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Chapter 121 – Glory Of The Sun

Elizabeth exchanged hundreds of bouts with the spider queen without being hit once. The pressure on her was not light. The other party was after all still a Transcendent level being.

She neither wanted to be hit nor could she afford to be hit. If the attack landed on the tower, there wasn’t much of a problem. But if it landed on her body directly, she would just be like anyone else and be reduced to a b.l.o.o.d.y paste.

The Lower East District had become completely flat without a single building or piece of building left standing, while the ground was riddled with small craters and more corpses.

Before the crawlers reached the wall, a fifth of them had already been killed off after being caught in their queen’s battle.

Queen Arachnia did not frown nor felt a single shred of guilt for their deaths. Her race was one without compa.s.sion. The moment she was born, her brothers and sisters were both her rivals and her source of sustenance. Looking at the crawlers below her was akin to looking at food. There were no sentiments and only cold indifference.

She was forced to the surface to take revenge on the humans for wiping out half her source of sustenance, but the beauty of the surface allured her from her original purpose for surfacing.

“Hmm… d.a.m.n human, your puny attacks are starting to hurt this Queen!” Queen Arachnia frowned.

Her body was riddled with white marks. If one had not seen the original color of the spider queen, they would have thought she had always been fully white. Some areas of the white marks were comparably deeper than others, like it had been chiseled away by Elizabeth’s repeated attack in the same spot.

No matter how strong her defense was, as long as it can be damaged, it will eventually break once the damage acc.u.mulated enough.

“This Queen can tell that you can’t keep this on for much longer. There is a fundamental difference in strength between our races.”

Even though the spider queen’s defense could be broken in a few more attacks, she unconcerned about it and remained calm and collected like it was just a trifling issue.

Her transcendent-level strength came purely from her Transcendent fleshly body. It was different to a human Transcendent that was more balanced between energy, body and soul. As long as her fleshly body wasn’t destroyed, her strength was inexhaustible. She would never tire.

Elizabeth had yet to reach the Transcendent level, as such, she was sweating profusely from the excessive usage of her ability.

Elizabeth already knew she would not be able to kill the spider queen. She only had a single purpose throughout the entire fight, and it was to stall for time. It was impossible to defeat a Transcendent without possessing the strength of one.

“Hmm? What is that red light?” Queen Arachnia frowned at the sudden appearance in the sky.

Due the difference in their path to Transcendency, the spider queen did not recognize the strange phenomenon in the sky when it happened.

However, when Elizabeth saw it, she sighed with relief. She naturally recognizes what the phenomenon entailed. Crazy Don had successfully transcended.

“That is the light of someone stepping into the ranks of Transcendents. This Queen will not play with you any longer. Someone else will come to play.”

The spider queen’s frown deepened at her words. She couldn’t land a single attack. How can she allow this human to leave without getting even!?

“Do you think this Queen will just let you leave?!”

When she wanted to stop the human from leaving, a palm-size cauldron came flying over to greet her face, immediately earning her displeasure. Her face was the only part of her body that remained untouched.

She was forced to stop her attack on the human queen to swat flying cauldron away. It immediately exploded on impact when she tried to do so. Her upper body was soon engulf in flames that was exceeded her body’s resistance to flames and inflicted her with pain she had not felt in a long time.

“Ahhhhh! How dare you humans harmed this Queen’s beautiful face!” The spider queen roared with indignation and fury.

It was apparent that even though she wasn’t human, as long as she was a woman, she would similarly pay a whole load of importance to her beauty.

The spider queen flailed her body crazily in her attempt to put out the flame that stuck to her like a sore thumb.

A raucous laughter soon made its way into her ears and aroused her heavy killing intent.

‘You think this is funny!?’

“Hahahaha! Let this Don join in on the fun!”

Crazy Don glided over from the royal palace in an exuberant mood. He had already shed his old self and returned with youthful vigor. Even Elizabeth was surprised and failed to recognize him, if not for his words.

“Crazy Don, where is your sword? How can you fight unarmed?” Elizabeth immediately asked with creased brows.

“Hahaha… you’re also here. I’ve already transcended. I don’t need a weapon. I have these babies.”

Crazy Don gestured for Elizabeth to look at the items strapped to his body, which was a bunch of palm-size cauldron.

