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In a daze, I stared at a book within my own room. The t.i.tle of the book is [Galia Military History : Victory Guide]. It appears to be a book about the continent Galia where I live. The front cover has a drawn hexagram, and the letters and pictures were written on raw material that also isn’t parchment; it’s a mysterious book.

I obtained this book about yesterday, when my border patrol duty was over, and having to ride my horse at the main room to return after a long absence,  I found a dead body in the forest. There are dangerous beasts in the forest that it isn’t unusual for living refugees dying. However, when the bag that seemed to be expensive stood out near the corpse, I approached it timidly and picked it up, since once again, the book that fell out seemed to be high of price.

The bottom of the bag was broken and the contents were scattered. The corpse’s fabric clothes, tattered from being eaten by a beast, were of material I’ve never seen. I checked in various ways, thinking whether this person was high in social status, but in the end without understanding anything, only the book was safe. I could somehow read the foreign letters that were written, and I, who was astonished by the contents, just borrowed the book and turned home hastily.

What surprised me was that it was written about  black magic  and magic, places of major cities in this continent, and surprisingly, a so-to-speak super sophisticate map drawn with high technology. It is a precise military secret map, which is so dangerous, that if a top rank troop saw this they’ll go pale and collapse. At least, as far as I’ve seen the map of this kingdom is correct.

After that, the description about magic is also dangerous. Magic reduces the transparent foundation of an orb aspect and inlays six jewel orbs, letting you be connected between the mithril orb to activate medium arts for magic ceremonies. Magical power is necessary for motion, but magical power wavelengths differ in magic in use due to each person’s own color.

『Magical waves high in amount of power take time until motion.

Long wavelength intervals result in long time magic effect, and reloading become slow.

Color of the orb determines its use by magical power colors, along with the magic system’s decision. 』

Although these are confidential matters in technical knowledge that I won’t understand if I don’t study magic engineering, this compile book is easy to understand. It would be an object of envy to scholars and magic engineers. Well, even if I look like a cadet, I also can’t understand half of this stuff. Because of that, I’m good if I know magical ceremony in accord with my own magical power. About my magic type, it would be nice to ask my younger sister-in-law later.

Incidentally, if a magic ceremony is in accord with my own magical power, then anything is practicable, but there are also drawbacks. Another magic can’t be used during a magic in motion, and afterwards, the magic ceremony is simply a sluggish point. The magic ceremony is three centimeters of diameters, the weight, in spite of the thickness being no more than one centimeter, is four kilos, and only one magic can be activated with one magical ceremony……

It is difficult for a knight to swing a ridiculously heavy sword around, in an already d.a.m.n ridiculously heavy armory, and have several magical ceremonies. It is gravimetrically. I mean, a strong, muscle brain, idiot knight is resistant. In my average build case, I either lighten my equipment by choosing more than one magic, or be troubled with the choice of whether I narrowing down my magic ceremonies to one, and put emphasis on equipment.

Notably, this book lists how to obtain more powerful magic techniques. With magic, magic armor and magic are exemplaries by real things such as the holy and curse swords, but can only become stronger having defeated a superior, or get a particular ability from eating a fruit. According to this book, there appears to be two magical item in the tenant towns’ vicinity I live in. If this is true……

“Older brother, I came with breakfast. What are you doing?”

It is Cecilia, my younger sister-in-law, whom opened and entered the door of my room. A blue eyed, blond haired elf with fills of the same color attached on her long hair. A white uniform of an high department magic school was fitted on her awfully adorable body. In addition, with her good body growth, I’m troubled where to look as a older brother……Her specialty is magic engineering, and along with having very good results, she’s a versatile homeworking little sister.

Cecilia’s parents pa.s.sed away already, and my father as a close friend was left in charge of her, but my father also lost his life around two years ago, and only the two of us live here now. My home is the knight’s house for the time being, but because I am not formally appointed as a knight, I can’t give it as my family name for now. For Cecilia, I’ll regain our family name and succeed in life as soon as possible!

After flapped my hand to hide the ambiguous book with my body, Cecilia seemed worried and stared at me, who was suddenly lost in thought.

“No, it’s nothing. I will eat later.”

“I understand…….Older brother, I kept a message for the instructor. He’s coming in the daytime today.”


“Yes. And, what is the mission?  You just returned, but even so……”

“……Cecilia, you’re late for school. Because I’m fine, don’t worry.”

“Yes……I’m off.”

“Go for it!”

For the sake of Cecilia going to an army magic school, I forced myself to handle work at an unreasonably fast pace, and Cecilia, who presumed that, forced a smile and left the room. She is a good younger sister, really……

Well, let’s first check whether this book is genuine. Since the instructor is perhaps calling a mission, I eat my meal quickly and decided to go collect  only one magic item. The item seems to be in another suburb.

After a long time, Cecilia’s homemade dishes lined up on the dining table was so delicious that tears came out of my eyes!


『Secret Haunted House』

The haunted house, a mansion where no one resided for a long time in the town of Renanto. On one occasion, the children who live in this town creeped in for a test of courage experience. The end of the town won’t even demolished it, on the other hand, it surely isn’t that the mysterious estate appearance seemed to be antique looking. I opened the heavy entrance door and stepped inside with one step. Faint dust danced.

“It is really? In such a place.”

Child often come and go. There were no things that looked like ghosts, and if there was a monster, it should’ve made a fuss a long time ago. Just in case,  I head for the second floor bedroom while being cautious.

“Four pillars in the bedroom are black, blue, red, a white b.u.t.tons, and if I don’t push it in order, a boss monsters appear!? That is ridiculous. There is, the black b.u.t.ton……”

At the corner of the bedroom located in the north, there was a small black b.u.t.ton in the center of the pillar. I push it while my heart throbbed. On the blue east pillar, at the south red, and when the white b.u.t.ton in the west was turned and pushed, part of the ceiling opened and didn’t a golden box fell onto the bed’s’ center?!

When I timidly opened the golden box, there was a small, golden peach. Is this a magic fruit……I timidly raised the fruit. Is this for real? I heard from the book of magic there are a lot of imitations, and I’m afraid this is somewhat a little too convenient……

“Don’t freak out! Ordinary me needs the power to rise in the world! If it was a trap after all, it would simply explain it!”

Opened my mouth big, I threw the magic fruit in and made up my mind to swallow. It was very deliciously sweet, but how about the effect? It isn’t written regarding the effect, I only know that if I ate the magic fruit the effect is random.


『Obtained a race change to Vampire.


Demon endurance attribute and correction level has risen slightly.


Light endurance attribute and correction level has dropped slightly.』


‘Vampire’, this is also questionable……Demon attribute risen, and if light attribute has fallen, it has been deducted to zero, right!?


『Obtained underling race skills.


Maidens can be made underling by virgin restrictions.


As for the person who becomes a underling, their back pa.s.sage becomes beautiful at night.


For the master in estrus, the effect is equipped with raising the sensitivity favorably . 』


Ahh, ‘their back pa.s.sages’…..a vampire such thing!? W, Well fine. It seems they change into underlings if I bite them, and it appears when the sensitivity rises nicely they easily obey my orders; it could be skillfully useful if I used it. A man absolutely never bites. Even if I am troubled with being h.o.r.n.y……

In any case, what I know because of this real deal book is huge! Opps, before I celebrate……I have to go to the instructor in a dash! I projected out of the haunted house, and rushed to the Renanto’s Order of Chivalry headquarters.  

“Cadet Edward has joined!”

Knocking on the solid, headquarters’ door, I await for an answer to step inside. Even if I’m dispatched to a dull mission, I’ll do it! My legend starts here!


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