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Chapter 746: Take By Storm

Translator: Yukidaruma Translations Editor: Yukidaruma Translations

Before White Lion could finish his words, Elena had already charged out fiercely. With an explosive bang ringing out under her feet, she stomped down and created a large crater in the ground, leaving behind a series of afterimages. Wherever she pa.s.sed by, there would be a series of air currents, and she clashed into the head of one of the three-headed h.e.l.lhounds like a guided missile.

It was only then that a loud rumble reached White Lion’s ears. While he was in a dumbstruck state, Elena had bashed that h.e.l.lhound’s middle head into its chest.

Then a deafening and agonizing cry rang out. Elena lifted one of her legs high up and then pressed it down. With an axe kick[1], a loud boom rang out, and the h.e.l.lhound’s spine was crushed.

In the blink of an eye, one of the h.e.l.lhounds fell to the ground like a puddle of mud.

Tom, who was in the far distance, shot up to his feet. He felt as if he had gooseb.u.mps all over.

‘Who is this girl?!’

At the thought of how one of his h.e.l.lhounds had died just like that, he felt both enraged and terrified. He immediately gave out an order, “Kill them all!”

In an instant, the remaining three h.e.l.lhounds roared as flames and light burst out from their bodies. They were like three huge fireb.a.l.l.s, charging out toward Elena. The ground was scorched wherever they pa.s.sed by, and the temperature of the areas near the canyon had started rise rapidly.

Faced with such a world-shaking power, White Lion lost his cool. “Escape quickly!”

He sent out over ten platinum sword Qis, slas.h.i.+ng the three h.e.l.lhounds. However, other than infuriating the h.e.l.lhounds and causing a large amount of blood to splash out from their bodies, the sword Qis were completely unable to stop the three-headed h.e.l.lhounds’ advance.

At the sight of this, Tom revealed a smirk in contempt and thought, ‘All of you can die.’

Then just as White Lion wanted to turn and flee, Elena made her move once again.

Faced with these three great fireb.a.l.l.s pouncing toward her, Elena did not choose to forcibly take them head-on. After all, even though she had extraordinary physical attributes, she would still suffer from burns. Therefore, she did not choose to come into contact with the high temperature directly and instead tapped out with a finger, sending violent powers gus.h.i.+ng out. This tap seemed to cause the air to explode. In an instant, over 1,000 streams of sword Qis burst out and shot out toward the three-headed h.e.l.lhounds.

This was the Supreme Mistwind Sword which Fang Xingjian had imparted to Elena. Alone, one of the sword Qis from this technique might not be able to unleash a prowess greater than that of White Lion’s platinum sword Qis. However, after tapping out once, Elena tapped out again. After a few consecutive taps, a myriad of sword Qis went slas.h.i.+ng out. They were like a tempest, surrounding the three-headed h.e.l.lhounds completely. There were so many streams of sword Qis that it was like a sea of swords.

Pffft pffft pffft pffft! Densely packed sounds rang out. At this moment, it was as if there were several hundred Elenas holding a small knife and continuously slas.h.i.+ng out at the three-headed h.e.l.lhounds from all directions. The three-headed h.e.l.lhounds let out agonizing cries and collapsed one after another. The flames on their bodies were gradually extinguished, and lava kept bursting out from their bodies like fresh blood.

However, the sword Qis did not stop there. They continued to gush out toward the surroundings. As horrible slas.h.i.+ng sounds rang out, the sword Qis managed to slash down three feet into the ground, bringing forth smoke and dust everywhere.

White Lion looked at this scene in great astonishment. The sword technique Elena had performed seemed like a miracle to him. The densely packed sword Qis were really a ghastly sight. Their great prowess was in no way weaker than a Tomahawk cruise missile and could even be stronger.

When Tom, who was watching from the distance, saw the four h.e.l.lhounds collapse with no idea if they were dead or alive, he felt as if his heart was going to bleed.

What made him even more terrified was Elena, the one who had launched the attacks. Seeing this young girl kill his three-headed trumps with such great ease made his hair stand on end, and he had an urge to escape immediately.

It was at this moment that the 400 Ghost Wolves came under attack. This time around, Jack was the one who made his move.

Sounds were essentially tremors, and tremors could be the means of attack with the strongest destructive force in this world when it came to physical structures.

When the 400 Ghost Wolves appeared and pounced toward the three of them, Jack’s mouth opened slightly. Invisible sword waves were unleashed from his mouth. It was a type of unique sword wave that the human ears would be unable to perceive. However, wherever the sword waves pa.s.sed by, it was if a layer of invisible force had swept through the world.

Layers of the ground were turned into powder, and the plants and trees exploded into dust with a bang. Bang bang bang bang! The Ghost Wolves exploded one after another, turning into shattered fragments due to the intense tremors in the air.

There were not many physical materials which could put up with such high frequency tremors. Everything disintegrated at a rapid speed and dissipated into the air.

The same went for the Ghost Wolves. When they turned into an intangible state, they could avoid contact with any physical materials. However, when they took on a physical state, they could come into contact with others, which also meant that they could be attacked.

Over 400 Ghost Wolves were killed instantly with a single strike. Tom lost the shared vision he had with the Ghost Wolves and stood up, breaking out in cold sweat. He wore a horrified expression, and his legs moved quickly as he escaped into the distance, leaving behind a series of afterimages.

‘Terrifying… This guy and this girl are too terrifying.

