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Chapter 1266: Disillusionment

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Hold the wedding?” Jun Moxie laughed bitterly. His wedding wasn’t a simple affair. And it was not something that entirely concerned himself.

The wedding of the Evil Monarch was the greatest affair of the entire Continent!

When that time comes, even if he wished to be more low-profile, he wouldn’t be able to.

“Mother, let’s wait awhile longer for this matter. Actually, the matter I am going to settle this time just so happens to involve Xiaomiao’s family.” Jun Moxie said. “The Misty Illusory Manor hasn’t sent any news for such a long time, so something may have really happened. I’m going out this time to take a look at what exactly happened over there.”

Jun Moxie explained it verbally, but he could vaguely sensed something amiss. Dongfang Wenxin naturally would be anxious about this matter, but she seemed a little impatient to be bringing it up so suddenly today. Everyone was already living together; it can’t be that they’re going to slip and run away? Wedding or not, wasn’t it merely a ceremony?!

Even Old Master Jun isn’t anxious about this, merely urging me to get round to doing that, so why is Mother this anxious?

“I’m anxious to carry my grandson! Not only me, even your grandfather is also anxious!” Dongfang Wenxin said, seemingly displeased. “If you continue to drag things out, I really don’t know when I can hug my grandson. Now, all those sisters of mine in the past are already carrying their grandsons. Some of them have grandsons who are looking for wives already. While you have no news at all. Let’s not even talk about those distant relatives, take your Third Uncle for example, the both of them had…”

“What does this have to do with Third Uncle! The two of them are so chummy and flaunt their sweetness! I’m not capable of doing that! There’s no reason why you need to be so anxious about wanting to carry a grandson?” Jun Moxie rolled his eyes. “Besides, how can those sisters of yours compare to you? They’re all old hags now. Which one of them can compare to you, who looks like a young maiden right now?”

Jun Moxie said with a mischievous smile. “Mother, if the both of us go on the streets, it’d be a wonder if they don’t mistake you as my younger sister… If I said we were mother and son, there would definitely be no one who would believe it.”

“So what? Even if others see me as youthful, what use is there? Mother’s heart is already old!” Dongfang Wenxin let out a long sigh. “One admiring look from your father surpa.s.ses everything… Without your father, then… it is meaningless even if I’m the most beautiful woman in the world…”

“A woman looks beautiful for the person who loves her. A woman’s beauty only blooms for one person in her entire life.That moment of dazzle marks eternity.” Dongfang Wenxin said. “Without that person, even the most beautiful, gorgeous women will merely turn into a skeleton sooner or later. That’s all! There’s no exception!”

Jun Moxie sighed, at a loss for words.

He had done his greatest to avoid mentioning his father, Jun Wuhui, before his mother all this time. To refrain from bringing up his mother’s sad memories. But he hadn’t imagined that Dongfang Wenxin still could not help but remember it. Or rather to say, she had never been able to move on. For his sake, for everyone’s sake, she had merely concealed and hid it away.

At the same time, Jun Moxie figured out why Dongfang Wenxin was feeling so down today. And why she was hurrying him to hold his wedding and have children. It must be because she no longer had any lingering attachments to this world. She only wished to accomplish the final wish in her heart, so she could bring good news to his father in the nether world…

Holding hands, turning old together! If he left for the nether world first, she shall follow after!

Dongfang Wenxin felt that she had let Jun Wuhui down greatly by being late to join him for over a decade… Right now, the Jun Family was complete, and their son had already grown up. Everything was fulfilled…

Jun Moxie suddenly realized: his wedding and him having children was the only lingering wish Dongfang Wenxin had right now. If this wish were fulfilled, then she had no more attachments, and it was the time for her to let go and leave…

“Mother, the matter about reviving that I spoke to you before… It is no empty talk… Prior to this, I was inadequate and cannot do anything about it. But right now, things are almost ready.” Jun Moxie gritted his teeth and finally uttered this sentence.

With the mastering of his cultivation, Jun Moxie also understood more about immortality. Which also made him realize how difficult reviving someone was!

But if he didn’t do this, he could not dissipate his mother’s wish to die. So no matter how difficult, Jun Moxie would try his best! There was a chance as long as he was willing to try! If he didn’t, the chance remained at zero! But if he did, the chance would no longer be zero!

If it were someone who had just pa.s.sed on not long ago, using the soul summoning techniques, with some heaven defying divine medication, one could really bring one back to life! It’s just that there was a comparable price to be paid for this!

No matter which world, souls were under the same management.

The nether worlds, the hierarchy of h.e.l.l, would absolutely forbid the soul of a deceased person to return back into the world easily!

Jun Moxie was undoubtedly powerful, but he had yet to reach the level of communicating with Yin and Yang! This naturally didn’t give him the qualifications to make the hierarchies in h.e.l.l bow down to him! With Jun Moxie’s knowledge, and perhaps, only with the level of the Nine Nether First Young Master would he be able to bring a soul out.

