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Chapter 221 – Arrest them!

That night, Dong Xuebing got into bed and slept.

But not long after he fell asleep, Dong Xuebing’s phone rang. He had a few drinks with Qin Yong during dinner and was still feeling giddy. He reached out for his phone, but could not find it. He had to get up and look for his phone. It’s almost 11 pm, and he wondered who is calling at this hour. It’s an unknown number, and Dong Xuebing answered.

“Chief Dong, I am Party Secretary Xiang’s secretary!”

“Oh, you have anything for me?”

“What is wrong with Hui Tian Village’s security? Ah?”

“Security? What do you mean?”

“Party Secretary’s relative was beaten up in Hui Tian Village! Go and handle it immediately!”

Dong Xuebing no longer felt sleepy. Is this person Xiang Daofa’s secretary? Xiang Daofa’s relative was beaten up by someone? This is not a small incident, but what’s with your att.i.tude? Does a secretary dare to be so commanding? Do you think I am your subordinate? No need to ask. It must be Xiang Daofa who got his secretary to call. If not, this secretary will not dare to order him. Dong Xuebing’s impression of Xiang Daofa got worse. “I will call the Village Station and ask Station Chief Liu to handle it.”

Secretary Zhou frowned and said. “If they can handle it, Party Secretary Xiang will not ask me to call you!”

Dong Xuebing was getting irritated. It’s just a fight, and the other party will get slap with a fine. What’s the big deal?

“Chief Dong, you must go and arrest the culprit now. I am waiting to report to Party Secretary Xiang!” Secretary Zhou hangs up the phone. It’s not that he wants to give att.i.tude to Dong Xuebing. It’s because Xiang Daofa is furious over this incident.

Dong Xuebing immediately cursed after the line was cut. Xiang Daofa, I helped you become the County’s Party Secretary and had expressed interest in joining your faction. Not only you ignore me and don’t even want to meet me, and you still want me to help your relative? Also, what’s wrong with your secretary’s tone? Dong Xuebing remembered that when Xiang Daofa was still the Mayor, he was quite friendly. But he changed after he becomes the County’s number one!

But no matter how unwilling Dong Xuebing is, he still needs to do what is required of him. If Party Secretary Xiang’s relative is badly injured the area under Dong Xuebing, he also got to bear the responsibility. From Secretary Zhou’s att.i.tude, this should not be a small incident. Maybe Xiang Daofa’s relative is badly injured.

On the way to Hui Tian Village, Dong Xuebing called Liu Dahai. “Old Liu, how’s the situation?”

Liu Dahai knew what Chief Dong was asking, and he sighed. “I was just about to call you. I had just received a call about Party Secretary Xiang’s relative getting beaten up. I am not sure what happened, but the attacker seems to be a relative of our Station’s Police Officer.”

Dong Xuebing understands why he was ordered to handle this incident. “Where is the location?”

“It’s in a restaurant at the village’s west entrance. I am on my way over.”

“Ok. I will reach in a while. Control the situation when you reached.” After hanging up, Dong Xuebing speeds up. Dong Xuebing is unwilling to handle cases that involve relatives of leaders, especially Xiang Daofa. Even if he handled it well, no one would appreciate his efforts. If the incident is not handled well, Dong Xuebing will be blamed and penalized.

Hui Tian Village.

West Entrance.

From far, Dong Xuebing could see a few police cars with blinkers on. He drove over and alighted.

“What’s going on?” Dong Xuebing asked.

Chu Feng and a few other officers saw Chief Dong and rushed over. “Chief Dong, Station Chief Liu is inside speaking to the other party. Their leader is called Xiang Chengdong, and he is a distant relative of Party Secretary Xiang.”

Dong Xuebing scolded. “Who is the one that attacked him?”

Chu Feng hesitated. “It’s Da Leng, Er Leng, and their family members.”

Dong Xuebing frowned. “Call them over! What are they thinking?”

After a while, Da Leng and his brother were brought over by Chu Feng. Dong Xuebing saw them and started scolding. “Do you know who you all are?! Auxiliary Police! Your job is to maintain law and order and not create trouble! As a law enforcer, you all should set an example for others! How can you hit people? Ah? Who gives you all the permission to do this? Look at yourselves! You all have got no discipline at all!”

Da Leng clenched his fist and his brother, Er Leng, eyes had turned red, like an angry lion.

Dong Xuebing turned to Chu Feng. “Where is Xiang Chengdong’s injury? How bad is it?”

Chu Feng replied. “It is not serious. He just got punched in the face and is not badly injured.”

Dong Xuebing was relieved to hear the injuries are not serious. If Xiang Chengdong is missing a hand or leg, he would not be able to answer to Party Secretary Xiang. “Party Secretary Xiang had ordered to punish the attacker severely. Bring all the attackers back to the station for investigation.” Dong Xuebing points to Da Leng and Er Leng. “I will settle the score with you two when we get back!”

