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Chapter 134 – Consume

Where did this rotten child come from?!!

How did this brat appear?!

The Rain Clan people were going crazy. Did this still fall under heaven’s reasoning? This is a heaven collapsing calamity!

This was simply too lacking in moral sense. How could he have just dropped from the sky? Dropping down like this, how much would remain? The True Supreme Water will inevitably be startled and run away.

The Rain Clan’s people were about to cry. This divine fluid was absolutely not meant for drinking! It could be used as a primer for medicine, and could also be used to refine precious artifacts. Even if they were to take ten thousand steps back and forgot about the fact that you are drinking it, how could you smash down like that?!

The True Supreme Water washed the little guy’s filthy face clean. They recognized him instantly. It was simply ‘fire smas.h.i.+ng against roofs and gates.’[1] Their resentment overflowed into the heavens, and their lungs were about to burst from anger.

“It’s you?!”


The Rain Clan’s people were all boiling in anger. They were fuming from all seven apertures, and their bodies were about to combust.

They worked so hard, and used so much meticulous care. They even exhausted the decree from the Rain Deity! Originally, it was supposed to have succeeded already, yet in the end, a devilish brat dropped down from the sky, agitating the True Supreme Water!

It didn’t matter that the Rain Clan didn’t want to accept this fact, because this wasn’t an illusion. The devilish brat was still flopping around inside. Water blossomed, and he was rolling around inside of it, swallowing with all of his might.

All of the Rain Clan people were miserably shouting. This hurted more than digging out their flesh. They knew that they were finished, and that they could no longer keep the True Supreme Water.

“Kill him!”

“No, quickly seize the true water! Don’t let him get away!”

These were two completely different voices, representing the two opinions of the Rain Clan. The former were angry to the point of going crazy, and no matter what, they attacked the little guy, wanting to turn him into meat paste. The latter did not lose their sense of reason, and prepared to forcibly seize some of the divine liquid. If it escaped into the desert, then they wouldn’t be able to obtain anything.

Although these people differed in opinion, they still all began to move. Some of them chopped towards the little guy’s head, and others took out household utensils to hold the water.

This area began to boil in action. All types of symbols danced about, filling the sky densely.

The True Supreme Water naturally violently struggled, wanting to escape from the jade cauldron


The little guy shouted, and took out a precious bead. Auspicious rays formed a curtain of light, blocking all of the attacking symbols.

The Rain Clan’s men were both shocked and angry. Their attacks had lost their effectiveness, and the symbols had been blocked. That curtain of light was difficult to break through at this moment; what kind of treasure was this?

“It’s the Sealing Light Bead!”

Yu Wencheng angrily howled, and his veins in his forehead were popping. How could the other party bring out such a unique treasure at this crucial moment? They were helpless in the face of this crisis, making them angry yet anxious.

“It is polished out of the remains of the ancient Sealing Light Bead! Quickly, let’s attack together! We can break through it!” They were loudly shouting.

Everyone began to exert their strength together. All types of symbols interweaved, violently slamming towards this curtain of light.

“Use your bodies’ physical strength, and use weapons to break it apart. Otherwise, ordinary power from symbols will all receive interference, and will be blocked!” Yu Kun ordered those genius disciples.

In the vicinity of the jade cauldron, all types of weapons lit up as they struck together in unison. Kengqiang sounds rang out, and it was as if steel was being struck, causing people’s ears to ring out with wengweng sounds.

The little guy held the Sealing Light Bead in his hand. Without caring about anything else, he drank in large gulps. The Sealing Light Bead in his hands was Xiao Tian’s unique treasure, and it was precisely used to restrict the True Supreme Water, preventing it from escaping.

It was clear that this was only a chunk from the destroyed original. The interior received too much damage, and was much less useful now; it couldn’t completely restrict it.

Not much time had pa.s.sed since the True Supreme Water calmed down before it once again began to boil.

“Stop!” The little guy loudly shouted. Although he was swallowing with large gulps, the true water had a soul, and unexpectedly gushed out from his nostrils.

Moreover, after drinking it into his mouth, the divine fluid would flow backwards, trying its best to escape.

In the end, his ears and eyes all emitted light. The True Supreme Water transformed into essence energy. It was not willing to surrender, and there were divine multicolored light s.h.i.+ning through his pores.

