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Chapter 263

–Aegir POV–

「Spear unit, support the right! Penetrate the light infantry from the path on the the left side!」

「There is a fence placed on the left! We can’t move forward until the military engineers remove it!」

Agor’s battalion has the advantage in the fight, but can’t seem to push through the enemies who are utilizing encampments and devoting themselves to defense .

「We’re charging through from the side . 」

「Don’t fall behind Aegir-sama! Follow him!」

Celia shouts and the escort squad charges at the enemy in two columns .

After the allied soldiers open up a path for me, I finally catch a glimpse of Agor’s face .

「I’ll break past the enemy formation . Follow after me . 」

That’s all I say to him before raising my sword overhead .

The fence in front of me is buried halfway into the ground .

That makes it hard for me to destroy it and for Schwartz to charge through .

「Schwartz, do your thing afterwards . 」

I stand up on Schwartz’s back as he sprints forward, then I jump over the fence .

The enemy soldier waiting past the fence stares blankly as I land beside him .

At the same time, I swing my long sword and slash away the feet of the bowgun-holding soldier .


For a second, the soldier couldn’t tell what happened even after losing his legs .

Before he could realize and let out a scream, I turn my blade to another bowgun soldier and slice off his arm .

「That makes three . 」

I pull my body back slightly before thrusting my long sword forward parallel with the ground, piercing straight through the center of the third soldier’s body, then forcibly pulling my blade up and ripping my sword out through his shoulder .

「H-he crossed the fence!」「The bowguns got taken out!」「What is that…… a sword? A spear?」

The enemy soldiers shout once they come to their senses, but by that time the bowguns who took aim at me were already cut down .

Since the spearmen stuck their weapons out through the fence, they couldn’t turn them towards me quick enough .


The enemies let go of their spears and draw the swords on their hips .

But I’m not going to wait for them to get fully prepared .

「Too slow . 」

As one of them gets into a stance, my sword goes straight through the top of his head and out from the bottom of his chin .

I raise the sword which didn’t cleanly cut the first soldier, block the incoming strike from the second soldier and then knock him off his feet .

Before the man could get up, I swing my sword sideways and…… I wanted to send his head flying, but my hand went too high and my sword ended up cutting through the nose instead of the neck .

For some reason, the nearby enemies screamed more when that happened than when I cut somebody’s head off .

Seeing my large swing open up my stance, three more enemies rush in to attack .

I deliberately put my knee on the ground to lower my body and dodge their swords .

And then I, without killing the momentum from my earlier swing, continue spinning at a low orbit with my sword .


The circular slash takes out everything below their knees, dropping three pairs of legs to the ground and causing the three torsos to somersault in the air before also falling to the ground .

「An openingggg!!」

Seeing the tip of my blade drop down for a second, a man who looks like a commander charges his simple spear at waist level before exploding forward with a fierce thrust .

「Unfortunately, I have none . 」

I don’t have a d.a.m.n opening against frontal a.s.saults .

I slowly bring my right hand up and then thrust straight at the man .


The man’s face gets stabbed right through the middle by my long sword and he dies instantly, starting to convulse violently afterwards .

I toss the still moving corpse of the commander back to where his allies are .

「Now then, next is the fence over there?」

I rest the sword on my shoulder and run towards the next encampment .

「Uwah! He’s coming over here!」

「Arrows, fire your arrows! Just shoot him!」

A few arrows fly out at me accompanied by their screaming .

I duck down to avoid them .

「Woah . 」

I brush away the three I couldn’t dodge with my sword but then a bowgun shoots at me .

The projectile from this weapon is faster than an arrow and the small bolt is much harder to evade .

I could see it clearly coming from the front and it looks like it’ll go into my thigh .

Thinking that it will probably hurt, I prepare myself for the pain until I felt a strange impact .


「I-it missed!?」

No, it definitely hit me .

But the bolt bounced off instead of going into my thigh .

「Was that because of the armor?」

I forgot I was wearing the dragon skin armor .

Celia put it on me before the fight just in case .

The armor had lots of gaps to facilitate easier movement, but luckily for me the bolt was blocked .