Er Leng gritted his teeth. “I had done nothing wrong! That person should be beaten up!”

Da Leng did not say a word, but from his angry expression, he agreed with his brother.

Chu Feng quickly tugged the two brothers’ arms and said to Dong Xuebing. “Chief Dong, it’s not what you think it is.”

Dong Xuebing frowned and waited for Chu Feng to carry on. He also knows that Da Leng and his brother are simple villagers, and will not beat other people up for anything. There must be a reason behind this.

Chu Feng looked at the entrance of the restaurant and said. “The whole incident is like this. Da Leng and Er Leng’s younger sister had returned home from her University and was having dinner with her family here. They happened to meet Xiang Chengdong and his drunk friends. Xiang Chengdong and his friends start to hara.s.s Da Leng’s younger sister and even touched her. Da Leng’s family members tried to stop them but were beaten up by Xiang Chengdong and his friends as they were outnumbered. Da Leng and Er Leng heard what happened and rushed over. Both sides fought again, and the other party called the police. We only know Xiang Chengdong was Party Secretary’s relative when we arrived.”

Dong Xuebing asked. “It’s Xiang Chengdong and his friends who started the fight?”

Chu Feng nodded. “Also, other than Xiang Chengdong, who was punched, the rest of his friends were not injured. They are the ones who had beat others up. You did not see it. Da Leng’s sister was badly beaten up, and her face is swollen. Da Leng’s second uncle is also…”

Dong Xuebing stopped Chu Feng. “Bring me over!”

Chu Feng and the other officers entered the restaurant.

The restaurant is almost empty. Other than some pa.s.sersby watching the commotion, there were four middle-aged men drinking beer and joking among themselves. Station Chief Liu Dahai and Deputy Station Chief Chen Fa are talking to them. This group of men should be Xiang Chengdong. But Dong Xuebing stood there and observed them for a while. None of them seems to be beaten up. They were still drinking and smoking happily!

When Dong Xuebing turns to the other side of the restaurant, his face changed.

At a table near to the windows, a middle-aged man, a young man, and a young girl were sitting there. That middle-aged man should be Da Leng’s Second Uncle, and he was holding on to his arm, and blood was still flowing out from his nose. The young man was also the same. Bruises can be seen on his face, and there were bald patches on his head. His hair must have been pulled out by Xiang Chengdong and his friends. Dong Xuebing looked at that young girl. She should be Da Leng’s sister. She was crying, and the left side of her face is swelled. One of her eyes is bruised, and she is missing one of her front teeth.

After Da Leng returned to the restaurant, he ran over to console his sister.

Er Leng was staring at Xiang Chengdong angrily and might rush over to beat them up anytime.

Chu Feng sighed. “These people are too ruthless. How can they beat up a girl like this?”

Dong Xuebing was furious. Secretary Zhou had called him to tell him that Party Secretary Xiang’s relative was beaten up, and ordered him to come over immediately. Dong Xuebing thought the injuries were serious, and that’s why he scolded Da Leng and Er Leng when he arrived. But the truth is not what he expected. Xiang Chengdong is beaten up? He is still drinking beer happily. It’s them who beat others up! d.a.m.n! What the f**k is Xiang Daofa up to?!

Dong Xuebing walked over and asked. “Are there any fractures?”

Er Leng gritted his teeth. “This is Chief Dong.”

That female student looked at Dong Xuebing. She is missing one front tooth, and her gums were still bleeding. “My Second Uncle’s leg is broken. I don’t have any fractures.”

Dong Xuebing looked at Er Leng. “You don’t need to say anything. Just bring your relatives to the hospital now.”

Someone from the other group heard it and stood up. “No one is allowed to leave! Do you think you all can leave after beating us? This incident is not settled yet!” This man had a bit of bruise on his face and should be Xiang Chengdong. He is behaving like a hooligan.

Liu Dahai suppressed his anger and said. “Mr. Xiang. You all did not suffer any injuries. Just let this matter rest.”

Xiang Chengdong sneered. “Not injured? Who gave me the bruises on my face? I am telling you now! This incident is not over! You are the Station Chief, right? Your men had beaten me up, and you think I will let it off so easily?” He pointed to Er Leng and his family. “The ones who hit us must all be arrested! Those two auxiliary officers must be fired! I also want 10,000 RMB for my medical compensations!”

Chen Fa knew Xiang Chengdong had drunk a lot. But what he said was too much.

Da Leng roared. “You had beaten up my Second Uncle and my sister! Why should we compensate for you?!”

