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OSI Chapter 41 – Four Xian Species





Duan Tian Lang moved straight to the point and introduced himself.

“I am also part of the Million Demon Clan. From time to time, I help other demon organizations run errands. This time, I am representing the Storm Legion.. so I would like to gather some information from you.”

The men that had died under Sun Bo Fang’s hands actually wasn’t forgotten! Xu Liao thought that this matter would be swept under the rug as there were no remains left of the men. Naturally, Xu Liao was quite shocked because they actually came after him instead of searching for Sun Bo Fang.

Xu Liao was also unsure of Duan Tian Lang’s background, so he decided to speak carefully to prevent saying the wrong things.

Noticing Xu Liao going deep in thought, Duan Tian Lang broke the silence by coughing and asked the first question: “Are you familiar with the names Zhang Tie Jun and Yu Da?”

Xu Liao hesitated for a while before deciding to answer truthfully.

“If you are referring to the men with a tall and short stature, then I hardly know them. I’ve only met them a few times.. Once in Huai Demon Street.. and the second is at … I don’t really remember the name of the place. Anyway, it was where Sun Bo Fang killed them.”

The Big Four Legion is an organization strong enough to stand against the Million Demon Clan. Though the Storm Legion is slightly weaker than the Million Demon Clan, but they are still a force that couldn’t be trifled with. Thus, Xu Liao decided to tell on Sun Bo Fang.

Duan Tian Liao couldn’t help but laughed loudly.

“The murderer is indeed Sun Bo Fang. All of the Storm Legion knows about it. Both of the men had a tracking device placed on them which periodically transmits back data to the Storm Legion’s headquarters. The thing that I want to know is what Sun Bo Fang is doing in Huai Demon Street.”

Xu Liao shrugged and replied plainly: “He was digging up the abandoned Void World. This matter should be well known within the Huai Demon Street.. Why do you even need to ask me?”

Duan Tian Lang then smiled awkwardly.

“… I have a criminal record. So I couldn’t enter.”

The profound ability that Duan Tian Lang possessed shocked Xu Liao greatly. The ability to communicate at such a long distance was indeed not simple. Not only that, he even owned several men under him, and was eating casually at such a high cla.s.s location. Naturally, Xu Liao had put Duan Tian Lang on a high pedestal.

But after finding out that Duan Tian Lang was a criminal, Xu Liao’s mental image of him immediately changed to regard him somewhat similar to a mafia boss.

“So you are a man that hides something…” Xu Liao spoke softly so the people nearby wouldn’t hear.

Duan Tian Lang felt even more awkward as he gave a laugh and tried to change the topic.

“On the day of the Emperor’s Stream Serum, I was present. You ate enormous amount, second to Grandma Huai, Yun Shuai and Sister Cui.”

Xu Liao was slightly shocked. He no longer regarded himself as a newbie demon any longer, he knew that Duan Tian Lang was a demon, but to meet a same aged demon as himself, naturally he felt some sort of closeness.

Xu Liao then let his guard down slightly and casually remarked: “I swallowed so much of the Emperor’s Stream Serum only for a five hundred points boost in demonic power.. It was far, far different from what the legends had mentioned about.”

Duan Tian Lang laughed and patiently explained: “If you want to fully refine the Emperor’s Stream Serum, you need to possess top level abilities. For you being able to refine ten percent of the essence is already considered rare!”

Xu Liao put on a shocked expression on his face. However, in his mind he finally understood: “No wonder my Demonic Force Value suddenly erupted when I awakened the blood pulse inheritance. It was because it was refined in the correct way!”

Duan Tian Lang enthusiastically shared various information of the demonic world to Xu Liao who learnt a lot. In return, Xu Liao didn’t hide anything and naturally, the barrier between them was half gone.

“After all, I am not a member of the Storm Legion. I only received ten thousand credits from them to gather information. The abandoned Void World in Huai Demon Street heard about it too. It was originally a training area, and even had a grand name – the Emperor Court. But because of it being abandoned for such a long time because of the time s.p.a.ce dimensional cracks, its glory and grandness slowly faded away as memories. Shouldn’t it be very dangerous to enter it?”

Xu Liao threw both of his arms in the air and leaned back on the chair as he spoke.

“It was because of this which was why Sun Bo Fang threatened me! I have the Undead Tree blood pulse so I am able to head into the world without any problems.”

Duan Tian Lang nodded slightly as he sighed. Actually, Duan Tian Lang had already guessed it while he was conversing with Xu Liao.

“I still think I better tell you the truth! Despite being under the watch of the Million Demon Clan, the Storm Legion is able to send out a professional a.s.sa.s.sin to kill Sun Bo Fang in the northern city. But.. it’s just that they felt that it is not worth it. So they tolerated Sun Bo Fang whom only wanted to borrow your ability to retrieve something from the Emperor Court.”

Duan Tian lang then stood up and paced in circles as he continued:

“It seems like you do not understand the Emperor Court’s history. Let me explain to you in detail!”

“The Emperor Court had been explored and researched upon by countless of demons and human cultivators. It is already a confirmed fact that it is part of the heavens, a fragment of the ancient Emperor’s Garden to be precise. A small portion of the Xian species that dwelled within the garden seemed to have been affected by the spatial turbulence, and almost all of them turned weird. The Million Demon Clan alone didn’t have the ability to secure the domain alone, hence they combined forces with the Longevity Sect who were well known in nurturing plant-based demonic beings. Together with the East Heaven Sect, who had the best experience with nurturing battle beasts. Furthermore, the ancient Yuan Shi Men also collaborated by supplying the best technology and information about the Emperor’s Garden. The four of them modified this area of the Void World into a training area.” Duan Tian Lang explained patiently.

Xu Liao pondered for a while before asking curiously: “So you mean that all the treasures that were unnaturally inserted by the Million Demon Clan and the Big Four Xian Factions within the Void World.. the most precious were the treasures from the Xian species that originated from heaven?”

“Right! The Storm Legion wants the roots of a ginseng, a live sample of the Yu Long gra.s.s, the golden spear gra.s.s and a mysterious flower. Four types of Xian species.”

As Duan Tian Lang mentioned those names, Xu Liao suddenly recalled that within the chain quest scroll, there were actually two such missions! One involves the Yu Long gra.s.s, while the other involves acquiring the mysterious flower. To get both of these as rewards isn’t considered too hard. But the ginseng root and the golden spear gra.s.s was something he never heard of, so he doesn’t know how they look like.

Duan Tian Lang pressed something lightly in front of his chest and pulled up a transparent screen. Xu Liao couldn’t help but turn his head to observe the reactions of other people around them but no one seems to notice it at all.

“Don’t worry! Those people without spiritual and demonic QI will not be able to see the battle beast interface projection. I had paid a huge price for this battle beast of mine. It is a pity that it doesn’t have any battle techniques, and only can be used as a portal computer. Here, come come. Let me show you all the Xian species. Pictures included.” Duan Tian Lang laughed as he observed Xu Liao’s actions.

Xu Liao stared at Duan Tian Lang and thought that he was like a salesman, introducing him to his pitch with a powerpoint presentation.

At this moment, Xu Liao didn’t think too highly about this guy anymore unlike before. His previous high-cla.s.s demeanour was completely abolished as he sat with a foot on the chair, eating a hamburger with one hand while gesturing with the other as he explained to Xu Liao… made him look more like a salesman who dragged a friend to a nearby fast food restaurant to hear his pitch.

Translated by Gary. Edited by Jason


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