The two parasites already talked over this and decided to cooperate rather than trust the humans, or more precisely, Elias and Sol’dhin . Honestly, the Shogun seemed like a friendly and truthful guy but it could be a facade, after all, the man lived for a long, long time so it’s not hard for him to put up such a believable act .

Half a minute pa.s.sed and the dragon breath was finally prepared and unleashed, wreaking havoc all around the prison . Everyone backed off as the bridge, which was initially fixed by Archmage, was destroyed, as for Emir, he remained at the same spot, floating in the air .

Arthur used his wings to fly and Lucy stepped on her crystalline lotuses . The Shogun couldn’t fly so he returned next to his people, his face showing a satisfied smile . Everything was proceeding smoothly so why wouldn’t he feel happy?

A mix of water energy and turbulent Mana were spat by the dragon, its gaping mouth facing the spiritual prison . The Dragon Breath dispersed the chilling air around the whole area and shook the Frozen Keep, seemingly about to destroy it but the fortress managed to barely hold on, its sky-piercing top releasing unseen vibration which negated the dragon’s area of effect attack .

The prison was resilient but it still couldn’t resist a dragon’s breath so it crumbled into nothingness after twenty or so seconds of resistance . As for the green soul lingering at the center, it quickly flew on its own, heading directly toward Timos, who very much welcomed it .

“Ah! True freedom, at last!”

The Black Devil sounded truly happy as he released an ear-piercing cry which shook all of Riarravar . The ginormous body laying on the horizon started to slowly move whilst the enormous tentacles danced in the air .

It was at this moment that the expected happened, one of the present powerhouses was backstabbed .

The man held his chest and puked blood, there was a hole in his armor and a brilliant thing seemingly wanted to leave, or to be more precise, it was being pulled toward an irresistible source . The victim was none other than the Shogun, however, it was neither Arthur nor the still busy Emir who did this .

Arthur and Lucy turned toward the group of humans and spotted an old man holding a strange coin .

‘It’s that d.a.m.n coin again!’

Although this ambush wasn’t directed him, he still can’t risk it so Arthur immediately got to action . An ominous darkness was unleashed from his body, rapidly creeping to the expressionless Elias . The old man noticed the Dark Magic and seemed to be momentarily startled, nonetheless, he wasn’t afraid .

A shadow sprung from behind and blocked the Dark Magic, resisting it with a purple s.h.i.+eld that devoured everything .

‘Void Magic!’

Arthur recognized unstable magic emitting from the s.h.i.+eld . He backed away while signaling Lucy . Sol’dhin was still holding his chest and resisting the effect of Elias’ artifact . He was puking so much blood that he couldn’t talk to the traitor, he merely glared at him, his expression clearly demanding an explanation .

“Master, please do not blame me . For the survival of my people, I need your soul to replace Timos’ . “

Obviously, the Shogun was confused and wanted to talk back but only blood came out of his lips .

“You’re strong so traveling through the spatial tunnel won’t hurt you but my people are mere mortals so I have to guarantee their safety first . I know how you are so you definitely won’t care the lives of a few mortals . Unlike you, Sivenna joined my cause and decided to help me . It seems that even someone who’s been with you ever since the beginning doesn’t want you to leave Riarravar . “

The old man chuckled and walked closer to Sol’dhin, the coin in his emitting a strange black light .

Just as Elias took three steps, there was a loud sound of a gunshot and before he could react, a fountain of blood splattered on his fact and body, dying him scarlet red . He only snapped out of it when he heard chain noises coming from under his feet .

Before the jet black chains could bind him, the coin in his hand strangely extinguished them . Right behind the old man, there was a small group of weak humans shyly following him with their heads dropped, not daring to look at the Shogun .


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