A middle-aged man beside Xiang Chengdong laughed. “It’s that girl who scolded us first. Serve her right for getting beaten up. Hurry up! Arrest them and give us compensation, and we will let this matter rest. You all want to drag this out? Fine. We will wait until your leader is here!” This man is Xiang Chengdong’s childhood friend. When Xiang Daofa was still the Mayor, and Chang Lei was the Party Secretary, they restrained themselves. But now, Xiang Daofa had become the County’s Party Secretary, and this group of friends behaved differently. With Xiang Chengdong, a relative of the County’s Party Secretary around, all of them became arrogant.

Xiang Chengdong cursed and took out his phone to call Secretary Zhou.

Dong Xuebing stared at them. “Stop calling. If you all have anything to say, speak to me.”

Xiang Chengdong glared at Dong Xuebing. “Who are you?”

Liu Dahai replied. “This is our Bureau Chief Dong.”

“Oh, you are Chief Dong?” Xiang Chengdong laughed. “Fine. I will give you face today. You don’t need to fire those two Auxiliary Police, but they need to compensate for our medical fees. The compensations must not be less than 10,000.” Xiang Chengdong burped and continued. “Also, those people must apologize to us.”

Da Leng and his family were furious. They were beaten up and still must compensate the other party? Ridiculous! Furthermore, their family is poor. Da Leng still has to borrow money from friends and relatives for his sister’s school fees. Also, his Second Uncle’s leg is fractured, and his sister is disfigured. They can’t even afford the hospital bills now!

Dong Xuebing frowned. “I am here to settle this problem. Mr. Xiang, I believe you also don’t want to blow up this matter, right? Let’s not talk about the medical fees now. We should send the injured to the hospital first. As for the rest, we can discuss tomorrow.” Dong Xuebing wants to wait until Xiang Chengdong sober up first.

Xiang Chengdong’s face changed. “What happened today must be settled today! Why must I wait until tomorrow? If you all don’t give me a satisfying answer, no one is allowed to leave!”

Xiang Chengdong’s friends laughed and cheered. “That’s right! Pay up! Pay up!”

One of the parties involved in the relative of the County’s Party Secretary and everyone knows they will not be reasonable. The priority now is to calm Xiang Chengdong and settle this amicably. Dong Xuebing does not want to the County’s Party Secretary to go after his Auxiliary Police.

Chen Fa thought for a while and said. “Our Auxiliary Officers might have some issues when handling this incident. We will punish them when we get back. But 10,000 RMB medical fees is too…”

Xiang Chengdong looked at Dong Xuebing impatiently. “You can’t settle this too? Fine! Then I will speak to your Bureau Chief! I don’t believe no one can give me a satisfying answer today!” He took out his phone while grumbling. “What the f**k is wrong with this place! I am only here for dinner and got to face these sickening people! Oh, h.e.l.lo? Secretary Zhou? I am Xiang Chengdong… Yes. That Chief Dong is here, and he refuses to settle my problems for me… That’s right… the ones who beat us up is their station’s Auxiliary Officers. They are biased when handling this incident… I did not ask for more, but they should at least compensate my medical bills, right? … That’s right… Hahaha…”

After Xiang Chengdong ended his call, he cheerfully told his friends. “Come… let’s continue drinking. Oh, help me watch them. If they don’t compensate us, no one is allowed to leave!” He pointed to Da Leng and his family.

All the officers there were angered by Xiang Chengdong’s att.i.tude. He is too arrogant!

Dong Xuebing wanted to rush over and kill him with one kick. But Xiang Chengdong had Xiang Daofa backing him, and no matter how angry Dong Xuebing is, he got to bear with it.

Liu Dahai walked over and whispered. “Chief Dong, why not we just compensate them. This will not end well if it blows up.”

Dong Xuebing frowned and did not say a word.

Chen Fa added. “We cannot afford to offend these people. I know Da Leng and his family do not have money. Can we use our station’s fund to help him pay this sum of money first?”

Dong Xuebing looked at them. “They had beaten others up, and we still have to compensate them?”

Chen Fa sighed. “We got no choice. If they refuse to leave, Party Secretary Xiang…”

Ring, ring, ring… Dong Xuebing’s phone rang. It’s Secretary Zhou calling him. Dong Xuebing is deliberating if he should answer this call.

Xiang Chengdong laughed and looked at Dong Xuebing. “Hurry up and answer your phone! We can all go home after this problem is settled! If not, you also can’t leave!”

Dong Xuebing’s anger is building up. He walked out of the restaurant and answered the call. “h.e.l.lo.”

“Chief Dong! Can’t you even settle such a small issue? Ah? How am I going to report Secretary Xiang?!” Secretary Zhou is furious. The relative of the Party Secretary is beaten up, and Dong Xuebing is not arresting the other party. What is he thinking?!