But there was no meaning in being able to bring the deceased soul out. Because the soul didn’t have a body. Which meant that there was no physical body that could contain the soul! So there was no where to start talking about reviving!

Jun Wuhui had already pa.s.sed on for over ten years. Not mentioning whether he had already reincarnated, even if his soul remained, his original body was already long gone.

Even if the extreme method of forcefully taking over another person’s body was used, the soul himself must be capable of pulling off this act. This was something that could not be accomplished with a fluke or external help. And not all bodies can be forcefully taken over.

A person who was still well and alive had his own body as his strongest protection. For his body was the perfect container for his soul. Even the most powerful soul, as long as it was not a cultivator and didn’t have any means of forcefully taking over, could do absolutely nothing about it!

Even a cultivator would only be able to do it after ama.s.sing a certain level of power!

No matter how capable Jun Moxie was, he couldn’t do anything about it, even if he wished to.

Back in the Dongfang Residence, when he brought up reviving, firstly, he said it to comfort Dongfang Family. Secondly, Jun Moxie had just come into contact with cultivation and was filled with inflated confidence gained from reading fantasy novels in his previous life. Thus, it was extremely easy for him to describe the process of ‘revival’. Furthermore, with the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune, the number one skill in the world, he felt that he definitely could do it!

But now, thinking back, he realized how impetuous it was of him to have said all that back then.

Even if he really had that capability, and those conditions, Jun Wuhui had already been dead for over ten years. Who knew if his soul was still around? Would he have dispersed with the wind? Or reincarnated?

But aside from this, there was no better solution. Only dragging it out in this matter. For as long as he could. Dragging it on endlessly. Even if his mother lived in hope and illusions, it would still be better than her being depressed.

A hopeless hope was still a form of hope.

If even a hope like this was gone, how would Dongfang Wenxin continue living?

Dongfang Wenxin shook her head as she chuckled bitterly from hearing Jun Moxie’s words. “Moxie, mother is no longer a child. I understand your efforts. Mother knows that you’re doing your best to stall for time… You’re hoping that with time, I will stop wis.h.i.+ng for death, and forget all of that.

“But you don’t know that a man like your father, is one that no one will ever be able to forget! And move on from!”

Jun Moxie’s heart jolted, raising his head to look at Dongfang Wenxin. He only left his heart turn cold.

“When you said that you could revive your father back then, I may have only half-believed in it, but right now, I no longer do. Your father has died for over ten years, and even his body is gone. How would you revive him? How are you going to start?” Dongfang Wenxin chuckled. “Even back then, when I said I believed you that you would be able to revive your father… You might as well say that… I was believing in your filial piety.

“In the future, it’s better not to bring up anything about reviving.” Dongfang Wenxin suddenly laughed bleakly. “Back then, how many iron blooded men in the Jun Family followed your father, staining the battlefield with their blood. Your second uncle, and your two brothers… Don’t tell me you’re going to revive every single one of them?”

She looked at Jun Moxie lovingly, stretching her hands to gently stroke his cheeks as she said softly. “In the huge battle this time, Tian Fa suffered extreme losses. No matter whom, any one of them who died in this battle was a good man. They have someone back home who is crying bitterly, day after death, hoping to die, just like me. Don’t tell me you’re going to revive all of them?

“If you can’t, if you can only revive your father alone, even if it can really be done! Did you think… with your father’s personality, he would be able to continue living?” There was a genuine look of pride in Dongfang Wenxin’s eyes.

Even if he could be revived, Jun Wuhui would definitely not accept the fact that only he could be revived! That lofty, unyielding White General would absolutely not live without a purpose!

Jun Moxie stumbled backwards, perspiring furiously!

Dongfang Wenxin’s words had struck right in Jun Moxie’s vitals!

How to answer! There was no way to answer!

Hearing his mother’s determined speech, Jun Moxie was stunned!

In fact, although Young Master Jun knew the difficulties of this matter a long time ago, he thought of his mother’s situation if his father cannot be revived: his mother would definitely have no will to live on. Thus, even though he knew he shouldn’t, he still wished to give it a try. With all the miracles the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune and Hongjun PaG.o.da have brought to him, it may not be entirely hopeless.

Especially with the emergence of Zhan Kuang using the Nine Illusory Quicksand to mould a body. Jun Moxie had developed a plausible plan: when he defeated Zhan Kuang, he would try to see if he could get that Nine Illusory Quicksand and use it as the foundation to sculpt a body for Jun Wuhui—exactly the same as his when he was alive.

This method was undoubtedly tough, but it was not entirely impossible!

But Dongfang Wenxin’s words right now completely erased the final hope in his heart.


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