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Chapter 981 – Immortal Ancient Land of Natural Luck

Everything was dark in the distance, while gentle radiance spilled out from before him. Dense spiritual essence surged, multicolored light rippling like water. This place was exceptionally sacred and divine.

Flowers scattered about, the sparkling petals falling gently along this place, glowing with sacred light. A fragrance wafted through this place, and waves of exuberant life force could be felt.

Apart from this, pure white immortal energy was everywhere, surrounding this place. 

As s.h.i.+ Hao stood there without moving, it was as if he could hear the sighs of a true immortal, as if a hundred worlds of reincarnations had been experienced. It was as if he witnessed Immortal Ancient’s changes. He was completely silent.

This type of feeling was extremely strange. In that instant, he saw hundreds and thousands of scenes. There were some of creatures, some of plants, and some scenes of battle. 

In a daze, he saw the skies become dyed in red. Powerful experts descended from the world beyond, smas.h.i.+ng into the great earth, their blood dyeing the mountains and rivers red. 

“There are emperors that fell, taboo existences disappearing…” s.h.i.+ Hao said softly, as if he was immersed in a dream.

He saw these scenes, not feeling shock, but rather a bit numb. That were just the remnant scenes, yet it was enough to speak of the cruelty during Immortal Ancient’s final years.

“Who is the enemy?” He stared at the thousands of scenes. 

However, he only saw his predecessors wither away, never seeing the enemy appear in the nine heavens above. The only thing that was left for later generations were scenes of defeat.

Then, he saw a boundless continent suspended in the cosmos disintegrate. 

Surprisingly, s.h.i.+ Hao didn’t feel any intense sadness or sorrow. These remnant scenes appeared one after another, only giving off a lonely and desolate feeling. It was extremely calm, not hurried or too slow. 

However, s.h.i.+ Hao felt a type of concealed emotion. That was… despair!

These were damaged fragments left behind for later generations. They couldn’t bear to tell them the truth, fearing that those after them would fall completely into despair. That great era, those people were completely defeated. 

The one who left behind these imprints felt a sense of powerlessness, a deep feeling of frustration, not a bit of hope to be seen. 

This was what s.h.i.+ Hao experienced.

A golden palm that radiated immortal dao energy slowly pa.s.sed, erasing all of the scenes. This was especially the case towards the end where none of the scenes could be seen clearly, as if it couldn’t bear to let those after him see them. 

What did he want to leave behind for the later generation? Everything was being erased in one go!

Those ruined imprints, with a sigh, dissipated.

When s.h.i.+ Hao could feel that it was transmitting a type of emotion it came gently, sad to the extreme, full of despair, no light of dawn to be seen.

“Rather than feeling despair, it is better to be ignorant. World after world, great era after great era continued along in a muddled manner.”

s.h.i.+ Hao vaguely heard this type of voice. 

After calming down, s.h.i.+ Hao felt a chill run through his body. What kind of sadness was this, to make a survivor from the last great era fall to this state, believing that it was better for those after him to not know.

Silent, without sound, falling flowers dim, auspicious light gradually disappearing. 

The immortal energy also scattered, turning into strand after strand of gray mist. As for the auspicious and peaceful multicolored clouds, they all became lifeless. 

Stars moved, time changed, this place seemed to have gone through a reincarnation, everything changing.

s.h.i.+ Hao didn’t say anything, silently experiencing everything. 

Better off ignorant, this type of thought was too terrifying!

“I want to know. Why?” s.h.i.+ Hao said. 

Up ahead, the mottled bright colors all disappeared, only leaving behind a dark stone wall, as well as a few engravings. They were precisely the scenes he saw just now.

He carefully sensed them, seriously pondering over them. In the end, he couldn’t see anything else. 

This was the natural luck left behind in Immortal Ancient? What a joke!

s.h.i.+ Hao didn’t obtain anything here, ending up completely empty-handed!

