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Chapter 127 – Hunting Within the Rain

On the other side, ten people’s expressions changed. They came from the rain clan, and were experienced and knowledgeable. They naturally saw that the sparkling and translucent bone mirror in the little guy’s hands was not ordinary, and was definitely a powerful precious artifact!

“Attack!” One of them loudly shouted.

These people also did not say too much. They were all extremely decisive, and in that instant, all of them began to radiate with multicolored light. They then began to blaze magnificently, and in the end emitted a tsunami-like sound.

With a honglong sound, ten people moved out, and blue waves surged one after another, submerging the entire mountain region. The Rain Clan borrowed the force of water.

In the sky, heavy rain poured down. It was as if it was endlessly supplying them with essence energy. In that split second, those ten individuals connected the heavens and the earth. Spiritual energy was like the ocean, and symbols were compressed together. They formed into ten great waves that engulfed everything in front of them.

This really wasn’t truly made out of water, but was rather an ocean wave created out of interweaving symbols. This boundless expanse covered the heavens; it was extremely shocking and terrifying.


Not that far out, a small mountain was directly submerged by the wave. The mountain peak was ruptured, falling apart. Mountain rocks rumbled, and ancient trees snapped, shattering instantly.


The Nine-Headed Lion lowly roared, and a strand of golden beads appeared. It supported its body, allowing it to soar to a high alt.i.tude and avoiding the ten symbol waves; even if those waves were more powerful than itself, it was still useless.

“That is a set terrifying precious techniques! When ten individuals combine their symbols, the emitted power is not as simple as the power of ten, but rather is equivalent to twenty, even thirty people! It is absolutely shocking!” Even the little guy was extremely shocked. These ten individuals were not ordinary, but what was even more astonis.h.i.+ng was their combined precious technique.

“Oblique Wind and Fine Rain Beheads the Moon and Stars!”

These people shouted together, and the raindrops in the sky compressed together, all forming sharp blades. While whistling through the air, they flickered with dazzling rays of light, hiding the sky and covering the earth as they swept towards the man and mount.

Chi, chi…

They could clearly see that every single raindrop was a distinct gold. They pierced through the surrounding mountains until they were riddled with gaping holes and directly shattered the ancient trees. Large boulders were transformed into honeycombs, completely covered in holes.

The golden lion roared. Its four legs stamped down, jumping up suddenly. Its entire body was radiating with light, heroically attacking these people with killing intent. At the same time, the beads shone, transforming into lumps of light, protecting its body.

“Open the heavens and move the earth!” The ten people yelled.

At this time, the heavy rain poured down from the sky, and the collected water below the ground began to boil. It formed into a water country, vast and obscure. Symbols were everywhere, sweeping towards them.

In addition, the large lake in the distance was merged, coiling around itself like an angry sea as it arrived. It condensed symbols and flickered with bright and resplendent light, bringing with it the might of the heavens and the earth.

The oppressive rumbling noise was like that of a tsunami, and the ocean waves shocked the heavens. Countless symbols were layered atop each other, creating an origin of destruction. It was on a mission to submerge the little guy’s group of two within itself.

The golden lion coldly s.h.i.+vered. It was the terrestrial overlord, and disliked this type of water the most. Moreover, it contained precious techniques, and had an unknown amount of symbols interweaving, making it feel extremely hesitant.


The little guy took action. His five fingers opened up, and five streaks of golden lightning hacked out, shaking the entire expanse of water. At the same time, the bone mirror in his left hand even more so boosted the power, erupting with a world-shaking sound. A streak of thick lightning shot out, penetrating the curtain of rain.

A hong sound rang out. No one knew how many rays of lightning smashed and danced about. Streaks of golden snakes burned magnificently, quickly moving about in a crazy manner.

If there was water, then there was lightning. They were linked up together, incomparably terrifying. The force of the water flourished to its limit, and lightning interweaved to its most powerful level. One was a medium, and the other was a divine force. The two collided together, creating the most breathtaking collision.