Dong Xuebing replied coldly. “Secretary Zhou, you don’t know what happened here. It’s not Xiang Chengdong who was beaten up. I am now at the scene. Xiang Chengdong was only punched once, and he is perfectly alright. The other party consists of one old man, one young man, and a girl. They are the ones who are badly beaten up. One of them even had a fractured leg, and the girl is disfigured. The conflict started because Xiang Chengdong hara.s.sed that girl. Xiang Chengdong is the one who started this incident. If I am going to handle this…”

Secretary Zhou interrupted impatiently. “You can’t handle this? Fine! I will get someone else!”

Dong Xuebing frowned. “It’s not I can’t handle this. I am only afraid that this incident will affect Party Secretary Xiang, and I think he also doesn’t want to see this. Secretary Zhou, my suggestion is you speak to Xiang Chengdong not to pursue this further. He is not badly injured at all. If this incident blows up, it will not be good for everyone.”

“What is so difficult?! Just give Xiang Chengdong his compensation!”

Dong Xuebing exploded. “Secretary Zhou, are you kidding me?! You called me in the middle of the night and asked me to settle this incident. You still claim that the Party Secretary’s relative is beaten up. But when I reached here, he is perfectly fine! He can still joke and drink beer with his friends! Are you trying to make things difficult for me? I had given you and Party Secretary Xiang’s face and rushed over to help you settle this problem. Is this the right tone to speak to me? You are disrespecting me!”

Secretary Zhou did not expect Dong Xuebing to dare to speak to him this way. “Fine! I will repeat everything you said to Party Secretary Xiang, word by word!”

Dong Xuebing replied. “Don’t try to scare me with this! I had never been afraid of anyone all my life!”


Dong Xuebing hanged up the phone. He is irritated and frustrated. He knows that even if he handled this incident according to what Secretary Zhou wants, he will also not get any benefits. The att.i.tude of these people made him sick! They are just using him as their servant! Do you think you can just use me and scold me whenever you want?!

Dong Xuebing returned into the restaurant.

Xiang Chengdong and his friends were still drinking, and they looked at Dong Xuebing. “So, do you know how to handle this incident now?”

Everyone knows someone had called Dong Xuebing to pressurize him. All the officers and Da Leng were looking at him.

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Yes. We can settle this now. Chu Feng, arrest them!”

Xiang Chengdong nodded with satisfaction. “You should have done this earlier. Don’t forget about our medical compensations.”

Da Leng took in a deep breath and shouted. “Chief Dong! My Second Uncle and sister are injured! I am the one who hit them! If you want to arrest, arrest me!” Er Leng grabbed an empty beer bottle and stood in front of his younger sister. He is prepared to fight anyone who dares to arrest his sister. His sister quickly holds on to his arm to stop him, while sobbing.

Chu Feng sighed as he knew Chief Dong also had no choice. He walked towards Da Leng with a few other officers.

Dong Xuebing gave them a stare. “Who the h.e.l.l are you going to arrest?!”

“Ah?” Chu Feng, Liu Dahai, and the rest were stunned. “Didn’t you ordered us to arrest them?”

Dong Xuebing pointed to Xiang Chengdong. “What are you all thinking?! Da Leng and Er Leng had acted due to self-defense. This group of people had hara.s.sed that girl and even beat her and her family up! They are the ones who should be arrested!” Dong Xuebing looked at the stunned officers and shouted. “What are you all waiting for?! Handcuff them and bring them back! I will bear full responsibility! Bring all these f**kers back!”

Xiang Chengdong smashed an empty beer bottle and stood up. “You all dare to touch me?”

Dong Xuebing had been tolerating him for a long time. He rushed over and kicked him. Crash… Xiang Chengdong fell on his back. “Who do you think you are? Do you think you are my leader?! You are asking for it! Do you still dare to be arrogant after beating others up? I am arresting you now!”

No one expected Chief Dong to arrest Xiang Chengdong!

Chu Feng saw this and was overjoyed. All his frustrations were gone in an instant. He immediately ran over and handcuffed Xiang Chengdong.

Xiang Chengdong roared: “You all dare to arrest me?!”

The few other officers also rushed forward to arrest the rest of Xiang Chengdong’s friends. What Chief Dong said had given them the courage to arrest these people. Earlier, all the officers were holding back their anger. Furthermore, the victims are the relatives of their colleagues. Punches and kicks landed on those who tried to resist arrest, and they were pinned down and handcuffed. Everyone was glad to work under Chief Dong!

Da Leng’s eyes had turned red and were about to burst into tears. “Chief Dong!”

Dong Xuebing waved his hand. “Let’s go back to the station!”

Liu Dahai and Chen Fa looked at each other. They could see the helplessness in each other’s eyes. Both remembered the past few occasions when Chief Dong led the officers. The first time was to arrest the relative of the Ministry of Education’s Chief. The second time was to arrest the relative of a leader in the Finance department. The third time is to arrest the relative of the Publicity Department’s Head. This keeps escalating. This time, it’s the relative of the County’s Party Secretary’s turn???


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