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Chapter 128 – Psychic

Her name was Yu Zimo. Black clothes covered her body, fluttering about in the wind. Her skin was sparkling, and her eyelashes were long. Her pupils were quick-witted and deep, as if she came straight out of a picture. She was extremely beautiful, and carried a type of rarely seen spiritual nature.

The Rain Clan’s people all stared blanky. They all knew too well how talented the hero Yu Zimo was. She had a special type of psychic power, and would sometimes strangely understand the cause of indescribably things.

No one knew exactly what type of divine power this was. Everyone within the clan all admired her greatly. If not for the existence of s.h.i.+ Yi, then she would inevitably become even more dazzling.

The little guy did not actually know about these things, and he didn’t really care either. He was calm and at ease, sitting upright on the Nine-Headed Lion’s back. He cool-headedly looked at these people, preparing to fight a large battle.

“He is on the same cla.s.s as s.h.i.+ Yi. I can’t see through him, and my gaze does not pa.s.s through him. He is enshrouded in mist.” Yu Zimo opened her mouth and spoke with a pleasant voice. It was as if pearls and jades dropped into a clear spring to create a blossom of water, soft and spirited.

“He killed eighteen experts from my Rain Clan! Zimo, you must capture him.” A few people beside the lake simultaneously opened their mouths. They walked over with large strides with the intention of lending a helping hand.

They had a lot of confidence in this fifteen to sixteen year old girl, and knew that she was extremely strong. Just a casual movement or change in expression would carry a divine force. This was a girl with psychic powers.

“Of course I will make my move. The reason why I sat in front of the pa.s.sageway was to wait for his arrival,” spoke Yu Zimo. She was considered a member of the Rain Clan. The reason she entered the Hundred Shattering Mountains this time was due to an order from the elders; to use all of her strength to kill an individual.

Within barely a second, Yu Zimo’s temperament completely changed. A cyan-colored symbol appeared, marking the area behind her back. With an extremely ancient feeling, it was as if an old scroll had been opened up.

This was the word for psychic power. It radiated a hazy radiance, and every single character was three dimensional. It was as if they were alive, releasing an energy that was difficult to put into words.

“Good! Zimo, quickly make your move and catch him!”

All of them were rejoicing. They knew that their own family’s junior sister was using a great divine power. Typically, it was really difficult to see her reveal all of this, as it would only happen about once a year.

The little guy sat on top of the Nine-Headed Lion without moving at all. He calmly watched everything, however, within his eyes was a threatening look. Within his heart, as long as it was an enemy, it didn’t matter what kind of background that person had.


Yu Zimo lightly spoke. Her voice sounded as if it was transmitted from beyond the ninth heaven, and the gentle sound carried a hint of distinct coldness that was filled with killing intent.

These symbols were all sparkling and translucent, and they seemed to have been cast in cold. Bright and dazzling metallic l.u.s.ter flickered, yet it carried with it an ancient aura; their might were astonis.h.i.+ng.


The little guy made his move. He naturally would not act pa.s.sively and wait for the attack to arrive. His ten fingers simultaneously stretched out, and ten thick streams of golden lightning hacked outwards. It penetrated through this area of symbols, ringing out with pipa sounds. It continuously emitted the sound of explosions.

Many symbols were struck by the lightning, transforming it into fireworks within the air. Splendid and beautiful fluctuations of energy shocked everyone.

However, this was a mottled ancient scroll. The energy acc.u.mulated over the years seemed to be near infinite. After all of the symbols were erased, they were actually once again reborn from the original position, emitting pressure again.

Close and numerous symbols covered this area in all directions. It was like a G.o.d’s curse, scattering down ancient scrolls from the heavens and sealing the skies.

A terrifying fluctuation appeared. Although it was level and was not that violent, it was still like an ocean, slowly moving up and down. A powerful wave could overflow into the heavens at any time and cause that dark cloud to scatter.

The little guy felt his heart tremble. He extended both his hands, and used strength to join them together. In front of him appeared a pair of silver-colored disks. They merged together before slowly rotating.

Kacha sounds rang out incessantly. The silver disks were crus.h.i.+ng and compacting symbols, annihilating the dense markings with the goal of breaking through this sealing curtain of light.

“World of Scrolls!”

Yu Zimo gently shouted. This time, the voice was bright and clear, resonating between the heavens and the earth. Her entire body was emitting light, burning magnificently. Rumbling sounds rang out, and the aura in this area immediately began to violently shake.