What were those scenes going to do for him? What cultivation or understanding? There was only a type of moderate reaccount. There was no encouragement for later generations, not guidance, only a feeling of despair. 

s.h.i.+ Hao observed the stone wall. This place indeed didn’t have anything else. He didn’t obtain any benefits. 

“Why?!” He shouted again.

The immortal dao flower petals opened three thousand times, all so he could come here to look at this stone wall? After mustering such great forces, the conclusion was so disappointing!

A wall stretched before him.

Drab, ancient, stopping his path ahead.


s.h.i.+ Hao only had this word. This was his evaluation of the one who left behind this imprint. He was furious. He slaughtered his way here, yet what he saw was this kind of conclusion.

Was he going to turn around now? Follow the road back?

Only, how could he resign himself to give up like this?

The three strands of immortal energy around his body resonated, surging here. They cried out like three True Dragons, rus.h.i.+ng towards that wall. 


A tremendous collision sounded, immortal energy surged. He wanted to blast through this wall. 

“There is no reason for this! Everyone knows that this is the ultimate place of natural luck, the natural luck left here!” 

s.h.i.+ Hao’s body shone, magical force surging. 

He opened his Heavenly Eyes, carefully staring at this wall, wanting to penetrate through it.


After a long time had pa.s.sed, he seemed to have the illusion that there was something behind this wall!

“Is that the case? A wall of despair blocks the road, leaving a small path for those who are unresigned. Even though they didn’t look after later generations properly, there is still a bit of hope.”

s.h.i.+ Hao said softly. He combined Immortal Ancient’s legend, the greatest natural luck, and this place’s feelings of despair, realizing something. 


He took action, brandis.h.i.+ng his fists, sending them smas.h.i.+ng down on this wall. His road rested ahead. Now that he reached this place, he couldn’t turn back. 

He had to take a look no matter what, see for himself.

Perhaps this wall already foretold that no matter how hard he tried, in the end, it will still be like the last great era. 

However, s.h.i.+ Hao couldn’t be bothered with that right now. Those things were too far, involving too much, the level too great. Right now, he just wanted to get stronger and walk his own path. When the day came when he had the qualifications, he would come back to understand and decipher everything. 

Right now, all he had to do, was see Immortal Ancient’s final natural luck.

A strand of immortal energy spun about, landing on the wall. A wave of gentle power pushed him out. 

“The most powerful attack!”

s.h.i.+ Hao shouted, using all types of precious techniques. The Eight Ninth Heavens Art operated, his fist smas.h.i.+ng against the wall with a honglong sound. 

Three strands of immortal energy pervaded the air, as if they had confirmed something, obtaining an acknowledgment. That wall cracked open with a ka cha sound. A human shaped hole appeared. 

At this moment, a wave of sorrow, anger, and shock pervaded the air, now even stronger than before. 

s.h.i.+ Hao didn’t pay it any attention, directly stepping inside, walking through the wall of despair. Sure enough, he saw a flight of stairs that were refined from stars one after another. 

This was extremely shocking!

This flight of stairs was too mysterious, every step packed together from nine stars, refined, shrunk by someone. He could truly feel them.

These were great stars of the cosmos!

This was truly horrifying. What kind of magical force did that person of the past have, for even the simplest path to be like this. It truly made one gasp with admiration. 

s.h.i.+ Hao ascended the flight of stairs, all around him nothingness. There was no end, only this staircase leading into eternity and unknown extremity.

His gaze was deep, incomparably resolute. He walked forward. 

Soon after, chaotic energy pervaded the air. Matter appeared in this s.p.a.ce, and this staircase seemed to connect to a higher place, making this place look distant and profound.  

s.h.i.+ Hao felt the misconception that every step seemed to cross over the past and present, as if he was moving through great worlds one after another. It gave him a heart pounding feeling. 

Where was he going?

Suddenly, strong winds appeared. He also saw an expanse of stars. 

