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Chapter 162 – Bite One’s Ear

The mountain forest was extremely dense, and the enormous mountains were tall. The spiritual essence was rich, pouring down like a waterfall and flowing about like a spring. Along the way, the little guy dug out several stalks of precious medicine and threw them into the heaven and earth net.

“Almost there!”

At this time, he felt an unusual aura. There were no people or creatures here, and it was empty to the point where there weren’t even smaller creatures like moles and ants. It was peaceful everywhere, and not a single vicious beast dared to draw near. Essence energy soared, and multicolored light flickered.

Everything originated from the grand and imposing spiritual mountains up ahead. They were incredibly tall, and many creatures resided there. Beside them grew rarely seen precious medicine, and the fragrance was strong.

The purple-haired girl was extremely careful, and was like a dragon as she climbed. She moved her slender waist as she moved along the mountain precipice.

“The mountains have many restrictions, yet she is breaking them one by one without making a single sound! What a powerful level of symbols!” The little guy followed behind.

While climbing upwards, he became considerably shocked. He could see from the sides that the restrictions were extremely powerful. If it was a normal person here, it would be difficult to accomplish anything even after several months, yet the purple-haired girl directly broke them.

After reaching the mountain peak, he carefully looked around. There was a cold pond that was emitting waves of cold air. The icy cold was bone-chilling, and the water inside was black like ink.

These types of cold ponds were extremely suitable for Flood Dragon Beasts to live in. Beside the pool grew four stalks of spirit medicine, and they were precisely Black Flood Dragon Gra.s.s. They were jet-black with specks of l.u.s.ter, and were emitting a sweet scent.

This could serve as proof that a powerful Flood Dragon Beast inhabited this pond before, moreover not just a single one; otherwise, it would be impossible for such a rich flood dragon energy to flourish here and produce such rarely seen spirit medicine.

“Where did the divine beast run to?” The little guy was suspicious. He hid behind a giant boulder as he observed everything. On the summit, other than the cold pond, there were also many giant boulders, creating a stone forest.

Soon after, he heard some activity. The purple-haired girl was moving stealthily in front and entered the stone forest. She appeared in front of a cave, and divine splendor was emitting from that area.

“Why is there a pile of Flood Dragon bones here?” The little guy was quite shocked. After entering the stone forest, he saw a bunch of white bones that belonged to Flood Dragons.

These were not left behind by only one or two creatures, and after adding them all up, there were definitely at least twenty of them. It was too shocking, because even though Flood Dragon Beasts were the descendants of Archaic vicious flood dragons and their bloodlines weren’t pure, they were still extremely powerful. It was truly unexpected that there were creatures that treated them like food.

The little guy trembled with fear. After turning around and looking at that cold pond, he immediately understood. That was a pond that was purposely set up for the sake of raising Flood Dragon Beasts.

“Just what kind of powerful creature would do this type of thing?” This truly made him rather upset. This was simply too extravagant and terrifying.

“Did the foodie finally meet his opponent?” The mischievous stone quietly muttered.

“This is different.” The little guy shook his head. If it were not for the geniuses gathering together to enter this trial by fire, how would he be able to find these precious descendants? Normally, it would extremely difficult to meet one.

Yet this type of creature typically uses Flood Dragon Beasts as food. This was too astonis.h.i.+ng!

The ancient cave was misty with multicolored light. At the cave entrance grew a stalk of gra.s.s, its body entirely silver. It radiated with precious light, as if a silver flame was burning. What was most peculiar was that there were ripples on top of the gra.s.s leaves, as if they were feathers.

“Silver Feather Gra.s.s!”

The little guy widened his eyes. This was the best of the best among spirit medicines! According to legend, if it grew long enough, it could improve by another step and undergo transformation.

The Silver Feather Gra.s.s only had five feathers, and it was silvery white all over. It emitted a divine radiance, and there were feather marks all over the leaves. The sweet scent was emitted in waves, making people infatuated.

“Normally, it takes root where propitious vapors rise. It seems like this cavern is not simple, and the creature that dwells within must be incomparably powerful.”

The little guy thought it over and decided to turn back. However, he first decisively dug up the four black Flood Dragon Gra.s.s and entering the stone forest to put the Silver Feather Gra.s.s into the heaven and earth pouch.

“Who cares about what’s inside? Being able to obtain five stalks of precious medicine already makes this a worthwhile trip. Following along was not in vain.”

You have to understand that once you leave this small Archaic world and arrive in the outside world, searching for precious medicine becomes extremely difficult. Where would you be able to pick it so easily like this?

