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Chapter 247 – The Beautiful Compet.i.tor

“Why do I have to invite you?” The devilish brat stared at her, appearing rather confused. He became highly alerted. The fatty got on the s.h.i.+p without any sound, appearing to be quite impressive!

Even though the young lady was still a teenager, her tall figure was graceful and elegant while her body was curvaceous as well. As her beautiful black hair danced in the wind, her porcelain forehead glowed with divine light. Dark brows arched over her bright eyes, and with a slightly pointed chin, she seemed like a lunar fairy that was too beautiful to belong to this world.

She was truly a beauty rarely seen in this mortal world. Other pretty women would only appear rather dull in comparison. Compared to them, she was like a fairy that had descended into this world.

“Don’t be so stingy. Destiny has brought us together and we should drink to that. Since I declared my request, why don’t you show some hospitality?” With her delicate feature and ridiculous beauty, the girl was nonetheless acting rather brazenly. She didn’t seem to care about the other party’s refusal.

With those words, she walked over with a spring in her steps. Her black clothes flapped in the wind, setting off her snowy-lotus-like porcelain skin.

She possessed an ethereal beautiful that made her seem as if she didn’t consume the food of mortals, yet her body was absolutely enticing and curvaceous. It was as if she possessed both the figure of a witch and fairy at the same time.

The effect was very special. She smiled with a pure brightness and walked with irresistible temptation. It was a bizarre feeling, as if looking at a woman from the fairytales.

“Since this meeting-by-chance was caused by fate, why don’t you treat me to something to eat?” The devilish brat swept the jade table behind him and asked the teenage girl to treat him instead.

In his mind, the precious medicine was from a pure-blooded creature, and the Little Devil wine was said to go very well with spirited medicines. Why did he have to share them with some unknown fatty?

The teenage girl put a hand on her porcelain forehead. “You’re hopeless.”

Light showered down with a wave of her hand and an exquisite pouch appeared in her pretty palm. The pouch was obviously refined from the skin of vicious beasts. The golden threads around the opening loosened as light shone from the pouch, sending out piles of delicious food as well as a jar of wine.

“Yi? It seems that your heaven and earth net is made from real vicious beasts and better than mine.” The devilish brat did not look at the food, but stared at the s.h.i.+ny little pouch instead.

“It’s exactly because I had a better one that I didn’t try to steal yours.” The teenage girl rolled her lively eyes and looked sideways at him.

“You wanted to take mine?” The devilish brat opened his eyes widely and clapped his heaven and earth net tightly at once. He had a lot of treasures in there and could not afford to lose it.

Meanwhile, he had a weird look in his eyes, feeling as if he had met one of his own kind. The similar thought of taking the girl’s net had also came to his mind when he set eyes on it.

Of course, the main reason for this feeling was that he felt threatened by this fatty. He wanted to make the first move to gain the upper hand, but after seeing her board the Ghost s.h.i.+p so easily, it made him somewhat hesitant.

It was the first time that the devilish brat felt like he could not see through someone, making him stay on his guard.

“Do you want to take my things?” The black-clothed girl smiled as she asked. Her curvaceous body moved slightly, emitting alluring light from her fair skin. Under the misty moonlight, one could not tell if she was pure or flirtatious.

“Bulls.h.i.+t! When did I ever try to take your things?” The devilish brat’s large eyes moved about. He gave her heaven and earth pouch several glances, feeling full of reluctance.

“Behave yourself, okay? Don’t try to take my things, or I’ll definitely rob you clean!” The girl smiled sweetly, showing her clear white teeth. Even though she was extremely pretty, at the moment, she seemed a bit devious as she gave out this threat.

The devilish brat opened his eyes widely. “Are you provoking me and trying to make me rob you? I won’t go easy on you!”

He shouted out loudly and became very excited. Ten heavenly pa.s.sages linked into a resplendent divine ring as they smashed towards the girl. At a distance this close, he believed that the girl would find it extremely difficult to escape.

However, the girl disappeared completely, turning into a shower of lights that drifted into the night sky. She scattered like a breeze, chuckling in the process.

s.h.i.+ Hao was astonished. How could this happen? How could a living person turn into shower of light? It did not seem real at all.

The light fell down and rea.s.sembled not far away, turning into the fair young lady again. Her beauty was ethereal, and absolutely flawless. It was enough to almost take one’s breath away.