「You guys don’t have any luck either . 」

I grin at the soldier who fired his bowgun at me .

「The face! Aim for the head!」

They quickly target my head with their bolts .

In order to have clear vision, I didn’t wear any armor on my head .

However there is nothing easier to see than attacks coming at me from the front .

I let out a soft groan and then dash forward, deflecting the incoming bolt with the arm guard on my left hand .

I tilt myself to barely avoid the second bolt coming at my head and then raise my sword before the third bolt was even fired .

「I-inside the fence . 」

「It’s no use . 」

When I bring down my sword with all my strength, it tears into the bowgun soldier through the thick wooden fence .

I’m not done yet .


After my downward slash, I spin with my sword and, making sure I don’t sever the fence, dig the middle part of my sword into the wood and lift it up .

「You’re kidding!」「That fence was secured into the ground with stakes!」

The fence is lifted up and pulled out of the ground, creaking and cracking all the while .


The three meter fence finally gets completely pulled out and collapses on top of the enemy soldiers as it falls apart .


Although the soldiers pinned under the debris are not dead, they probably can’t move anymore .


I hear the sound of multiple shouts and the footsteps of many metal boots coming from behind me .

So while I was rampaging, my allies have broken down the fences and flooded in .

The escort squad and the poor group’s squad chase after me, pursuing the enemy soldiers who are starting to flee and abandon their positions while taking them down .

Agor’s battalion follows closely behind them .

With such a large hole opened up in their formation, the hard-working enemies beside us will quickly be surrounded on all sides and then annihilated .

The enemies start to retreat when they realize that, though the Royal army is not so incompetent to let them do so without resistance .

The battle has become a rout and a one-sided affair .

「As usual, you’re a great man no words can describe . 」

Agor, seeing that the battle is over, comes over to greet me .

「I guess so . 」

More importantly, my crotch is starting to swell .

I should get either Celia or Myla into some shade and…… .

「S-stop, don’t kill me!」

I turn around after hearing a woman’s scream and see three allied soldiers surrounding an enemy .

The three allied soldiers are oozing with bloodl.u.s.t and look like they could finish her off at any moment .

I hurry and push my way through to her .

「I surrender! At least spare my life!」

When I take off her helmet, a considerably pretty face is revealed .

Of course I’m not going to kill her .

「There, there, if you throw down your weapon and give up, I’m not going to kill you . 」

I hug the woman’s shoulder, comforting her as she pleads for her life and abandons her sword .

The others will misunderstand if she’s still wearing armor so let’s take that off .

「The soldiers are murderous . Let’s get into one of these houses for now . 」

「Gusu…… I won’t resist anymore……」

There, there, they can see your boots and armor, and the shoulder pads have to go too, let’s take them off .

「Just sit on that bed there, take some deep breaths and relax . I won’t treat you badly . 」

「Fueh . 」

I comfort her by gently rubbing her while taking the clothes she’s wearing under her armor as well .

Ooh, what well-shaped b.r.e.a.s.t.s he has .

And then I see Agor glancing at me .

Celia is also beside him, extremely upset .

「……the battle is over . We just have to clean up and advance to the center of the city so I don’t think the army commander needs to take action . 」

Yeah, of course, I knew that .

「…… things will be finished in one hour . You have until then, that’s it!」

Celia barks roughly, then turns away with a pouting face .

Yeah, that’s plenty of time .

I gently pat the head of the female soldier who seems to have gotten anxious again, letting out a coaxing voice which doesn’t match my appearance .

「You’ll be fine in my arms . Come on over . 」

The female soldier doesn’t understand what is going on, but she trusts me enough to believe that I don’t intend to hurt her from the soft tone I was using .

She slowly rests her face against my chest .

I’ll take that as consent .


「Eh!? Kyaaa!」

I’m already in nothing but my underwear, as I push the woman onto the bed, spread her legs and mount her .

One Hour Later .

「And who are these guys?」

In the largest building of the city, normally a place used as an a.s.sembly hall, three men tied up with rope are kneeling on the ground .