In the past, the little guy crashed his way through the boundless great wasteland, yet he could only find a few stalks beside a descendant’s cave.


A loud sound was transmitted from within the cavern, and the restrictions were triggered. That purple haired girl seemed to have been struck by lightning, and blood flowed from her mouth. However, her achievements in symbols were extremely profound, and was extremely good at breaking through formations. She quickly stabilized herself.

The little guy also entered inside and watched from behind. He couldn’t help but be startled; what kind of creature’s den was this? It was clearly within a cave, yet why did it seem like a bird nest?

Other than the dried vines, there were golden silk gra.s.s spread on the inside of the nest. It was soft and crystalline, making it extremely cozy. The entire nest had multicolored streaks of light running about it, and it was obvious that there were precious bones buried within, because the cloth had formation patterns on it.

The purple-haired girl’s entire body was surrounded by divine splendor, making her appear incomparably holy. She held a golden horn in her hand, and it was small and elegant, as well as transparent and s.h.i.+ny. With a slash, it drew out a streak of divine light, turning the surface of the nest closest to her into fine powder. It even smashed apart a piece of precious bone.

“Truly destroying someone’s home!” The little guy silently criticized.

“Yi, why isn’t there any?” The purple haired girl frowned. Even though she broke through a restriction, it was completely empty within the nest. She didn’t find much.

The little guy was also disappointed. Originally, he thought that there would be some formidable treasure. In the end, it was just an empty nest.

“Hateful human, how can i take care of that brat?” The purple-haired girl spoke to herself, and it was obvious that she was still p.i.s.sed.

The little guy scratched his head. She was clearly exploring a nest, yet why did it seem like he was being talked about instead? It seems like she just can’t be good-natured.

“I need to make a plan to draw him out, and then…” The purple-haired girl was untainted by even a speck of dust. While being enveloped in divine rings, her spirited pupils flickered with a strand of electricity.

“She plans to scheme against me?” Originally, the little guy was going to back off, temporary not wanting to make a new branch grow out of a knot[1]. After all, the outside world turned into a b.l.o.o.d.y purgatory, and it wasn’t good to make too much noise. However now, he stopped himself again.

“I’ve always wanted to capture an Archaic vicious beast youth. It will be you!” He made his decision.

Following that, he turned into a stream of light as he pounced over, directly jumping onto that purple-haired girl’s back. With his arms around her neck, he began to suppress her. Lifting up the heaven and earth net, numerous strands of auspicious light headed towards her head.


The purple-haired girl was so angry she almost spat out blood. She just finished talking about that human youth, yet in the end he immediately appeared. Moreover, he directly hung from her back, this was simply… Infuriating beyond belief!

Normally, she was treated like a G.o.ddess. She was set up on high, aloof and remote. She was divine and inviolable, and any race’s genius would inevitably show her extreme courtesy. They would admire her endlessly; who would dare to blaspheme?

No matter where she went, she would always attract the attention of tens of thousands. It would be like the stars grouping themselves around the moon, and her unmatched appearance would make others feel ashamed of their inferiority, making them unwilling to face her.

Yet this brat actually treated her like some vicious beast, jumping and moving about on her. After jumping onto her flawless back, he directly began to fight and wrestle about, truly about to anger her to death.

“Get inside for me!”

The little guy hung from her back, one hand around her snow swan-like neck, and the other propping up the heaven and earth pouch. Multicolored light flew out in a mult.i.tude of strands, and thousands of propitious light strands were mitted. He wanted to collect her inside, thoroughly making her yield.

“d.a.m.ned brat!” The purple-haired girl was so angry she began shaking. Divine splendor was released from all over her body, and the ornaments on her head in particular flowed with divine multicolored light. She resisted the heaven and earth net, and did not enter it.

Soon after, the symbols around her entire body began to flicker, wanting to refine the little guy. She was incomparably resentful.

The little guy wouldn’t let go even if he died. As he hung from her neck, he used all of his strength to subdue her. However, he was actually grimacing in pain. The purple-clothed girl’s symbols were too terrifying, shaking him until his bones were bursting noise.

“Archaic vicious beasts really are powerful! Even the random things around her head region is precious.” The little guy was discontent. Just now, if it were not for the jewelry hanging around her earlobe flickering with multicolored light, stopping the heaven and earth pouch, he definitely would have collected her inside.

