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Chapter 146

The Concise of Yue w.a.n.g

Mu Yunyao regained her senses . The blood droplets on her fingers had already started to solidify . She took the handkerchief and gently wiped it, and her fingers became clean . Even that tiny needle didn’t feel any pain . “It’s nothing . ”

What she saw in Cao Family today had somewhat touched her heart, and she couldn’t help but think of her past self . In her previous life, she had been Jin w.a.n.g’s concubine, and that young miss of Su Family had probably treated her the same way Lady Jin had treated Concubine w.a.n.g .

In this life, she would never be someone else’s concubine, and she would even safely send her good elder sister to the Jin w.a.n.g’s Manor . She wanted to see what would happen when two extremely hypocritical people were together .

A few days later, Mu Yunyao went to the Cao Family’s Manor to discuss with Lady Jin what kind of embroidery should use for the New Year’s gift . She then saw someone cleaning up the lotus pond . Yin Hong helped Mu Yunyao led the way, and when she saw Mu Yunyao’s gaze on the lotus pond, she explained softly . “Yesterday, there was a conflict between Concubine w.a.n.g and Concubine Zhou . Concubine Zhou accidentally pushed Concubine w.a.n.g down the lotus pond, but it covered with silt . Concubine w.a.n.g went down for no more than a minute, but the whole person did not have a sound . Madam always felt uneasy when she saw the lotus pond, so she ordered people to clean it up and prepare to fill it up . ”

Mu Yunyao smiled slightly, and there was a glimmer of light in his eyes, and then disappeared without a trace: “Madam is thinking about it . ”

After running back and forth for a few days, they finally finished preparing the cloth and embroidery thread that will use for the New Year’s gift . The words were written by someone at the behest of Governor Zhang also arrived . The handwriting of Fu, Shou, An, and Kang was sent back by Governor Zhang from all over the country, asking the elder Quan Fu to write it down . Mu Yunyao carefully selected them before instructing people to start embroidering . Governor Zhang actually wanted to ask a woman from Jingling City to help with the embroidery . In the end, the birthday presents dedicated to the Emperor, and it was hard for those women to leave behind flaws in the embroidery process . So he and Lady Jin agreed upon a deal that most of the embroidery made by Mu Yunyao, while the rest made by the embroidery ladies of Ni Yun Fang . Coincidentally, these embroidery ladies were all chosen from the top of Jingling City, so they could also represent the women of Jingling City .

Su Qing helped Mu Yunyao to arrange the handwriting that sent over from various places . She felt that her eyes were about to go blurry, “Yao’er, this is too much . How long are you going to take to embroider this?” Jin Lan and the others who were helping to cut the silk thread couldn’t help but nod their heads: “That’s right, Miss, Governor Zhang really is too inconsiderate . There are only a few days until the new year, and he still has to send the New Year’s gift to the Capital half a month earlier . Where can we finish embroidering in three months?”

Mu Yunyao raised her head and lightly smiled, “I’m not even worried, what are you guys worrying? Rest a.s.sured, three months is enough time . ”

Su Qing couldn’t help but sigh . She endured the pain in her heart and said, “Mother will cook for you . You don’t need to care about anything else for the next three months, only focus on embroidering the New Year’s gift . ”

Mu Yunyao smiled and nodded . “Thank you, Mother . ”

After Steward Qin found out that Mu Yunyao wanted to help prepare the New Year’s gift, he hurriedly bought many medicinal materials and sent them over .

Mu Yunyao opened the box and looked at the ginseng with all the roots within . She could not help but chuckle, “Steward Qin, the things you have prepared are too precious . I’m only helping to embroider the New Year’s gift . I’m not willing to use such a good thing . ” This ginseng seemed to be over a hundred years old . If she really ate it, it would definitely be too late .

“Miss Mu, you can’t take it no seriously . This embroidery takes up a great deal of effort, especially Miss Mu’s embroidery . Those silk threads are so split that you can’t even see them, and ordinary people would feel dizzy just by looking at them . Fortunately, Miss Mu’s superb skills and the needle is like G.o.d’s help . ”

At the same time that Steward Qin felt admiration, he could not help but feel his heartache . For the sake of Ni Yun Fang and Bu Xian Luo, Miss Mu had already planned everything step by step and was extremely tired . However, right now, in order to please the Sacred Heart, she had to work continuously for three months . He could not help in any way, and could only do his best to find and send over some tonics .