「Sir! This man is the one who led the army . 」

One of the battalion commanders kicks the middle-aged man out of the bunch .

「This one is his son and second in command . 」

He looks like a man in his twenties .

「And this one is the city’s leader . He rounded up the citizens and urged them to proactively cooperate with the rebel army . 」

He’s an elderly person .

The three of them are visibly shaken and a foul stench is coming from the son .

He probably soiled himself with more than just urine .

「So, what should we do with them?」

「「「Execute them all . 」」」

Leopolt, Myla and Wittmann all say the same thing at the same time .

Well of course they would agree .

They appear to be a legitimate army but wars and rebellions are completely different .

In war, we have to treat even enemies with a certain level of respect, and it is deemed barbaric to ma.s.sacre the opponents after they have surrendered .

On the other hand, rebellions are not like that .

Soldiers in a rebel army betrayed the nation they once pledged allegiance to and are not proper enemies .

They fall in the same category as bandits or brigands and is normal upon capture for them to be executed on the spot .

「Going by the book, the Magrado region falls under the jurisdiction of the general governorate, which means the Governor General Dunois should be making the decision . 」

Myla states the general rule, continued by Leopolt .

「Right now Lord Hardlett is the highest authority figure and holds the right of command over the area including control over the governorate army . There should be no problem if he makes an independent decision here . 」

Fumu .

「In that case, we’ll defer their execution . Let’s take them to Odoros . 」

The three of them seem shocked .

We’re going back to Odoros anyways before heading to Karudia .

It won’t take extra effort to deliver them there as prisoners .

「Are you going to spare them!?」

Wittman asks in surprise .

「n.o.body said that . I just have a strange feeling . If we’re going to kill them, we can do so whenever we want . 」

I have no reason to save this middle-aged man or his soiled son .

If I find out they’re nothing special, I’ll hang them immediately .

「It’s getting late today . We’ll stay here for the night and return to Odoros tomorrow . 」

「Preparations are already complete . 」

As expected of Leopolt .

「Then divide the citizens into groups of a hundred and have them sleep beside the soldiers . 」

The one who appeared was Tristan .

Once it pa.s.ses the evening, this guy gets livelier and shows up .

「I understand the prisoners but……the unarmed residents as well?」

There are 1000 citizens in this city at most .

Even if they were to try something in the dead of night, I don’t think they should be able to maneuver around 15 000 armed soldiers .

「That’s true . But there is bound to be one or two stupid people out of those hundred citizens . 」

Tristan heaves a giant sigh, adding he also experienced something similar before .

「One person won’t find anyone who will believe, but it will seem more plausible when ten or more people are gathered, even if the opinion is a stupid one . 」

I see, stupid people may get together and do something foolish if we leave the citizens alone carelessly .

If that happened, the soldiers will naturally counterattack and things will get gruesome .

If we split the residents into groups of a hundred, I don’t think anything will come of it .

An idiot might try to prattle on to the others but no one will listen .

Tristan is pretty kind .

「If they cause a dispute, it’ll give us more trouble . In war, it’s the best if we win with as few fights as possible . 」

Leopolt speaks up .

「If clas.h.i.+ng with the citizens is too much of a ha.s.sle, I have a solution . We can gather all of them in one place under the pretense of feeding them emergency rations, then surround them with archers . 」

Stop, that would kill the women too .

Myla snaps at the inhuman Leopolt when they start talking about some kind of controversy, I decide to turn in for the night .

As I leave the building, Gido who was waiting outside comes up to me .

「Where’s Celia?」

「Celia-san said she was going to check on the distribution of citizens and the security . 」

If she’s starting now, she probably won’t come back until very late .

I can still hear Myla arguing with Leopolt .

So I guess I’ll go with Irijina .

「Irijia-san became highly strung from her first battle in a while and went running on her horse . 」

What the heck is she doing?

「What about the girl you were embracing earlier?」

Gido knows about her too?

「I don’t think I can do it with her anymore . 」

Thinking I only had an hour with her, I was swinging my hips pretty hard and fast and overdid it .

She’s probably still calling my name in her sleep .

While she climaxed ten times, I only came once .