In a split second, six people cried out miserably, flying outwards. It could clearly be seen that their bodies were entirely charred black. Within the rainwater came out strands of smoke; they were thoroughly scorched.

Six people fell onto the mountain region, directly smashed into bits and pieces. This was due to the fact that they had already been hacked into burnt coal. Just a slight force would have split them apart.

There were three others that had blood spewing out of their mouths. Their bodies were scorched black, yet they did not die on the spot. Their eyes revealed appalled expressions, shaking while pointing at the little guy. “You…”

As soon as they opened their mouth, another ray of lightning shot out. They only said those words before splitting apart and breaking into pieces, dying on the spot.

Only one of them had relatively lighter wounds, only having half of the body burnt. While spasming in a terrified state, his head region did not yet come into contact with the lightning. His face was snow white as he said with a trembling voice, “We gave birth to our own demise. How could the lightning race’s profound mystery be in your hands? Right, that is the Suan Ni’s precious bone! It is used specifically to oppress my Rain Clan. Such hatred!”

He was fleeing for his life while in a state of dismay, warning his clan’s people. However, how could the little guy give him such a chance? He quickly urged the Nine-Headed Lion to move forward, cutting off his retreat in an instant.

The Nine-Headed Lion emitted golden light, and its entire body was absolutely dazzling. It stood straight there, as if it was a golden-colored demonic wall, blocking off the road. This made him give up all hope, his heart fulling to the brim with dread.

This youth was so young, yet he already made a Nine-Headed Lion yield. Thinking back to when s.h.i.+ Yi was the same age as him, he was more or less like this as well. Even if s.h.i.+ Yi was powerful, he still wouldn’t surpa.s.s the little guy by that much. A large fear grew within his heart, and didn’t know whether or not the Rain Clan was wrong this time. Why did they have to provoke this terrifying youth? If he was not eradicated today, then there would definitely be great difficulties in the future.

“I can tell you this. I am that child from back then.” The little guy softly spoke, and his large eyes appeared to have the power to penetrate through the endless void. It was as if he was looking at the past events eight years ago.

“What?!” This genius was in fear, shaking all over. His entire body was ice cold, as if he had fallen into the underworld. He knew he messed up!

Back then, the Rain Clan did so many things, so how could they be considered virtuous? The child who lost his supreme being bone actually survived, and managed to mature into such a terrifying realm! In the future, he will definitely bring about a huge calamity!

He seemed as if he could already see a great war that reached into the skies in the future. A large amount of the Rain Clan’s secluded elders would move into action. Walking out from their ancestral grounds, they would all be fighting the blood-soaked war! This child was able to survive after losing his divine being bone; this was already a heaven defying act.

His mind was under too much pressure, and couldn’t help but yell out, “No! You shouldn’t have survived!”

If this child did not lose his supreme being bone, to what degree of power would he be able to reach? He would definitely be even more formidable, right? He couldn’t help but tremble!

“s.h.i.+ Yi is like a G.o.d. He cannot be defeated! As long as he exists, my Rain Clan will be unaffected and prosper for several millenniums!”

In his last moments, he seemed as if he was clutching onto the last straw. He thought of that youth who was shoulder to shoulder with a deity — s.h.i.+ Yi. Only he could oppress this child and eradicate him!

The little guy did not say anything unnecessary. The sparkling bone mirror in his hand turned, and a ray of thick lightning flew out. Its aura was terrifying, penetrating into the curtain of rain. With a honglong sound, that individual’s chest was pierced through. That area became charred black, and his entire body exploded!

The golden lion s.h.i.+vered. This sworn brother was normally smiling mischievously, yet he actually had such a severe and decisive side, making him feel a burst of reverence.

“The amount of people who came from the Rain Clan can’t be considered few. Even this remote pa.s.sage had ten disciples, so we can infer that there will be even more troops defending the other pa.s.sageways. Let’s go, we will slaughter our way over.” The little guy was extremely calm.

This was a water country. Large lakes and long rivers surged. Rainy mist lingered about between large mountains, making it look misty and mysterious.


