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Chapter 1280 – Immortal City

True immortal, was it this type of creature?!

A group of people held their breath, not moving at all, all of them petrified in place.

This type of ancient city where it was unknown just how many tens of thousands of years had pa.s.sed, a place that had already existed for a long time when the last great era was destroyed, how could it still have living creatures within it?

No one dared to act recklessly out of fear of angering these existences. Otherwise, they would most likely experience a tremendous disaster!

Their armors were pitch-black, but there weren’t any rust stains, and they even flickered with metallic l.u.s.ter, flickering with light, maintained extremely well. One could vaguely sense the sharpness of Immortal Gold!

They looked at their weapons, all black war halberds, heavenly spears, all heavy ancient weapons that carried a bloodiness able to devour the heaven and earth.

What made everyone s.h.i.+ver inwardly was that these weapons definitely killed powerful opponents before, cut down exceptional figures. Otherwise, how could they be this tyrannical looking?

Those people carried immortal energy, but those weapons were this frightening, making the expressions of everyone here become serious.

“They have Darkness Immortal Gold!” The little fatty Cao Yusheng was extremely daring, muttering this quietly.

Those armors and those weapons all had Darkness Immortal Gold mixed in. This was an extremely extravagant squandering. Immortal Gold was difficult to find, always measured in the granules in this world.

The majestic metal city was extremely vast, the towering city gates like a great archaic peak. The dark shadow they cast down made everyone feel suffocated.

The green-gold city walls were grand, continuous like a mountain ridge. They were situated there, blocking the road ahead.

Those creatures walked over from the city gates, even their faces covered in armor, only the eye areas releasing sharp divine radiance that shot out like lightning. When those eyes landed on one’s body, it would make them feel a bit of pain.

Right now, those young supreme beings were all quiet, not daring to act randomly.

Ta! Ta! Ta!

Sounds of footsteps rang throughout this place. The sound of their feet making contact with the stone floor was clear and loud, as if they were directly sounding in their minds, making them s.h.i.+ver inwardly.

They called these creatures immortal dao creatures, as their bodies had immortal energies around them, and it wasn’t wrong, but right they were giving off such a great pressure, not uttering a word, so they couldn’t help but feel confused.

Right at this time, the s.p.a.ce between that humanoid creature’s brows split open, revealing a vertical eye. It released a streak of scarlet red radiance, sweeping it over everyone.

“Aiyou!” The little rabbit cried out in alarm.

It was because when that scarlet multicolored light scattered over her body first, shaking her greatly, it was as if she was struck by electricity. Her entire body was trembling continuously.

“What’s wrong?” Those beside her cried out in alarm, wis.h.i.+ng to go up and offer help, but before they even got close, they were blasted aside by that scarlet multicolored light, unable to reach her.

“The purest bloodlines of Immortal Ancient may enter.” The one at the very front released a gloomy voice. It was extremely strange, normal people definitely unable to understand it.

It was because this was Immortal Ancient language, something that had long disappeared for many years. However, none of those here were ordinary, all studying it before in the academy, to the extent where they even grasped the characters of that era.

Everyone was shocked. Was this city guard examining them?

The Lunar Jade Rabbit was the most happy, in high spirits, her large eyes that were even more beautiful than red coral s.h.i.+ning about to rush inside.

“Why? Didn’t you say that my bloodline was the purest? Why can’t I enter?” The Lunar Jade Rabbit widened her eyes, her face full of puzzlement and resentment.

“What creature’s bloodline is purer than the young Qilin beast’s? It is related to the immortals of Immortal Ancient.” That creature with the large black halberd said coldly, a bit ruthless, even more so carrying a type of mechanical tone and rigidness.

With a chi liu sound, the young Qilin beast the Lunar Jade Rabbit held struggled free, jumping onto the ground. After three years had pa.s.sed, it had grown quite a bit, but it was still quite lazy, normally still preferring to be carried by another, its body kept at one foot in length.

The snow-white Qilin beast was incredibly happy, long feeling a sense of intimacy with this place, wis.h.i.+ng to rush inside.

“You little thing really have no conscience. How can you just leave us behind?!” The little rabbit was furious.

