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Chapter 446 – He even has a check?!

4.30 pm.

Da Feng County. Outside of the indoor swimming complex.

After teaching Li Xiaoan a lesson and accepting the people’s grat.i.tude, Dong Xuebing went to change before the ambulance arrives. After he got out, he saw a pair of long legs waiting for him outside of the changing room.

“Sister Xu.” Dong Xuebing smiles as he walks up to her. “Sorry to have embarra.s.sed you.”

Xu Yan looks at Dong Xuebing. “Embarra.s.s? You are impressive. Haha… I didn’t believe what I heard until I saw it just now. Your martial arts is quite good.”

Dong Xuebing replied modestly. “Those are only simple moves, and there’s nothing to be proud of.”

“Don’t be modest. Teach me some of your moves when we are free.”

“Stop… I don’t dare to teach you.” Dong Xuebing waved his hand. “I am not good enough to teach you.”

“What’s there to be scare of? It’s settled!” Xu Yan looks at her watch. “Ah… it’s so late now. Alright. I still have something to do and will leave first. I had a good swim today. Thank you.”

“Oh, shall I send you?”

“No need. My car is here.”

To catch those following Dong Xuebing, a few State Security Officers watched the swimming complex outside, but they did not catch anyone. Xu Yan chatted with Dong Xuebing for a while and walks towards an Audi parked not far away. She boarded, and the A6 drove away. Dong Xuebing stood there and waited until Xu Yan leaves before driving to a nearby restaurant to have dinner.


The sky has turned dark.

Dong Xuebing burbled as he walks out of a small restaurant selling Beijing meat patty. He had used too much energy earlier and got to replenish it.

Suddenly, his phone rang.

Dong Xuebing looked at the number and answered it while boarding his car. “Huilan?”

“What happened? I heard you had beaten up Da Feng County’s investor in the afternoon.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “You received news quite fast.”

Xie Huilan crosses her legs and leans back on her chair. She laughed. “What should I say about you? I am facing all the pressure here is not for you to go there to beat those investors up. If you carry on creating trouble, I will be powerless to protect you. Alright. You have created a big mess in Da Feng County, and it should be enough. Come back tomorrow.”

Dong Xuebing replied helplessly. “How can you do this to me? I still have not completed my mission.”

“What mission?”

“Da Feng County had s.n.a.t.c.hed one of our investments from us, and we should bring at least one of their investors back, right? I will be too ashamed to show myself if I cannot even do this.”

“Haha… Do you still know how to be ashamed? If you know that, why did you beat up that investor?”

“I beat him up is because of the people. You were not around when it happened, but I believe you will also beat him up if you are there.”

Xie Huilan laughed. “Stop joking with me. Come back tomorrow. Da Feng County has been complaining to the City Government these few days when you are there. But this time, you had beaten up their investors. Even our County Government cannot do anything if they complain to the higher-ups. It doesn’t matter if you cannot get any investments. It’s enough.”

“You might be right, but…”

“Just listen to me, ok?”

In the end, Dong Xuebing gave in and agreed. “Alright. I will listen to you. I will go back to the hotel now and return tomorrow morning.”


But Dong Xuebing is not someone who gives in easily. Since he is here, he must get at least an investment back. How can he give up after so much trouble?

How can he return empty-handed?

Bulls.h.i.+t! This will be too disgraceful!

But Dong Xuebing must listen to Xie Huilan’s orders as she is doing this for him. He thought for a while and looked at his watch. There’s not much time left until tomorrow morning. He must get an investment within the remaining time. But who should he look for? That Manager Liu from Beijing? No. He had signed the contract with Da Feng County. Who else can he find?

Dong Xuebing thought about this while driving back to the hotel.

Rui He Hotel. Lobby.

Dong Xuebing looks around as he enters the lobby. He knows many investors like to chat and have coffee in the lobby. That’s why he decided to look for a target here. But as he was looking around for a target, everyone in the lobby also turns to look at him. Dong Xuebing realized two police officers, Li Xiaoan and a Korean translator, are talking. w.a.n.g Bo is also around. News of this afternoon’s incident had spread, and many investors are looking at Dong Xuebing curiously.

Fine. My reputation had become worse again.

After w.a.n.g Bo reported to Li Feng about the afternoon’s incident, the Da Feng County Government staff, especially Li Feng, are furious. Li Feng even smashed the teacup he was holding on the floor. An investor is beaten up?! This is too serious. Even the County’s Party Secretary called Li Feng to ask him to settle this problem himself.