Right when the little guy’s group pa.s.sed a lake, a dorsal fin was exposed on the surface of the lake. Following that, a huge monster leapt up, taking a huge bit towards the sh.o.r.e as white waves overflowed into the heavens.

The Nine-Headed Lion was scared and upset, quickly fleeing into the distance. It felt a wave of oppressing might.

On the sh.o.r.e, a huge mouth appeared, directly destroyed a section of the forest. Moreover, an area of brilliant rays exploded. Symbols were like rain as it swept past, shattering a short mountain with a kacha sound.

“What kind of monster is that? So powerful!”

“It’s a Fish Dragon!” The little guy was shocked.

Within that lake, a terrifying dragon head appeared on the water surface. Its s.h.i.+ning eyes were as large as millstones, and its snow white teeth were roughly 2 meters long. Cold fish scales flickered with purple rays of light.

Its body was shaped like that of a fish. Within the water, it splashed out giant waves that overflowed into the heavens. It stared coldly at the man and his mount in the distance, yet did not chase after them.

The little guy’s heart moved and he said, “This small world seems to hold quite a good deal of danger. We need to be prudent. This Fish Dragon should not be provoked.”

They rushed headlong along the route, setting out for a different pa.s.sage. They did not encounter many creatures along the way, as the geniuses from the other races did not dare to stay in this watery region for too long.


A stream of light flashed past, and the little guy’s precious technique caused the eleventh genius from the Rain Clan to die. A silver moon streaked past and heads tumbled, taking away their lives.

These were all geniuses from the Rain Clan. Killing so many in a single day, there was no need to think more about it. The other party will definitely feel incomparable sorrow, as he was currently burying the elite of their next generation.


Lightning flashed, and the little guy’s attack penetrated through another person’s body. That area was scorched black, and a corpse dropped onto the ground.

“I killed thirty people in total. I’m guessing that there are still more. Why did the Rain Clan send in so many people? It shouldn’t be like this, right?” The little guy was starting to grow doubt.

“Is there even a need to discuss this? It’s obviously due to the fact that they did not abide by the rules and used some special method to slip in some extra people,” said the Nine-Headed Lion.

In front of a different pa.s.sage, there was a single individual sitting down. Divine light enveloped the body, emitting a terrifying aura. Symbols were close and numerous, leaving marks in the heavens and submerging this area.

That individual was currently practicing breathing exercises. The sea of essence energy between the heaven and the earth bubbled forth, a.s.sembling together. Symbols endlessly undulated and flickered like a vast body of water. They rose and fell like the tides, intimidating the heavens.

If there was someone here, they would definitely be absolutely stunned. This type of youth was truly too terrifying and rarely seen in this world!

The body was motionless, as if it had transformed into a rock. Just like this, the individual guarded the pa.s.sageway, waiting for the arrival of an individual from the other side.

Not far into the distance, there were a few people. At this moment, they were no longer concentrating their energy, and instead had gotten up a long time ago to walk alongside the lake. The males were dignified, and the females were elegant; all of them were emitting powerful auras.

“I wonder when younger cousin s.h.i.+ Yi is going to arrive. If he was here, forget about that devilish brat, even if a young Archaic beast came, it would still yield.”

“He is already an individual in a different world from us. He alone entered the Ancient Forbidden Land to search for the Heaven Bone. If he managed to obtain it without any problems, then I think that it won’t be long before he appears.”

A few individuals were softly discussing. When the name s.h.i.+ Yi was mentioned, all of their faces became solemn and respectful. Their eyes were full of reverence, as if they had mentioned the name of a G.o.d; fearful of receiving some type of divine punishment.

“One of our Rain Clan’s two heroes is here. With a reputation that is well known even within the imperial palace, even if their power isn’t as great as younger cousin s.h.i.+ Yi’s, it will still far surpa.s.s that of other geniuses,” spoke a female.

These individuals simultaneously looked towards the pa.s.sage entrance. There was a single figure sitting cross-legged on the floor. Symbols burned flouris.h.i.+ngly, and rumbling sounds rang out. It was as if the body was one with the world, submerging that area in divine light.