As Gido and I walk through the city in the evening, two women who Celia has yet to gather stand in front of us as if blocking our path .

The two of them are young and wearing a long coat covering up to their ankles .

「……move . 」

Gido’s expression tenses as his hand reaches for his sword .

「Wait, wait . 」

I appreciate that you’re so zealous about being my bodyguard, but look carefully at the two girls’ faces .

They’re frightened, trembling, and don’t look like the type to attack me with a hidden knife .

「What’s wrong? Is there something you need from me?」

When I ask them, the two girls stand in front of me and Gido, then open up their coats .


「Hooh, nice b.r.e.a.s.t.s . 」

The women weren’t wearing anything under their coats, totally exposing their b.r.e.a.s.t.s and genitals .

「We offer our bodies to you . That’s why we beg you…… treat us magnanimously……」

The girls throw their coats aside and prostrate at our feet fully naked .

Now that I look, there were ten other citizens behind them imploring us .

Judging by their expressions, I feel more fear from them than hostile intent .

I lift up one of the naked women kneeling on the ground and bring her close .

「You’ll catch a cold looking like that in the middle of winter . I’ll listen to what you have to say, so come with me . 」

I put my arm around her shoulder and touch her ample bosoms while I’m at it, getting no resistance from the woman at all .

「You come over too . 」

Gido hugs the shoulder of the other and escorts her similarly .

Smooth, looks like the reason Gido is more popular with the ladies than Kroll is not only because of the size of his d.i.c.k .

「Good, it looks like they’re not going to be killed right away . 」

「All we can do now is leave it to Malin……」

I hear the whispers and sighs of relief from the villagers behind me .

「Kuh, Malin……」

「I know it’s hard for you, but unless they’re the most beautiful girl in town…… our lives are at stake . 」

I wonder what they’re talking about .

I wanted to enter a separate room from Gido, but being as earnest as he is, he insists on remaining in the same room .

「I wouldn’t know what to do if something were to happen to the chief!」

「Oh come on, a single woman can’t do anything . 」

I approach Gido .

「You should give that girl lots of love too . Listen to what she has to say before you gently embrace her . 」


When I leave Gido and hurry into the next room, the woman neatly folds the cloak covering her, and sits naked on the floor .

「Oi oi, I said you’ll get a cold ……」

The woman interrupts me mid-sentence .

「I’ll do anything . I don’t mind if you’re rough with me, you can shove your d.i.c.k deep into my throat and I’ll gladly take it . I’ll do whatever you say so please spare the lives of the others . Just promise you won’t kill them!」

She seems to be misunderstanding something .

「Relax, I won’t do anything like that . 」

I hug the girl tightly .

「Go on, tell me everything . 」

I lift the girl up onto the bed and listen to her as I gently pat her head .

She is in her mid twenties and has an average body with relatively plump b.r.e.a.s.t.s and a.s.s .

She has a pretty face, and her body is still trembling with fear, invoking my inner duty to protect her .

At first the woman forces herself to use keigo, making it hard for me to understand her, though she eventually becomes slightly rea.s.sured I won’t do anything besides pat her and starts talking .

The girl’s name is Malin and is supposedly the prettiest girl in town, although she’s already married .

As a result of a discussion between the residents, she was chosen to be offered in an attempt to please me .

The other girl is a virgin and would have taken Malin’s place as my partner in case I disliked non-virgins .

「The feudal lord-sama said it . The army of the general governorate will burn down the occupied city and kill all the residents . That’s why I’m giving this body to you to do as you please in hopes you will show mercy……」

「Hahaha, Goldonia won’t do something so inhuman . 」

They might kill the feudal lord and his entire family, but I’m sure they won’t ma.s.sacre all the citizens .

After saying that, Malin’s body seems to relax and her expression seems to soften .

Regardless, it was clear that the residents cooperated with the feudal lord in the rebellion and if it was another inflexible person in my place, all of them would have received suitable punishments .

I’m glad I was the one who dealt with them .

「In any case, I won’t do anything as long as you don’t put up any weird resistance . Just keep being normal residents . 」

Malin lifts her face and gets a good look at me for the first time .