Within the void, characters formed. An ancient scroll was unraveled, gradually becoming more and more prominent. It increasingly condensed, as if it was a demon sealing scroll from the heavens, aiming to seal the little guy and his group.

The Nine-Headed Lion’s expression changed. This young lady’s precious technique was strange and powerful, unexpectedly unique. It moved its head and tail white preparing to use precious artifacts to defend itself.

The little guy lightly shouted, and did not dare to act carelessly. He immersed himself in silver splendor, surrounding himself with a moon disk. His two hands operated the large silver disk, slowly making it advance to shatter that scroll and destroy the seal.


The silver-colored plate struck the skies, colliding together with the scroll. All types of mysterious markings lit up, as if they were the stars in the sky.

“Seal! Seal! Seal!” The young lady continuously spoke. Her entire body was s.h.i.+ning, surrounded by all types of ancient characters. She seemed as if she was going to leave the ground and take flight.

“Open!” The little guy also loudly roared. His aura burst into the skies, and his eyes revealed a golden light. His hair began to stand erect, and his temperament changed greatly, becoming strict and powerful to the extreme.

It was similar to a comet smas.h.i.+ng into an ocean. This area erupted with overflowing billows, and what was different was that these waves were all condensed out of symbols. They were even more terrifying, engulfing all directions.

The other geniuses from the Rain Clan all fled. They ran far away from this area in fear of being caught up in the vortex of this scroll.

Within the sky, strands of light danced everywhere. Symbols interweaved, and the sound of lightning rang out unendingly. The mottled ancient scroll swept out, appearing like a galaxy as it grew increasingly brighter.

That silver-colored disk violently shook as well. Soon after, two large stones split apart before fiercely colliding together. With a honglong sound, a lump of silver light came out from the explosion. It was as if a volcano had erupted, charging into the sky.

The heavens shook and the ground quaked. Great rivers surged up violently, and the mountain forest rumbled!

Finally, the silver-colored disk exploded, forming endless specks of light. It broke through the ancient scroll, breaking it in half in the sky, causing all of the symbols to vanish.

“Zimo’s Psychic Technique has failed!”

The Rain Clan’s people were dumbstruck. They felt absolute horror within their hearts.

“There’s no need to be anxious. We have just started.”

The powerful individuals were calm as they continued to observe the battle.

The ancient scroll disappeared. A rainy mist rose, pouring down in torrents where Yu Zimo stood. It formed sparkling and translucent water blossoms one after another. They drifted about that area, acc.u.mulating the mysteriousness of symbols.

The rain served as weapons, spiraling and filling the sky. They lingered around Yu Zimo’s body, forming sparkling and translucent petals. They were gorgeous as they flickered with astonis.h.i.+ng multicolored light.

The little guy revealed a smiling expressing from the corners of his mouth. He wanted the rain clan to use this type of technique the most, because this was the same as completing his lightning. As soon as the lightning hacked out, the power will multiply by many times!

Within chichi sounds, an area of sparkling petals danced in the breeze. They rushed forward with killing intent as if they were flying swords. Covering the sky, they were sharp and penetrating.


The little guy lightly shouted. Electric radiance flew out horizontally, causing golden light to cover everything. It flew forward with an extremely terrifying power.

Within the sound of destruction, all of the s.h.i.+ning petals were shattered. The symbols were extinguished, and several strands of lightning rushed in front of Yu Zimo, forcing her to quickly fall back.

With a kacha sound, part of her sleeves were destroyed, revealing a part of her snow white arm. Moreover, her palm was a bit red after receiving the heavy blow.

If it was anyone else, that arm would have definitely shattered. At the crucial moment, she used the power of symbols, removing part of the lightning’s force towards the ground.

“The lightning precious technique that he comprehends perfectly oppresses our Rain Clan’s techniques! This is not good!” The spectating people s.h.i.+vered inwardly, all of them becoming unstable.

Heavy rain poured down, submerging the young lady. The steam in that area surged, covering her figure in a dark mist. Light shone all around her body as she did her utmost to use symbols.

“Yi, not good!” Right at that moment, the Nine-Headed Lion suddenly became horrified. It turned around to run, because it sensed a great danger.

The little guy suddenly raised his head, revealing a startled expression.

The rain grew increasingly stronger. Unknowingly, a dark cloud pressed down, surrounding them in all directions. At this time, a kacha sound rang out, and a cyan lightning hacked down, creating an absolutely terrifying scene.

This was not created from the power of man, but rather through the world’s incomparably terrifying divine might. The Nine-Headed Lion and the little guy jumped at that instant, dodging to the side.