This was one of the Rain Clan’s two heroes. With astonis.h.i.+ng strength, they pa.s.sed through ten thousand li of the great wasteland in the past. After defeating a great number of n.o.ble children, they became well known even within the imperial family.

“I fear that the fellow might not appear. Otherwise, death will be imminent without a doubt. Other than one of my clan’s two heroes, don’t forget that there are still those individuals.” A youth sneered. His gaze was fluttering about, looking towards a mountain peak not too far away.

“Silence!” A young lady advised in a low voice.

These individuals went on alert, all of them revealing serious expressions without saying anything else.

“Not good! That little demon king is killing his way over! Our people have all be killed!” Right at that moment, a Rain Clan expert with half of his body charred black appeared.

“What did you say?” Beside the lake, a woman lifted up her eyebrows, loudly asking.

“Sixth Sister, the ten specially raised unique geniuses, as well as a few of our seniors have all been killed. That little devil king appeared from a different route.” Right as soon as that person finished speaking, he collapsed onto the floor. His entire body gave off electricity, blood pouring endlessly from his mouth.

“What?!” When this group of people heard this, their vision darkened. How could that child be so formidable? He only cultivated for such a short period of time! How could he withstand the Rain Clan’s sixteen and seventeen year old geniuses?!

This time, they paid an enormous cost. They gave a few other large clans benefits in exchange for a few entrance slots. It was all for the sake of finding the Rain Clan’s most urgently needed treasure within this world.

They never would have thought that they would lose so much men before even finding the treasure. From start to finish, they lost a total of over ten geniuses. This price was simply too high and unbearable.

Within the rain, a youth appeared. He sat on top of a Nine-Headed Lion, and golden light was bright and resplendent. It almost caused the rain mist to disappear, as if a deity had descended from the heavens.

The little guy arrived, not concealing himself at all. Just like this, he slaughtered his way over. Along the way, he had hunted in the rain, killing a total of eighteen of the Rain Clan’s geniuses so far!

“It’s actually a Nine-Headed Lion! Reputed as the Divine King during the ancient years, how could it have become his mount and yield to him?!”

A Nine-Headed Lion in the past was equivalent to a martial hero. By becoming a mount, it naturally caused a great commotion. These people were instantly subdued, feeling as if a large mountain directly pressed down on them.

“What does that count as? Younger cousin s.h.i.+ Yi could do this a few years ago. With his pupils open, who could withstand him?”

“You’re correct! Brother Yi is a natural born supreme being, and no one is equal to him!”

They used an even more powerful person as comparison, however, this was all for the sake of comforting themselves. In reality, the look of shock and reverence in their eyes was hard to conceal.


Right at this time, the little guy made his move. His right hand was raised, and the Suan Ni bone mirror flickered. A symbol condensed on top of the mirror’s surface, and then emitted a streak of divine lightning radiance.

The golden lightning burned too vigorously, smas.h.i.+ng toward the lakeside. These people were shocked, all of them operating their symbols to defend themselves.


That individual who previously came to deliver the news was collapsed on the floor. He was struck by the lightning radiance, his body directly smas.h.i.+ng apart. Blasted into pieces, he died on the spot.

All of the Rain Clan members were both shocked and angry. At the same time, they felt a hint of dread. This youth was doing this to show off his might, killing the fish that escaped the net in front of their eyes. No one could prevent it, making all of their backs tremble!

The golden light shone brightly around the Nine-Headed Lion, carrying the little guy forward step by step. It was as if a war G.o.d had descended to earth. A powerful and terrifying aura flowed out, causing them to shake.

“When I look into the distant future, I see an area of primal chaos. When I turn around, everything behind you has turned into a span of nothingness. I wonder why that is?”

Right at that moment, that figure who sat in front of the pa.s.sageway stood up. Symbols covered the sky as they flickered, and she revealed her true appearance. One of the two clan’s two heroes actually turned out to be female, her age about fifteen to sixteen.


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