What kind of divine ability was this? It was extremely peculiar, as if the girl was not made of flesh and blood, but rather of spiritual light.

Even the sharp eyes of Hair Ball could not see through it. It was puzzled as it blinked on s.h.i.+ Hao’s shoulder, not understanding what had happened.

“She’s so powerful.” Mumbled the devilish brat, feeling like he was cracking a tough nut.

“Let’s sit down and have a drink. You should realize by now that I bear no ill will towards you. I’m only trying to make a good friend.” The girl smiled.

“Ok, the drink’s on me.” The devilish brat nodded at once while clasping his Heaven and Earth pouch tightly in case the other party tried to sneak up on him. He was left with a feeling of defenselessness after seeing his opponent’s ability to turn herself into a rain of light.

“This is indeed the meat of Green Luan. The quality of the meat is amazing, and it seems like your cooking skills are quite unordinary. This flavor is truly quite delicious.” The young lady praised. She was not at all reserved like a normal girl as she directly used her sparkling white hands to tear apart the oily golden Green Luan meat. Neither of her hands were at rest as she stuffed the meat through her small cherry lips.

Of course, the greasy hand did not forget the Little Devil wine. She drank one cup after another, enjoying it greatly.

The devilish brat moved the food that the girl brought out onto the jade table as well and realized that none of these were ordinary either. The fruits were all extremely high quality spiritual medicines, and even the snacks were rarely seen treasures.

Of course, the other party’s was quite nice as well, seemingly not that much inferior to his Little Devil wine. It was brewed from a hundred kinds of flowers, possessing a bright and clear appearance under the moonlight as a fragrant smell was released.

“A foodie!” This was the statement the devilish brat use to describe the other party. She was surprisingly carrying so many rare delicacies on her.

“Aren’t you talking about yourself?” The girl smiled gently. After gorging herself on the food, she finally slowed down and sipped her wine. Amus.e.m.e.nt filled her eyes as she brushed through her beautiful hair.

“I like eating, but I always gather my food on the spot. I’m not like you who takes her snacks around. No wonder you’re a fatty,” said the devilish brat.

The girl’s smile went stiff for a while at hearing these words, but soon after, she was sent into fits of laughter. It seemed that she cared little about her appearance, yet she still possessed an ethereal look as well as an unspeakable holiness. “I, as a fatty, love to eat. If even such a small hobby cannot be fulfilled, what’s the point of living? Speak no more. Let’s have a happy feast. It’s been awhile since I tasted something so good!”

“Wa, you really have a huge appet.i.te. How are you even more skilled at eating than me?!” The devilish brat’s eyes widened. The big chunk of golden and glossy Green Luan meat that had been roasting over the fire had all gone into her stomach.

“Don’t worry, I’ll treat you to more later. Roast some more.” The young lady’s laughter was street and her eyes shone with intelligence. She grabbed the last bit of roasted meat from s.h.i.+ Hao and ate it without hesitation.

This immediately made the devilish brat widen his eyes. This was the first time someone moved faster than him, his food disappearing right before his eyes.

The girl stood up without being the slightest bit bit of concern as she continued to enjoy herself. She took out a silver knife before rapidly cutting up the rest of the pure-blooded creature’s meat and placing it over the fire.

“Oh my G.o.d, how can you eat so much?! I want my Green Luan meat and my Little Devil wine back!” The devilish brat cried out miserably.

It was already after midnight, and the blue sea was glistening as it reflected the bright moon’s radiance. Since they were on board a Ghost s.h.i.+p, no other creatures dared to approach this area, making it extremely quite and peaceful here.

They had been eating all through the night. The devilish brat finally could not hold his ground anymore. His belly was completely round, and rosy lights gushed out whenever he opened his mouth; he really couldn’t eat any more.

The Green Luan was over ten meters long and was a so-called pure-blooded creature. It’s flesh contained an extremely large amount of divine energy, yet the two of them had eaten more than half of it, stuffing the meat within their stomachs.

One could not imagine how they fitted it all into their bellies. It was a pure-blooded creature we were talking about here! One bite by anyone else, then it was quite likely that their bodies would have shone brilliantly, making them run about madly.

It was mainly because the two were equally powerful beings, even more so than the Green Luan. This so-called precious medicine of flesh and blood wasn’t comparable to their own at all.

Moreover, it was not an adult Green Luan after all. The spirited essence it contained was far less than that that of a fully matured Green Luan.