In the nothingness, great stars adorned this place one after another. He seemed to have reached the cosmos through this staircase. Heavenly winds swept about.

Soon after, s.h.i.+ Hao was shocked. When that wind blew past, a few stars were shattered, becoming dim, destroyed outside the staircase.

Only the staircase was calm. 

This was too frightening, and too strange. s.h.i.+ Hao didn’t know what kind of path this was or where it headed.

Only later, after walking for what felt like many years, only then did he reach the end. There were still nine final steps. 

“En?!” s.h.i.+ Hao was shocked. When he walked up the first step, he felt as if he had moved through a layer of heaven!

Just like that, he continued, first step, second, third…

When he reached the ninth step, s.h.i.+ Hao felt dizzy. This type of feeling was too strange. He seemed to have made it through the nine heavens, arriving in the universe beyond.

When he looked back, there was nothing behind him. He could only go forward!

“Could it be that I truly arrived above the nine heavens?!” s.h.i.+ Hao’s soul trembled.

Above the nine heavens, clouds and mists fluttered about, immortal dao aura pervading the air. However, aside from these, there was nothing, vacant and empty.

“Can only move forward!”

s.h.i.+ Hao moved, the sole of his feet stepping on the ninth step, leaving this place.

Immediately afterwards, the world changed!

Above the nine heavens, there was no palace, no immortals, only enormous hills. 

What kind of place did he end up in?

The dark red earth didn’t have any signs of life. Enormous hills rested here one after another, covering everything ahead. 

This earth seemed to have been soaked in blood; one couldn’t help but make this a.s.sociation from the color.

At first, s.h.i.+ Hao didn’t feel anything, but after carefully observing them, he felt a wave of shock. Weren’t these hills’ shapes a bit weird? Why did they seem like large graves?

He still advanced, continuing forward.

Finally, he entered the depths of these ‘hills’!

A pa.s.sage, dim and without light reached underground.

This was an underground palace. s.h.i.+ Hao walked inside with large steps. It was right underneath this hill. 

This place was extremely vast, the road long as well. Walking through this distance also used up quite a bit of time. He finally reached the end.

Multicolored light rose, spiritual essence rising densely. 

However, s.h.i.+ Hao’s hair stood up in anger. He was immediately stunned. 

At this moment, he was convinced that those hills covering the ground were all great ancient tombs!

It was because jade coffins stretched as far as the eye could see!

These were all ancient coffins, the distance between each of them quite great. They were all s.h.i.+ning, immortal dao energy seeping out from them.

Some of the coffins were transparent. s.h.i.+ Hao walked forward with shock, arriving before a coffin. He carefully looked at it, feeling a chill run down his back, his mouth becoming dry. 

What was that?

A corpse, its blood s.h.i.+ning, immortal energy spreading from it. 

It didn’t have a head, only a torso. However, it hadn’t decayed all this time!

What kind of expert was this?

s.h.i.+ Hao began to develop suspicions. Was this a past immortal?!

However, these coffins stretched as far as the eye could see. There wasn’t just one or two of them!

He was greatly shaken up. He restrained all of the questions he had, and while carrying his emotions that could not calm down, walked towards another jade coffin. 

Inside of it was another headless corpse, the injury by its neck smooth. Quite a bit of blood flowed out. The inside of the coffin was bright red and and translucent like lava, but also like red jade. 

s.h.i.+ Hao was truly shocked to the extreme. What kind of scene was this?!

He actually entered this kind of place. 

He looked inside several coffins, and all of them were like this, headless bodies with brilliant blood, divine multicolored light surging. 

Were these immortals?!

“Why is it like this?!” s.h.i.+ Hao shouted loudly. 

The next moment, when he took another look, the scenery changed. Inside the jade coffin beside him, the headless corpse disappeared, leaving behind a jade ancient book, as well as a mysterious immortal seed. 


He was shocked. He turned around, hurriedly looking towards the coffins he had just pa.s.sed!


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