Li Feng also calmed down. Dong Xuebing is a troublemaker, but he cannot be arrested because he is a Civil servant. Also, this incident is not serious enough to take him into custody. If Li Feng arrested Dong Xuebing, the situation would become worse. What he needs to do is to stop the damage and not let it get out of hand. So, Li Feng ordered his men to do what was necessary and hope it will appease those Korean investors.

How to appease them? Of course, it is about the compensation for the damaged camera and the medical expenses.

At the same time, Li Feng complained to the higher-ups again.

Li Feng had thought of getting the higher-ups to punish Dong Xuebing, but the County’s Party Secretary stopped him. Dong Xuebing is a troublemaker. If he lets this brat continue to do whatever he wants in the County, Da Feng County’s investment fair will be in chaos. Even if Dong Xuebing is punished after the fair, Da Feng County will also be affected. Li Feng will be implicated in it. His political rivals will use this investment fair against him. His top priority now is to ensure the investment fair can carry on without any issues and get rid of Dong Xuebing!


Hotel lobby.

Li Xiaoan saw Dong Xuebing and points at him agitatedly. “%$… %^$…”

The translator said. “That is the guy who hit me and broke my camera.”

w.a.n.g Bo looks at Dong Xuebing. He knows Dong Xuebing will not remain in Da Feng County for long. After this afternoon’s incident, the City Government will not turn a blind eye. Ahh… this guy is finally leaving. He is relieved. Dong Xuebing is just a walking timebomb, and anything might happen when he is around.

The two police officers walk over. “Are you Dong Xuebing?”

Dong Xuebing smiles. “Yes. Are you all looking for me? Come. Let’s sit down first.” He walked over and sat on a sofa. He is not surprised the police officers are here for him. The moment he decided to beat up Li Xiaoan, he knows the police will be after him.

The older officer’s face changed, and he wanted to scold Dong Xuebing for his carefree att.i.tude. But he remembered this guy dares to beat up a foreign investor and can even fight against Park Yongxi on equal grounds, and he swallowed his words. “Are you the one who damaged Li Xiaoan’s camera and hit him at the indoor swimming complex?”

“Who is Li Xiaoan?” Dong Xuebing points to a distance. “Are you talking about that man? Yes. I am the one who hit him.”

The older officer cleared his throat. “Your actions had violated the law, but I propose you all settle privately. The victim is asking for compensation of 100,000 RMB. It includes the medical expenses, camera, and the important information in the camera.” That camera is an expensive brand, and even Dong Xuebing had heard about it.

Dong Xuebing looks up. “That guy had also hit someone. Has he made compensations?”

The older officer replied. “Park Yongxi had paid that young man 50,000 RMB as compensation this afternoon.”

“What about his apology?”

The officer nodded. Park Yongxi had forced Li Xiaoan to apologize, although the latter was unwilling.

Dong Xuebing nodded.

w.a.n.g Bo thought Dong Xuebing would not pay the compensation. 100,000 RMB is not a small amount, and it should be a problem for a young man like Dong Xuebing, who had just entered the government service. He signaled to the officer, asking him to settle this as fast as possible.

The older officer saw w.a.n.g Bo’s signal and said. “If you cannot settle this privately, I will have to bring you back to our station.”

w.a.n.g Bo and some Investment Promotion Agency staff are hanging around in the lobby waiting for Dong Xuebing to embarra.s.s himself. It will be fun if Dong Xuebing cannot afford the compensation and call others to borrow money. Some investors are also looking at them. They want to see how this guy is going to handle this.

But what they do not know is Dong Xuebing might behave like a hooligan, but he is not unreasonable. He had damaged the camera and hit Li Xiaoan for the people in the swimming complex. Li Xiaoan had also apologized and made compensations. This incident is considered over, and Dong Xuebing doesn’t mind compensating for the medical fees and camera.

Dong Xuebing cannot afford the compensation?

Are you joking?

Dong Xuebing grabbed his bag and took out a checkbook given to him by Qu Yunxuan. He wrote a 100,000 RMB check and gave it to the officer. “Is the amount correct?”

The older officer looks at the check in a daze. It’s a check!

A cash check!

w.a.n.g Bo and many investors were stunned. No one had expected Dong Xuebing to take out a checkbook!

d.a.m.n! He even owns a checkbook?!

Is this guy a civil servant?!


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