The snow-white Qilin young beast stopped, blinking its large sparkling eyes. It communicated with those creatures guarding the gate, asking if those people could be allowed in.

The vertical eye of the one in the lead was open the entire time. It pa.s.sed over everyone’s bodies, and then in the end he nodded, saying, “These are descendents of Immortal Ancient residents, not the creatures of the other side, and there is someone of the Qilin bloodline to lead them. They may enter.”

Everyone was shocked. These guards were defending against foreign creatures. Was this the purpose for their existence?!

s.h.i.+ Hao and the others walked up in succession, pa.s.sing through the city gates, walking inside. They already reached his point, there was no reason to back out now. Even if there was danger, they still had to take the risk.

Suddenly, a black heavenly halberd reached out, the sharp blade erupting with dark light. It was extremely dazzling, carrying terrifying killing energy, simply about to engulf the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.

This vicious weapon immediately blocked the path, stopping before one person.

“Foreign intruder, enemy!” It shouted, voice like thunder, immediately leaving everyone shocked.

There were spies from the other side among them? This simply left everyone horrified. They had no idea before, not noticing.

Everyone turned around, looking back.

“This person indeed came from the other side.” s.h.i.+ Hao walked over, saying.

The one who was stopped was Mo Dao, the one s.h.i.+ Hao defeated and took on as a servant. From a bloodline perspective, he was the same as the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ people, but he did live on the other side.

Right now, s.h.i.+ Hao could only say things as they were, because he didn’t know if Mo Dao would rebel in the end, whether he would change sides at the crucial moment.

If this place was extremely important, then there really was a need to restrict him.


That tall figure clad in black armor walked over, and then he grabbed Mo Dao with a single motion. The vertical eye between his brows erupted with brilliant light, staring at Mo Dao.

A moment later, he loosened his grip, letting Mo Dao go.

“He can enter, but it is restricted to a special range in the giant city, may not enter deeper.” He said with an ice-cold voice.

Everyone released a breath of relief, even s.h.i.+ Hao feeling relieved. If they really sensed something strange from Mo Dao’s body, then he really did have to be ruthlessly suppressed and killed!

This group wasn’t that small, including the witch, Chang Gongyan, Feng Wu, Zhen Gu, Teng Yi, and others, even the disciples of Heavenly Deity Inst.i.tution included.

Then, those that were in the dark, the young supreme beings who had never appeared all appeared as well, standing together with Lan Xian, Great Xu Tuo, Daoist Qi Gu and others, arriving before the city gate.

However, these people had divine light protecting them, mists coiling about, not willing to expose their true bodies.

In the end, that seriously injured, previously unconscious Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch also came down. It was clear that Immortal Academy’s old monster’s divine pill allowed him to quickly recover. He didn’t want to miss this opportunity.

The city was extremely quiet, not a single figure to be seen on the street. It was as if the entire giant city only had those mysterious city defenders.


Human figures flashed. Heavenly Deity Inst.i.tution, Immortal Academy, and Sacred Academy’s living fossil level creatures descended, arriving before the entrance, wis.h.i.+ng to interact with those creatures dressed in black armor.

Only, what they received in reply was an ice-cold halberd, stopping their path.

“You all are too old. The opportunities in the city have pretty much been used up. If it is used on you all, the effects won’t be that great, would only be a waste.”

Those people were speechless. This really was rather blunt, saying this to their faces.

At the same time, their minds sunk. Not even a giant city like this had great opportunities? This really was too much of a pity.

“I originally thought that it would be something left behind by an immortal king… this really is a pity.” Someone said with a light sigh.

“What is there to feel pity about? This city is naturally one of the most important hidden trump cards.” That defender said with an ice-cold voice.

“What is there inside?” The eyes of an elder from Immortal Academy shone, staring at them.

“Things that were left behind by two immortal kings, but they aren’t for you all. It can only be granted to the purest Immortal Ancient bloodlines!” One of them coldly said. 

Right now, the ones who entered the city had heard this as well. All of them were shocked; this was actually the dao rite of immortal kings, moreover two of them appearing at once!

Just how many immortal kings were there? There were absolutely none in this great era!

Their number in the last great era could definitely be counted as well, yet there were actually two here. What did they leave behind?