Elizabeth’s face twitched. Of course, she was here! Who else could stop the spider queen’s rampage if not her!? Of course, she knows he transcended. It was plain obvious from the signs in the sky. He didn’t need to tell her that, but how could some cauldrons possibly be enough to contend another Transcendent!?

In the end, Elizabeth shook her head with a helpless expression and said,

“Don’t die.”

She believed Crazy Don’s obsession with explosion was a mental illness rather than a side hobby he picked up when her couldn’t transcend, but now she is beginning to think it is the later.

If Leon was present to look at the contents of the palm-size pill cauldrons strapped to Crazy Don’s body, he would gape in shock.

The herbs had all be refined into essence and separated inside. It just missing the final pill-forming step… except… the herbal essence inside were of conflicting properties.

These herbal essences can’t possibly be used to form a pill. Even the Alchemy G.o.d would not dare claim he could form a pill with these herbal properties.

Their sole purpose was to purposely induce pill cauldron explosions!

“Hahaha! It’s not easy to kill this Don.” Crazy Don guffawed.

Elizabeth frowned, thinking he was taking this too lightly, but she said nothing.


The spider queen lashed out at Crazy Don with her claws. Don did not receive her attack and chose to dodge it. Even he would be squashed into a b.l.o.o.d.y paste, if he chose to receive it. Human Transcendents specialize in elemental abilities and not the body.

Crazy Don grabbed one of his pill cauldron and great amount of flame essence from the surroundings were quickly infused into it as it began to glow scorching red.

The pill cauldron was toss at the spider queen again without her being able to dodge, due to her huge frame.


She lit up like torch, but Crazy Don wasn’t satisfied. The flame pillar that night was much more beautiful…

He was immediately disheartened. His explosion wasn’t beautiful… but maybe he could make it much grander… and more majestic…

His eyes lit up as he began infusing the rest of his pill cauldrons before tossing them out like candies. Each one exploding with a booming noise, one after the other on the spider queen’s body until she was completely engulfed in the flames.

“How can it be like this!? This is impossible! I refused to be defeated by mere flames! To be defeated by mere humans! Arghhh!!”

The shrill cries of the spider queen could be heard from inside flames. She was aggrieved and outraged! It was completely unacceptable! How can she be defeated by mere flames!? But scorching pain wracked through her entire body and made her shriveled up like an old prune.

To add salt to her wounds, she was like the new sun in the night, attracting all her children to come and eat her. The children did not attack the walls but charged at her like moths darting into the flame.

As the spider queen herself was suffering from unbearable torment due to the flames, how could her children, who were weaker than first step awakeners hoped to survive it!? Naturally they didn’t. As they reached the periphery of the flames, they were already reduced to ashes.

As Crazy Don floated in the air watching the scene of the blazing spider queen, he felt especially proud of his work. Who cares if it’s not beautiful? He just displayed the glory of the sun! He felt like he had found his true path in the art of explosions. To keep it simple but make it bigger! Brighter!

All the onlookers, whether they were behind the walls or in the sky like Leon and the hidden Lilith, they all gulped at the sight with various thoughts. The spider queen was not fearsome. This person was!

How were those palm-size pill cauldrons? They were fricking handheld grenades with the power of a miniature sun!

This person was a madman! Ingenious and prodigal! Who else uses herbs and pill cauldrons to make explosives? Probably only him.

The crowd watched as the brainless crawlers all suicide into the flames. Their numbers drastically plummeted with every pa.s.sing seconds.

Eventually, the flame died out and the crawlers were all reduced to ashes. Only the spider queen laid shriveled up at the center; silent, blackened and extremely wretched looking.

Crazy Don sighed when he confirmed zero movements from the spider queen. The power of a Transcendent was heaven and earth compared an awakener. He even had the illusion that he could draw power from the heaven and earth limitlessly.

He turned around with the intention to return to the palace, but a sudden cracking sound came from behind him. He turned back and stared at the blackened body of the spider queen.

The cracks began to form before it spread to the rest of her body. Eventually, the giant body of the spider queen could no longer support itself and began to collapse to the ground, leaving nothing but a mountain of charcoal.

Leon was filled with self-doubt seeing this scene. Although he didn’t know much about Transcendents, he was sure it shouldn’t be that easy to kill a fire-eating spider with fire.

But seeing no further movements from the mountain of charcoal, he could only leave it at that.

Everyone believed the spider queen was dead.


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