Of course, even so, people would be shocked if word of this got out. Finis.h.i.+ng more than half of a Green Luan was simply too astonis.h.i.+ng. Their stomachs must be enormous!

The devilish brat realized that he had met his match. It was the first time that someone else had eaten more than him, let alone that person being a teenage girl.

Moreover, they had even gulped down quite a lot of the Little Devil wine. The fragrance of wine covered their bodies as they bathed in a layer of holy light.

s.h.i.+ Hao had just broken through, so he needed to continuously consolidate his achievements. These precious medicines and divine wines cleansed his body, giving him many benefits.

The devilish brat admitted his defeat, and Hairy Ball also hid behind him. It could not eat any more.

The girl wiped her scarlet and erotic lips as she stretched with satisfaction. After drinking her final cup of wine, she said, “I’m finally full.”

“What race are you from? Why can you eat so much?” The devilish brat asked humbly. To be defeated in eating made him feel extremely unreconciled.

The young lady stood up. Her tiny waist looked soft and her body looked dreamlike and ethereal under the bright moonlight. A smile appeared on her delicate and flawless face, exhibiting a beauty that was simply otherworldly.

“Why are you asking so many questions? As I have said, our acquaintance today is a sign of good freinds.h.i.+p. The great wasteland is going to turn chaotic. Please don’t treat me like an enemy when we meet again in the future.”

Her eyes flickered, and spirited light sparkled, as if showing the future. She smiled quietly and looked different from before while a mysterious light surrounded her.

Suddenly, the devilish brat had an inward feeling that the opposing party currently did not have any ill intentions. It seemed like she was trying to rope him in after seeing that his talent was quite extraordinary.

s.h.i.+ Hao felt extremely conflicted. She was only a teenage girl, yet how could she eat more than he did? This fatty was truly terrifying.

“Don’t be so hard on yourself. Back when I was your age, I couldn’t eat as much as you do now.” The girl seemed to have read his thoughts as she teased him.

s.h.i.+ Hao felt that although the girl’s words sounded nice, she was obviously trying to cheat a meal out of him.

“I’m not a freeloader. Come, this big sister’s taking you for a robbery.” The girl turned around on the Ghost s.h.i.+p. Her black clothes flapped and her ivory skin shone brightly, looking lively and ethereal.

“Who are we robbing?” s.h.i.+ Hao asked

“I’ve come to your land obviously for the Kun Peng. However, it seems too difficult, so why don’t we rob some of the irritating ones first?” The girl look sincere and innocent as she talked about robbery, still as aloof as a fairy.

This statement made s.h.i.+ Hao speechless. He then realized with shock, she… was not someone from the wastelands?

s.h.i.+ Hao withheld his astonishment and only recovered after quite a while had pa.s.sed. He then suggested strongly that they should attack the Archaic Divine Mountain’s people, the sea deity descendant, and the youth of the Flaming Fish clan.

“Those are all good targets.” She nodded her head in agreement.

“Let’s go then. We are going to push them all to the ground.” The devilish brat was excited. There was nothing he liked more than striking down opponents and ransacking them.

“Are you trying to drag me into a confrontation and start a deathly battle?” The girl rolled her eyes. “This place suppresses people’s cultivation and reduce it to the Spirit Transformation level. Those guys are all tough nuts, like reborn sea deities, archaic divine birds and devilish deities. It’s too barbarous to go straight to them and fight to the death.”

“How do you want to do it?” Asked s.h.i.+ Hao.

“Obviously, we’ll sneak up and knock them down from behind.” The girl waved her fair fists. Somehow, she still looked pure and innocent. Under the silver moonlight, her face revealed a dream-like beauty.

s.h.i.+ Hao sighed. Why did he feel that he had finally met his match? He couldn’t  help but asked again, “You can eat so much, you are so fat, and you are so shameless. Where exactly did you come from?”

“Are you envying me or praising me?” The girl stretched her tiny waist and didn’t seem to mind at all. She looked dainty and languid as resplendent light flickered within her eyes.

Her black clothes flapped in the wind as a pair of flawless and slender legs glowed beautifully. Her exceptional figure was the most beautiful scenery on this entire sea surface.

“I don’t really have anything else to say,” said s.h.i.+ Hao.

“Good. Let’s fight for our beliefs and begin robbing!” The young lady waved her fists again.


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