「Ah . 」

Malin quickly realizes her abundant b.r.e.a.s.t.s and pretty slit decorated with neatly trimmed pubic hair are exposed and covers them with her hands .

「They’re pretty, you could let me see them longer . 」

I put my hands on top of hers and pull them away from her body, revealing her precious places again .

「You’re going to entertain me tonight, right?」

「W-well…… that was when I thought you were going to kill me…… I’m married too . 」

「Don’t be like that . I’ve gotten pretty pent up after battle . 」

I guide her hand to my crotch and have her feel my d.i.c.k .

「Eh!? W-what is that?」

I take both her hands and have her use them to pull down my pants and underwear, unleas.h.i.+ng my already excited meat rod .

「Kyaaaah! A monster! A monster sprung out!」

What a cute reaction .

I push my hips forward so that the tip is up against Malin’s forehead .

「What do you think of my d.i.c.k?」

The girl sniffs the air and replies as if the heat caused her to be delirious .

「It-…… It’s big and lovely, plus it has such a thick manly scent . B-but I have a husband-……」

I take my c.o.c.k and rub both of Malin’s cheeks with it .

「It’ll be fine, as long as you properly explain and convince him . I’ll match my story with yours too . 」

「But still……」

I bring myself close to the reluctant girl’s ear and take her earlobe in my mouth .

「It’s not cheating if he doesn’t find out . Let’s enjoy ourselves . 」

「Ah…… aaah……」

Malin blushes, hesitating for a few seconds before gulping, then opening her mouth wide to swallow my d.i.c.k .

「Oooh, that’s nice! I don’t mind if your teeth sc.r.a.pes against me, you can be a little rougher . 」

「Nnboh! Nnguh! Gaboh!」

With her mouth filled with my d.i.c.k, Malin bobs her head back and forth quickly .

She seems to be quite used to this .

I guess that’s to be expected of the town’s best girl, she’s had plenty of partners .

After a while of her fervent servicing, the heightened pleasure makes me want to dominate her hole .

「Malin, let me f.u.c.k you . 」

I push her onto the bed without waiting for an answer, turn her around and grab her hips .

「Ah, use a contraceptive! Today’s a really dangerous day for me . 」

「I can just c.u.m outside . Don’t worry about it . 」

I go ahead and insert my rod inside .

「Aaaaaaah, you’re terrible! I said no…… but your thing is too big for me to resist . 」

As she screams, lots of love juice is already overflowing from her v.a.g.i.n.a .

Pleased at the sight, I start off with hard thrusts .

Malin bends backwards as she moans loudly, even pus.h.i.+ng her own a.s.s against me .

「What a lewd girl . I love naughty girls like you . 」

「I-I’m not naughty! I just have lots of experience!」

I grin and ask her .

「How many?」

「F-five people . 」

I give her a deep thrust as if telling her not to lie .

「Aau! Ten people . 」

「Really only ten?」

I tense up my stomach and make my d.i.c.k swell up inside of her while also rocking my hips back and forth .

「Twenty…… I’m sorry . Forty!!」

「Hahaha, you really are naughty . 」

I lower my body onto her back and grab her swaying b.o.o.bs, making Malin moan happily .

「That feels so good!」

When I stick a finger in her a.s.s while pumping my hips from behind, she lets out a bashful scream and shows slight resistance .

「You can’t use that place! That’s too perverted!」

I can’t hold back .

Something hot is already rising up from my b.a.l.l.s .

「Malin, I’m about to c.u.m . 」

I switch positions to missionary and hug her so she can’t run away .

「Anything but inside! I’ll really get pregnant and my first baby won’t be my husband’s child . 」

I want to comply with her request as well, but my body wants to c.u.m inside her really badly .

My body wants to spray its seed inside this aroused woman .

「Malin, if you really don’t want it, push me away . I’ll stop right away . 」

I pick up the pace of my thrusting .

Realizing I’m close to ejaculating, she desperately screams .

「Don’t, nooo! Don’t take over my womb, I don’t want it, nooo . 」

Malin grabs both my shoulders and seems to want to push me away .

