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Chapter 346: Balut

Salo ignored these gazes, and looked calm.

At this moment, Rogen’s words before leaving echoed in his mind.

“This meeting would be tough, so at the World Conference, no matter how huge things get, you are not allowed to be afraid, and you have to insist on projecting what we believe in!”

“Yeah, it would be tough! Whoever refuses your proposal, crush him!”

“Make them obey, and if anyone refuses to accept your ideas, show them what we are capable of…!”

“After witnessing our true power, they will be reasonable…!”

Weak countries have no diplomacy, and Salo naturally understands this.

So he glanced at the guy, and the magic bloomed through his eyes.

The man who scolded him immediately screamed, and his b.u.t.t slipped from the seat and fell down on the ground, leaving around him a pool of urine.

He became incontinent after being swept by Salo aura.

His eyes were filled with fear, as if he had seen a demon staring at his soul.

On his seat, Salo looked indifferent, turning a blind eye to the scene he caused, and continued to speak quietly.

“The Kingdom of Balut believes that the people on Fishman Island should have the rights they deserve.”

His voice was not too loud, but it happened to be spread throughout the conference room. This time, no one confronted him head-on, and most of the kingdom representatives’ eyes flickered.

“Sir Salo, it is not allowed to engage in any type of combat in the conference room.”

The voice of the host came from the side, warning Salo.

This is a meeting of most n.o.bles and leaders in the world, and all savage and impolite performances are strongly forbidden. Salo’s behavior aroused the vigilance of the guards in the conference room. They all stared at Salo fiercely, waiting for the host to give him an order, so that they could rush and arrest him.

“When did I make a move!? Did any of you see me move!?”

Salo smiled slightly.

“I just took a look at him. Maybe, he thought of something unpleasing, which made him jump out of his place, didn’t you?”

The host was speechless when he heard the answer.

He had to admit that Salo’s words were very reasonable, because the other party did not move a finger.

The gaze was seen by the present members, and only they felt what happened.

“It is said that magic possesses the same strange power as the devil fruit. Now it seems that it is extraordinary!”

The people who were allowed to enter this place were naturally with broad knowledge. Before they arrive, they have been familiar with the information of various countries. Of course, these people know the magical power of the Balut Kingdom. However, they were still shocked when got a glimpse of it.

“That old man really has a combat power close to the admirals?”

The representatives of countries that have blatantly opposed his opposition were avoiding eye contact and didn’t dare to look at him.

This world, after all, does only listen to strong fists, and whoever has the largest fist makes the final say.

“It is said that there are five supreme wizards in the kingdom of Balut. Each one has a significant amount of power, and serves as the guild president of the five types of magic. I don’t know which wizard Salo is?”

The host quickly adjusted the mood, gently revealed what had happened before, and asked with a smile.

It seems that he is trying to make peace in the meeting room, but all the representatives of the countries knew that he was just getting to the bottom of this kingdom.

It has been fifty years since the Kingdom of Balut faded out of the world’s sight. People were very curious about what changed in this period. In addition to this, more interested people inquired about what happened exactly fifty years ago, but they were surprised to find that this kingdom was so vague. They rarely partic.i.p.ated in the World Conference, and they were basically just named at the start of every Levely.

“I am the president of elemental magic.”

Salo whispered.

“Five admiral candidates, it’s terrifying.”

The host nodded and exclaimed.

“You are wrong.”

Salo corrected it quietly.

“Oh? Then please explain more wizard Salo.”

“About the five supreme Wizards, it’s true that we have only five of them in the Kingdom, but there are definitely more than five strong forces.”

Salo’s voice spread through the meeting room, causing the pupils of the people in the room to shrink, and all of them held their mouths in surprise.

“Our king, his majesty, is far more powerful than the five of us.”

“This time, it was his desire to come and partic.i.p.ate in the World Conference. According to him, the Kingdom of Balut is a member of the world alliance after all. How can the Kingdom of Balut not contribute to such a thing?”

Although this seemed tough, Salo’s words are also very smooth.

After all, he was old and wise. He was very experienced in dealing with this kind of matters, and he knew very well when to advance and retreat.

“Oh, hehe, Your King is really a kind man to bless us with the presence of his kingdom, this is such a great honor to the world, and we also welcome the partic.i.p.ation of Balut.”

The host was startled, and smiled politely.

He was very cautious. Five admiral candidates, one who may exceed the strength of marines’ top ranks, adding things up, it means that there are six forces to be wrecking within this little Kingdom!

What a terrible and powerful country this is!

The representatives of various countries were even more shocked.

They read through history and naturally know that there are many magical places in this great world. Although most of them are known and doc.u.mented, there are still some mysterious places.

In the four blues, there are so-called royal families! For example, the Vinsmoke Family, which still exists to this day, were once the dynastic conquerors and rulers of North Blue. And the Kingdom of Balut, in history, was once the top kingdom of a period. But, a long time ago, everything about it has been wiped out…

With six top combat powers, there is no doubt that this kingdom is so strong, just like the legendary history!

Salo knew the host’s intentions naturally, but he didn’t care.

The decision to partic.i.p.ate in this world conference represented the intention of the Kingdom of Balut to establish a nation. So, it is natural to show the world their true strength.

Next, the previous topic was discussed again. After the vote on the Fishman tribe, the number of votes was even, and the conclusion was overturned and it needs to be discussed again.

One topic after another, Salo sat there calmly. He ignored many observing gazes and occasionally expressed his opinion.

Speaking here requires extreme caution, because every sentence represents the will of a country and the thoughts of millions or even tens of millions of people.

Until the end of the World Conference on this day, everyone was deeply impressed by the mysterious Kingdom.

The burly, indifferent old wizard with a pointed hat and crescent staff left a deep impression on every present soul.

“In the middle of the West Blue, right there you can find Balut!”

This sentence circulated quietly on top of the Red Line and let this fact be known to the world.

When the meeting ended, the thirty-six wizards led by Salo and the seventy-two armored warriors attracted everyone’s attention.

At a glance, the aura exuded by the 108 strong people was shocking.

“Such strength is probably no less than that of the famous big pirates in the New World!”

“Balut Kingdom, so strong!”

“It’s really shocking, I’m very curious about what their king looks like!”

People discussed in a low voice, silently remembering the impression Balut left in their hearts.

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