On the side, a short mountain was struck by this lightning. It shattered into pieces on the spot, and as rocks tumbled about, it created an incredibly astonis.h.i.+ng scene.

“So powerful! Zimo cultivated this precious technique to a degree of perfection after all. She could cast it at any time, without the need of preparation at all.”

“From rain comes lightning, and they complement each other. This is what makes my existence unique within the Rain Clan!”

Several disciples were all extremely emotionally moved.


Cyan-colored lightning hacked about, attacking towards the little guy. It continuously descended, and the terrifying lightning radiance made people horrified.

The little guy s.h.i.+vered. He held the Suan Ni bone mirror in his hand, and also unleashed a golden lightning. It rushed towards the Rain Clan’s genius girl, creating a sea of electric radiance. The sound of lightning rumbled, ear-splitting and deafening.

Lightning interweaved within the rain, bringing both parties into risky conditions. The most intense showdown began to unfold between them.


The Rain Clan girl took out a precious artifact. A large umbrella flew out, creating a curtain of rain. It blocked the thunder and lightning, protecting herself in the center.

Although she was able to guide the lightning, she was still most proficient in the force of water from the Rain Clan. She was still unable to capture the little guy after such a long time, and the longer they fought, the increasingly strenuous she felt.


Right at this time, the little guy also took out his precious artifact. Golden divine light burned magnificently, as if a sun was rising from the horizon. Dragons roared and Flood Dragons hissed, and a pair of bone shears flew out.

With a soft pu sound, that precious umbrella was broken, instantly becoming tattered and hole-ridden. Meanwhile, a streak of golden lightning flew past, following along the broken precious umbrella and falling onto the young lady’s body.

Within a pipa sound, the arc of electricity struck the young lady in the shoulder. Even though the symbols covering her body flickered about violently, she still coughed out large mouthfuls of blood. The golden lightning rained down without holes, pouring down in torrents.

Moreover, the golden bone shears dove down, once again forcefully slicing down, cutting apart that precious umbrella. It was completely broken and deformed, ruined beyond recognition.

“Aiya, my precious artifact!” The little guy felt his heart become sore. That pair of golden-colored bone shears carried too much force, destroying another precious artifact. It made him pinch his face and lock his brows.

However, he still had no choice. At the crucial life and death moment, he definitely could not go easy on his opponent. He had to use all of his strength; otherwise, his own life might have been in danger.


The little guy raised his hands, and the bone mirror in his hands emitted light. It illuminated with a scary golden light aimed at Yu Zimo. Golden lightning charged out, violently and astonis.h.i.+ngly.


Yu Zimo weakly shouted, her entire body emitting light. A precious artifact appeared from her body that was created out of purple feathers. That was a precious set of clothes that emitted splendid multicolored light.

Within the rumbling sound, Yu Zimo spat out large mouthfuls of blood. She tried to throw off the attack, and the precious clothes on her body flickered with bright light. In the end, however, it was still smashed apart, and was no match for the Suan Ni bone mirror.

A beautiful naked body was exposed, spotlessly white and glowing with l.u.s.ter. The precious artifact was destroyed, and she flew out horizontally. The protective clothes on her body all naturally scattered like ashes and dispersed like smoke.

The little guy did not hesitate, and his right hand stretched out. The palm of his hand was sparkling and translucent, sending another thick beam of lightning outwards towards Yu Zimo.


The Rain Clan female genius softly spoke, and her psychic precious technique once again formed. Countless characters wrapped around her body, appearing at this crucial moment. It surrounded her, carrying out a defense.

This was a mottled scroll, wrapping around the young lady without a single strand of clothing around her body that was spotlessly white and sparkling. Symbols were densely packed as she resisted the little guy’s divine lightning radiance, interweaving into an ocean.

Ancient characters formed over this area, emitting sound and dazzling rays of light, causing her body to appear even more blindingly white. It temporarily blocked the divine lightning’s power.

The little guy was momentarily hindered. He blinked his large eyes and said, “Your waist is too thin, like a snake. Also, although your chest and b.u.t.t are really big, that’s not actually healthy. Your figure cannot compare to mine, seriously hindering your battling capabilities.”


The Rain Clan female genius who was previously holding her breath while completely focused on fighting suddenly cried out in that instant after hearing those words. Her entire body trembled, and the symbols similarly began to violently shake. That mottled ancient scroll also flickered continuously, becoming unstable.


The little guy did not say anything else. He raised his hands to activate the Suan Ni bone mirror, creating lightning. At the same time, his own body also emitted lightning radiance, shooting out in front of him.


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