The two individuals fought, one using brute force and the other using heaven defying symbols. However, the little guy felt as if something was wrong. The opposing party’s body was emitting light, as if it wanted to refine him alive.

In particular, that piece of jewelry on her ear was emitting precious splendor. There was a divine radiance being emitted, hacking towards him.


The little guy moved his head about, using the small paG.o.da in his hair to block it. The small paG.o.da trembled, becoming sparkling and transparent. It emitted strands of mysterious aura, making that earpiece immediately dim down.


Upon seeing this, the little guy bit down on the earring and pulled downwards.

Ah… The purple-hair girl was angry and embarra.s.sed. This fellow was too shameful, actually biting her ear, this… Her entire body turned pink, and was humiliated to the extreme. Her jade-like body began to tremble slightly.

“Mine, mine!” The devilish brat couldn’t care less about her screaming. He focused all of his attention on the purple earrings, and after biting down, he used all of his strength to pull downwards.

The purple-haired girl was on the verge of going mad. This was definitely an undermining image. Typically, she would be known as a G.o.ddess, yet now she was in this state.

A row of teeth marks appeared on that sparkling and pure white earlobe. The little guy wouldn’t let go even if he died, and he bit down with his little fierce teeth with all of his strength. Grinding with all of his strength, he wanted to remove that mysterious earring.

The purple-haired girl was beyond angry. Not only was she in pain, but she was also humiliated and angry. This was the first time such a thing has happened in her life, because if such a thing did happen to her before, even a deity would collapse.

She activated the earing, wanting to smash apart the little guy’s teeth. However, she found that it didn’t work. After the earring collided with the small paG.o.da in the little guy’s hair, it seemed like it no longer worked properly, and couldn’t be activated.

The pure and holy symbols around her were momentarily dimmed as a result of the biting. She was so humiliated and angry that she almost fainted. Her heart was in disorder, and the strength of her precious methods suddenly diminished.

The two individuals fell onto the ground, rolling around and wrestling about. During this period of time, he bit her sparkling and translucent ear, and without letting go, he shouted, “Mine!”

With a weng sound, the purple-haired girl use her right wrist to strike backwards. There was a sparkling divine ring there, and it was also a terrifying precious artifact. She wanted to blast the little guy to death.

As a result, a kengchi sound rang out, and her wrist felt a sharp pain. She was bitten again, and that transparent ring was also restrained, no longer able to display its might.

The purple-haired girl was going crazy. Exactly how many mouths did this devilish brat have? How can he endlessly bite like this? What type of disgraceful strategy was this? She had never seen such a thing before!

Something was wrong. Her eyes flashed past, and noticed that the stone in this brat’s hair grew bigger. The one that bit her sparkling white wrist and divine bracelet was that divine striking stone, and it was shouting, “This is mine!”

She was so angry she began to tremble. These two degenerates, where is your morality and conduct? Both of them were actually biting her.

“Mine, mine, all mine!” The little guy had his mouth on the sparkling earlobe, as well as the transparent earring as he shouted.

“This piece should belong to me!” The Divine Striking Stone did not give in.

“I won’t forgive you guys!” The purple-haired girl shrieked, and the symbols around her body blazed.

The little guy grinded his teeth and used all of his strength to bite down. Finally, he obtained it. The earpiece’s chain refined out of divine gold was broken by his chewing.

The earring came off, and a row of teeth marks as well as a bit of blood appeared on the girl’s white and brilliant earlobe, emitting a sweet fragrance.

“It’s sweet. What kind of precious blood is this?” The devilish brat was biting the earpiece while he revealed puzzled expression. He once again bit down on the moist and bright earlobe before sucking in a bit of the sweet blood.

“I’m going to fight you to the death!” The girl truly was going to go mad from anger. Her dark brows jumped, and her large quick-witted eyes shot out flames as she began to stake it all against him.

The devilish brat was wrestling on the floor with her, and in addition, they both used their most powerful precious artifacts. The broken sword was bright, and a crystalline mirror on the girl’s chest also emitted light as they fiercely collided.


The entire mountain was smashed apart. They fell down, and the little guy noticed that there was a place of exceptional charm and beauty within the mountain center. There was actually another bird nest, and lying within this area was a coc.o.o.n.

He quickly rushed over and picked up the coc.o.o.n. After that, he began to make his getaway.

“Little thief, where do you think you’re going?!” The mysterious fluctuations around her surged, making her look like a fairy. The sleeves of her clothes fluttered about as she chased after him with killing intent. Her graceful and slender body was shaking, and her pure white skin emitted light.

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