Mu Yunyao’s heart felt warm . “Please keep an eye on Bu Xian Luo . Give me more silver every month, and I won’t feel tired . ”

“Miss Mu, please don’t worry . The people I sent out have already taken root in Suzhou, Yangzhou, and other places . They will soon be able to make tea and earn silver taels . Unfortunately, picking fresh leaves is just for a few months . When winter comes, there’s no way to fry tea anymore . ” These days, he had tasted the pleasure of earning silver and was taught by Mu Yunyao . “I wish I could bring up all the tea trees in the garden so that they can have fresh leaves to pluck every day . ”

“There’s no way we can earn all of the silver . Right now, we are already so busy . We only have to bite off more than we can chew and take it step by step . ” Mu Yunyao’s thoughts of earning silver were even more urgent than Steward Qin, but she didn’t dare to be anxious . She was afraid that if she took one step wrong, she would lose everything . After all, I will leave here for less than a year .

Steward Qin also understood this logic . “That’s right . It is good to be steady now . ” Half a year ago, he had thought that it would be great if he could have several 10,000 taels of silver in his hands . But now, he handles more than 10,000 taels of silver every day . People don’t be too greedy .

In the following time, Mu Yunyao practically never left her house, and she spent every day in her room embroidering New Year’s gift .

Lady Jin came to see her twice . Seeing that progress of embroidery was so well, she didn’t disturb her further . Instead, she would send people to give her presents every once in a while . Sometimes it is some jewelry, and sometimes it is simple food .

Mu Yunyao didn’t refuse and instead instructed Jin Lan to receive them one by one .

Half a month later, Steward Qin sent a reply from Yue w.a.n.g .

Mu Yunyao flexed her stiff wrists and fingers . She was a little surprised in her heart, “I didn’t expect that Yue w.a.n.g would actually reply to me . ” However, she didn’t send the letter last time . Which letter is this time?

Steward Qin only smiled . His smile was exceptionally brilliant . His gaze towards Mu Yunyao filled with even more splendor, absolutely treating her as the future Yue w.a.n.gfei . Moreover, the more he looked, the more satisfied he was .

Mu Yunyao was a little confused . After opening the letter, there were only three words on the paper: I Got It . It was indeed the style of Yue w.a.n.g, in which each word was worth thousands of gold .

She couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows and show the letter to Steward Qin, “About this … I got it . What does Yue w.a.n.g know?”

Steward Qin could not help but stare with wide eyes as he grumbled in his heart: Hearing Old Cheng’s words, it is clear that w.a.n.g Ye is concerned about Miss Mu . Why doesn’t he write more words? Only knowing these three words, and who knows what w.a.n.g Ye was thinking?

Seeing Steward Qin’s wide-eyed and speechless look, Mu Yunyao didn’t want to make things difficult for the elderly . “I’ll write a letter to ask Yue w.a.n.g . Coincidentally, I haven’t given a letter to him for a long time . When the letter arrives, ginger tea will almost arrive in Western Guangdong . ”

Steward Qin quickly wiped off his cold sweat, “Good, Miss Mu is considerate . ” It was fortunate that Miss Mu was considerate . If it were any other girl, they would have already been infuriated long ago! No, he still had to write a letter to scold Old Cheng . Miss Mu had divided the profits of Ni Yun Fang and helped to set up Bu Xian Luo . Not only had she won two golden signboards, but she had also even traveled a thousand miles to deliver ginger tea to w.a.n.g Ye . He, an outsider, felt moved when he saw it . Why does w.a.n.g Ye not know how to say something pleasant to coax the people? Yue w.a.n.g, who was far away in Western Guangdong, sneezed . Eunuch Cheng, who was reporting the situation in front of him, become concerned and said: “My Lord, it’s getting cold, why don’t you add some clothes? Didn’t Old Qin send us two fox-fur cloaks? It bought from Jiangnan . You can wear it with exceptional brilliance . I will let someone find it out and let it dry . You can wear it tomorrow . ”

Yue w.a.n.g nodded and did not say a word .

Half a month later, the caravan carrying the tea leaves finally arrived on the outskirts of Yuxi City . Unfortunately, before they could enter the city, they saw a group of fierce bandits run out and grab the tea leaves before pulling them away .

The garrison troops of Yuxi City waited until all the robbers had fled, then cautiously walked out . Seeing the merchant caravan’s owner sitting on the ground crying bitterly, they couldn’t help but console him, “Don’t cry, this is just robbing things and not injuring others is already good enough . Hurry up and enter the city to rest . ”

“This gentleman, we need to report to the officials and ask them to help us capture the robbers!”

“If you want to report it, then report it . We just said that it’s useless even if we report it . This robber won’t be able to catch him . ”

“Then what should we do?” The caravan owner cried out loud, “I … Let’s take a break, then go back to Jiangnan to buy another batch of tea leaves . I still don’t believe that the bandit will rob us every time!”


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