“It became essence!”

The little guy had a headache. He used the profound and mysterious symbols recorded within the True Primordial Record to carry out the refinement. He closed his pores and locked up his seven apertures; only his mouth was swallowing with big gulps.

Gudong, gudong…

The little guy was drinking with all of his strength. The True Supreme Water was trying its best to escape from his mouth. The two were matching each other’s strengths, but in the end, there was still more water being swallowed.

Everyone within the Rain Clan were driven mad. This little rotten child was simply too detestable. This was supposed to be used to refine medicine and weapons! Acting like this without any regard for rights and wrongs, can you bear it?

“Blast it open for me and kill him!” A group of people were in a violent rage.

“Break open!” Everyone brandished their weapons and brought out their precious techniques. However, they just couldn’t smash apart the curtain of light.

“Aiyou, why does my stomach hurt?” Within the True Supreme Water, the little guy who was currently flopping around and creating water bubbles lifted his head. His eyes were spinning.

“s.h.i.+tty brat, drink then. Sooner or later, your body will explode!” Yu Kun cursed while stomping and cursing.

The little guy blinked his large eyes. Since this was a divine liquid, moreover being used as a primer for medicine, shouldn’t it be okay to swallow? He once again began to gulp with gudong gudong sounds.

“Don’t drink anymore. You need to refine it for it to work. How many jin have you swallowed already?!” There were some people within the Rain Clan who were about to cry; this was too much of a waste.

The little guy did not pay any attention. He covered his nose, ears, closed his pores, and exerted all of his strength to swallow; his small stomach was starting to swell.


The Sealing Light Bead grew faint, and was on the verge of losing effectiveness.

The little guy knew that he was out of time, and so he hastily took out a jade container, quickly filling it up with divine liquid. Following that, he used the Sealing Light Bead to cork it shut. He brought out the golden bone shears, and with a kacha sound, it sliced towards the jade cauldron. With a kick, it broke apart.

Everyone within the Rain Clan went mad. The group of people pounced forward, collecting the divine liquid. Unfortunately, the True Supreme water that had finally broken free transformed into a dense bright mist. It pa.s.sed by their bodies, beginning to frantically flee.


The group of people were split. Some of them took actions against the little guy, wanting to behead him. Others were using household utensils to capture some of the divine liquid.

This place was thrown into complete disorder. The little guy took advantage of the chaos to take action. He faced a precious artifact that was flying towards him, and stamped the ground, using the momentum to soar into the sky.

“You won’t get away!”

The Rain Clan’s people’s eyes were all red. The little guy dropped down from the sky, smas.h.i.+ng apart their splendid dream. He smashed their dreams of rising in power from the ninth heaven to the eighteenth layer of h.e.l.l.

“Let’s see if you’ll be able to escape!”

The Rain Clan’s people were all angrily crying out. They took out their precious artifacts, covering all four directions. Furthermore, there were some people who were standing on precious artifacts. They soared into the air, continuing the chase.

“Flying! Motherf*cker! He actually flew away!”

A big figure within the Rain Clan shouted, and his eyes almost popped out. A fiery big bird arrived, flapping a pair of bright and beautiful wings. It caught the little guy, and with a graceful and flashy att.i.tude, it turned around. With a smile, it escaped!

Yu Wencheng and Yu Kun’s faces were dark to the point of turning purple. It was that hateful big red bird again! Earlier when they lost the little guy, they did not actually tell their clan. The others all did not know of this bird’s existence.

“Kill him! I want to kill him!”

The group of Rain Clan people were howling in grief. They were weeping bitter tears, because this truly was a waste of effort. After being startled, the True Supreme Water couldn’t be called out again. It entered the earth together with that Spirit Vine, disappearing without a trace.

For them, this was worse than death. The clan’s hope of rising in power was actually completely shattered by this devilish brat. The group of people were angry to the point of going crazy.

They even brought the Deity’s decree. Originally, they thought that it would have already succeeded, yet in the end, this little rotten child broke in, ruining everything. It truly was making the wedding clothes for another[1].

“So hateful!”