Of course it was impossible for a woman with thin arms like her to move me, but seeing her put up resistance, I decided to pull out .

「Aaah, it’s starting to twitch inside! c.u.mming inside is absolutely not allowed, you can’t do it!」

Feeling close to release, I was about to separate from her, when she resists for the last time .

「Impregnating me, with such a large and thick p.e.n.i.s…… is definitely not…… allowed . 」

Malin’s arms wrap around my neck .

「I’ll be troubled if I’m pregnant with your baby . 」

Her legs wrap around my waist .

「I don’t want to get pregnant . 」

She continues to reject me verbally as she pushes her lips against mine .

I’ve certainly gotten my answer .

I hold down both her arms, pull back my hips and then give her a deep thrust .

When the tip of my d.i.c.k digs into the entrance of her womb, I feel my meat rod twitch and spray a vigorous jet of s.e.m.e.n inside .

「Noooo! I’ll get pregnant!」

「Uooooh! Bear my child!」

Malin fell unconscious with a satisfied expression on her face after my ten minute e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n .

As I was releasing all that seed, I feel as if I’ve stolen Malin’s eggs .

「……might as well . I’ll take your a.s.s too . 」

Despite my c.o.c.k becoming softer after emptying its load, it was easy for me to push into her a.s.s .

「It seems pretty loose . You really only slept with forty guys?」

When I ask the fainted Malin, her a.s.s happily tightens up in response .

The Next Morning .

「Aegir-sama! It’s urgent so please pardon me for interrupting!」

Before I could open my eyes, the door swings wide open .

「Celia, what is it?」

「Y-you ate another different girl…… ahem, anyways we have a really big problem . 」

Celia pushes Malin, who was sleeping my arm, on the floor before continuing .

「The governorate army has failed to conquer the other base . They’ve suffered heavy casualties and cannot maintain their attack . A messenger requesting for help just arrived . 」

「What did you say?」

The governorate army was in charge of attacking the enemy base close to Odoros, but the number of forces the enemy army possesses is not too different from ours .

They were definitely stronger than I expected but I still didn’t expect a complete defeat .

「What the heck are they doing?」

I return Malin to the bed and kiss her cheek before putting my clothes on .


I also kiss Celia, who silently puckers her lips, before leaving the room .

「Gido! It’s urgent . Hurry and……」

Without knocking, I open the door of the next room where Gido is sleeping .

「Twirl your tongue more . Look up at me………… hah, chief!?」

Gido is standing imposingly on the bed and the other girl is sucking on his d.i.c.k .

I see the sheets stained with red liquid .

Oh yeah, the other girl was a virgin .

「I’ll wait ten minutes, hurry and finish . 」

「……you too?」

I close the door to s.h.i.+eld him from Celia’s cold gaze .

When the door shuts completely, I hear voices from the other side .

「Sorry, I need to go in ten minutes so do it harder . Make sure you don’t sc.r.a.pe me with your teeth . 」

「S-sure! Anything for Gido-san…… nboh! Nbo! Nnnnnh–!」

It’s impressive how he can still c.u.m in this situation .

Although Leopolt, Myla and Wittmann are gathered after hearing the situation .

It might be awkward for Gido to come out .

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett . 24 years old . Winter .

Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave . Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area . Mountain Legend . Friend of the Dwarves . Friend of the King of Aless . Dragon Slayer Hero .

Elf Mediator .

Citizens: 175,000 . Refugees: 900

Major Cities – Rafen: 26,000 . Lintbloom: 5000 . Vandolea Special Town: 9000 .


Leopolt (staff officer), Tristan (staff officer), Celia (adjutant), Myla (second in command), Irijina (commander)

Gido, Christoph (escort troops), Wittmann (Royal army corps commander)

Army under command:

Royal Army – 4th Army Corps: 14 750 men

Escort Squad: 100, Retinue of Trio: 100

a.s.sets: 19,590 gold (Malin present -5), (female soldier present -2), (virgin girl present -2)

s.e.xual Partners: 408, children who have been born: 55 + 555 fish


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