‘How can there be such terrifying experts?

‘My system would need to upgrade for another three times—no, five times before I have a chance to go up against them.’

At the thought of this, his legs moved increasingly faster. In the blink of an eye, he was running rapidly with all four limbs on the ground. He had gradually taken on the appearance of a Ghost Wolf.

As he was running, a black line cut across the air. Elena had broken through sound barriers and was charging over at an extreme speed.

Almost at the instant Tom turned his head, a fierce punch landed on Tom’s waist. Pffft! Tom’s waist was smashed into two, and fresh blood burst out instantly with the lower half of his body remaining on the ground while his upper body flew upward.

Then Elena once again tore through the atmosphere and launched a punch toward Tom’s chest.

However, just as Elena’s fist was about to land on Tom’s body with powerful air currents, Tom took on an intangible state and disappeared.

“Hmmm?” Elena frowned and continued with her punch. Then she punched out wildly in all directions, las.h.i.+ng at the air. As if she had lit up many explosives, puffs of dust were sent flying up amidst a series of air explosions.

Tom, who had taken on an intangible form, looked at this scene in shock and horror while the lower half of his body gradually regenerated.

With each time his system got upgraded, other than being able to rule over a new type of monster, he would also possess the new monster’s characteristics. This meant that he now possessed the werewolves’ ability to regenerate, the Ghost Wolves’ ability to take on an intangible form, and the h.e.l.lhounds’ flames, terrifying spiritual Qis, and physiques, just to name a few.

‘This girl is a lunatic.’ Tom gulped and quickly left. He had made up his mind to never offend the Douglas family unless he had absolute confidence.

‘Is this girl Douglas family’s ace?

‘Thankfully they can’t do anything against the Ghost Wolves’ ability either.

‘Hmph, wait till I come back next time…’

Tom left rapidly, without turning back. His eyes were filled with a fighting spirit.

Elena let out a furious bellow. She had not expected Tom to also possess the Ghost Wolves’ ability to take on an intangible state.

From then on, the Douglas family kept on mobilizing various forces to hunt down Tom’s tracks. However, Tom seemed to have completely disappeared, never appearing again.

Meanwhile, Jack and Elena took over the region like a storm. Under Fang Xingjian’s orders, they made an astonis.h.i.+ng appearance with their surprising battle prowess. They could travel across a city in just a few minutes, and they took action concurrently in the south and north respectively.

With the support of the Douglas family’s intelligence network, they fought their way into the headquarters of criminal organizations, killed a batch of people, supported a batch of people to power, and took over gang after gang.

All sorts of Chinese, Vietnamese, Mexican, Columbian, African American and many other criminal organizations were subdued one after another.

Jack and Elena were almost unstoppable in the United States’ West Coast. In a mere ten over days, they swept through several tens of towns and cities like a tempest. They expanded the Douglas family’s influence across the entire West Coast, ruling over the countless criminal organizations.

Their power and connections was spread across California, Oregon, Was.h.i.+ngton, and other states. They became an unprecedented underworld empire, receiving the attention of the police, the FBI, and many other federal organizations across the various states. However, no one could do anything to Elena or Jack.

The criminal organizations in the United States had always been very strong, especially the several hundred groups that were based in Los Angeles. They had trillions of dollars in fundings, a total manpower of over several hundred thousand people, and were involved in over 100 different industries including provisions, dining, medicine, arms and ammunition, drugs, s*x, and entertainment. The criminal organizations were existences which could influence the country.

However, the different criminal organizations were segregated into clear gangs, with the different gangs having different backgrounds and races. This caused strife and killings amongst these criminal gangs, and no one had ever managed to unify them.

Therefore, Jack’s and Elena’s actions created a huge backlash.

Over about half a month, countless people had targeted the two of them, with there being many attempts to a.s.sa.s.sinate, seize, launch sneak attacks, as well as surround and attack them. They even received challenges, sneak attacks, and a.s.sa.s.sination attempts from 12 extraordinary humans in total. However, all these attempts were futile and increased Jack’s and Elena’s power and influence instead.

With the power of just these two alone, countless criminal gangs were suppressed, and they would turn pale at the mention of Jack’s and Elena’s names. People with extraordinary powers also started to appear before ordinary humans as a result of their actions.

Elena was even famed as a female tyrant due to her powerful strength, and she came to be known as the strongest person in the United States’ West Coast. She received the admiration and respect of countless criminal gangs and several hundred thousand criminal gang members in the West Coast. Her words and actions could create a stir and implicate tens of thousands of lives.

This series of actions had been too fast and furious, so much so that many people were unable to react to them. By the time they could, the Douglas family had already become an unprecedentedly ma.s.sive influence. They became overstaffed, there was an inconvenience in giving out commands as they had yet to properly integrate, and it was hard to restrict everyone due to the members being extremely messy and disorderly. Furthermore, the wealth they had was also too chaotic and ma.s.sive. No one could accurately come up with the actual figures.

Despite all these, they were still terrifying monsters. There was probably no government that could accept such a ma.s.sive and uncontrollable force in their territory. Moreover, this group even possessed a tremendous amount of firearms and extraordinary power.

Therefore, the United States’ Supernatural Administrative Agency and Law-Enforcing Department finally turned their attention to this underworld empire which had suddenly risen up.

[1] http://taekwondo.wikia.com/wiki/Axe_Kick


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