Everyone’s eyes burned with desire, looking forward to it greatly. This was definitely a place of heaven-defying natural luck, filling everyone with expectations.

Only, the creatures guarding the city gates told them that it only belonged to the most genuine descendants.

The inside of the city was incredibly vast and enormous, truly like a world of its own. It was many times more vast than what it looked like from the outside.

“What is that? It’s so brilliant!”

Right at this time, someone cried out in alarm. A group of people looked over, seeing that there was divine multicolored light overflowing from the end of the street. There was hazy white mist, sacred and auspicious.

Everyone quickly rushed over, while s.h.i.+ Hao held up the rear, defending against the young supreme beings behind them. Inside of his group, he was the only one with powerful intimidation force, the others unable to resist the might of true supreme beings.

Huang was enough to intimidate everyone by himself!

Sure enough, Lan Xian and the others frowned. They didn’t wish to tear apart all relations as soon as they entered the city, so none of them took action, walking forward according to their own pace.

“Heavens, Soul Guiding Lotus, moreover three of them at once!”

Cao Yusheng cried out, not daring to believe what he was seeing.

At the other end of the street was a small plaza. There was a water pool there that surged with waves of divine multicolored light. There were actually three Soul Guiding Lotuses there, all of them divine medicines, flowing with brilliant radiance.

“This is but divine medicine! Just how many of them could there be of each type? Moreover, they are all growing in the same place!” The others were also shocked.

Divine medicines weren’t completely unique, unable to compare to long life medicines.

However, the number of every single type of divine medicine was definitely pitifully low in number. Even if one searched through the entire heaven and earth, there wouldn’t be that many of them, and they definitely couldn’t grow in one place, or else the essence energy wouldn’t be enough to support their growth.

However, three stalks immediately appeared at once, all of them Soul Guiding Lotuses. This type of medicine’s most miraculous effect was that they could strengthen one’s primordial spirit. As long as there was even a bit of one’s divine consciousness left, then it could allow one to revive!

“We are too lucky, a great chance to refine the primordial spirit is right before our eyes!” Many people cried out with joy.

Cao Yusheng was even more direct, directly jumping over with a putong sound, entering the pool.

“How fragrant! The medicinal nature of the divine lotus had long melted into the water, rich with fragrance, so rich that it won’t dissolve!” He drank large mouthfuls of the pool water while laughing strangely.

There were quite a few people who followed him, all of them rus.h.i.+ng down to acquire the strong medicinal nature within.

“This medicinal liquid really is fragrant!” Cao Yusheng continuously praised it while gulping it down.

“Who is the the lunatic drinking my bath water?” Right at this time, an extremely tender voice sounded, immediately making all the voices disappear. Everyone was stumped, and then they rose up, moving to the side of the pool, taking precautions.

“Where did that voice come from?” Cao Yusheng was standing at the sh.o.r.e, angrily berating out. He drank a full stomach full of liquid, and as a result was criticized by another, saying that this was bath water. This really was a bit offensive.

“You big fatty, be careful, you almost stepped on me!” That tender voice sounded from the ground.

The fatty Cao Yusheng lowered his head, carefully searching about. In the end, he finally saw a creature at the tip of his toes. He was first stupefied, and then he began to laugh crazily.

“Just a little bean, yet you dare bother me, be careful not to be stepped flat by me!” He said while chuckling.

“You dare mock me? I can blast you flying with a single fist!” On the ground, that extremely small creature who one would easily overlook said.

Cao Yusheng felt like this was rather interesting. He squatted out, reaching out a finger to prod at that creature that was less than an inch in size.


However, he was immediately stupefied!

It was because he was struck by a fist, feeling as if he had been trampled on by a mammoth, as if a giant archaic peak smashed into him. His entire body flew out, rus.h.i.+ng into the ends of the horizon, unable to stop himself even if he wanted to. At the same time, he felt intense pain from his entire body, all of his bones feeling like they were broken.

“Motherf.u.c.king, I’m going to… I was sent flying by a bean, I f.u.c.king swear…” Cao Yusheng released a string of curses, swearing continuously. In the end, he… he really was quite disappointing, fainting from that punch.


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