Yu Wencheng and Yu Kun were angry to the point that they were shaking. White smoke spewed from their nostrils, and flames were shooting out of their ears. There were stars in front of their eyes, and they felt as if an Archaic barbarian bull stepped on their head, almost fainting on the spot.

In the end, they swayed from side to side as they took out precious artifacts before beginning their chase.

“Did everything go smoothly?” The big red bird carried the little guy on his back. A thievish look appeared within its eyes as it stared at the container in his hands.

“Oh!” Right when the little guy opened his mouth, multicolored light spouted from his mouth. Some of the True Supreme Water escaped.

“Heavens, how much did you drink? You are actually beginning to be like me, spewing out fire!” The big red bird was exclaiming in admiration.

The little guy grabbed a handful of feathers from the big red bird, bringing with it a bit of blood. He quickly pasted it onto his face, making a few changes shortly after.

The big red bird screeched, “What are you trying to do?”

“Nothing much happened, stop shouting.”

The big red bird turned around and gave him a glance. It immediately became extremely angry. It turns out that it was for the sake of concealing his appearance! He actually pulled out feathers from its body, drawing blood; this rotten child was really hateful.

Not long after, they charged over to where the silver-robed youth was. Xiao Tian suddenly jumped up, also getting on top of the bird. He saw the jade container within the little guy’s arms, and became incomparably moved.

“It really succeeded?” His voice was a bit shaky.

“I succeeded.” When the little guy spoke, auspicious light once against began to spew out of his mouth.

“Why did you directly swallow the divine liquid?” Xiao Tian was so shocked that his lower jaw almost hit the ground. Although this was a divine item, could it be eaten?

The little guy covered his mouth and mumbled, “Can’t it be a primer for medicine? I feel like it can be eaten. Help me think of a method quickly. As soon as I open my mouth, True Supreme Water would be spewed out. That’s too wasteful.”

“Shameful, such an extravagant type of wasting!” The big red bird looked down on him, yet was incomparably envious at the same time. He turned his head around and said, “Why don’t you just let the True Supreme Water out? I’ll refine it for you, and won’t blame you for being filthy.”

“Go away!” The little guy’s mouth blossomed with multicolored light, and no longer dared to say anything. He swelled his cheeks, and widened his eyes; he really was at his wit’s end.

The silver-gowned youth was extremely speechless. This good friend really was a bit outrageous; to even do this type of thing, it really was rather rare.

“Find a place to slowly refine it first. Otherwise, some problems might occur.” Xiao Tian was a bit worried.

The little guy covered his mouth, and did not dare say anything. They quickly charged into the distance, separating from the desert and entering a primitive mountain abyss that stretched as far as the eye could see.

Right as they descended down onto a spirit mountain, Xiao Tian sighed and said, “Brother, are you alright? It’s not that I’m saying things about you, but there’s really no need for you to struggle so much. Although the True Supreme Water is good, you still can’t use your body to hold it.”

“You don’t understand this savage child’s world,” said the big red bird.

“Get lost!” The little guy kicked him, and multicolored light once against spewed out of his mouth.

The big red bird was shaking its b.u.t.t as it followed behind, not getting angry at all. It continuously fixed its attention on that jar, muttering, “Let’s see if anything will happen to that savage baby after drinking the divine liquid. If there really isn’t anything wrong, then this grandpa will also store it in his stomach!”

The little guy sat with his legs crossed, beginning his refining. He furrowed his eyebrows, and felt a bit apprehensive inside. There shouldn’t be any problems right?

It was recorded on ancient texts that this type of divine liquid could be refined into divine medicine. Why was it that when he swallowed it into his stomach, it wanted to escape?! He made an ugly face, and was incomparably confused; he couldn’t even open his mouth to say anything.

“Eat it, eat it, eat it all!” He pursed his lips while shouting with a m.u.f.fled voice.

“Truly savage!” The big red bird spoke.

When the silver-robed youth saw the way he was acting, he also wanted to blurt out in laughter. He held himself back, but he thought that this close friend’s way of doing things was a bit unconventional.

“This style… It feels like Déjà vu.” Xiao Tian didn’t think more about it at all, because he was hugging the jade container. He was incredibly excited, soon putting everything else towards the back of his mind.

GGP said there was a story behind this, but didn’t tell me the storyWorking so hard but in the end not receiving the benefits


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